Thee DollHouse



5570 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32839


28.478752, -81.3970649




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Thee DollHouse

  1. anon

    apparently that “cc” who posted is a disgruntled employee, how can you have too many entertainers or even waitresses? makes no sense . its a good club to spend a weekend away or a after work relaxer

  2. Jorge

    My favorite club is open again for those of you who don’t know… TEMPTATIONS is back on the map. Gawd I missed that place so much!!

  3. kazoo blumpkin

    I love russian whores

  4. chris

    I had a very very good night there. I had three girls who all sat with me most of the night. Melissa, crystal, and joliea were all amazing. I cant wait to go back again!!

  5. Mike Okane

    I spent a many nights at the doll house in the late 70’s, that was when it was a club!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lap dances 5.00 you could touch the girls ,and relax and not feel pressured!!!!! to spend money, Boy I sure miss those warm nights in Orlando There was nothing better them being with girls who were on flight 714 [old members will know what I mean] Miss the old times

  6. Slim

    Great Club, Best in Orlando!! I finally decided to stop by after going to other clubs, and this club has the best entertainers I have seen in all of Orlando. I have to make this my daily stop.

  7. trina

    went last nite for my 23rd birthday. there are a good amount of girls but only 4 or 5 are actually good looking. had a great time.

  8. cc

    beer costs $7.25. Club is small. DJ plays music too loud. Too many girls and too many cocktail waitresses. Waste of money. Go to Lido in Cocoa Beach

  9. milton

    i have mansex with craig uranick. he doesn’t want to tell his daddy about our passionate love. maybe if i fuck him harder he’ll love me more!!

  10. Grant

    It was alright a little too crowded.

  11. siliconehater

    I went to this club the other night, I spent a ton of money and all I got was a visor and a head ache, and it made me feel like a piece of crap, UPDATE…..Charlena, I love you

  12. rickywho2

    A fun house. I went with my wife and a couple of friends. Very friendly and sexy girls. They respect our wives. Very good prices since we can go to two different houses.

  13. Capitan Mojado

    High Prices. B, See you soon

  14. Tommy M.

    Was in town for a few days so I hit this place up.Got there about 3pm on a wed. Nice layout drinks are a bit expensive could of got a six pack for what they charge for a beer but anyway. Found a nice Latin girl that entertained me the 2 hours I was there great conversation and exceptional dancing. Light crowd but plenty of girls. Good music also a mix of everything. Definitely will stop back in next time I’m in town.

  15. el grande pee ka ka

    I beat the shit out of my mexican dick one fine sunny day in that club….now i have violent herpes after all the mess i made.

  16. JP

    Nirvana is extremely hot. Vivian is crazy and Candy has the best smile. Looking forward to my return in January.

  17. broke

    best looking girls but expensive

  18. out of towner

    good club nice atmosphere i was there sat night fun party

  19. pa guy

    what i seen was a very clean club, the dancers where nice and talked to you. they also have good deals for dances.

  20. Adam
  21. new customer

    I was in town last friday during the day. I had an awesome time. This plae is one of the best strip clubs i have ever been to espciall being with LeeLoo mmm what a hottie the dj did a good job and the atmosphere was awesome

  22. gary

    The club has some nice girls with gret looks but there are some girls who have no appeal or personality.

    also some girls are load and aggresive if they dance and they do not get a tip… tip means your crap dont mug the clients.

    chantel,crystal,chassey,victoris,the girl with the dragon tatto on her back and who would like a devil tatto near her cha.cha…sorry for not dancing but run out of time.also the two filopinos dancers all great fun worth every $25 dance.

    The door men and the manager were all ways on the ball but with out being over the top and threatening……great night out or afternoon…the locals are fun and helpful…

    regards gary

  23. timmykilla

    So much fun , the watermelon jolly rancher shots are so good. Very attractive staff and a very diverse place. They have all kinds of girls from thin to thick and all different nationalities. Very fun place.

  24. gabby
  25. Moe B.

    Hey people!I just made this account to warn u guys, thias is one of the worst clubs I’ve been to!here is my review:First of all admission fees are high (10$)Second, drinks are expensive and diluted! (1 mixed drink for 10$!!)Thirdx there is a bathroom guy or whatever he’s called (the looser who opens the door and water)There are plenty of other clubs, so don’t waste your time and money here.Btw, i’m a tourist and i usually look for pleasure, and this club sucks big times!!

  26. sinkorswim

    There are some great girls here.(Barbara, Paloma, Vivian and Franchesca) Been coming here for years. However, the constant features, high cover charges, watered down drinks and obnoxious Red Bull DJ with short songs makes for less than a pleasant experience. Mgmt. treats customers friendly but there is a distinctive seperation between how they treat customers and dancers.

  27. Gman

    Club is way too small…cover charge $12 + parkin $5 + Drink $7 even before you get a dance. That is if you manage to get a seat.

  28. Brad
  29. John


  30. scooter

    This club is a fine establishment and i wish craig the best

  31. J Dub of team Envoy

    The girls here are hot as hell. They hung out with us and that was nice. What sucks is how profit oriented this place is. When you hear the siren, that’s a warning that $25 could be taken out of your wallet. $7 drinks, 5 to park, 5 to get in and they have a bathroom attendant. They also auctioned off a bottle of sham pain (spelled correctly) to be shared with a dancer of your choice and this hot ass waitress. They tried to get $150 for this. The constant badgering for money above and beyond the norm was just annoying. I understand these girls are there to make cash, and I know it’s not their doing. I want to bang all of them. This is why I’m hot.

  32. New Club

    Stop in and check out the all new Diamond Dolls of Daytona, an all new upscale, high class gentlemens club now open in Daytona Beach.

  33. Robert

    Great Club I wish I lived here in Orlando. Great girls and more girls. I definately will be at the Dollhouse next year.

  34. cookster

    Club was nice. Ladies were beautiful. I did get a little annoyed with the “features” every 30 minutes and the constant asking of the waitressess for another drink. Overall, if you are looking for a laid back club, Thee Dollhouse is it. I will definitely return soon.

  35. the man who raped craig

    busted fat ,low self esteemed, hobbit looking , reject strippers, that actually expect someone to pay them for getting topless. it felt like a kennel when walked in there.if you have a weak stomach don’t come to this dumpster!!

  36. ClubRater

    Overall this club is comical. If Disney opened a club it would be the Doll House.

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