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0 reviews for “LaBare

  1. XhXeXy

    Took a bachelorette party here on March 15. I made reservations in advance online only to walk in to a packed full venue with no room to walk. Also, the girl at the front had no record of my reservation (not sure if that mattered at all). All the tables were taken and the manager said we could pay a few hundred $$ to get into the already overcrowded VIP area to try and find a seat there. We passed on that and decided to stick it out as each girl already paid the entrance into the club. One hour into the night, we had to leave. After getting pushed around by the 20 other bachelorette party girls, it just got aggravating. I’m sure this place does a good job entertaining however, it was just too packed for us.

  2. curtis17

    went with a long time friend while visiting and we had a blast! the guys there are not stuck up or snobby like most female strippers are and hey interact with you, very genuine. we went on a Sunday and it was drinks free all night, so paying a $20 cover fee was nothing because of that! all the men there are so good looking and hot too!! great smiles 😉

  3. StripClub431

    I went for my birthday and this place is absolutely amazing!!! I got a dance from Boston and it was absolutely out of this world. All the men are extremely hot and the routines are very engaging. In addition to that, the place is very clean and well-kept. The bathroom stalls were extremely clean every time I went in – much cleaner than a regular club. Entire vibe was amazing. No pushing or shoving like in a night club. All the women just went up to the stage and respectfully waited their turn at times to interact with the men. Seriously wish every place was this awesome. I’ll definitely be back here. Can’t wait until the next time!

  4. fritter17

    My first time going to a male strip club . I will have to say that I had a fun and entertaining night. The guys were fun and respectful. Tasteful not trashy. I don’t think I would ever have my bachelorette party here but I would come back for somebody else’s.

  5. Harrison69

    This was my first strip club experience, and it blew me away. The atmosphere is classy and well kept. The men are all incredibly attractive and very good at what they do. They are very entertaining and interactive. The bartender was also amazing. He was on point, attentive, and very polite. Overall fantastic experience!

  6. eddyL

    We were so excited about my friend’s bachelorette party! This was something none of us had done before. Frugal old me was really concerned about the prices online but I went ahead and took the dive anyway, and BOY, am I glad I did. From the time we arrived, we were treated like royalty. Small parties can request a table, as we did, or you can sit a little further from the stage without getting a table but I suggest getting a table because it’s more comfortable, especially if you are celebrating a special event. We had reserved a special dance for my friend and it was worth every penny! Every girl had a 5 minute personalized choreograph with all the men dancing and focused on her alone. Don’t let the birthday girl or bride go without this!! On our busy night we got to experience 7 blushing brides/b-day girls go wild. From Zorro, to firefighters, to wolves (personal favorite) these men really mixed choreography with sex appeal, it was not just a slutty mess. After the individual show, the ladies got to take pictures with the men! After the main show was over, the men continue to dance on elevated platforms ALL NIGHT LONG.The service was exceptional. The only reason I don’t give this place 5 stars is because the costs were exaggerated. We had a blast, but we paid an arm and a leg for it. I don’t mind buying the personal dance for my friend because she will remember forever but $15 shots? That’s crazy talk. I will say, when you tipped the gentlemen a dollar, it went a long way ;)I would definitely recommend this place for a special event but the prices are pretty up there so keep that in mind.

  7. Julie T.

    So my second visit to La Bare was with one of my long time friends and we had a blast. Sunday night you pay $3 for parking and $20 for entry and you get free drinks all night. It is so laid back and relaxing, you don’t feel intimidated or forced into anything. All the guys love to interact and joke with you. Their skits are even goofy and fun at times, and others it’s all hot and sexy. Lots of hot guys, there’s someone for everyone.The first time I came here was for my bachelorette party and I got a free bottle of champage. Since then I think the club has spiffied up the inside a little bit. There were fresh white roses on the table, they have some new lamps, they’ve draped curtains across the ceiling and I think they added some more booths.

  8. Johnson12

    So. lol!! Came here for my bachelorette;dr: If you’re interested in attending a Magic Mike type location, check this place out. Definitely will have fun. :)The prices have changed a bit from what I’d seen previously in reviews.Door prices before 9pm (on the Friday that we went) is $10; otherwise it’s $15. I hear there are better deals, though, for Wednesdays/Sundays. Bachelorettes (or birthday girls) get in for free. If you’re going as a bachelorette, you get a free bottle of champagne on the house. (They say champagne, but we got a Peach Sparkletini – super yummy).There are definitely men of all types/shapes/sizes here. I am positive you and your girls will find someone (or something) to ogle… haha!I was completely awkward (never been to a “ladies club”) before this. So, if you’re like me, and this is your first rodeo, here are some tips I learned from people watching/the girls I went with:- Don’t waste your dollars by throwing them at the guys. Make them work for it! Haha, meaning tuck it somewhere on you (under a necklace, by the strap of your tank top, etc.- Don’t use any bill bigger than a $1 because they really won’t be able to tell the difference- BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. We may have been the only losers with cake/chips/hawaiian rolls (yes, Hawaiian rolls! Don’t hate), but we weren’t hungry! 🙂 And this location actually allows food while the Doral/Miami one doesn’t!- The free Sparkletini we got was $140 for a 2nd bottle… needless to say, we skipped it.- Shots are no longer $8.50 (or at least our server didn’t mention that we could get them for the 8.50 + lap dance that someone else mentioned); we paid $14/shot for some whiskey (supposedly nicer whiskey)- Waters are 4.75For $60, you get to put the bachelorette on stage for a publicly embarrassing (at least for me because I’m hella awkward lol!) lap dance, and you get a free photo with the entertainer.Overall, I had a blast. Had a ton of laughs (of the omg-that’s-hilarious type as well as the ahhhh-awkward-whaaat laughs lol).

  9. fuckery12

    Magic Mike has nothing on the men of La Bare! This place is so hot I’m surprised the place doesn’t catch on fire every night! Que locura!!!! These men are SMOKIN’ HOT, each dancer put on an amazing show with all kinds of acrobatics and teasers. Celebrating a Bachelorette Party for my friend, it was easy to book online for 10 ladies, but I would recommend calling and setting up reservations that way. The staff were fun, friendly, and super helpful in setting up lap dances or bottles of champagne (which every bachelorette receives 1 for free!) We all drove up from Miami to see a specific dancer our friend requested, and oh boy was the drive worth it!La Bare’s is a place where CASH is KING so bring PLENTY of it! Entrance was $15 (if you pay with cc they want a copy of it with your license fyi), drinks are $8.50, but for the same $8.50 you can opt for a shot with a lap dance 😉 It cost $60 for a special stage dance for our bachelorette which was easily split between the group and worth every giggle, laugh and drool lol. And ladies, if you tip generously it does go far!The club was packed with groups of ladies celebrating bachelorette’s or birthdays and everyone was laughing and getting a little crazy. This is a playful place some come with a sense of humor and come to have fun. You can be as crazy or wallflowerish as you like. It was a first visit for a few girls in the group and they were having a blast!I liked that we were catered to the whole time from having security watch your car to having attentive servers, to very friendly and playful dancers! TIP: Wednesday & Sunday are free entry nights! No photos allowed 🙁 Too bad I don’t have a photographic memory…or maybe I’ll just be back on Sunday night to see Superman again, that Man of Steel had me crazy sigh….

  10. clark
  11. Johnnyboy123

    So much fun! One of the best places to have a girls night out! The door staff was super nice.. Lots of smiles just waking in the door! Drinks were great and the waitstaff was very attentive to our table all night long. Now, for the best part—–THE MEN! Wow—-they were totally sexy and very entertaining! There are all types of men and all so good looking We went for a bachelorette party and our bride to be was very happy with her “last fling before the ring”! We will definitely be back soon….LaBare is the place to be!!

  12. kenston12

    It was my first time ever going to a Ladies Club and I was very hesitant to go. I’m a bit shy with the when environment but I braved it up for a UYE with a great group and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. It was so much fun! The guys were a bit intimidating at first but they’re very friendly and nice. The show itself is more goofy and fun than sexual to me. There’s definitely a variety of men to suit whatever type you like. Many of them are very skilled and dance very well. Some of the others are just very entertaining to watch. My favorite was Russell, he’s from London and could very well take all my money just by talking in his glorious accent. Our server Kravin was great. Very attentive and kept the drinks coming. We went on Thursday night which allows free entry for VIPs who have the La Bare mobile app. But you have to pay $3 for parking. The drinks here aren’t cheap either. Around $10+ for one. Didn’t do a private dance but I think those range from $20 and up? Overall a great place for a girls night out or a Bachelorette party.

  13. rickywho2

    Oh La Bare…….what fond memories!! When my daughter Danielle said she wanted to have a UYE here, I was in. It had been many years since I had been to a ladies club but I knew no matter what it would be fun. Going on a Thursday evening, downloading the app, getting in free plus the extra perks worked out great for our group. We were taken to a great sitting area right next to the stage…..up front….so hmmm yeah we had great views. Unfortunately, they do not have any good wines so I decided to have some Patron Margarita’s. Not sure what all they put in them but after well let’s face it I lost count, I was in another world filled with men dancing with very little clothes on.The show started out great, they know how to get the crowd going. All shapes, sizes were seen by all. Our group of ladies started out timid but in no time bills were put in every crack that could be found. Some of the dancers were quite good with their moves, none of it was raunchy or too sexual. And let’s face it the more money you are giving them the more they are willing to please you. Our server Craven was such a delight, he took excellent care of all of us.Not quite sure what happened but one of the dancers came and got me, took me to a private area to give me a dance then it happened again. After the dances my head was spinning and I knew I needed air. I walked outside and got in my car knowing I did NOT need to go back for anymore. LOL Finally the rest of my group came out. They had told me that I was suppose to pay like $120 for my two private dances. Say what??? Ha ha well when my friends told them that I did NOT request these dances our server agreed and said we were right so therefore I did not pay for them. Lucky me….,ha ha All in all it was a very fun ladies night out…….For a special evening with the ladies, yes I would go back. Take those dollar bills you will go through plenty. The men are fun!!!

  14. larry1

    Went to La Bare with 17 of my horniest friends- 1 being the birthday girl. It was my first time at a “Ladies” club so I didnt really know what to expect. When I walked in and saw the man wearing a hammock and swinging from the ceiling I was like “WTF”- I was ready to walk RIGHT back out but I’m glad I didnt.The men DONT get fully nude. Some of them were fine as hell and some were more like “what the hell?” but they were ALL dedicated to showing all of the ladies a GOOD time. I personally didn’t like all of the “acting” and shows they put on – I just wanted them to get right to the point and TAKE IT OFF (lol) but some of the skits were pretty entertaining and some of the dance moves made me light a few cigarettes!! Unlike at a “Gentleman’s” Club where the women walk around and work the crowd, give dances, etc until its their time to go on stage, the guys here are MIA until showtime and if you want a lap dance from any of them you have to “order” him through your server OR you have to wait until they line up the guys on stage and hope that you pick him first. Luckily for us we got the guys we wanted (although we had to wait for a while). The BEST man to me was the SHOT boy!! SEXY face, SEXY body, SEXY moves, and he was SO cool and fun. All in all, me and my girls had a good time and our birthday girl had a BLAST!! Anyone celebrating a birthday gets in free and gets a free bottle of champagne. Everyone else (on a Saturday) pays $10 before 9pm, $15 after 9pm. The drinks are reasonable ($7.50/$8.50). La Bares doesn’t sell food so they allow groups to bring in platters and cake at NO charge. We brought PENIS cupcakes :P. Oh, and there was a $2 parking fee.Now that I’ve “been there done that” I wouldn’t say I’d go back but I would definitely recommend this place to a large group of FUN women.

  15. ryan123

    I like coming here with my girlfriends. The dancers are hot and friendly. Free drinks sundays $15 admin. Great way to burn a few hours. Check it out if you’re in town.

  16. Sandra

    The men there were very sexy… I had lots of fun.. 🙂

  17. moneyman2

    La Bare perhaps isn’t exactly my scene…. not that I have an issue with any of it, but men dancing around half naked is more goofy than sexy in my opinion. But of course when Danielle C. said she wanted to plan a UYE here, I was on board with my support. Luckily my mother happened to be in town the same evening, so I brought her along too. Danielle C. had done her research before hand, so 1) we had a reservation (probably not necessary on a Thursday night, but a must on weekends) and 2) downloaded the app. I can only speak for Thursday night, but having the app meant we got in free, and were given the choice of a free shot, half off premium drink, or half off table dance. Our group of ~8 used all the options 😛 We did arrive right at 8pm, and the show got started around 8:30pm. We were essentially the only ones in here, but it did get busier closer to 10pm, which was around the time the 5th or 6th dancer made his way to the stage. Craven was our server and he did a great job of getting us more singles and more drinks….and a shot-guy stopped by as well with some premixed test tube shots. So, on to the real “meat”. The dancers lol. I only stayed to see 5 or 6 of them. A good mix of different looking guys, ages etc, so you’ll probably find someone you’ll be smitten with. Some of the guys had superior dance moves over the others, but overall it was a good time with lots of laughs and screams. I won’t be rushing back here….but I’ll happily come along for the next bachelorette party, or random Thursday outing 😉

  18. richard95

    Ladies, if you’ve never been to a male strip club, might I suggest this one? Seriously!Me and my friends went for a bachelorette party celebration. On Easter weekend. So we roll up to a seedy-looking strip mall on Easter Sunday, not expecting the A Team to be up on stage shaking their booties.But oh, oh my. $15 to get in, (free for the bride-to-be), with gratis champagne (again, for the bride) and then free drinks (for all!!) all night. This is a Wednesday and Sunday special, btw.Anyways. We walk in, and there are no less than 4 sexy dudes in neon/tassled banana hammocks dancing. Mouths. Dropped.Each guy (save for maybe one) was in top shape. Some of them are model-beautiful, facially. I mean, it’s a treat to watch these guys. All guys, hands down, had awesome moves. They come out with little skits and gimmicks. And then they make SO MUCH eye contact. If you want to walk up and tip them, they’ll take your hands and run them down their amazing abs. It’s…. great. So yeah. Incredibly entertaining, not too awkward, not fully nude. They also offer on-stage shows for birthday girls, etc, which is incredibly humiliating (and dare I say perhaps arousing?!) for the girl up there, but SO SO fun for everyone else.We had a blast. If I lived in Ft Lauderdale I’d be making it rain on the dudes of La Bare every Sunday :p

  19. winston12

    Go once….. and be prepared to start counting down the days to your next visit.LaBare Florida is a PERFECT place for the girls to go for a night out or to celebrate any special occasion! From your typical Friday night to birthdays to bachelorette parties… LaBare has it ALL!The men are hot, the routines are entertaining. It is a GREAT time in a clean, friendly environment. Awesome service and wonderful staff… it is a safe (patrolled parking lot) place to have a great time by yourself or with your girls.I’ve been a few times now, and I have never left disappointed.In fact, I can’t wait to go back!

  20. Stacey M.

    Perfect for girls night out, bachelorette, birthdays! Love this place. Very nice, not creepy at all. I felt safe the entire time and didn’t want to leave! One of my favorite spots in Fort Lauderdale.

  21. james1412

    Love this place!! Dancers and waiters are awesome

  22. timmykilla

    Went here for a Bach party! The service was really slow at the tables. It was much faster getting drinks at the bar. The bridesmaid asked for a specific dancer for the bride to be and we didn’t get him. We paid a lot of money to get what we wanted and wasn’t quite satisfied. We obviously did have a lot of fun I just think the service could have been better and some of the dancers. Two of the dancers were VERY entertaining and the others were mediocre. All in all a great time with a great group of girls!

  23. marlonmoney12

    My my my my my. First time and won’t be my last. Guys are true entertainers.

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