The Playpen



1536 North Mannheim Road, Stone Park, IL 60165


41.8986794, -87.883567




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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39 reviews for “The Playpen

  1. Andy H

    This place has been closed for a while

  2. Jim

    New owner is nice sweet and flirty, opens at 4 pm. Everyone is still clothed but everyone is nice. Very good time.

  3. w
  4. jenni

    looks like a place for child molesters WOMEN DO NOT GO

  5. dj

    What’s up with this $5 cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays? It wouldn’t be worth it especially if they have the poorest quality of girls there.


    I’m new to the area and I have worked at SEVERAL gentlemens clubs cross country..I have been at the Playpen for about a month now and I really like it..For those on here leaving the negative comments..different people like different things…If you don’t like it here, go somewhere else : )

  7. Awwww

    A lot wilder in the past – slow nowaydays

  8. brown bear

    drinks are cheaper at mad tapper

    more entertainment value out of an empty glass

  9. Rich

    The place is a dive…but I always have a great time here when I am in town. $10 for private dance! You can’t beat that and they give you a hand job, though your pants, which is always nice. The girls are a 5 at best.

    The bottom line is, the beers are $2, the dances are $10, and they give you some hand action. The girls aren’t good looking, but they are relatively fit. If you are looking for some no touch eye candy, this isn’t the place for you. However, if you want to drink some beer and get some friction, you really can’t beat this place.

  10. john
  11. Turned on

    This place needs better “dancers” – more friction – hand jobs would be nice too.

  12. jackson

    Haley is sooooooooooooo Hot!…….Annette the bartender is the best! Come on Motti you’re a hottie….This place is a trip. I love Haley……….Jackson

  13. mavrick7
  14. guy

    the blonde haily is so hot man what a rack ,body is smokin too. She gives a great dance.I will be back again.

  15. stinkfinger

    Great place IF you like “dark meat”. The white girls are all skanks, ugly, old, and/or fat. The black chicks are SMOKIN HOT, BUT as the other post have said, NO FRICTION. No boob grabbin’, no pussy fingerin’, NO FUN!!! Got a LAME dance from a HOT lookin black chick named Crystal. She wanted $20, talked her down to $10 and it wasn’t even worth $5. Gotten a lot better dances at Bobby’s and Louies, you just have to tolerate all the Mexicans.

  16. ????
  17. J.J.
  18. Nasty


  19. High Hard One

    It seems that the dancers don’t want to give friction to the guys. Especially the kind of friction that gives the high hard one. Too bad

  20. Wants more

    More friction during the lap dances would give me the high hard one

  21. ?
  22. traveller

    Awesome. Loved it…had a great time. These girls know how to work that ass…I will definitely be back. Love ya girls…

  23. Bar Fly

    Candy is so hott!!!So is Haley they give great dances. Saw a mexican girl that was smokin dont know her name.

  24. -
  25. Jeff

    Corner bar with okay dancers. Ilike it.

  26. the 8th

    I really had a good time in here. I did not expect much but the girls were fun except for on loser, Ginger, she got really weird… Some good contact and fellin’ goin’ on in here the best value in the city so far. This place could use a private area for the dances though its weird getting a dance while the dancer is talking to your buddy sitting next to you!

  27. mitch

    sorry just don’t care for this place at all. Moving on to better.

  28. Joe

    Boy is this place a shithole. I went in to hustle some guys at pool, and I was told that if I didn’t buy a drink I would have to leave. I”M A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC. The bartender was a complete bitch. I was going to spend a lot of money on the girls too. Oh well, their loss. Don’t waste your time.

  29. grant

    this place sucks, dancers are good to be ur grannys.

  30. curious

    Get rid of the thieves behind the bar(we all know who that is) and the gangbangers and maybe the place wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe if they should get stone park finest in there like carls bar it would be ok oh who am I kidding the bathrooms smell and the bar is dirty & smelly to!

  31. Tickle me7

    This club should be called the PIG PEN!!!!!!!!!!Ladies don’t work here OWNERS & BARTENDERS VERY PREJUDICE!!! If your not white or italian your not allowed to be in there! Its the same for customers to!!!

  32. Is it true is Monica back???

    So what’s this I hear Monica is back, does anyone know or has anyone seen her? if so what days or nights is she there, any info would be appreciated

  33. Misses the grindage

    This place might have gotten better scores more than a year ago, but it has been going steadily downhill.

  34. fat ol man

    Cheap , dirty , sleazy, chicago style dive bar raunchy fun are all words that come to mind. Many new girls that

    could easly work some place more upscale. good value for the money good place to start the night out. Hit or miss sometimes.

  35. He who knows

    Dangerous and terrible club! Shootings, armed robberies, car

    jackings, surrounded by many miles of ghetto. Don’t go here!

  36. Steve
  37. Dan

    Oasis Sports Bar And Grill is now open on sundays 5pm to 12am and mon to sat from 12pm to 2am Full Liquor bar hot bartenders, sexy girls Pool tables and plenty of parking. on south of 25th and lake st come check it out!

  38. Benny

    I thought it was great. They may not be playboy bunnies. But they are real. And can do the same job some fake ass can do

  39. chi_sam

    They should rename this place Lady Liberty. To paraphrase: Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses… The wretched refuse… Send these the homeless tempest-tossed to me.

    Drinks are cheap, and occasionally a decent chick will come to work here. But for the most part the girls are little more than tenured ‘divas’ that think merely being a thousand times classier than the average patron here makes them something other than ‘underwear whores’. Wanna’ see what would have made Freud quit the blow and rethink everything he thought he knew? Spend a minute or two with Madi, or Mahti, or however that whacko spells it. “do do do do do do do do…This is the Twilight Zone.”

    And far too many of the little weenies that overpopulate this place on the weekend are constantly spoiling for a fight so frustrated are they that they don’t have the necessary ten bucks to get one of these creepy broads to grind on their cock.

    Parking lot action seems to have died down, and the cops patrol the lot more frequently as of late. Good place to stop for a few before perusing Manheim.

    If there is a real purpose to this place – it escapes me.

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