Bare Assets



1029 Truman Avenue, Key West, FL 33040


24.555503, -81.792667




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bare Assets

  1. bembita

    i was down there for fantasy fest and i ended my night here in this club… man, the dancers were all so beautiful!!!!!!! i’ve gone in before and you’ve had so so looking girls, but this weekend had me drooln!!!! thanx 4 da good time, can’t wait to go back

  2. Bo

    What a great time. The girls were sexy and easy to approch. You must go to Bare Assets in Key West

  3. rockstar

    love it

  4. Sugar daddy

    Very relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly staff and dancers. Never any pressure. A home away from home with naked women!

  5. AssnTits5

    No reviews for Bare Assets? This place is great! Definitely the friendliest strip club I have ever been to. The crowd was very respectable….tourists, bachelor parties etc. and the girls are from all over the world and beautiful!$5 cover , $6 drinks, clean, good sound system and everyone that works there has a good attitude. A must!

  6. Roger

    Chance, the club is great. Rebecca, and Trish are the best, not pushy, and just pleasant to be with.

  7. Canandaiguabob

    I have never had such a good time in a stipclub, the girl were top notch. I had the worst vacatation of a life time and the night I spent there made me forget about how bad the vacation was. There is a red head there that could put a smile on a blind man.

  8. Tommy M.

    Wow after leaving the red garter I found my spot. The girls were very friendly and no pressure. They love to talk but take them in the back and it’s all work. Went back a second night just to see the next lineup and they had total different girls so once again great time

  9. stere v mack

    Samantha is HOT

  10. Dave

    Just got back from Key West and Bare Assets was the best of the strip clubs I visited.They have Orlando clubs beat by a country mile. Rebecca and Iris were the BEST.

  11. FLCouple

    We are an older couple that rarely frequent strip clubs in our area as most girls tend to ignor us when we go in. But at Bare Assets I must say one girl in the club was very nice and polite to both me and my wife, her name was Rebecca. She kind of took us under her wing and made sure our visit was fun. The 2 dances we got were wonderful, very slow and sensual, she was so pleasent to talk with too. All in all she was a great girl to be around. Also the bartended, I think her name was Kelly, made some great drinks and took time to chat with us through out the evening. All in all it is a very nice place if you want to enjoy a nght out.

  12. eric

    theres a lot of girls doing nothing girls say money in this club is way down

  13. Mateo

    Very Nice Girls….

  14. Bella

    My husband and I had the best time at this club. It is very cuple friendly.

  15. Angel

    There were about 7 girls in total on a wednesday night at 11:00 pm. 2 of them were beautiful, 2 were pretty, 2 were all right and one could’ve been my mom and I am over 30.

  16. Biker


  17. disappointed in KW
  18. max
  19. Sunny

    Hot girls, hot dances, friendly atmosphere, large comfortable club, large parking lot. 6 blocks off of Duval on U.S. 1 or Truman Ave. This place is everyone’s favorite and a hotspot for the locals. Couple friendly. Full nudity, they show it all. You can caress your favorite naked lady as long as you don’t get too frisky. Everyone has a great time. Very nice, hot, fun, friendly girls. Club is open at 4 in the afternoon till 4 in the morning.

    This place has really improved in the past few years. Its better than ever, stop by!

  20. Bronson
  21. Hedonist

    Was in Key West on a vacation and thought it might attract some exceptional dancers, but was sorely disappointed by this club. Talent is just not there. And was in the place literally for three minutes and was harassed/pressured by three dancers. (Actually one said she was a “greeter” and she made me feel “welcome” by gratuitously insulting me right off the bat as being “rude” when by body language I suggested I justed wanted a chance to take in the place before getting dances.) Might be OK if you are a local, but I’d skip it if you’re a tourist.

  22. eddyL

    On our way to Duval street we happened upon this place. I thought it was going to be a store for minimalists or y’know, maybe a nice restaurant that served simple down to earth food without all the fancy garnishes or table-scapes…..Yeah, that’s it. Little did I know that there would be beautiful ladies taking their turns on this is big shiny pole. Performing acrobatic tricks like Cirque du Soleil….but not. My buddy told me I should tip them a dollar for each of their feats of amazement. Well what do ya know? I happened to have many dollars in my pocket that night in anticipation of the parking meters and tipping the bartenders on our Duval Crawl….Yeah, that’s it.So there we were enjoying the show. I have to give a special shout out to “LiLi”! She was a cool chick who was very entertaining by dancing with everyone in the aisle. She made us feel welcome. Not sure how I feel about the pounding she gave me when I sat down by the stage though. She did this cartwheel-like maneuver and spun upside down like Chun Li from Street Fighter II and next thing I know I’m looking eye to “Whispering Eye”, and then proceeded to pound my chest with her bodacious-baby-back-bottom. I mean, I don’t understand the need for that. I wasn’t choking on my food or anything, so I really didn’t need the Heimlich maneuver performed. But it was a great performance non the least!At one point, we were all hanging back away from the stage and one of my buddies, who is a bit….shy(we’ll just call him Phil), was approached by (I think her name was) “Missy”. She zeroed in on him like a an X-wing fighter to the Death Star! She was very attractive, polite and had a bubbly personality. It helped that she was barely clothed as well. I think the air conditioner malfunctioned at that point, ’cause my buddy had beads of sweat dripping off of his head. It was SO HOT and we were all sitting so close that we had to disperse and leave the two of them alone, thinking that perhaps a nice conversation with the pretty lady would help distract him from the heat. I think he may have felt a little uncomfortable in that high chair too, apparently he took his wallet out of his back pocket and stuffed it in his front pocket. He must have a “George Costanza” wallet because that thing created a massive bulge.So the other girls were all pretty cool. They would sit down with us and converse about important topics like pollution, world peace, Obama care, Justin Bieber. NOT! But hey, as far as Gentlemen’s clubs go, this place is Fantastic!

  23. Mr. 6 songs

    The one super hot blonde (A…a) is so hot and loves to have her tits squeezed and pulled. I kept her for 45 minutes in the back room. Loved it.

  24. XXXbeast

    Agree with other reviews this is the best KW has to offer for strip clubs. The place is clean, well put together and as a laid back lounge type feel. The girls were pretty good…would say they ranged from 6.5-8.5 good mix of ethnicities. $6 cover, drinks reasonable $5-$6 for mixed drinks. $20 private dances.Everyone working there was friendly even when you aren’t jamming dollars in their underwear!

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