Big Daddy’s Bar



2513 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70117


29.9650648, -90.0514692




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Big Daddy’s Bar

  1. monte carlo
  2. Stuffy504

    This place sux ass. The drinks are way over priced. The dancers were absolute trash. You can’t touch any of the garbage dancers. Don’t visit this place.

  3. fuckery12

    This is not the place with the legs on Bourbon St. This is a random gay bar across the street from Mimi’s. For some reason or another, when my friends and I realize we’ve been sitting at Mimi’s for far too long, we dash across the street and do shots at Big Daddy’s. Everyone (read all 3 people) is always very pleasant. The bar tender flirts with the straight guys who are with us. We do the shots and run back. I recommend this pastime to anyone.

  4. StripClub431

    The drinks were cheap but the bartender Was rudest bartender I’ve ever experienced. After waiting 10 mins for service he says As we were “don’t ever come back” for no reason. It was completely uncalled for . Never agin will I step foot in this place

  5. Landon

    Great Place Girls are nice! Look for Mandy she’s hot, the best looking one there. She knows what she is doing!

  6. larry1

    I love this little gem of a bar. The drinks are cheap and the service is great. The bartender we had was super nice too. Its across from Mimis which is now kinda a bust since the music is gone but Big Daddys is here still standing. Its also a great place to watch the Mardi Gras parade Chewbaccus

  7. B. O'Neill

    Sadly this club was my first Burbon St. Stripclub experience. This place is a joke. Went 3/29/2010 on the advice ofthe fat chick w dark spikey hair outside. The place is cramped. Chairs are hard wood and sticky. The place is the land of misfit strippers. My group stayed for 10 minutes then promptly walked out. we ended up going to Barely Legal which cleansed the pallete nicely. Whoever owns this place should go bankrupt or take some hard lessons from other clubs on the strip doing it better. Im from Indy. Even the crappiest club there beats this one. If you plan a trip to thestrip please go another club.

  8. josh


  9. Dreamer

    Pretty much a dump. Some of the girls are nice, but the booth dances are way overpriced, compared to the rest of the street. Beware of the champagne room, they’ll hit you up with lots of extra charges after you’ve already paid the base price.

  10. benaround

    absolute tourist trap!

  11. Joe
  12. Never Again

    This place is so nasty!

  13. alabama fan

    was there on 4/26/08 had a dance with a girl from alabama going back 5/3/08 would like to know if she is going to be there. best private dance I have ever had. hope to see you Saturday.

  14. matt
  15. XhXeXy

    What do you do on Thanksgiving eve at 12:40 when Mimi’s decides to switch on the harsh bright lights to indicate it’s closing time? (really, WTF? The bar was quite crowded as usual. I don’t get it and I don’t like it). You head directly across the street to finish off the night at Big Daddy’s. You’d think it would be a haven for the Rob Halford and Mister Rogers set, but you’d be wrong. Friendly, slightly divey, with a constant stream of characters strolling in. Not that Rob Halford or Mister Rogers would be out of place here… actually no one would be out of place in here. The character roll included a pair of sprightly squaws, a rotund older fella with a giant turkey on a pole, then plenty of your average guys and dolls… you get the picture. Old, young, hip, not… bring it to Big Daddy’s.The bartender is Abe Vigoda-esque, perhaps a bit world weary, but thoroughly kind and welcoming. I could have sat there for hours. Oh, wait, I did.Thanks for being there for us, Big Daddy’s, in a time of need. I won’t forget you on any given night in the neighborhood.

  16. CaliforniaCouple

    Wild lapdances, willing to work for tips. More than half of girls had less-than-stripper-quality bodies, but a couple turned wife and I on.

    Ask “Amber” with the tatoos for a lapdance. Be prepared, Be VERY prepared for a good time with that one.

    Drink prices ridiculous. ATM next door.

  17. jill

    great place if your looking for fun. just tell the girl what you want and if she is not willing then the next one will be and they will give you a break on the vip room.

  18. adamrod

    This is MY bar in the neighborhood. My Cheers. I love every single one of their bartenders and they show saints games on Sundays complete with pudding shots (YES PUDDING SHOTS) after every touchdown. Mimis can kiss it with their pretentiousness and handle bar mustaches. Ive spent MANY MANY nights working out my lifes problems at Big Daddies. OH and they are 24 hours. Nah. Run tell THAT! Love you guys!

  19. Franklyn

    I always end up here after a recital show from The New Movement Theater. In fact, this is where my class had our post-graduation party. Typically this bar is pretty empty but both patrons and staff are friendly to the group of newcomers. I was also here for Mardi Gras this year before participating in St. Ann’s and had a good time with the tremendous group of revelers gathered. I usually only drink beer in this joint but the couple of mixed drinks I’ve had have been nice and strong. If you’re in the mood for a dark, smoky, no nonsense bar, this place is highly recommended. No frills but good service.

  20. ryan

    big daddys is the white trash capital of strip clubs. roachs on the walls and the girls look like they escaped from the zoo

  21. rick

    Rick’s caberet bought this club and changed it into a sports themed strip club. Newly rennovated. Beautiful girls!

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