Penn’s Port Pub



1920 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19148


39.9116127, -75.1379339




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Penn’s Port Pub

  1. Mikey

    this place rocks!

  2. wm
  3. bert
  4. It's just find with us!!!!!

    To each there own this place is great!!!

  5. BHYYRytNlxi


  6. D

    will never come here again

  7. JAck

    Definately not the best

  8. Philly Fire Guy

    Best strip bar in Philly, hands down. Closes early which prevents some guys from getting in trouble either by getting too drunk or home late. VERY GOOD Bartenders TOO !

  9. mark

    best place to go after work

  10. ken

    pretty girls

  11. BIG BRI

    Nothing compares to this place…it’s the best! Kylee is incredible. The negative comments on here must be from rivals cause the claims are incorrect….The club is obviously extremely selective with the girls they hire – they are ALL HOTTTTTTTT – Fake boobs = HOTT

    Real boobs = HOTT,

    tattoos or not, piercings or none

    – Most of them are perfect tens with very few exceptions

  12. Cricket

    Somebody has to be kidding 3 girls dance want 3 dollars from each customer from atop bar everytime,to me not worth the time one drink and left,nothing happening here

  13. joe


  14. Ben A
  15. me

    It is what it is!!!!

  16. xavier
  17. Great Place

    This is a great place to hang!!!!!!

  18. Ralph

    I don’t like this place

  19. jimmk


  20. jake

    good place to hang out for awhile

  21. kelt

    women feel comfortable as customers, hot women working, great staff

  22. jdogg

    i bet it was the shit in 92!!!

  23. ff
  24. teak
  25. Guenter

    hidden gem.

  26. tyler

    best girls in the city work here. bartenders are great. Customers are appreciated.

  27. happy

    This club is great!!! The girls are all 10s!!!

  28. al

    fun bar

  29. nate
  30. ed
  31. eddyL

    I only like the fact that this bar is always empty. It’s the right amount of people there.. Or should I say enough. There were two strippers dancing on poles mounted to the bar counter. Lovely to look at when your waiting on food or a beer. However, I wasn’t really fond of the strippers walking on the counter where you eat. There’s a pool table room in the back, the bathroom is in that section and I could see strippers going in there. The thought of poopy and piss covered heels stepping on the counter of the bar where you drink or eat was displeasing.This is a place to go with some buddies for cheap food and drinks. The skinny strippers add purpose. The hot wings were salty and spicy but they were acceptable. I’d go again for a third time.

  32. Long Time Reg

    The best girls in both looks and personality. Fun customers. Friendly staff. Good food. Can always count on a good time. Couch dances would change the corner bar feel.

  33. Ripper77

    CLUB Condition fair.Horseshoe Bar surrounding stage.Pretty gals with nice Bodies,but several too Thin with tatooes.Of course a lot of outdated pictures on site and in Bar..I would say they have no Room for a Couch dance and prob brings headaches and maybe these gals aren’t interested.3 Ggals rotating dancing on a four hr. shift.No Touching,at least not for me..Gals walk around Bar receiving several dollars from each customer.Hottest Gal Betty.10

  34. Brain
  35. Best

    The best of the best!!!!!!

  36. Mike

    The girls and bartenders all LIKE it there and they make it fun for everyone. By far, the best place to go have a drink or to grab a burger. It seems kinda rough when you walk in, but everyone is friendly. No private dances.

  37. Fish

    I was bored to death here. Nice women but boring.

  38. Wow!
  39. edd7
  40. GOT iT

    this the place

  41. jay
  42. jad
  43. Charlie

    great girls, great bar

  44. dandy don

    I’ll pass next time

  45. daisy

    hot beer and cold women!

  46. fred


  47. huh?

    there arent even lap dances at this place it was okay if u like tiny dives

  48. james

    fun place

  49. jason

    I hated this place! I was there last week… Couldn’t wait to leave. I guess it’s OK if you like those small “1970’s small titty bar” atmosphere. Then I went to Crazy Horse… MUCH better!!!

  50. tony

    the place is a pit!

  51. bowtie

    great place to down a yards and see some go go

  52. eddyv

    Great place

  53. Ducky

    this place is shit!!!!!

  54. Thommy S.

    oo dum o!This is better than any other hole on Del. ave (Columbus Blvd. for the newbs) that offers adults entertainment and beverages. Working mans bar with usually 3 fine female entertainers dancing for you! Only open till like 7pm and opens i think around noon for the lunch crews. This place rules before heading to FDR for a hot summer’s day session!yuppies stay at delilahs!

  55. bob
  56. J
  57. mack
  58. edy
  59. dave

    It sucks!! Go to Delilah’s!

  60. AS
  61. Lee

    I didn’t like this place at all. Used to a more upscale club.

  62. Been to Delilah's

    If it were 1997 not 2007 you’d be right. Delilah’s is a run of the mill dime dozen “Gentleman’s” club, over-rated and over priced. The PPP is what it is nothing “fancy” you go there to have a few drinks watch some hot women get nekkid and not piss away hundreds of dollars on drinks and “air” dances.

  63. Stan da man

    shit hole!

  64. Frank

    this place is dirty

  65. Peeping Tom

    This place sucks! It’s small and dirty and the whores are pigs.

  66. tr
  67. elson
  68. aul
  69. vern
  70. ike
  71. daryll

    will never come here again

  72. larry
  73. anthony1

    Nice dark bar to kick back and have a drink. Girls dance behind the bar and show more than the usual strip clubs. Wink wink.

  74. aaron

    awesome girls, friendly staff and management. Unlike a lot of places in phily, this place appreciates their customers

  75. AC Dancer

    Ewwww! This place is rated number 1 in PA on this site. It’s gross! (they do crotch “tricks”) To the playboy bunny comment. Sweetie … of course thats what people want to see not the toothless wonder type. You act like having girls that look like playboy bunnies is a Bad Thing!

  76. Dick Dong

    Worst place in Philly!!!!!!!!1

  77. Bill

    Terrible. The owner must be the one rating this palce. No way it is rated that high. No CD room, nothing!

  78. dcc
  79. stone

    A great dive bar that happens to have a few strippers on rotation (changing outfits between dances, of course). It’s a great place to warm up for a night out or just to chill, but you may get bored after an hour or two. The chicks are usually pretty hot but few in number… I can’t go to this section of the city without considering stopping by.

  80. greg
  81. It's Great

    The place is what it is, and if you don’t like it move on.

  82. Farmer Frank

    Not worth going to.

  83. It's a great place!!!!

    Really love this place fun to hang out, and really pretty women work here!!!!!

  84. Tom the Marine

    Best place to have a beer and watch some ladies in the tri-state area. Jim the bartender is just so coooool! Sara too!

  85. customer

    I love this place. It’s just a laid back bar. The only thing that would make it better is if they would bring back Athena.

  86. nick

    fun place, great talent, great service

  87. harvy

    no cover, fair prices, hot girls….

  88. VpIfMRSR


  89. denny

    i was here a few days ago and they had 3 girls working? this place sucks.

  90. hot420

    This is by far the best club to work for! Great money making potential! Guys, come check us out, and girls, come audition!

  91. Sam

    hot girls at an old school club

  92. Dirk

    hot girls, cool beer

  93. Scott

    I agree this is hardly a great strip club more of a local watering hole with some avg tits

  94. joey
  95. ted
  96. Great

    This is great place to hang. Hot Women, and cold beer.

  97. Go down town

    Got to love this place!!!

  98. 12 to 4 Friday-Hottie!!!

    The line today from 12 to 4 was great three of the hotties girl working!!!

  99. tim

    Sucks!! Was here 1 time for about 15 minutes. I ran out. This place blows. No way it’s number 1. Must be the owner rating the club!

  100. white

    pass on this place

  101. id

    great place to have good beer (decent selection for a bar, great selection for a strip club) and see women

  102. Damn Great Place

    This is the best place in Philadelphia!!!!!!!

  103. Cover fee

    Good club and low cover fee.

  104. kenny

    This place is a ZERO!!

  105. anthony

    Smokey bar that has go go dancers, and great bartenders.

  106. don

    it sucks here

  107. The best of the best!!!

    This place is the best in Philadelphia!!!!

  108. The Best Place in Phila!

    This is the best place in Philadelphia!!!!!!

  109. jjelson

    Fun place

  110. tad
  111. fast eddie
  112. asman

    great place

  113. Big Fan

    IT’S Great

  114. Tigger

    Need new bitches here!

  115. ac

    great place to drink beer and see girls

  116. jj

    greate dive bar with hot dancers!

  117. drippy shannon

    on a scale of 1 to 10. a “ZERO”

  118. slick

    Corner bar strip club. Can’t compete with the rest of the area. Probably why they close early.

  119. Rick

    close the doors here already.

  120. Geez

    The dancers are on cocane

  121. td
  122. Fresh Jive

    This place BLOWS . I’ve been to some small crapy places before but this one takes the cake . I wouldn’t go here if the girls tipped me every set .

  123. chris

    girls and staff all seem to love working here. customers pick that up…

  124. rogerrab2

    Old school style go go. A great place to hang out and shoot some pool and drink some beers. Family owned and family operated. This place has been around forever and will probably be here 50 years from now . the girls are almost always good looking even though there are only three of them during any given shift.

  125. k

    fun bar

  126. MJ L.

    The definition of a titty bar. Emphasis on bar. A horse-shoe bar and a few booths along one wall. A small stage and pole is tacked onto one end of the bar. Alright, maybe not tacked (they deserve more credit than that), probably wood screws. Neon signs and televisions provide most of the lighting. The reviewers calling it a “working man’s bar” are exactly right. Stop in around lunch fora beer and an average to sub-par sandwich. That being said, considering that I stopped in on a random Thursday afternoon the ladies certainly were cute. Three to four girls gyrating for your amusement. And you may just get a little peek at the kitty while eating your roast beef (but the probably don’t serve that. I didn’t check). If you’re looking for a lap dance walk on down to Risque, you won’t be getting one here.Hours: Closed Sunday. Monday-Weds 11am-7pm. Thurs-Fri 11am- midnight. Sat 11-7

  127. lj
  128. Yeah Baby

    This place is the shit!!!

  129. tj
  130. John

    I would say this club is fair overall. Only reason is that shannon is a miserable woman, almost ruined our time. ashley is the best. don’t lose her!

  131. Bingo

    Great Place

  132. shy guy

    I love this place.It is truly the best place to go to see some beautiful,amazing women and have some cheap food and drinks. Ashley,Bella,and Lolita are my all time top 3.

  133. ryan123

    Love this old joint. The entertainment can be be very talented and the lunch menu is very reasonable.

  134. The cats Meow!!!!!

    This is the place to go in the city.

  135. No name

    The girls here are really hot.The best ive seen in a strip club and their also real friendly.Theirs no cover charge which is a plus.Great place to just drink with your friends and see some boobs and vag.The thing that sucks though is their is no couch dances and the girls only walk on stage.

  136. Teej

    woo woo Wooooo!

  137. :)


  138. steve
  139. Best Place!!!!

    THis is the best place in PA. & N.J. Del.too!!!!!!!

  140. Zach

    This place should be called the PIT!

  141. yeungling
  142. Keith

    OK, Would not go again too many other better places in the city

  143. nelson

    Great place to drink and see some hot girls. Dive bar but the place has great character, great bartenders, and some of the best girls in the city

  144. BDD

    This place is great, and if you don’t like it. Stay home, and cry in your milk.

  145. Steve D

    Place used to be good. same girls all the time

  146. Darryl

    Dumpy, dive bar!

  147. danny boy

    hot beer and cold women

  148. Cool Place

    A great place to spend hang out!!!!

  149. Benny

    This is the place hot women, and easy going. Only fags can’t handle it!!!!

  150. kyle

    great place to stop for a beer. And to see some hotties.

  151. Teddy

    This place sucks! Plain and simple. Get out of the 1970’s!

  152. pp lover

    Went for the first time sat afternoon. This place rocks. now I know. If you are laid back this it is it. loved all the girls. seeu soon

  153. jsgj9h7uy knk

    uigh8shg8h ufh ifj8gj gfij

  154. GREAT PLACE!!

    This is the best place to hang in the city!!! Hot women, cold beer, and drinks!!!! Great fun too!!!!!

  155. Lil Philly
  156. Fast Freddy

    This place needs an overhaul. Most girls have been there too long.

  157. BB Guy
  158. tommy boy


  159. WOW
  160. Cityboy

    Great time.

  161. name


  162. tom

    very lame and laid back dump.

  163. buster

    the girls are smokin and the employees are fun n friendly..


  164. Hot of Hot!!!!!!!!!

    The bar in Philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  165. Freshy

    small, dull. better off going to cheerleaders or another bigger club. they’re more fun.

  166. sphillyguy

    This club is the best philly has to offer! Sexy girls, great atmosphere, great food, I will be back!

  167. D-Man


  168. Ben

    Fav place to go after work

  169. Jeff

    great club, hot & nice girls, great staff. THE place to stop in for a beer and chat up some pretty girls

  170. igor34

    Stopped by to visit great place to just grab a couple beers, chill out and enjoy some beautiful girls dancing and walking on the bar

  171. Eddie

    Great place to hang out, a lot of fun. The girls are great and so is the staff.

  172. Eric
  173. jacob

    fun and friendly place. The girls are great, the staff too.

  174. Re:To Jason

    Fucking sucks for you Jason…we definitely don’t need you..Sounds like Crazy Horse needed you more! If you want the fake playboy bunny type..

  175. cliff
  176. wally

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