Rhode Island Dolls



579 Front Street, Woonsocket, RI 2895


41.996441, -71.516204




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rhode Island Dolls

  1. Joe S.

    I have gone in here a few times with a friend and by myself. Clean place-the bouncers and the waitress/strippers are generally friendly. Sometimes there is a stripper that will make a weird comment about something or walk past you and chat with others as you are sitting. I have eaten here as well and the food is really good.

  2. The Dude

    The only thing I like better than this club is my rug.

  3. Matt

    Went in the other day, club looks great, loved the drinks! The girls are mad hot, and the dances cheap. My only complaint is that I didn’t have more time to spend in there.

  4. bob
  5. Greg
  6. jack

    I had a blast!

  7. Ken
  8. Fuck ya

    Love this place, chicks are fucking smokin hot, lotta mileage, good drink prices

  9. Long Time Custie

    Smokin hot women, all types. Foods great, drink prices are too. New Private rooms rock it.

  10. justin

    perfect club to go have a laid back night at. not real pushy and the drink prices are good compared to other club’s prices.

  11. J.D. boston

    great atmosphere smokin hot girls great food at a reasonable price. The club aesthetically is very pleasing. And best of all u don’t feel hustled to buy anything very laid back atmosphere. this club is definitely different in a good way i’ll be back!

  12. TS

    girlz are hooooooooooot

  13. JKL


  14. Don Juan

    Main floor looks remodeled and I would have to say “Fire your interior decorator” The down stairs reminds me of a finished basement you would find in any RI raised ranch. Ok place to pop in for a beer or two if your jumping the border from MA and don’t want to deal w Providence traffic. Anything beyond that don’t waste your time.

  15. BigAl

    Stopped in with the intention of having a few drinks and jetting. Ended up in a CR. Well worth the money. Be back asap.

  16. Anthony

    Good place to go when the business is moderate. If it is busy go eslewhere. Girls are a 50/50 split between good/bad personalities. Most of the girls are good looking to hot, with just a couple of mutts running around. Prices are fair compared to other places.

  17. Johnny

    Was in for the first time the other day. Girls were really great. Got a room with Jamie. Will be back!

  18. K2U Fan

    Great dancers! Now that they’re remodeling it’s even better!

  19. Ed
  20. SteveO

    Love this place!! Girls are really down to earth.

  21. John

    A few favorites Liza, Andrea, Candace, Valentina

  22. Wtf

    Get rid of the spam

  23. Jerry

    Sucks without Kayla and Kylie

  24. John

    Went here tonight. It was packed and there were so many beautiful women. The club is classy and clean. Will definitely be coming here again soon.

  25. mike
  26. customer
  27. Gerard

    Laid back and fun

  28. dayguy

    As these clubs go this place is decent

    Mgmt seems lazy at this point an could use better customer support.


    Day 2-1 specials are poorly advertised.

    CR rooms are overpriced for short time $400/hour for a long lap dance ??

  29. Kevin
  30. Steve

    Girls extremely friendly. Need more intimate areas like Cadillac Lounge!

  31. rickybobby

    the advertise the drink specials just fine, they’re all over

    the website, thier fb page and they tell you about it when

    they start. and the cr room prices are on par or cheaper than

    other clubs i been too. THIS PLACE ROCKS

  32. out of towner

    Heard about this place and saw the ad in extreme mag was worth the drive.Good variety of girls a couple were 6s but most were 9s or 10s and even the waitstaff and bartenders are hot this one waitress would make a killing if she danced forgot her name tho.Good food too.

  33. Yank1

    Great place to relax with beautiful Women.Line up was very Good..Aubrey

    was as Hot as ever, and Tasia def has been working out on the pole.. Nicely

    done..Clearly one of the Hottest was the Blonde Bartender Chelsea..A body

    that would stop a freight train, and a Smile that could melt Icebergs..

    Classiest club in 100 miles or more

  34. ron
  35. gentle7teen

    This is a fabulous club! Every dancer I’ve seen (about half of those on their website) is hot! Whoever is selecting the talent is doing a great job. Mostly natural breasts, which I strongly prefer. And Dave is right: they really dance — many with energy, flexibility, spunk, great confidence and personality. The waitresses are super hot, and don’t keep pushing you to buy a drink. In fact, they may not bother you at all, even if you don’t buy a drink. It is a small comfy place, friendly, well staffed and safe for everyone. By small, I mean the dancers are not burned out and don’t have the production line impersonal attitudes you get in some big city places. The crowd seems generally laid back, but sometimes too few of them sit up at the dance floor — leaving a really hot dancer all alone! Show some respect, guys! Coming from Mass, the no-contact state, the private dances are wonderful — real lap dances. None of the girls I tried objected to pats on the tush, and some were open to delicious hugs. The attendant at the private dance area does keep a watch on things but is not a nuisance at all. Rarely did girls came up to me and offer a private dance, and they were never pushy — don’t hang back guys, just walk up and ask! Or ask the girl while she’s dancing so you don’t miss out. Overall a fun, relaxing, and welcoming place to hang out — I wish I lived a lot closer!

  36. Mike's girl

    I love this place!

    Been here more times than I can count and always have a great time. There’s a terrific assortment of girls working at any given time… a little of something for everyone.

  37. rick

    Ana is amazing!

  38. Steven

    Girls are very friendly and not pushy. Would love to see some prettier young woman but decent club

  39. Joey
  40. dopestar

    great place to hang out in the city

  41. coolraj

    its fair club for a topless PR. but after the current price

    increase i should avoid going there.

  42. soldier
  43. Jay

    I went there for the first time today after seeing the advert in the paper. I was impressed. The guy at the door was real cool and made sure I knew where everything was, the girls were attractive and came over and talked, were not pushy at all (other clubs the girls either stick to regulars or are extra pushy to the point of a used car salesman). The drinks were cheaper than I expected. The one drawback was the quality of the cheaper dances, they were cheaper than the usual price of a dance and are better than dances at other clubs depending on the girl, but the prices are fair and the 15 min is the best value. Ive been to a few clubs in Prov and this has to be one of my top 2 favorites.

  44. Mark

    My new favorite club. Private room rates are great. Chicks are for the most part 7-9’s. Food and drink are both great. Definitly skip the Prov clubs for this place.

  45. Edwin

    Without a doubt best Gentlemen’s Club outside of Vegas for the quality of the girls and the treatment of Veterans of all branches. I had a massage, and the masseuse Bee was beyond outstanding as I lost 10 years of stress in one session! Outstanding!!!

  46. Olderguy

    Friendly club. I usually go in afternoon hours. More turnover lately although

    regular dancers there know how to treat regular customers. Lots of lunch

    business. Good food and lunch bar specials. Dance specials in day seem

    rare. Private rooms have no time or contact value. Clean club but still quite

    physical . Shorter trip from mass. Odd neighborhood location that will test

    your GPS or mapping software. Nice parking lot.

  47. Tyler

    Some really pretty women in here nowadays. Phazing out all the cottage cheese girls. Tell the DJ to shut up.

  48. vinny

    I love this club. Very relaxing atmosphere. Awesome dancers,and cheap cover. What could be better!!!

  49. Matty

    This place is the balls. Used to go to Prov. but this is now my all time favorite club. Drink prices are pretty low compared to other clubs. The food is much better than you’d expect. Whoever the cook it, he knows his shit. Now to the good stuff…

    The girls are for the most part solid 7’s and up. The variety is boggling. All races and body types. They’ve got two stages. They run both at night and during the weekends.

    The lapdance area is well laid out. The bouncers are pretty good about not being a nuisance. I’ve gotten dances with Crystal, Makela(sp?) and Jamie. All three were fucking great.Tried out a private booth the other day with Jamie. Planning a return trip asap to give a few other girls a whirl. Well worth the money!

  50. club guy

    it was ok club. but after recent prize, i would mark as

    poor club.

  51. Boston Cowboy

    Before 2013 I had gone to Dollhouse a couple of times, was impressed, and had a blast. Last 3 mths I have made it a point to go every Tuesday after work, so roughly 4-430, day girls seem to have more fun but there are several night girls that are just as fun. Dollhouse sticks out in my mind more so then other clubs because the girls think nothing of sitting down and talking for an hour. They are not pushy or anything. Waitress Ana is awesome.

  52. former local

    This place is set sometime soon to become a more upscale strip club called the “Dollhouse Rhode Island”…with prettier girls but apparently not much change in prices. Much of the remodeling had been done alreday (except for some new rugs & lighting fixtures) when I dropped by for the first time in almost 20 years recently. The cover charge here was $5, and large drinks started out at a very resonable $3. The LDs are topless with full, two-way-contact and cost $20/song. They are not very private though…so no “extras” available here. The club is located around 10 miles North of the Providence area, but there really isn’t any need to make the drive up from there IMO. If you are in nearby air-dance MA, this place is worth the trip. The girls here were mostly pretty & all-natural (small breasted). They had one new, young blonde girl (Nikki?) with a HUGE natural rack & a fresh party attitude…she was wearing a Red Sox-type stripper outfit & was losing her shoes a lot. The service from the waitstaff & the dancers here was kind of slow though. They have two stage dance areas, but only one of them has seating around it (the main stage). Take Route 146 up to Route 146A, then take a Right onto Park Avenue, and a Left onto Logee Street to get down to Front Street.

  53. fuckery12

    This place is tiny compared to other strip clubs. This is not your average strip club. You come here to relax, expect quality and safety. There is many more girls per customer then in anyother stripclub, and they are all attractive. I have a big bias against fake boobs and thats why this place takes only 3 stars. OK go check it out and be nice to the girls, they do this because our great society has given them nothing else to do

  54. Big Tony

    If a small and comfortable “sports bar with naked women” is your thing then this is the place! No great knockouts, but solid 7s and 8s with a friendly and great attitude. Staff is great too. An easy going club and atmosphere to kick back in. Would highly recommend this club worth visiting.

  55. Soxfan
  56. regular joe

    love this place! girls are fucking hott!

  57. Simon
  58. Chad

    Too much ink! Not enough specials to get folks into buying some time with the ladies.

  59. Jackson F

    small club with great atmosphere

  60. Arnie
  61. sammy
  62. Tim

    Love this club

  63. George
  64. Jordan

    This place is where it’s at and all the other joints aren’t worth your time. Hook up with one of those non white women and be prepared for the time of your life. Spend more $$ on consecutive dances and you won’t be disappointed.

  65. MassGuy

    Friendlier than Providence clubs

  66. Noob
  67. Traveler

    Best club in New England

  68. Jim
  69. Dave

    This is a laid back, friendly club, small place, like a neighborhood bar with topless dancers. Girls are mostly very good-looking, most with natural breasts which I personally prefer, and many actually dance and do pole work, not just posture as in many clubs. Staff is friendly, bartenders and the waitress are great-looking, clientelle is mostly good, easy place to meet new people, and drink prices aren’t bad for a strip club. A bit too much rap, but many girls dance to rock music also. I’ve only had one private dance, so hard to make a judgement there, but the lap dance area is intimate, and the dance I got was okay, I’m sure they vary from dancer to dancer as in most clubs. No complaints for 20 bucks, reasonable. There’s an attendant downstairs where the lap dance area is, but he doesn’t seem to be a nuisance. There seems to be a champagne lounge downstairs as well, but I don’t know anything about it yet. The girls are great onstage, no flashing, but lots of attention and they don’t just hang around for dollar after dollar. They hit a lot for dances, but aren’t pushy, good attitudes. They also have a massage girl. For a small club, it’s a fun and relaxing place to go.


    One of the great attractions here was hot girls and 30 min cr for 200.. raising the price def will keep me upstairs…or keep me away… come on guys…dont gouge your customers..

  71. JD

    This is one of the better clubs that I have been to. The service was excellent; the drink prices are reasonable; and the atmosphere is very relaxed. All of the girls that I had a chance to interact with were great – well above par!!!

  72. Bill
  73. Tyler Durden
  74. kev

    same club, same girls, same food, nice carpets

  75. Chris
  76. Kojak

    Love this place. Very friendly atmosphere. Brought my girlfriend a number of times and had a GREAT time. They do need to bring in some additional girls though. Seems like quite a few have left over the last year or so.

  77. Violetlover
  78. Marc
  79. eddie
  80. JohnDoe

    Came in here last night with a group of friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. We don’t get out a lot but one of my buddies suggested a strip club and we haven’t been impressed by a lot of Providence clubs so we picked a new spot to try out.

    We were all completely shocked to find such a classy club in Woonsocket of all places.

    Great selection of girls, most were completely beautiful and in great shape. Different body types for whatever you are into, mostly natural up top. Most of the girls we saw where white but I think there is some variety. Solid drinks, cheap cover charge. Pole performances were sexy, they strip down to a thong so not fully nude, but you get a good view and some girls even did tricks. Lap dances were reasonably priced and a whole lot of fun.

    The nice thing about this place is that the strippers aren’t crazy aggressive about selling dances. They will sit at your table for a few songs and joke around before suggesting a lap dance and if you aren’t interested they are polite.

    This isn’t the place to go for extras. Dances are hands on and include lots of body contact but no touching under the thong. Fair enough. Part of the appeal of the girls here is that they are classy and having fun. Not a place of desperation like some other clubs…

    Overall had a great time. Definitely a great place to go out with the boys, and I might even return on my day off just to visit a few particularly beautiful girls that I really liked talking to.

  81. bobby

    was good when kayla was there not no more

  82. Jon

    Stopped in after some meetings in the Providence area. Hadn’t been there since

    the K2U days. Nice upgrades all around. Volume of talent in the afternoon was

    not great. Had a good talk with a hot red-head named Shelby before going

    downstairs with her. Had a great time with her – she’s a very friendly – smart and

    funny girl. Wish I had more time to spend with her – because her private dance

    skills had my blood flowing to all the right places.

  83. Re last post

    Last post is most likely from a Dancer who was just recently fired for ‘unmentionable’ behavior. Sounds like shes resentful to me. I have worked with the house mom many times and she goes out of her way to cater to the dancers and make them comfortable. The entertainment here is top notch, and the girls very, very attractive. This is a high class club with all the fun of a great club. I say come in and see for yourselves 🙂 Anyone looking for sleazy girls, and shady atmospheres can head to prov where anything goes. Here its all about the fantasy 😉 like it should be.

  84. dtm

    Fun little local place. Girls are sometimes distant, but usually 1 or 2 will be friendly. Drinks are a bargain. Nice little departure.

  85. Cowboy

    Love this place.

  86. Brooke

    Hey guys! I just started here a few months ago…its great, foods awesome, the girls and staff are fun and easy to work with. I love the set up and the classiness of the place. very sexy decor…amazing food and drinks, you all gotta come check this out!

  87. Benjamin

    I LOVE this place

  88. visitor
  89. gary

    great girls

  90. Cranberrybogger
  91. dan

    This place never fails. Been coming for yrs!

  92. big lou nyc

    Clean. Classy. Pimp. The way a highclass cabaret is supposed to be. Vegas comes to RI. Will be back!

  93. PR

    relaxing and enjoyable

  94. Junior

    First time at the Club, and was suprised that the dancers didnt seem to be asking the folks for private dances much. But all in all a good place. Ill go back.

  95. StevenJ
  96. Joe
  97. John
  98. samuel
  99. Joseph

    Girls sit around doing nothing!

  100. Muffintop

    Visited a couple of times in last 3 months and it is my favorite club. Something for everyone. Staff is laid back and girls friendly. Good mix of younger/ older dancers, natural and “enhanced” breasts. Ask for Nicole (A+) and Isabel (A+). Both have great attitudes and are very fit. Remodel is turning this into a very upscale club, I hope it stays casual and comfortable.

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