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0 reviews for “Centerfolds

  1. former customer
  2. steve

    Amazing club my favs are chris ,isha and twyla very nice girls eaisy

    to talk to and very nice private dancing

  3. XXXbeast

    My GF and I went on Valentine’s night. We got there – well technically it was 2/15 when we got there – ha, as we got there Saturday night .. about 12:30am (so really..Sunday morning…anyhow…)There wasn’t much of anything to say about this place. I’ve been to other clubs myself where, after a certain time at night – they’ll wave the cover fee. Not the case here, and not a big deal if the experience was pleasurable. We paid $10 ($5 per person) and well, there was only 1 dancer. When we arrived, there was no one at all, we sat there like dummies for 5 minutes until the dancer came out and did her routine. After her routine was over – it was back to us sitting like dummies – ha ha. Eventually the dance came over to talk to us and while she was lovely and seemed like a nice gal – just having one gal at the place really didn’t hold much interest for us. We ended up going to Stallions right next door where they had male dancers. Heck, at least let my GF have some fun, right? ha. To Centerfolds/Stallion’s credit – they didn’t try to charge as a separate cover charge when transitioning from one place to the other. Oddly enough, Stallions had a few male dancers – although one of the dancers looked sooo young, it actually felt awkward, ha ha.Anyhow, really don’t see ourselves ever going back to Centerfolds again. There really was not one compelling reason to inspire us to go back.

  4. unimpressed
  5. big jay

    i like this little spot, ill be back for sure.

  6. eddyL

    HA! I don’t really know where to begin. First, I hope that none of my co-workers ever read this… but if they are, then I guess they’re planning to go too right? hehe.So, we showed up here about 10-15 deep for a bachelorette party. I wasn’t too excited about it especially after the steep cover, but wowee! Once we got in, all my old 90s R&B tunes were put on–you know, like the R Kelly classic “You remind me of my jeeeeeep. I wanna ride it.” It was almost too much that the guy on the stage was wearing OVERALLS! Yes, he did go there, and yes, he did have one strap hanging down. The other dancer wore a turban, had a long beard, tighty whiteys, and weighed maybe 130 soaking wet. I mean what’s been keeping me awake at night is wondering why wasn’t this guy isn’t modeling Calvin Klein underwear. Ok, maybe it was just a funny factor. :)Is this getting too detailed? I’ll stop here but it was definitely an entertaining night. Make sure you treat yourself to a little prefunk before you go in too.

  7. KingCock

    Checked it out yesterday. Place looks like it’s getting a makeover so can’t harp on that too much. Had dances with two extremly sexy girls, Cris and Katelynn. The rest of the girls were pretty hot as well but I highly reccomend these two. Bathroom is terrible, that’s my only complaint.

  8. Quiet Guy

    This is quiet club. I have never seen more that 3-4 dancers working there. If you want a club with lots of girls doing stage shows, go elsewhere. This is a club that is primarily for lap dances.

    The gals are very nice and you will have a great time if you are willing to take whomever is available.

    April is a favorite of mine. I have also had a decent time with Devon & Nova.

  9. New Guy

    I found the ladies at this club to be very pretty and great dancers. The two that I remember the best is April and Samantha. They could hold a conversation and you are more than willing to pay for their fantastic dances!

  10. Happy

    The club is a reasonable distance from most places. The club is continuing to be improved. Female dancers are now there 95% of the time. There is aways a nice arrangement of ladies with different talents and personalities. Now that several clubs have been forced to close Centerfolds has benefited by hiring some of the best dancers in all of greater Puget Sound area. Give it a try. Remember what your mother taught you, be nice to others and they will be nice to you!

  11. Tile

    Was shown a kick ass time by my friends at this spot, really

    enjoyed myself

  12. hung

    oh my god hard the whole time

  13. mike898
  14. richard95

    It is no longer a male strip club. Obviously that didn’t pay the rent. Now it’s back to the slimy dead down dirty strip club. Nasty in all possible ways. Hope they take this kind of place away from Ballard.

  15. harry

    Came in this afternoon and had a great time. Day shift girls are sexy and know how to treat a man. Met with Janika, Carrington and April. Very sexy and beautiful. Surprise that they can hold a conversation unlike some of the dancers Ive met

  16. geterrdun

    Loved it!!!

    Great service

    Hott girls

    Good music choice

    Excellent dances (without even touching)

    And found ten bucks right outside the club

    So I basicly got in for FREE!

  17. john
  18. random
  19. fred

    i love this little spot, to me its the best kept secret shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you nova, not sure you will ever see this:)


  20. William

    I came in recently, and they are making a big push to turn this place into a really classy gentlemans club. The new weekend nightime DJ is one of, if not the best I have ever heard. I had a chance to chat him up, and he told me he was a former long time Deja Vu employee. His name is Dave and he jumped at the opportunity to help this place establish itself as the new place to go in Seattle. The girls are for the most part very attractive, and really nice to talk to. The dances are second to none, like Lays chips; you can never have just one. The atmosphere, and music selection (when Dave is working) is all very inviting. I highly recommend spending time with: Natasha (yes THE Natasha), Cris, Jaylynn, Naudia, Cameron, Madison, and Kendall. All are true professionals, and will take very good care of you.

  21. Carrie H.

    Well slap my tootie and call me Sally, I’m the first for Centerfolds?! I am so lucky to have this honor. I’d like to thank the little people… And on to the review…So Centerfolds is a MALE strip club. That’s right – for the ladies! Perhaps my own opinion here, but something about a man “being sexy” stripping is just, well, funny. It’s certainly not sexy, and doesn’t get anything hot and bothered. Just entertaining.Centerfolds does a good job at what they do. Their performers are good looking, and have good dance moves. My fav story here (let me just share a little for you) is when we went for my bachelorette party, and who knew, but at 9pm on a Friday it was completely empty. So we had the whole place to ourselves, which means that the men focus on us all the time. My maid of honor was there obviously, and her being a lesbian, didn’t really want to go, but gosh darnit, she is there through the thick and thin.So a dancer comes over and he shimmies all up on her. Her reaction after he leaves is, “Eew, I think it touched my shoulder.” Ha ha!Good for bachelorette parties. I’m not sure why else you would go here.

  22. jason

    I will never return to this club ever. I got a blowjob from one of the girls and got a bad rash.

  23. Don

    Some of the night girls are pretty pushy and even rude….but the day shift was a

    better group of girls over all…

  24. Actual Customer

    Derek (below review) sounds like a shill for Pandoras. Have some class man!

  25. AssnTits5

    With Capitol Hill, I don’t really see why women would pay to see hot nekkid men gyrating. Just toss a few drinks some fairy’s way and he might grind all up on ya and ask you to be his MoHo. So my friend dragged me here one night, just the two of us for some fun. She bought me a lap dance and they paired me with the new guy from Korea. I don’t know if it was racial profiling, but it would have been nice to choose my molester. He was really new because we carried on the most mundane conversation during the gyrating. “So…you been here long?” “You came here as a student?” “How did you get into…dancing?” It was uncomfortable.I was trying to keep my mind off the awkwardness so I didn’t notice when he laid me down on the couch to basically dry hump me. The boss had to step in and stop the awkward hotness.During this time, my insanely drunk friend disappeared for a long stretch of time. The guys were nice enough to check up on me every few minutes as I sat by myself in the back waiting for her to come back. Turns out she met a Mexican in the back alley who was kind enough to hold her hair as she puked.While I was waiting, I observed a small bachelorette party watching a well endowed man take a mock shower on stage. The lights were dim and shades of cool blue. Quite artistic but it had that salacious quality of gay porn. I’m sure it titillated the other dancers more than the whooping ladies.They whoop to feed the silence.

  26. Holmes

    Dont waste your time with this place,Mark ( the owner ) is a waste of a human being and all the good girls are at Pandoras

  27. aaron

    really nice club, the remodel seems to be almost finished. the owner is doing it all himself. lots of work. good dude.

  28. Derek

    I finally checked this place out. Horrible dump. Whoever gave this place a license and allowed them to call this hole a club should be shot. There were a few girls working, but they should really consider going to a better club if they want to make any money this year. Or maybe they were the rejects from those other clubs and they have to work there. I feel really bad for them, maybe another profession would be wise. Im going back to Pandoras, that place rocks!!!! Fine, fine ladies!!!

  29. nathan

    this place is so cool, i want to live there!

  30. repeat customer

    check out this club. beautiful women dont listen to any other reviews; this is the place to be come see for yourself

  31. cf's

    ATTENTION strip club attendees. Many of your favorite ladies from

    Honeys and Ricks are now featured at Centerfolds. Hours are 11AM

    – 2AM Sun – Sat with only $10 cover! If. Deja Vu is not your style

    guaranteed we’re the club for you!

  32. ricks vet

    Went into Centerfolds monday.WOW. Looks great with the new carpet. Dances were everything I was hoping it would be. Day shift seems to be the best time to get the best dances.

  33. larry1

    Male strippers in Seattle are on the endangered species list as of…. 5 years ago. In fact, Centerfolds was the very last club for ladies to check out some wieners. With our media so inundated with harmful and sexist stereotypes, having such powerful, hunky male strippers was invaluable for girls night out.It would be a shame for Seattle to continue to go with out a male strip club — a platform for some of today’s best birthday, bachelorette and divorce parties!And in a nation plagued by Guidos, 30k millionaires and a veritable push-pull of what it means to be a man, the male strippers of Centerfolds are a welcome beacon of hope.Please sign the petition below to bring back the wieners!1._Morgan L.__________2.___________________3.___________________4.___________________5.___________________6.___________________7.___________________8.___________________9.___________________10.___________________11.___________________12.___________________13.___________________14.___________________15.___________________

  34. carl ramrod

    This club is nice, they have done alot of work here. It looks way better than the first time i went in. But, the girls arent what i expected. Some should have retired long ago. Get some new girls and this club will fly.

  35. juicy

    Will be back again thanks girls

  36. No Good

    One or two dancers do not make a club. Must be the worst club in the Seattle area

  37. stripper

    My new favorite place!

    bye Ricks

  38. confused

    Where’s the beef, oh I mean the girls or anything for that matter of fact

  39. clubgoer

    love it

  40. lover boy

    Had fun on my first visit friday night, not enough girls for the amount of business they had but i guess one of the girls was having a birthday party ๐Ÿ™

    ill be back chris ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Cheap Trick

    Went in the other afternoon and had a great time-left satisfied and got the impression that no matter who I danced with, I would have been happy.

  42. Jay B.

    This is by far the worst strip club I’ve been to; by the end of the night, I was remixing Drake by singing “looking for the bottom, now we here” LOL. I have to be honest; my friends and I were looking for the worst strip club we could find because we went to “Sands” which was supposed to be one of the better strip clubs in the area (also terrible). That said, we HAD to see what made this place even worse. Well, we saw it LOL. First, there were some pretty obnoxious other patrons (one of which threw up all over the floor; she had just been over on the male side throwing up). Second, there were only 3 girls working on a FRIDAY night; the one decently cute one was being hogged by a group of guys; I’ve never really been in a strip club and had to “wait my turn”. That girl tried to initially overcharge me for a dance (quoted me 30 when it is 20 for a dance). Later in the night, she accepted 20 for a dance and tried to short me on the song. Yeah, if you want to “look for the bottom”, here it is.

  43. jake the snake

    Had a great time their last night, i noticed a few ladies from ricks are there. I had to check it out with all this negative hipe for myself, i found the place to be relaxing, and i can soon see it as the go to place. keep up the good work centerfolds, and ill be back, get a few more ladies and centerfolds will be on there way.


  44. Jake Ferella

    I like this club more than any other Vu’s clubs, even though they don’t have any special features like 3 songs for $40, shower dances, and champagne room like they do at the Vu’s, but the quality of dances are way better!!! Girls here are more open minded and willing to go down and dirty without being so touchy and picky about touching when it comes to lap dances. That’s the way lap dance should be, because I paid for it so I gotta make sure I get what I want the way I wanted and be satisfied. Great club atmosphere with good sound and lighting system, not too dark but not too bright, and not too loud but loud enough for me to talk to the dancers without shouting at them to make sure that they can hear me. The couch at the way back is so comfortable that makes me feel so relax when I laydown. The only thing I can think of for an improvement is that the club needs remodeling especially the restroom area, but other than that, let’s keep the quality of dances the way it is. Thank you!!!!

  45. Anon

    Gave this place another shot, thinking that the construction would be completed. I was wrong. The good points: Mason and April are still there giving great dances and the dance area is very private.

    The bad: The building is NOT HEATED AT ALL. The dancers were freezing and didn’t undress on stage (can’t blame them). With all the work, it’s still a dump and the bathroom beyond disgusting.

  46. drizzydre

    love it every time i come in i get treated like a king i go at least 2 times a week and only had one time that i didnt enjoy myself. im a very social person and these girls tend to have a good ability to keep me there until close lol.

  47. Bear

    Recently visited, the 2 fat girls there didn’t do any dancing onstage, the place looks OK inside now. I won’t be back there until they get some talent.

    Working were Nova and some chubby black girl.

    They hung out in the dressing room the entire time I was there {45 mins}

  48. Dancer

    The house fees are the best in the state for entertainers.

  49. andy

    love this place,cute girls and even cuter door girl

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