The Gold Club



10243 East Greenville Highway, Wellford, SC 29385


34.9415293, -82.0844561




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Gold Club

  1. Jim D.

    Had a good time, some lookers and some fugly chicks. Gotta watch the dances though, some of the girls will try to get you mid way through a song and then stop and ask if you want another dance. You gotta tell them on the Next song give me a dance. Take out was def on the menu with several of the girls.

  2. Mike
  3. Davis
  4. shawn

    i went to this club yesturday afternoon it was great the girls were all verry beatifull and they all seemed to be nice girls i did a private dance with one girl and it was well worth the money im looking fowared to my next vist to penthouse

  5. Stopped in on Friday

    A waste of my time and my money. I spent 45 mins waiting for a drink and it was not even really busy. The service here sucks and the girls are rude. I won’t be back.

  6. matt
  7. Mark

    I brought my wife for the 2nd time in 3 weeks Saturday Mar. 8th. The place was packed and there lots of dancers on stage and roaming around talking to people. DJ did a good job , playing a diverse selection of music. We had a great private dance with Monique ( I think that was her name ).

  8. AssnTits5

    The girls here are average to good in looks (multicultural). This is the only place I have ever seen a “little person” dancer. There are tattoos here. Safe to go alone here.The girls here are willing to spend some time with you. They will sit right down and ask your name. You can talk for a while before she asks – “would you like a dance”. I always offer a drink. This is a moderate sized comfortable, relaxed club with some fairly attractive girls. I love the comfortable chairs and the girls. It’s a safe place right near the light rail line too. FYI: No smoking in any bar or restaurant anywhere in North Carolina. If they have a drink special it has to last all day… no happy hours. Sorry but it’s NC law.

  9. westernncman

    Csn’t wait to come back this Saturday !!

  10. joe
  11. Ken
  12. Well why not?

    I love this place, I wanna make the penthouse my house.

  13. luke


  14. the one

    ok. checked this place out during the day. first off, i’ve been to dozens of strip clubs in sc, ga, and nv. i thought well this place got number 1 club by exotic mag or whatever so i’ll give it a shot. this is to management, turn the damn heat on in the building you cheap bastards. also, hire girls who aren’t fat, scrawny, pregnant, and full of ink. no one wants to look at disgusting women. guys go to strip clubs for the women. plain and simple. spend the money on some quality girls instead of a jacuzzi room. this place is nothing but gimmicks but i never liked the big gentlemen type places anyway. they are rip offs and rarely more fun than local spots.

  15. snickers

    I have to agree with madison every one there was nice and the girls all looked good, although my favorite was madison and dakota. This was my 1st time ever to a strip club, I went with my husband and madison and dakota made me feel good. Thanks girls..

  16. chad
  17. Kent
  18. yeh right

    been there… worked there… suck all around. the management and floormen suck and the girls are stuck on themselves…. without reason… and the atmosphere leaves A LOT to be desired. get rid of a few people … dancers and guys… and you guys MIGHT have a shot again.

  19. Dan
  20. Sam
  21. Weedman420

    Disgusting nasty place. Ratchet club, no class at all. The only club that is actually nice and clean and professional is the Men’s Club, all the other ones (including Gold club) have ugly girls that probably have all kinds of diseases due to prostitution. Might walk out with more than you bargained for.

  22. TKO

    Club has taken a down turn. Dancers and staff

  23. Woody

    It is great.

  24. XhXeXy

    Came last week on business and had an excellent time! Visited the Men’s club and they double charged my credit card! Stay away from those dirty cons!! The gold club is way more appealing! Beautiful absolutely beautiful girls and sexy talent!! Theyve hired a lot of new babes since the last time I visited! Way friendlier atmosphere! And the champagne was well worth it!!! Not watered down like at the dirty a** mens club

  25. haha you people are stupid

    Why is everyone concerned about who is messing with who? I don’t see what the problem is unless it is done at the club; people’s personal lives are just that, personal. Don’t be mad because you are a lying thief who can’t even spell brooklyn (but you’re supposed to be from there). If I were you I’d be looking for another job instead of wasting my time on this website, unless Lloyd Christmas is your idol and you want to be a chipped-toothed limo driver. And that obviously was not you that left that review b/c we all knoe you are not gramatically correct whatsoever, so I give props to whoever you got to write that but its ashame they actually believe a word you say. You’re a snitch and you give us northerners a bad name.

  26. harryharry

    The girls are ok, some good lookin ones but most of them look like they’d rather be somewhere else. I saw one girl check her phone in the middle of a dance! The VIP dance special (two for $40) is a good deal though. The worst part of the evening was by far the waitresses. They just stopped coming by the table. I started going to straight to the bar. $10 cover for average talent and crappy table service, there are far too many options out there to go back.

  27. opie

    went there on a monday hight around 9pm it was terrible, the hostess at the front was the best looking girl in there it was only 3 girls there to dance, and a big buffarilla trying to push drink shots, wasted 15 bucks only stayed 10 mins

  28. MoMoney
  29. Good Time Charlie

    Lots of girls, great time, wish I had more time to spend at the penthouse.

  30. john
  31. madi

    Well I have worked here for 4 years, and though it may seem that girls are big or stuck up or flat chested or whatever, anywhere you go you will have that, it’s not club paris where girls are just flying around drop dead gorgeous, it’s spartanburg… quote my manager when I said the same thing, I must add!!! We are dancers this is our job our money and we are there to work not chat up and hear your whole life boo hoo stories, but to have fun and maybe make some friends along the way, but that truly pisses us off when you sit and stare at us and are like oh you are beautiful, but don’t eithen tip one dollar. Go to a bar and watch baseball if that’s the case. Not to be rude, but put yourself in our shoes… I know that I’m madi, and all my friends are hott including me!! Jen, zoe, nikki, lei lei, natasha, tia, and alot more!!! Come down and see our club for yourself I think we rock and I don’t know who said stuck up, but maybe you are the douchebag that had a nasty attitude or just wanted buy sex and got turned down bc were not a whore house and had your feelings hurt like a tool, maybe I’m wrong, but we are always friendly and everyone that comes in is welcomed at the door and inside. We do have more waitresses and floormen and the management is doing what they can day by day to make our club better!!!! Come and say hi to us and see for yourself how nice our club is, inside and out!!!!

  32. Dave

    I go to this club maybe 2 times a year when I am in town. It is a good place to bring your own beer to, sit down and relax.

  33. ComingBackDown

    When I came to PH 2 months ago, I was highly disappointed; they were too many girls who looked like preteens, and several “wide load types”.

    However, Saturday night it seemed to have turned around. I have three favorites 2 new girls Calissa and Mia and another black woman with really long legs and curly hair. All three of these women had great personalities and bodies to match. I spent most of my night with Mia; in fact I spent too much time with her, I left with 7 PH hats, DVDs, and no cash at 4am. I think it was her 2nd or 3rd night I cant remember, but if she becomes a regular girl, I will definitley come back, for Calissa too.

  34. I'm a loser

    Wow you sound a little upset?

  35. paul

    3-A’s, 2-B’s and a C. That might be a nice high school report card, but it sucks if you want to see jugs. these girls are youg and underdeveloped. And they go straight for the backroom dance without even saying hello. They really need to work on their people skills. A little flirting would go a long way. And they get pissed off at you if you don’t want to pay $100 for an hour of their attention. I would think twice about this club. It’s overpriced and the DJ will publically try to humiliate you if you dont go to the back for an overpriced dance. If you want somewhere to go relax and enjoy yourself, I’d go somewhere else. I know that next time I will.

  36. LJ
  37. Tomthecat

    Pretty decent club but still a diff feel than I like

  38. jor rizzo

    good all the way

  39. gale
  40. bob
  41. in the know

    This club sucks. The management is full of crap and looking to rip you off in any way they can. The majority of girls are straight out of the trailer park and not worth the money. There is no service in the club. If you do not mind waiting 45 minutes for a drink, then this is the place for you. If you want to have a good time, and get your moneys worth, I suggest going ANYWHERE else!

  42. ba ba booee
  43. Drunker

    I payed $15 at the door came in with my own beer, HAD A GREAT TIME. when I drank all my millers I bought some from them who Knew they had a bar???? best kept secret

  44. Freak ride

    Best dance in the south

  45. JT
  46. jonathan davis

    lately this club has been improving but is still not back to what it was 3 years ago. there are several hot dancers who are skillful on stage. my biggest complaint is when a dancer will sit and talk to the same guy all night. if they want to do that they need to get em a sugar daddy. there should be a time limit or a song limit as to how long they should sit with the same guy or same group. I’ve even let girls know when I think that they have spent way too much time with just me. maybe i’d like to talk to someone else or get a dance with someone else. hang out with me for 15 or 20 minutes max then move on and you’re welcome to come back later. it always seems like the one or two girls i think are the hottest, I never see up close all night except when they are on stage. just switch around a little and I would probably get more than one dance each visit.

  47. jack
  48. Frank
  49. henry
  50. Someone

    metioned in a previous post how stuck up the girls are…and after reading Madison post, its not that they are stuck up… its that they are stuck on themselves. It doesnt matter how fine you THINK you are if your personality is crap, then you arent worth a glance.

  51. fire

    The Club had hit a low spot, but it looks like it is finally starting to pick up again. They have a lot of new girls and a new Dj, he seems like he knows what hes doing, plays a lot of great music if nothing else. Brock is still Djing there and he always kicks ass.

  52. Rain.

    This club is the place to be. If you are looking to have some fun come party with us.

  53. Acon
  54. Tom sizemore

    Best looking club, hottest allnude girls, I thought it was BYOB but they sell beer

  55. Pole watcher

    This club rocks…..Late night party..Hot girls cold beer, great dances PARTY

  56. Been there
  57. Justin
  58. Dustin
  59. Sept 9th!!!

    Jumpstart your weekend at The Penthouse Clubs

    FROZEN PARTY this Friday night!

    Featuring the upstate’s sexiest women in their COOLEST jaw dropping attire, ready to melt in your laps and heat up your night.

    Bring your friends, bring the neighborhood but most importantly bring some green to the scene.

    This is the party you dont want to miss!!!

    See you at The Penthouse!



  61. bill
  62. The Purgatory Party

    Has been moved to the 23rd to the 24th! Come get live with us this weekend!!!

  63. carolina dude

    love it!!!

  64. Sept 16th and 17th

    Wanna corrupt an innocent angel or get naughty with a horny little devil? Then come play with the gorgeous ladies of The Penthouse Club this weekend at their 1st annual PURGATORY PARTY!!! Thats right only at The Penthouse Club PURGATORY PARTY can you experience a slice of heaven or have a little brush with hell. We will be waiting for you.

  65. Kerry
  67. brian

    Club has gone down hill. Management has ran off a lot of the best girls by pissing them off and taking as much of their money as possable. Most of the girls are Very beautiful and really nice. Management are assholes especially Gerard. Wheres Yankee when you need him?

  68. danny
  69. Terry

    Nice club,some very special ladies,drinks/cover overpriced.

  70. Dutchy

    Make sure to see NINA, sexy high energy.

  71. ME

    This club was way too dark, and like previously mentioned, the girls are underdeveloped (really small boobs), too many of them are a little on the hefty side, and they are too dang pissy. If u dont get a dance they are jackasses to u. God forbid if u just want to chill and sip on a few brews. Its like u r killin babies or something.

  72. Jaz


  74. don

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