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39 South Street, Manville, NJ 8835


40.5434337, -74.5889443




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Foxtails Lounge

  1. dan
  2. kevin
  3. Frustrated

    Even if this club was worth visiting (which it isn’t) not many guys would hear about it. Everything in the comments section negative or detailed gets erased by a psychotic dancer who’s ashamed of what she does for a living. Maybe when you spend your life on your knees it scrambles your brains.

  4. bill
  5. robert

    i have a godd time in this club

  6. newbie

    I come here for the same reason I went to ooh la las….kris and dawn

  7. no nikki no good.

    place sucks.

  8. Phoenix

    Roxy rules

  9. suzi (not really jeff)

    name isn’t jeff ……. my real name is suzi and i’m trying to get chris fired thats why i post on here and the bar i run (oohlalas) everyday. suzi, why are you so obsessed with someone who no longer works at ooh la las? (we all see it and you r a very sick woman)

  10. Hairy Palms

    Most of the dancers are strung out looking HOs. I’d rate them a 4 at best. Best looking thing in here is the bartender…now if she would dance…

  11. jj
  13. jmoney
  14. wow

    Okay I stoped in here last week to see what all the hype is about. There were a couple cute girls only, like 6’s or 7’s, nothing more. Nikki was cute and the only decent dancer. I guess its good these girls give HJ’s. I don’t see how else they make money. Poor onstage dancers in general, not too cute. I thought friday nite be good…bad timing 🙁

  15. Yo Turd Burgler

    High end club? Please, this is barely a half decent go-go bar. Absolutely no one confused this trash heap as a high end anything!

  16. PERCH

    NJ Best Look’in dancers and NO DOUBT NJ’s HOTTEST Barmaids!!

  17. lapper
  18. Russ

    hot girls everyones friendly place looks great

  19. Joe C
  20. tk
  21. Humpty Dumpty

    To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, DUMP. That’s where this place needs to go. Just put this whole out of it’s misery already!

  22. Jimmy

    Place is Great, Loved it!

  23. jeff

    cris is a bitch

  24. name isnt jeff

    and i dont think chris knows any jeffs my real name is suzi and im trying to get chris fired thats why i post on here and the bar i run (oohlalas) everyday. (we all see it and you r a very sick woman)

  25. Anthony

    Soon you will feel PURE!..ALL NEW DANCERS AND BARMAIDS..

  26. Joe
  27. ThePhoenix

    I went back again Friday 4/4.

    – Drink prices seem to be progressively climbing. I started going to this place around January, and have now been there about 7 times, and the prices are definitely going up on non-beer drinks.

    – Bartenders were definitely hotter when I first started going there, the last 2 times only so so.

    – There were a lot of girls working there tonight, which to some degrees is good, but it is also annoying to have it over populated and constantly be dispensing cash.

    – Roxy, Erica, & Summer, were as always awesome. The others were only so-so and was waiting for them to move on. The one girl dances so energetically she almost looks like she is seizuring. I am generally a fan of a slower more sensual type of dance.

    – DJ tonight was probably best one yet with lots of hard rock (Manson, Foo Fighters, Pantera, etc.)

    – Overall a solid place to go for now, but I think they might be starting to let their growing popularity get to them.

  28. Pat

    coming soon …new mgt. new dancers. new barmaids. new and PURE!!!!!

  29. NO-GO

    Can you say LOSER? Why is it that the loser dancers and managers think that they can keep posting lies trying to make this place sound better than it is. We know it’s a go-go bar, or in this case more of a NO-GO bar. Deal with it, it’s not much of an anything.

  30. kris

    i hate it

  31. customer

    Still room for improvement but this place is getting better.

  32. feh

    small average club. i think the owner and the employees contribute to most of the comments here; i’ve noticed deleted posts. been in here a few time to see if it lives up to the hype and it does not unfortunately.

  33. Cam

    I’m gonna have to defend myself on this one here and say that i am far from a strung out ho..And i am far from looking like one also, but thanx and come again:)


  34. no more customer

    Im done with this lame place.

  35. Peter

    Went there tonite and had a blast! More girls than usual…

  36. tony
  37. jade
  38. regular

    drink prices were recently raised guess BUD needs pocket money, certainly not putting the funds to improve the bar

  39. Matt
  40. Peter G

    This place sucks!

  41. jake
  42. bob
  43. Sam

    This place is an ok hang out for a few beers if you’re bored and nearby, but as a strip club it’s nothing special. Plenty of better clubs with better looking girls and more action to choose from.n

  44. Moe

    Pure was finally getting back on it’s feet and now it sucks again. 2 or 3 really good girls can’t run a bar you jack asses, especially with 15 shitty ones parading for dollars

  45. just my opinion

    Cool place to just hang out. Most dancers are good-not all. bartenders are great.

  46. Crackhead

    Not a great club – not terrible, but not even close to the best in NJ. Plenty of better choices around.

  47. Booby

    Two thumbs down! This place can take the phrase dollar parade to a whole new level!

  48. jon
  49. Lester

    Stopped by the first time the other night as an alternative to competitiion in town. Pleasantly surprised by the experience considering past venues I gone too similar to this. Bartender & dancers friendly & good looking. Lexi & Faith are good dancers on stage. Not too many private dances from what I noticed, but that is not the only reason to stop by this place. Good place to stop by bottom line.

  50. Tim

    Great club.

  51. suzi

    Are the bouncers customer friendly here? lol

  52. Craker

    Read the comments about the xmas party. I have to disagree. That “party” was a PATHETIC DISGRACE ! The place is a dump. All the vomit on the men’s urinal and toilet was certainly a homey touch. Nobody could be bothered to clean it up ? Open bar ? I had to pay for a dancer’s drink and a Corona = bottled beers were extra. The food was the usual 3 ft. hero, baked ziti etc. Nothing great. Thedancers would have looked better in a burka and I saw a grand total of one lap-dance happen in three hours with “Tianna” and it was NOTHING. Top it off the host got silly falling down drunk and dropped his pants on stage. Yeah ! That’s why we were there. That’s what we wanted to see. That was my cue to go home and lick my wounds. I can’t find anything redeeming about that fiasco. That party gets a “D-“. The host gets an “F”

  53. dude
  54. nice
  55. Alex

    disappointing … no atmosphere. not very talented/good looking dancers

  56. frank

    monica is so sexy…i love that ass

  57. Rich

    Glad I stopped coming here. Dancers changed a lot and Bartenders are horrible.

  58. santana

    good luck

  59. CJ

    the best club to go to in the area

  60. stan

    this place rocks the girls do not dollar u to death

  61. craig
  62. Jim

    new hot spot

  63. Mambo

    I went here for the first time 4th of July weekend 2008. Hadn’t been in for a while so I figured I’d try it and see how it is now. They’ve put very little money into the place since my first visit. Have to say it was disappointing to say the least. Dancers were eh with sour attitudes and the music sucked. Don’t forget about the ‘colorful’ locals that harass you when you park along the street. I have no plans to return. What a waste of time and money.

  64. value

    there’s a girl or two here who is worth coming out for. Fun to talk to, great ld’s.

  65. Ruvane

    Was here for the Christmas Party. I’m not sure of the girls names but I got dances with 3 differnt girls.

    first dance was with jessica, she was wearing a white halter, the worst dance ever, totaly no emotion, just sat down and bounced a little, she only gave like a two min dance.

    the next girl was the hot cute this black/daminican looking one with little tits, great dance got two with her, they were long about 5 min each, topless tons of roaming and some kitty play, hoped for a bbbj but no. could of gotten a hj probably but wanted to save myself for more fun. third girl was the older very athletic dancer that looked like she could easly kick my ass.

    her dance was right out of a showgirl play book. craweled all over me and did back bends and splits as if my body was the dance pole, very cool but not realy what i was looking for, not enough contact with the little man. i wanted to get a dance with one dancer who nevermade herself availble she had a red bra on and had a small tight butt. then she left early before i could get her away from her food.

  66. Re: Camilla

    She will let you suck her its and pussy! What a whore!

  67. PJ

    monday nights are amazing but the dj REALLY gets on my nerves

  68. Big Willie

    They should take this place down to the ground. What a dump!

    The girls pussy’s smell like low tide…it’s really Hicksville, USA

  69. Darrin

    I was in there a few months ago and had a dance (not

    mentioning any names). The dancer was real casual and

    pretty distant during the first song but that all changed

    when I said yes to a second. She immediately got down

    between my legs and unzipped me. After some playful talk,

    she pulled me out and proceeded to give me skin on skin

    oral. When I finished, she swallowed. I’ve been back a few

    times and it’s been the same routine every time. Nice!

  70. Stosh

    Love this place!!! The girls actually DANCE! No stripper strut in this place.

  71. Bobby

    ALL the bartenders are friendly. Never had a problem and the service is great.

  72. joey b.
  73. Rafi

    The best club to work .. The best co-workers !! The best management ………. ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And u know why i think that ? Because we are all PURE !!!! LOL =)

  74. tom
  75. trace

    havent been here in yrs. cleaned the place up looks great

  76. Fred

    Bartenders are cool, and better looking than the dancers, which isn’t saying much. The dancers are seriously hungry for those dollars coming around every 5 minutes asking for 2 and 3 dollars at a time, and getting annoyed if you say no. Told this one girl now after she was a real pain the ass during the dollar parade. She then goes around and complains to everyone, bouncers, other dancers, bartenders, other customers…so annoying. I don’t mind tipping but maybe let me enjoy my drink a little or sit a while, not just treat me like an ATM.

  77. mark


  78. xxx
  79. Real

    Club is avg at best. dancers are 5’s tenders are 7’s

  80. Marcus

    This place is just a good time. Good music, Friendly girls, and cold beer.

  81. Maria

    Went to Pure see Maria got a nice HJ in the lap dance room. She is Italian long brown curly hair works at night. she is very tan. She knows how to grind. 20 LD and $10.00 tip she didn’t complain.

  82. Johnny

    Your typically shitty hole in the wall biker bar. Girls are mediocre at best, and the low brow atmosphere fits. Too many rowdy annoying black guys here for me.

  83. Chef

    Miss this place…opening soon I hope…

  84. stay away

    any place but pure

  85. George

    Great club!

  86. Not George

    George must be a shill for the owners, cause this place is a dump, the dancers look like street trash. Go around the corner to see what dancers really look like.

  87. Pure

    getting much better. need more dancers like nikki, jordan etc.

  88. jerry
  89. chris


  90. GO-GO

    PURE-LY A GO-GO!…Hence the name!

  91. Harry Balzac

    Most of the dancers are strung out looking HOs. I’d rate them a 4 at best. Best looking thing in here is the bartender…now if she would dance…

  92. not worth it

    this club has 2 good things. the sexy little bartender, candice, and the crazy rock chick with the stripes in her hair- those 2 are amazingly beautiful and good at what they do. other than that this club isnt worth the gas money to get there.

  93. mike z

    best little go-go in jersey!

  94. Grim Reaper

    If you want over priced warm beer, nasty black girls and skanky white girls sucking every dollar they can out of you as fast as they can for doing nothing but walking their lazy asses around, with the chance of catching something off the last guys load still sticking to the seats in the lap dance room or maybe scoring a little blow off one of the bartenders, then THIS is the place for you!!!!!

  95. Last time

    Last time I go here it is really bad. Dancers are pigs

  96. dave

    cris is a freakin lying bitch

  97. gogo man
  98. stewie

    this place rocks!

  99. bad times

    Pretty Lame place for a Go-Go bar nothing hot to look at except bartender.

  100. ASIA
  101. Sat Night

    I was amazed sat night how this club really is coming along and moving up in the gogo world. I had a great time here.

  102. Willie

    I can’t believe how this place has really gone downhill. I am the type of guy that sits right up front, buys plenty of shots for the girls and myself, tips well and expects to have a good time. I am the ideal customer for any bar owner. I spend money, come in regularly, and don’t make trouble or get too drunk. In this place however, I just choose to stay away now, cause it has become a real shit hole and I’d rather spend my money in a decent club with decent girls and good service. This place has none of that anymore.

  103. best booty

    madison has a great ass

  104. John
  105. look!

    its a good go-go bar..not a high end strip club.

  106. ed

    very cool place to hang

  107. jack
  108. Pete

    This club is amazing. I went friday night and talked with a bar tender named Candice who was stunning. The 2 best girls there were Cameron and Nikki. They are both very beautiful. I talked with a guy who worked behind the bar I think his name was Jeremy or Jimmy and he was very cool. The overall atmosphere was awesome.

  109. bbobby
  110. Danny

    this is a cool little bar, the girls are all fun and don’t really get on your nerves like at other clubs. there are a few i’d like to choke out but i get over it.

    mondays and thursdays have been the best for me. 2 chicks who dance together are fucking sexy as white girls.

  111. steve
  112. x man
  113. bo
  114. Freddie

    Don’t waste your time and money here. Stopped in tonight. The place was dead. Very few customers. They had 4 girls working and they looked like street walkers. The dollar parade was brutal as they came around every 2 minutes asking for dollars. Went thru 20 bucks in 10 minutes! Top it off my over priced beer was served warm, and after 20 minutes of getting hounded by fugly russsian women for dollars I decided to move on.

  115. Pure / OLL

    Pure ownership and management definately appear to be trying to improve this club. Which is much more than you can say for ooh la las.

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