Pumps Pin-Ups



1089 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


40.714134, -73.932701




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pumps Pin-Ups

  1. orb


  2. al
  3. sal

    nice girls good time just moved to the area and i found my new home

  4. biker

    SUCKS !

  5. jocko
  6. fonito


  7. mr. performance
  8. joe z

    nice spot very relaxed

  9. mr performance
  10. big d

    fri nite was off the hook

  11. Brainy

    Went there for the first time with some friends two nights ago and had a blast. Girls aren’t stuck up and the beer was affordable

  12. paul
  13. hater
  14. nimrod
  15. mr j
  16. frank
  17. Justin

    There is an absolute fine girl who works there with the finest ass ever. The only problem with her is that you need to be black in order for her to look your way. Its a shame she is hot , smoking but again in order to talk to her you need to be black.

  18. creeper

    the creeper sounds like a former dancer at pumps who is VERY bitter that she does not work there for whatever reason. This person is prob walking the streets right now or collecting welfare. If it happens to be a dude than dude just put your lil penis in between your butt and pretent you are all the people you hate : bella, lady,light and vanessa while you dance at home in the mirror.

    You sound like a very bitter person and sounds like you are jealous of the owner and the dancers.

    ADVICE: get a life

    ps, how fat or ugly are you??

    thats a rhetorical question,lol

    I bet your thinkin rhetorical is a dinasour…(huffs) fat ugly and stupid…

    if you comment again…now im convinced you are a serious fanatic of pumps,lol

  19. dew
  20. sigxxx
  21. out a towner

    I went there with a couple of buddies and had a great time. The dancers were very friendly, some very pretty, they laughed alot and made the buds feel real comfortable. bartenders were cool. everyone who worked at the place was cool. had a blast will def go back.

  22. tittymonger

    thank god a real titty bar

  23. izzy

    no cover hidden gem

  24. jack
  25. fire

    this is the best place i have worked laid back relaxed

  26. juan

    ghetto, coked up hoes

  27. madmax

    cool spot

  28. ews
  29. customer

    this place SUCKS

  30. grande
  31. r ttrre
  32. wer
  33. titman
  34. Negro


  35. Robert
  36. ok club!

    I will admit the girls are not that hot to the human eye! lol! It’s really a hit or miss trust me!! But there are are a few goodies there but overall it’s aight to chill and relax plus no cover charge at the door and management is pretty cool and the bartenders are mostly friendly so if u just want to chill and not spend a shit load of money go here if not…..

  37. johnny one leg

    this place is by far the best

  38. beware ladies

    Rackell has herpes…

  39. vsfwr
  40. ed

    went there last night had a great time no hassle will be back

  41. BJ

    Room to grow.

  42. zapperdon

    awesome time

  43. juno
  44. mr.p
  45. beware ladies...

    Rackell still has herpes and this club puts you all in danger of being exposed to it..

  46. Pumps Fanatic
  47. maximus
  48. fasteddie
  49. Stevie D
  50. billybob
  51. tenderloin

    vitadolce: funny you should say that. my semi-ex-girlfriend used to work there as well and we went in together one night to check it out. i guess she got nostalgic too. within a few weeks she was back there dancing behind my back, getting wasted and doing tons of coke, and pretty much hooking up with anybody. didn’t make a dime, all the money went to blow, and her life is pretty much a wreck now. hope you have a better head on your shoulders, seems like a good place to work for a girl with a little self-control.

  52. jerry

    cool spot lots of fun

  53. big man
  54. big boss man
  55. Pickle

    had a good time last night

  56. larry
  57. big joe

    went ther thurs nite nice no hassel will go back

  58. little tony

    surprisingly friendly and cool great local hang out

    will go back

  59. yo!

    Went here with my friend for his B.Day didn’t get get a B.Jay but that was ok lol! Had an awesome time!!

  60. tina
  61. jake


  62. Pedro

    A little out of the way, but well worth a visit, lot’s of spanish girls.

  63. hector

    kickass place

  64. ned
  65. bill


  66. Stitches

    Great place to grab a few beers and watch the girls. Very relaxed enviroment, with no hassles.

  67. eli
  68. the doc
  69. vitadolce69

    went back a few weeks ago with my family and had a crazy good time! But the only thing I don’t see enough of now are my Latina girls! Majority now very tattoo punk and rockabilly girls. ( not that I don’t like some) But other than that it’s cool. Some girls were real butta heads others birds very few diamonds in the rough! The D.R. bartender however delicioso!! bellisima!! p.s to that guy comment on my comment I would never do crazy heavy drugs in my life! so yes I do have a good head on my shoulders and I would never give up my moral nor my professionalism as a business women no matter what job I’m doing. I take pride in what I do and no regrets just fun and memories!

  70. Armondo

    good luck parking, dangerous area

  71. jerri
  72. the doctor

    way cool lots of fun

  73. beware girls

    Rackell has herpes..

  74. the creeper

    this place is not worth the trip at all. i came in and it was a baren wasteland no customers and a few dancers sitting in the dark waiting for male clientele to come in. and boy do i gotta say the dancers sure dont know how to treat the male clientele from the get-go they were all in my face not letting me enjoy my drink pesterin for tips, then the one i chose to talk to was a total shark and lowlife” hustlin me for tips and a overpriced 20 dollar apple cider champagne that the management uses to sucker the customers. look guys this is a money pit!!! stay away!! the management helps the girls narrow down which guy to hustle then…

    they hustle yah i mean the girls are not worth the money you’ll spend on them, they have zero potential all they want is your money and the bartender makes drinks that you as the customer doesn’t approve then the dancer tries to pressure you to pay for it!. guys stay away it’s a dump in the middle of a zombieland area disguised as a money pit for the management to leave you broke at the end of the night to pay their carnote i mean really a dump…

    the girls -dont do shit- cept dance and pester you for a overpriced drink and they dont even dance dat much, they wait for men to come to them then they aggregate you to pay out yah pocket if you wanna talk to them.when you can go to another club and not get this kinda hassle why bother guys? let these non-skilled ho’s go broke.

    the following bitches stay away from if you were stupid e’nuff to go to this whirling stinchy cesspool. Bella is a fukkin lowlife skeez that will try to hit you up and will leave you short of nuttin but ya undawear, lyte is a freakin lesbian, if you like dat shit ur stupid, the only lesbian dats a good one is one cleanin my knob dumbass.lady is another lowlife who sucked a guys cock in the outside of the club on camera and they use this superficial skank as their poster-girl in their advertisement so dat tells you how low wattage and unprofessional the management is.

    yeah the cover is free but they got these girls like pitbulls pressureing you to buy more and more drinks and dances when you already had alot hence a money pit,they have variety hmph! crappy place, too many skinny no curves cokehead bitches of all flava’s lol.

    do yahself a favor and bone your girlfriend instead of going to this tease academy or find another stripjoint to go to with girls of real potential or girls who do something more than plot how they gonna take yah cash in the dressing room. cuz these girls are dumb,lowlife moneygrubbers who are lesbians or got kids and a man at home. don’t waste your time!

    the music is too loud you cant hear yourself,the chairs are old and beaten up the leather has come off and the manager is too cheap to buy new ones,the bartender is a ex stripper dyed golden curlyhaired ho bitch, i should’ve slapped the shit out of and macho man elbowed her off the edge of their greasy bar, but i was too afraid i would slip and fall into bella’s pussy and never be seen again, or come down with gongwhorea.

    the manager is a fake ass stone cold who looks wildeyed like he jus got teabagged by 16 men and put on a pumps shirt and came out from the back area. he jus sets you up to be hustled by these deadender pathetic girls who cant wing it and make you spend on their own talent.

  75. jon

    nice spot

  76. willy

    finally a cool laidback spot

  77. mike
  78. *lacey*

    All I can say is that I’m very disapointed when I returnd to work at Pumps! Saturday nights should be off the hook with lot of money but mad people were being very cheap! Listen if U don’t have money to spend then do all the dancers a favor and please stay home! There were like 30 customers or more in there and like not even a third of you guys was tipping! U guys have to understand that we make money on tips and don’t work for free! So please be generous! 4 quarters to a dancer won’t hurt u and if it does then stay home or go to a sports bar!!

  79. MIKKI

    I was their very first bartender when they opened, 1996, had a blast, great

    money was made, great owner, great staff. left for a while came back,

    worked again for 4 years more. this place Rocks, great music, some sexier

    girls then other, but to be expected in any bar. some cheap guys sitting in

    the back holding onto their bottle of Bud, but if i said something in a nice

    way ( hey sweets these girls make their $$$ on tips, go do the right thing 😉

  80. victor

    went friday no centerfolds but not bad will go back

  81. big dog

    thats whats up

  82. super e

    best bang for your buck

  83. Don


  84. axel
  85. nyc genius
  86. YES MAN



  87. stig
  88. big bill
  89. max
  90. fonze
  91. steveo
  92. jj

    nice spot

  93. harleyman
  94. mistical

    it is what it issmall but nice

  95. nnnnn
  96. 6 day frank

    great no hassle relaxed spot

  97. dilbert
  98. yanni

    a little small but cozy and the bartenders are super cool this place has a warm vibe to it not an all night hang unless you fall in love which you might

  99. xxc
  100. mikethestripking
  101. rob

    hidden dump/w fat girlz

  102. Duu

    Now I know who the brinay one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

  103. biggie
  104. norman
  105. mr big
  106. fuckhead

    raquel is still hot im glad shes here

  107. niko
  108. trev

    pumps is da dumps…..

  109. beware !

    Rackell has herpes

  110. dancer

    just flew in from in from fla had a blast

  111. brooklyn


  112. Littleblueman

    Great place to have a few drinks and enjoy thesight

  113. beware!

    Rackell has herpes…

  114. markymark
  115. mark

    went there last night nice new girls

  116. babe

    i have been to pumps pin ups TONS OF TIMES!!! ive seen 2 different strippers. Thier names our Krystal and Misty. and i must say… Misty has some ripp melon itf you know what i mean;)
    id recommend this strip club to ANYONE

  117. coolo
  118. cheri

    tuesday was off the chain my new spot

    thanks and much love to the bartender

  119. mm
  120. Sicksix

    Jinkies! Did you know that avacodoes are really nutritious and good for you.

  121. wildthing
  122. brett
  123. bb
  124. tony vixens
  125. jacko
  126. mr.performance
  127. matty-t

    finaly a real tittybar not a stuckup “gentlemens club”

  128. Shamrock

    Not the fanciest of places but an overall good vibe

  129. Rackell has herpes...

    Rackell has herpes

  130. Visitor from Cali

    I’ve been there three times and had a blast each time.

    Ask for the Speacial!

  131. Beware

    Rackell has herpes

  132. donna
  133. tony

    this place rocks

  134. Cheyenne

    Had a blast the other night, can’t wait to go back.

  135. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  136. topper
  137. ms. fuckhead

    neither one fuckhead, im one of your dancers tired of being put at risk!

  138. sammy


  139. joe

    this place is great

  140. Stripclub hopper

    I got to say this, Worst strip club I have ever been to!

    1. I agree I went on thursday night. but…

    Aweful stripper, I mean fat asses, sloppy boobs, and old as fuck. Nothing else unusual, only the club is very very small, smaller than most mini bars I have been to, and it totally sucks. there is no cover, but i guess the stripper shud be paying me to waste my time. DONT go there.. just DONT. BYE

  141. peewee

    i love this place

  142. matt
  143. spanky

    low key chilled place

  144. Tommy

    Pretty laid bac joint> some eye candy nothing all that. One had big fake breast and butt implants. majority looked coked up> but had a descent time

  145. stigman void
  146. marko
  147. real biker

    this place is great

  148. johnny
  149. beware ladies!

    Rackell has herpes!

  150. verjj

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