Exclusive Lingerie Boutique



77 7th Street, Rockford, IL 61104


42.2663391, -89.0807074




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Exclusive Lingerie Boutique

  1. Don

    Jamie and about three others are pretty hot here. Not many others are even worth considering but you only need one at a time anyway so this place is decent.

  2. Dont waste ur time
  3. John

    I would never be able to get a cute young blonde in bed with me in real life. I definitely got her and what I wanted at Exclusive. I love this place!

  4. Ohyah

    I always have a good time and the girls are always nice. I saw Angela and Chastity on two different day and both were a lot of fun and made me feel relaxed for the show they provided. Great value for the money too.

  5. Ethan

    This place is fine. There’s good and bad looking girls everywhere. same here. There are some here who are genuinely beautiful though so just be picky. I got what I wanted here, so can you.

  6. VisitingGeorge

    Had a great time with Hayley, very nice lady with huge boobs. She knows exactly how to please a man. She is a BBW and very beautiful, she has done video and magazine, but recently has went back to the Exclusive Lingerie boutique in Rockford.

  7. Experienced Visitor
  8. Ed

    I give Jamie a 10 and on balance a 7 for everyone else. I usually only choose Jamie, so for me a 9.

  9. client

    Jamie is okay for an older woman, smoking bod but the face is a little withered. I prefer young myself. Enjoy

  10. Unsatified

    Pure raunch. Anyplace else is better.

  11. fireman
  12. TommyD

    Lots of variety and very flexable. Day shift has more beautifuls girls than the night shift, but if you find one you like you should have a good time. I have never met a girl there that wasn’t fun. They all have a good attutude. Play safe.

  13. Nick

    Don’t know who Jamie is but didn’t like the girls I saw the night I went in

  14. ????

    Had fun with lizzie everytime I came in this place… she knows how to please a motherfucker looking for a good time… keep up the work ladies… I will be coming back soon for some action.

  15. Matt

    Sadly, Jamie is the best and she is maybe a 7. I do agree that she has great legs though.

  16. dissatisfied

    The girls are ugly. The place stinks. Don’t waste your time or your money.

  17. Jimmy

    this is just a sad dreary place. I was depressed for days after my visit.

  18. visitor

    These girls may not be model quality but if what you want is what I think you want, you can get it here.

  19. Sean

    this place works but don’t expect too much

  20. some guy

    Dont waste your time and money on this place the girls are horrendously fat and ugly. I only saw like two girls that were decent and the rest were scary ass bitches.

  21. The right place to get a pc of pussy on a good blow

    Girls were condoms and why did I get a check down I have no idea because they’re a good place to get a good fuck and some job they deepthroat it every time I want

  22. Brad

    Jamie, I like. The rest are dogs. Not worth my time!

  23. rockinrabbit

    I saw a variety of girls working here. There are thin, thick, blonde, brunette, mixed race, african american, big boob, and small boobed. The best time to go is between 3pm to 5 pm. both day and night shifts are working between shift change. The day shift is definitely the best shift, overall attitude and looks.

  24. Decent place

    This place is okay. It may not be absolutely top shelf but the women are not ugly, some in fact are pretty great looking. It’s fun to go there! Be nice, people!

  25. chi bob

    I heard Hayley was back so it was a must that I went in to see her. She is any boob lovers dream.

  26. James

    Most of these girls are not beauties but a few are and my experience is that I was well taken care of. You don’t have a beautiful girl for long but, for the time you have, you really HAVE her if you know what I mean! 🙂

  27. Jason

    I like this place. Take my word for it though, choose a girl showing lots of flesh (mini skirts, cleavage. etc…) otherwise you will see why they are hiding something. Jamie is great. LOVE those legs and her enthusiasm either with me or the girls I pair her up with. Cool place. NO disappointment!

  28. Greg

    Maybe some people got what they wanted but I didn’t. Wasn’t too impressed with the girls either.

  29. Bob

    EVERYTHING about Jamie is delicious, hair, face, boobs, ass, legs. WOW! There are some other girls I think I may try next time though. Does Jamie really do it with the other girls?

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