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0 reviews for “Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

  1. Sam P.

    FANTASTIC HAPPY HOUR AND PATIO. Definitely a great spot for after-work happy hour downtown. Friendly staff, good HH menu for shareable plates, great drink deals… Worth checking out on a weeknight. Have heard there’s fun live music, though I didn’t get a chance to go downstairs. Can expect me to be back again!

  2. Tessa C.

    Three of us shared a LOT of food – mussels (amazing), String Cheese Incident (fantastic and earthy), stuffed peppers (not so great), mushroom flatbread (great), and an espresso/chocolate mousse (amazing)- and had several drinks during happy hour and it was very affordable for how great everything was. We sat on the patio and it was a very comfortable, clean atmosphere. Inside was awesome and I can’t wait to come back and check out a show. Loved Ophelia’s!

  3. Christine A.

    Plain and simple, I love this place. They have live music, amazing food prepared with high quality ingredients and excellent service. I’ve been here several times for dinner, lunch and brunch. I’ve enjoyed every experience immensely. There is an ostrich burger on the menu that has the most deliciously crave-able candied miso bacon. It is a must try. The cocktails are delicious and unique as well. The decor is interesting and eclectic. I’ve had excellent service at every visit, as well. Being consistent and innovative in the restaurant industry is very difficult. Ophelia’s has never disappointed in any way.

  4. Kevin R.

    Hard to believe this p…n establishment is so hip. That’s not fair, it used to be the aforementioned. New proprietor, totally cool ambiance. Love the booth view of the massive TV!! Must sit at the bar to view the under glass art.

  5. timmykilla

    I absolutely love this place. Its so beautifully designed. It will be my new hangout. The drinks are awesome. The food is awesome. Went there for brunch this past sunday. They have bottomless mimosas and blood mary’s and great food options. Try the Monte Cristo. They had live music playing and the band was awesome. Everything was awesome……..except…….one thing.KIDS! Someone booked a party of like 20 families and all their damn kids. There were babies and toddlers everywhere. Why on earth would you bring a bunch of babies to a downtown adult restaurant and bar? And why would Ophelia’s book a party like that involving kids? This isn’t Chucky Cheese. Please do not bring your kids there!

  6. David S.

    Another winner from Justin Cucci. I continue to find my experiences at Root Down, Linger and now Ophelia’s to be among the most dependable, quality dinning experiences in Denver. Simply put, I feel so happy eating at a Cucci joint. The food is interesting, nicely presented, in a visually stimulating environment and served by well-trained staff. The latter, I believe, is one of the key differentiators in the ever-crowded Denver restaurant scene. The staff is knowledgeable and knows just how to play your table in terms of interaction and attention. We had Sunday brunch at Ophelias and it was delicious. Benedict, french toast, cheese curd app…all wonderful. We had a chance to look around at the 3 different levels and the stage area and are looking forward to returning some evening for live entertainment. Justin has done it again and incorporated the history of the space into his updated design. Very edgy this time. Parking isn’t so easy, but hopefully they’ll begin offering valet in the near future. Oh, and maybe a little signage. It’s easy to miss this rather non-descript (from the outside only) place.

  7. Angela S.

    Such a great spot, but food and service were not great. I loved the atmosphere and the bar selection. I would recommend coming here for after dinner drinks to enjoy the live music.

  8. Alisha K.

    Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox’s Happy Hour is truly electric! This is quickly becoming my go to HH spot. From 4-6PM Tuesday-Friday their HH menu is $5 and under- and the quality and quantity is extraordinary! The Untitled Project cocktail is a citrus tequila mini vacation in a glass and the perfect way to end a hard workday. I dream of their golden fried plantains served with the most amazing and bold cilantro pesto. The mussels come in a generous portion and I love the texture of the lentils, beans and fregola sarda dancing in a scrumptious beer curry sauce. The dish has the right balance of heat, spice and freshness. The atmosphere is trendy but warm, and their outdoor patio area is cozy and cool. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is that service from the kitchen was slow during the three times I’ve visited. The food however was well worth the wait. The servers I’ve had so far have been friendly, knowledgable and provided excellent customer service. During my latest visit I was unhappy with the table the hostess sat us at, but our waitress made another arrangement for us and I greatly appreciated her going out-of-the way to elevate our dining experience.

  9. Raff

    So far so good. Tasty cocktail. (Diamond Lil’s) and delicious pulled pork Benedict. The plantains were quite something too. The meal was delicious, the menu was exciting and imaginative. And the atmosphere is fun.

  10. Franklyn

    Simply spectacular. Ophelia’s is my latest restaurant crush and gets my early vote for best new concept in Denver for 2015. It was love at first sights, sounds and smells. Incredible music venue, excellent staff, beautiful decor, design and amazing food. My friends and I were completely wowed.We came to have dinner and to see Argentinian star, Federico Aubele perform afterward. It was a music fan’s dream. Intimate stage, cozy seating around the edges with a spacious dance floor.Meal-wise, everything we ordered was fantastic. I highly recommend the hummus board and peppadew poppers, but their New York strip stole the show. It’s probably one of the top 3 best steaks I’ve ever had in my life.Make your reservations and go now, because this will be the hottest place in town soon.

  11. Cyn C.

    Reserving giving this spot 5 stars until I can come back and check out their consistency.I came with a friend here to celebrate her birthday. The interior of this cute brick building is much larger than it appears from the outside. It sort of reminded me of Euclid Hall’s set up, with tables and booths set up around a empty middle section so you can see below. When you enter, there are tons of bar seats around this middle section, plus some small booths. A step down section had seating with small bar tables for viewing the show. Then down in the basement, there’s a good size stage plus more bar seating. Whomever designed the place is a genius, using the wall above the stage as a place to put a huge ass screen that was showing the hockey game that night, too. Onto the food and service:As expected from the restauranteurs who brought us root down and linger, they’ve got service DOWN. We were brought water, offered cocktails, recommendations for food and drink, etc all in a timely manner. This evening, we ordered the crispy Brussel sprouts and kale salad, the spring cheese incident, the mushroom flatbread, and the fried plantains. The dish of the night was the flatbread: a touch of savory/umami with the truffle and mushroom, a bit of sweet/tangy with the pickled onion, and the crispness of the bread was oh so good. The salad was divine, yet I felt a touch disappointed that there weren’t more Brussel sprouts (dont get me wrong- the size of the salad is fine, I just expected and would have enjoyed more crispy Brussels). The spring cheese incident is ooey gooey goodness, and would be improved if served with better bread. I had let the restaurant know we were there for my friend’s bday when I made the reservation via opentable- they’d brought out a delicious chocolate pudding with whipped cream and espresso chocolate. A very nice touch!I was also fairly pleased with price points- we each had two cocktails, plus the four dishes, and the total including a tip was around $80. Not bad at all!!! I will definitely be back to try more.

  12. A G.

    Our Uber driver recommended Linger as one of the best non-touristy restaurants in Denver. After looking at the menu, I found it to be super farmy, much like so many new restaurants in Atlanta that I haven’t wanted to try. While on their site, I saw they are advertising their new sister restaurant, Ophelia’s. I loved how eclectic this place sounded from their website, and I could pick out several food options both of us would eat. I made our reservation for 6:30 on a Thursday night. For one, I should have noted in my reservation that my husband and I were celebrating our ten year anniversary (that was my bad). We’re not big on fancy or attention, so we don’t want a free dessert or white tablecloth; however, it would have been nice to be seated somewhere other than the stage-facing tables on the balcony. Husband and I were seated next to each other, and in front of us was the stage on the level below. A huge (huge) big screen was broadcasting a football game, so it wasn’t really the 10th anni vibe I’d hoped for. Again, this was my mistake since I didn’t specify or ask for a different table upon being seated. I ordered the sauv blanc and my husband had a local beer. The sauv blanc wasn’t my favorite. I was able to sip just one glass for the entirety of my meal, so it wasn’t going down easily. We ordered the green chili goat cheese cornbread to start. You say spicy or goat cheese, and I’m there. Husband loved it; I just thought it was so/so. The goat cheese is apparently mixed in with the bread batter, so you can’t taste it. For dinner, husband ordered the chicken and waffles, and I had the wagyu beef sliders. The food was beautifully presented and pretty tasty. The waffles are actually made of potatoes, so it’s kind of supposed to take on a fried chicken and mashed potatoes vibe. The sliders were good – nothing spectacular. Overall, I think this place would be VERY fun for a girls night out or fun date night to take in the scheduled entertainment. Husband and I were tired and ready to go back to hotel before the DJ came on that evening, so we missed that. The atmosphere was great, and the service was good too. We just weren’t blown away by the food.

  13. Michael F.

    The food is good but I don’t go out for good food. Let’s be clear. It’s good not great. So when I go out for just good food I sure would hope that they service would step up its game….. Unfortunately that is not the case. Was a neat space and a creative idea but so much is lost in the execution. I know it’s new and it’s so promising. I sure hope they learn from there sister (root down) and step up the service.

  14. joseph1k

    Ophelia’s is a magical lovechild, born from a burlesque past and modern design. The music stage, pinball glass bar-top, and incredible decor offers patrons a truly unique experience. During my visit, I enjoyed the ribs starter and a side of French fries. The food was very tasty and the drink menu was well rounded. If you are visiting Denver, this local hotspot needs to be on your to-do list.

  15. John D.

    An Indian, French-Canadian, Jew, Lebanese, Afghan, Asian and an American walk into a restaurant.More on that later…This place came highly recommended by the bartender at Jagged Mountain Brewery (across the road). We walked in without a reservation and were seated IMMEDIATELY in the porch area. I guess everyone else was at Coors Field that night.The location used to be a place of ummmm… ill repute… back in the day and some of the “art” from that era still adorns the walls.There is a stage on the lower level with a pit like feel to people watching the stage from the upper/main level. We were told that we could get discounted tickets since we were having dinner, but we declined (didn’t want to spend 3 of our 7 hours in Denver staring at a stage). We did walk around and soaked as much of the pre-concert experience as we could.Dinner was flavorful. We started with mussels and clams for appetizers.I got the elk burger (a.k.a. Brothel Burger). It was on the saltier side, but was still good. My GF got the hangar steak and that was really good!The drinks – we tried a couple – are very innovative yet wonderfulThe rest rooms are cool too, with the stalls made from rulers.PS: The table behind us had a group of VERY SERIOUS older people. Next to us, however, were 5 people of diverse ethnicities having a heated discussion about Star Wars v/s Guardians of the Galaxy. Somehow we joined the conversation, and it turned to politics, to Denver’s social strata to pot to blood diamonds and then back to Star Wars. Even our hostess came and told us that we were adding flair and life to the porch!Overall, we were very pleased with the vibe of the place, the no-rush, “let me interact more with you than I’m required to by my job” attitude of our hostess, and the location.Definitely recommend!

  16. Maria T.

    Awesome place for food, drinks, and live entertainment. I love the vibe and decor. I didn’t have any real expectations walking in and I was really impressed. I ordered a dessert (Marshmallow Brownie Sundae, VERY chocolaty!) and because they were busy it took a long time but the bar manager gave it to me for free without me even asking! I thought that was very thoughtful and it speaks the quality of service they provide. Having worked in restaurants myself for many years, I know they were doing the best they could to keep up with demand and covering my bill was not at all necessary but so very appreciated! My bartender was also very helpful and kind. Y’all are awesome, thanks again!

  17. Jason K.

    New favorite spot. The whole setup is hip, jive, and straight up jammin. Food is pretty good, the music and ambience are better. Great drinks. Will be a regular for a sure good time.

  18. Crystal C.

    This place is so cool! We went on Saturday night and got to experience their live music. The design of the restaurant is a huge selling point. We sat in a booth upstairs overlooking the stage below. The drinks and food were delicious. As a sister restaurant to Linger and Root Down, I would expect nothing less. They had a couple hiccups in terms of service but they haven’t even been open a week yet so growing pains are expected. I can’t wait to go back!

  19. Kenzie D.

    Went here last week for the first time, and I have to say that the food and the service was amazing. We ordered a few appetizers, and a split salad to start, both were fantastic, so many different flavors that worked so well together, and the presentation was amazing too.We had a minor issue with one of our main dishes, really nothing huge, and a common mistake I am sure. I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen, I just told the server about it as a heads up, not to complain. But she offered us another item in its place, but after a salad and a few other apps, we were already full, so we declined the offer. Then she let us know she would be taking it off the bill, we had already eaten half of it, so that was so nice of her. Then the GM came over, and he was incredibly friendly as well, introduced himself, apologized, and asked if there was anything he could do. Once again, really minor issue, so we weren’t expecting any of this, and it was all so professional, friendly, and over the top for customer service, we were very impressed. Then a few moments later our server brought us out a dessert on the house for the issue, yet another thing we weren’t expecting, and another showing of their amazing customer service. Not to mention, the dessert may have been the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. It was a brownie, ice cream, marshmallow creme and homemade salted caramels, recommend 100%. So all in all our experience there was fantastic. I was actually on a celebration dinner with my cousin for getting a job out there, and I will be moving to Colorado next week, I already know where my favorite restaurant is!

  20. brattlebop18

    Hands down best veggie burger I ever had! I forgot that I wasn’t eating meat! It was a beat burger with cheese. Downside: it’s very busy. We made reservations and didn’t get seated until 40 minutes after. Food and drinks were excellent. Service was good once seated. I took off a point for slowness to seat. I’d definitely recommend but make sure you’re not in a hurry.

  21. Mark S.

    This place should be racking up the 5 star reviews! It’s a renovated, historic building near the ball park that used to be a brothel.. and they carried that theme throughout the building. It has been beautifully decorated, tastefully risque in a few spots as a homage to it’s roots. We got there as it opened for Happy Hour and were delighted by the drinks, drink prices and the simply outstanding service! We mentioned we were tourists and the waitress provided a handwritten list of must-sees while we’re here. On top of all that, the food was wonderful. My wife and I are vegetarians and they had a nice tapas style set of selections for us – each one tastier than the last. I will visit Ophelia’s during 100% of my return trips!

  22. Marshall D.

    The inside of the restaurant was awesome and the staff was great. Cool remodel to an older building. =)I ordered the duck wings which were amazing, just a little spicy for my taste, and had the s’mores cake. All of it came out perfect temperature and well dressed. Steph served us and was super helpful with everything. Very happy with my experience and will definitely come back. =D Thanks guys!

  23. Tiffany S.

    Interesting decor and a cool vibe. I ordered the kale & quinoa salad late night… The presentation was not as I have seen it pictured rather the ingredients sort of just thrown together. The salad was flavorful however and had a bit of a bite. The downstairs has an amazing burlesque style stage and fun decor. We enjoyed our time there and will be back

  24. Andrew W.

    Absolutely incredible!!! The food is delicious, please please please get the duck wings!!! Best wings in Denver. Ginju is the best server in the joint!! Ask for her and ask for an Airedale and tip her well!!

  25. Nicole W.

    I went once with a girl friend for drinks and early drinks. The kale salad was amazing, beverages were tasty – although not cheap.went on another evening with girls. The upstairs was crowded, so we went down stairs, got a bottle of wine and some other beverages.The place has a fun vibe, tasty food, good happy hour. All in all it’s a fun place, but pricey.

  26. Weedman420

    What a quirky, cool find! The building is an old brothel turned into a restaurant, bar. Everywhere you look there is interesting decor. The bar tops are made of old pinball machines, the doors in the bathrooms are made of rulers. Often when a place looks so edgy and trendy, the food and drink are lacking. That is not the case here! I had wine and an Untitled drink, which was so good I could have had a pitcher of the stuff! The salad I had for dinner had hard boiled eggs that were cooked so the yellow was not hard but not runny – happy medium! Every bite had the perfect portion of salad bits. I can’t wait to go back!

  27. Diana W.

    I love root down. I like linger…I really wanted to like it here. In their defense, it just opened so I’m sure they’re working out kinks in the service and menu. Made reservations on a chilly Wednesday night and they sat us outside. When we said we wanted an inside table since we made reservations, they said we had to wait. So we sat outside with uncomfortable artificial heat in our faces and couldn’t see the presentation of our dishes due to bad lighting. Ordered some small plates to start with: the fried cheese was delicious but everything else failed to impress. String cheese incident was a curdled mess (and forgotten by the server till the end and not comped as an apology) served with over baked crunchy pita bread. the size of their oysters was laughable. Their oysters were like mussells! At one point I almost grabbed at an empty shell cause it looked the same as the uneaten oysters. Once the burgers arrived I was psyched. Korean short rib burger?! Sign me up….but less salt next time 🙁 at least the option of getting plantains instead of fries was a fun option. Wonderfully cooked plantains too. Their butterscotch pudding dessert was tasty and we ate every bite of that. In summary, the decor is awesome but some of the flavor and dishes need tweaking.

  28. V N.

    Ophelia’s is a great spot for happy hour with amazing old fashioned cocktails and appetizers! Sometime service can be lackluster and it is one of the few places in town that does reservations so they tend to tell you there are “no seats available” or that you have to leave in a certain amount of time. It is nice they do reservations but if you don’t have one it can be kind of a bummer to see tons of empty seats and not get seated.

  29. Shereene M.

    This is an interesting spot! I can’t remember being blown away by the food but the spot is cool and we enjoyed our time.

  30. Jenna M.

    I’ve been here for brunch twice and really enjoyed the restaurant. The food is imaginative, but with “normal” options for those times you don’t feel like taking a risk. The service (at least the brunch service) and the decor are very good as well, though you kind of feel like you’re eating inside of a bar of Mast Brothers chocolate or you’re in the apex of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That being said, you should try Ophelia’s, because you need to see it for yourself.

  31. harryharry

    Going to Ophelia’s is such a unique experience. I think it would be a great date spot or a good place to hang with friends. You can sit around the pit and watch the live music while still enjoying your food/drinks. The drinks are amazing and food is great. I tried the flatbreads and the mushroom version is the best! I will definitely be back.

  32. Melisa K.

    4 stars is for the super cool atmosphere, unique drink selection and delicious food. (Arepas Benedict and Toad in the Hole were our choices). I went yesterday for brunch, and my friend and I were the first 2 in the door. We had our pick of seats to watch the live music that would be playing, which was an awesome surprise. Lacking, was the “service”. As multiple other reviewers note, Ophelia’s has some serious polishing up to do in this arena! Drinks were consistently left on ‘E’, server never even came back to check if the food was to our liking?! Water was left empty to the point where I had to get up and find the server, coffee ‘refills’ were only filled 1/2 way (is this to save $$? Very weird.) My friends latte came out only 1/2 full while the rest was all foam….Yikes. We had to ask a MANAGER for our check.Saving grace for them are both the food and atmosphere – I’m sure that’s what keeps folks coming back. I’ll probably give them another whirl, but if the service is still lacking a 2nd time I won’t go back.Cool joint overall.

  33. Emilee D.

    I really love the vibe and interior decor of this place. The seating is interesting as well as the entertainment. The night we came there was a DJ, break dancers, and some guy painting awesome portraits of famous people. The bathrooms are located on the lower level. The bathroom stall doors are made out of colorful school yardsticks. Pretty cool.However, the food left something to be desired. I ordered the Bourbon BBQ oysters. For $12, I expected more than four, TINY oysters. They were delicious, but that is way over priced. It also did not come with anything but a bed of salt and a dram of their house hot sauce. I also sampled the plantains, peppadew poppers, brussels sprouts and kale salad, and the ribs. The poppers were nothing more than a white-washed version of vegetable tempura, the salad was not flavorful at all, and the plaintains were on the burned side. The ribs were surprisingly moist and tasty. I added some of their hot sauce to add some kick and it was fantastic. This place is great for a nice dinner date. Reservations are highly recommended for faster seating. Also, after around 9:30pm or so, it turns into more of a dance club, so they start charging a cover fee. Not sure if this is every night or just on the weekends (this review was for a Saturday night). Service was a bit slow, but very friendly.

  34. Nathan B.

    Love this place!! Mike Henderson is the man! One of the best venues for music in Denver and the cocktail menu is amazing.

  35. Laura H.

    We had a great dinner while watching 3 different shows from the front row balcony. I called ahead and they placed us in the corner booth because it was our first time visiting Denver and they made our trip truly special! The Bbq oysters, ribs (sauce is incredible!!) and new York strip & frites were outstanding. They have a screen so if your dining you can see whose playing below, we have nothing like this in Minneapolis and it’s really creative and a good use of space.

  36. Mi W.

    Presentation awesome!Service was excellent!Flavor was amazing!Food for everyone as well as gluten free and vegetarian. Real food! Real flavor in Denver, just amazed to find something so good in this town!! Great interior design! It hits all of your senses! Love

  37. tonycluber

    This place is fantastic. The food was delicious and the service was fantastic. We went on a Tuesday night for my BF’s birthday. I made the reservation on Open Table and called ahead to ask for a little something extra for the BF’s b-day. The place was packed! Some highlights: – Spring cheese incident – AMAZING. – Scallops – So yum. Don’t skip the hot sauce step. – Oysters – Presented so uniquely and delicious. – Cocktails – Try at least one. We tried a few and they were all so different and delish.I will definitely go back on a Fri or Sat night for music. The venue is so cool.

  38. Hank B.

    Might of found my new favorite place to have dinner and drinks. I found Ophelia’s on the top 100 restaurants list so we decided to try it. I could tell as soon as I walked in that they put a lot of money in the design and layout. They had a Dj spinning old school r&b and hip hop during our meal which was a nice change of pace from the music you hear everyday. I already reserved a table again for next week.

  39. Dave F.

    This place is amazing same owner for Linger and Root Down….. so, food is awesome. Ribs are so good. Service is great… Ariel our server was great, fast and helpful with our drink and food selection. You won’t be disappointed. Great experience!

  40. Bruce F.

    Four of us brunched on a very lively Sunday. Luckily we had reservations. Because we were catching up with out of town guests we requested the quieter outdoor patio which they were able to accommodate. Everything on the food and drink menus sounded amazing. Everything we did eat and drink was perfect! I specifically had the Brussels sprouts and kale salad with rotisserie chicken, dates and couscous. I can’t wait to go back for dinner!

  41. felixnada

    One of the most eclectic restaurants I have ever been in. The griddles for brunch are amazing. Blood orange mimosas. Live music. Ophelia’s and Work & Class= two favorite Denver restaurants

  42. larry1

    What a pleasant , interesting surprise. First, I actually went into the wrong door. I went in the door right under the sign of Ophelia’s and that was definitely not the restaurant. A nice lady redirected me around the corner and I did find the restaurant entrance. There is some interesting decor as it did use to be one of the most well known brothels in Denver. They have a HUGE screen and they played one of those old school Asian movies (the ones with long beards and bushy brows). There was definitely some nudity, so not appropriate for children. We had a group of 5 and I would’ve liked to converse with all of them, but we were all just facing the stage. I’m not sure if they just didn’t have bigger tables available? The booths were a bit on the smaller side also. After seeing the decor of the place I actually had no idea what to expect. 3 of us ordered the pork rib Benedict, one ordered chicken and waffles and the last girl ordered the quesadilla. We had no left overs to box up. It was definitely better than my expectations by far. The pork rib was flavorful and tender, and it was accompnaied by 2 poached eggs on top of green chili corn bread. They had a mustard based hollandaise sauce that was a bit on the stronger side(if you are not a fan of mustard I do not recommend this dish), but it was still tasty. Their drink list looks light and refreshing, I think I will be back for happy hour to try out their drinks and bites.

  43. Alley V.

    This place is in a great location and already has a great reputation due to it’s affiliation with Linger and Root Down and I was SO excited to try it out!First and most importantly- the food was all delicious! My table only ordered a few of the smaller plates; -The Scandanavian Duck Meatballs- These were yummy, and the fresh herbs on top really added a nice flavor to the dish, but they weren’t overly exciting and I’ll probably not order them again. But for folks who really love duck, I’m sure they’ll be a favorite. -The Peppadew Poppers- These were SO good, but very intense flavors with a lot going on. The poppers by themselves were wonderful, with the strong taste of the peppadew with the herbed cream cheese all by itself was fantastic, and the horseradish mustard gave it an even bigger oomph. The orange marmalade was just way too much for my taste, I couldn’t do it. Alone or on something else it is very good, but along with all those other very prominent flavors it was just over the top. -The Spring Cheese Incident- Absolutely my favorite, this is something I will probably end up ordering every time I visit! I got it specifically because other reviewers raved about it, and rightfully so…. and the pictures don’t do it justice! Creamy, perfect portion, flavorful, and served with housemade pita. SO delicious. The drink menu had some curious looking things on it, but I chose to go with the house cocktail, The Airedale. A rye old fashioned is my go-to, so this sounded right up my alley. and I was right. VERY good drink choice for one who likes a strong bourbon drink. My dinner partner ordered the Velvet Soapbox strictly because it sounds like a hodge-podge, funky drink and he wanted to try something new… it was very strange and definitely not something he or I will order again. Not a bad drink, necessarily, just really did not suit my palate. (And I have to mention that I found it rather obnoxious that the server came to the table and, despite having taken our orders, immediately tried to hand the woman the pink drink with the umbrella. Obviously this is not a HUGE deal and will not keep me from the restaurant, I just had to point it out!).Now the reason they recieved a 4 instead of a 5- our server was so out of it the entire night! He seemed frazzled and disorganized the entire time. We arrived around 7pm on a Friday night, but it was well before the restaurant was full and the show wasn’t slotted to begin until after 8pm. He strangely came up after we’d been sitting for about 5 minutes and, looking confused, mentioned he saw we already had menus and then immediately turned around to leave…. and immediately after that realized he should probably ask if we’d like drinks. He was perfectly friendly, just didn’t seem to have a grasp on himself or his surroundings. They seem to have a system of servers and runners- those who take the orders and those who run the food to the tables. Everyone who brought out food out was very calm and friendly, explained what the dish was and seemed knoweldgeable and welcoming. There was also a gentlemen who I can only assume is one of the managers who kept checking up on us which was appreciated. Another thing that could have been handled with more tact on our servers part was when he abruptly popped by our table to tell us there would be a $10 surcharge after 8pm… He did not mention it was because of the show that evening, he pretty much just spat out “$10 after 8pm” and we had to clarify it was because of the show and make sure that, as we had already purchased tickets, we would not be charged. The sound in the restaurant was also ridiculously loud. It made it very difficult to have a conversation, but the venue is a cool spot and I will definitely be back… hopefully with a different server 🙂

  44. Daniel R.

    Great food, awesome atmosphere and staff! The short ribs, kale salad, and spring cheese incident all great plates!

  45. Crystal R.

    Service was lackluster. Happy hour is until 6pm. Our server came to our table and asked which cocktails we wanted. I inquired about happy hour cocktails and she then looked at her wrist (where her watch would be) and said happy hour is over. I said I think it’s another hour. She said “I’ll check” the came back with happy hour menus with the demeanor that she was annoyed. Anyways, cocktails were delicious. Hummus and plantain starters were very tasty. Veggie burger and fries were just off in flavor. It was as almost as the oil used to cook them was funnel cake oil. The fries and burger was super sweet. No Bueno. Atmosphere was stellar as stated in other reviews.

  46. Jordanp

    This place was very good. We were here with a large group, so having a reservation was a must! Because of the side of our group, we got to try a lot of the appetizers- all very good! The fried plantains were my favorite- definitely order them. Drinks were good, but a little expensive. Everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the gyro, which was good, but I wish I had the chicken and waffles. Will come back next time I’m in Denver. Also, service was good, even with a big group :)**update: our tickets for seriously messed up, and look a very long time to get fixed. We were very clear on who was on what ticket. However, the manager I think, helped us sort it out, and was very helpful getting this resolved!Still not a deal breaker, and the confusion is somewhat understandable with a larger group.

  47. Jimmi D.

    Visited for restaurant week. I gave four stars just because of the drinks – they’re amazing. Never seen anything like em in Denver. Food wasn’t overly standout – it was really good though. I had duck meatballs app (meh – greasy and too filling), bison burger (really great actually – but the fries were ho hum) and dessert (great). Wife had beet salad appetizer (very good although we thought it would be more beet-centric – it wasn’t), chicken and waffles which were very good and dessert (also great).Great experience and really cool ambience. Service was very good as well. Order drinks…

  48. Jessica H.

    I went to Ophelia’s recently to see a band play. This review is not based on a dining experience at Ophelia’s. While the location and inside of Ophelia’s are awesome, the staff and cocktail prices are not. On the night I went to Ophelia’s, I had purchased two drinks total by myself. A friend had purchased one drink for me when we arrived (total = 3 drinks). Mind you the drinks are pricey.. Have fun paying $9-10 for a freakin’ well vodka and soda water. Want one of their crafty cocktails? Then you’re looking at $11-12. Whatever. I go to close my tab at the end of the evening and the bartender had charged me for an extra drink… I tried to have a conversation stating I had only purchased two drinks, and he instead deciding to battle me about it. I reminded him that a friend had purchased my first drink and paid for it. Finally, after roughly 10 minutes of us going back and forth and him treating me like a child, he removed one drink off my tab… The best part is– I look at my bank statement the next day and he charged me DOUBLE. Instead of just charging me $25 and some change, I was charged $50. I tried calling Ophelia’s and emailed to receive my overcharge back… And no answer any time I have tried! I will never be coming back to this place. I felt I was treated quite rudely by the snotty bartenders and no one had a care to try and return the money they clearly stole from me. Do not go here unless you like being overcharged, treated like a child, and ignored when trying to get money back that the BARTENDER falsely charged you for.

  49. N. M.

    We got food poisoning here but the owner refunded our bill and even called us from New York (at least that’s what the number said). He was so so so so nice and I was so pleased with how they handled the situation. The stage is amazing. I hope the place stays. I’d like to see a show there.

  50. Floyd R.

    Avoid at all costs on weekends. The place is a zoo. We made a 10pm after theater dinner and drinks reservation and the place was mobbed with hipsters. Were told it would be a 40 minute wait despite reservations.

  51. Damion H.

    Visiting from Dallas, Tx, went for brunch. Very kool atmosphere, live music, the seating is engaging. Food was good but portions were VERY SMALL & dissappointing!!! I got the chicken n waffles, albeit good in taste, was an absolute disrespect to the dish in regards to quantity. The portions were as if they were feeding a child, no BS! I looked around at other dishes other patrons had and it was a consistent theme. If you have a grown man (or woman’s) hunger, try another brunch spot. I had to go somewhere else to get full.

  52. Lisa P.

    Very cool inside. Great decor. Our server was super frazzled and awkward and the food was not that great. Ribs were tough and chewy. Peppers were mostly cheese curds. Flat bread was meh. The spring cheese incident thing was our favorite. Cornbread did not need a layer of goat cheese in my opinion, but creative I guess. Would go back for drinks- they were super unique and tasted good. Cocktails are not served with cocktail straws here for some odd reason. When I asked for a straw I got a huge one for a big glass- was weird to me but whatever. $160 for some small plates and 3 drinks each- wasnt super impressed by the service or food but still had a fun date night anyway.

  53. Aniela J.

    The food was amazing! It was a large group of us so we sampled each other’s entrées. The service sucked! The waitress Ariel was completely rude. She would slam down the drinks and entrees on our table. Hopefully they find better wait staff.

  54. Tavi D.

    Great atmosphere and concept. Food was a little of a let down. Great beer list and cocktail menu. I had a yak burger with Korean sauce. It was good, but not great. Spring cheese incident was good as well. We also tried one of the flatbreads and that was tasty. Will go back for cocktails, but not likely for the food. They have live music fri/sat

  55. Jared M.

    Great drinks and great food at this swanky bar.Really hard to find somewhere to sit but we managed to get a spot on the couches and had a great time. We started out with the String Cheese Incident which was unreal. It was a really great dip and the pita that came with it was pretty good too, just a bit crisp and warmed up which is nice for dipping.Then we got the sliders which had bacon on both sides and a really great sauce on it, it was kind of like 1000 island but a bit hotter than normal. Fries were good but who are we kidding it’s pretty tough to mess up fries.As for a drink I got the Hard Eight which was very tasty and highly recommended if you like whiskey drinks.Very cool bar I will definitely stop back next time I’m in town.

  56. yanard

    First nugget of advice is to either get a reservation or show up right when they open. We did neither and ended up sitting in the bar area; this is a hot spot. No biggie because you can get full service there too. We ordered the cornbread for a starter. It came out right away and was quite tasty. The problem came when we ordered our mains. We waited and waited and waited some more. Finally I flagged our waitress down and she looked surprised too that we didn’t have our food. She came back and said there had been a mix up which quite frankly seemed like she had forgotten to put in the order. When the food finally arrived it was quite tasty but we were so annoyed and hungry it didn’t make the impact it probably should have. I also understand human error, we’ve all done it, but it would have been a nice gesture for the cornbread or something small to have been comped as a customer service gesture. All four of us walked out with a meh, we won’t be back conclusion.

  57. Shauna H.

    This place boasts a highly unique story that is a very compelling draw. It started out as a brothel, converted to a peep show and until becoming the restaurant as it is today, it was an adult video store. How interesting that it is now a restaurant. The ambiance is excellent! Keeping in tact the buildings connection to its origins with suggestive posters and black lighting in the stage area, the restaurant hosts entertainment on a regular basis. The customer service is very welcoming, attentive, and accomodating and certainly worth mentioning here. The drink menu is also interesting and the drinks are prepared well and consistently. The Airedale was particularly good. That said, the food here is utterly disappointing! We sampled the corn Bread, mussels, ribs, and kale and Brussel sprout salad. All of which were sub par at best. The ribs were tough, mussels were “fishy” smelling and tasting and the chicken in the salad was prepared in a way that left the skin fatty and “mangy.” For as excited as we were to experience this scantily clad former brothel, the food experience left us in awe and looking for dinner all over again. This review has 2 stars because the ambiance and customer service were both amazing. The food alone would warrant no stars at all. Bon Appétit (but not here).

  58. Jennifer D.

    I loved the ambiance..there was a live band. I loved the atmosphere, sometimes it can be loud and high energy. But the food and wine were absolutely amazing and so was the service. I recommend the wild boar sausage and the octopus if they don’t end up changing their menu shortly.

  59. Doris W.

    Well, I waited 2 hours and never got my food so there’s that…The Server tried to charge me for it 2 times AFTER I told him I never received it. I paid my $10 for a drink and gave him a $20. He said, “It’s hard to get change from the bar.” I waited for him to finish his sentence. He didn’t. He expected a $10 tip??? I’m still HUNGRY SIR! Remember I didn’t eat? He looked confused, I walked away without my change. It wasn’t worth the Cliff’s Notes. On a still hungry note, the venue is cool. I Wish I didn’t have to dine on stuffy air and good conversation tho. #feedme #goodplacefordieters #getinmybelly #sendrations #wheresmyplate #biggestloser #soohungry #soosad #IAteGUM

  60. Amber R.

    This is my new favorite restaurant. The ambiance is perfect and the way the seating is set up around the stage (live music!) is as well. I had the NY steak with asparagus and plantains as an appetizer. The food was incredible. My only complaint is it took a long time to get our food and our appetizer was forgotten until after our main dish was served. But, accidents happen and we were enjoying the atmosphere. Overall, I was very impressed.

  61. Brett M.

    The short ribs were amazing. Had a fantastic old fashioned and the decor is fun and different.

  62. Banana S.

    Not worth the cost of what you get. Food was average. Welcoming front desk terrible. Bar staff wonderful. Drinks not that great.

  63. Favio T.

    This place is awesome! The food was amazing and the staff was super friendly and Knowledgable, not to mention accommodating! Great experience and fun atmosphere!

  64. Wayne Johnson

    The best club i’ve ever been to.

  65. Lauren L.

    The food is pretty good and the location is close to Coors Field. The vibe is very electric and they have some amazing cocktails – I would recommend stopping in for a drink or two on the way to another bar or before dinner.

  66. Luh R.

    Holy banana sandwich this place knocked my socks off! Not only is the atmosphere awesome but the food is on point! The service is wonderful and if you can make it in when there’s a band, I’d highly recommend it. Everything I’ve eaten here has been absolutely delicious, even down to the ketchup!Definitely a new go to. 🙂

  67. Molly M.

    Great food. Corn bread and the duck wings are wonderful. We were there on a Friday night and had just finished dessert and ordered another round of drinks when a gentleman I assumed was the manager told us people were waiting for the table and would we mind hurrying up. Very bad business.

  68. Sarah S.

    This place is so fun! The decor, right down to the doors in the bathroom, is amazing. I love that they don’t try to hide the building history as a brothel. Also, the live band that was playing the night I was there fit perfectly into the atmosphere. You can tell the owners really care about giving you the whole experience.You really feel transported to a different time when you are there. I ate here with a group of girlfriends and we sat on the patio. Our server (I wish I remembered her name) was incredibly helpful made amazing drink suggestions. She suggested the Vaudeville for me and it was exactly what I was looking for. She also went went out of her way to be accommodating. We were a large group, had a few stragglers come a little later, and it never once fazed her. Everyone I was with loved their food, but the menu was a little intimidating to us; if you are foodie-type, you’ll love the different pairings they have.My only complaint was that the lighting on the patio was very odd. As the sun went down they cast a really strange green tint to everything…including our food. Honestly, it made everything look really unappetizing. A minor blemish on a really great evening!

  69. Jacquelyn N.

    Fantastic burger and service!! The ketchup was amazing and can’t give enough stars!!! Is a must go to in Denver!

  70. Brielle G.

    WOWZA!!!! this place is right up my alley! the decor is amazing and has a part of history incorporated into the stunning and intimate decor. This place has many references to its past life…but lets get on to their food which is even more amazing than historical decor. Happy hour is my favorite thing on earth and this place was definitely up to my standards. they have happy hour on tuesdays-fridays from 4p-6p. The portions were great size and were able to feed a table of 5! we ordered most of the items on the happy hour menu and we were all stuffed by the end. they are great to share with the table. the happy hour menu contains items that are $5 including drinks. we ordered the flatbread with truffle oil and mmmm wow so great and tasty. we also ordered the flatbread with pepperoni which was quite delicious and not your average “pepperoni pizza” if this is what you’re thinking. we then moved on to the oysters which came with a side of some spicy sauce which added to the flavor. we also tried the mussels which again are a must when coming here! one of my personal favorites was the green chile cornbread. so much flavor i could eat this day and night! our waiter was very accomadating and helpful in deciding what items to choose as well as what drinks to choose from. he brought everything out at different times so we could fit it all on the table. our table was always filled with sweet goodness. There was also a dance floor which i would love to take advantage of next time i’m here! cant wait to come back!

  71. Roy K.

    Absolutely love this place! They are probably the best place in Denver for brunch. Great atmosphere and there’s always something interesting going on.

  72. Carrie B.

    It’s really disappointing to write this review. Root Down is my all time favorite restaurant. So I really wanted to LOVE this place. Ophelia’s has all the ingredients to be the best spot in Denver. Cool building, fun music and a promising menu. But it will never be if they don’t step up their service. Your food will arrive before your drinks. Or in my case your food will not arrive at all and you’ll also wonder if that drink will ever arrive. Our server was anything but pleasant from the moment we sat down. I’ve heard good things about the food. And I’m sure I’ll be back to give this place another shot. But I’ll let them work out their customer service skills on others for awhile.

  73. Brian S.

    THE coolest and most innovative atmosphere/design I’ve seen in a restaurant in a very long time. The decor is dark, brothel themed and classy while remaining contemporary and laid back. The 2 1/2 story design with the main stage on the bottom floor is very cool and the retractable ginormous HD TV across from the open-window bar is beautiful. Enough about the atmosphere, the drink menu is original and expansive with options for everyone including bourbon, vodka, gin and even absinthe lovers. The food was stellar as well, the peppadew poppers, french fries (vindaloo ketchup), scallops and Brussel sprouts were everyones overall favorites. Highly recommend Ophelia’s! While they have an outdoor area I’d definitely sit indoors the first time you visit just so you can take it all in.

  74. Foody Q.

    Three stars for the food. 0 for the drinks. In an establishment that promotes Bottomless, I hit bottom twice. The atmosphere is awesome, don’t bring your kids, unless you want to give them a sex ed class :). But seriously, I should NEVER get to the bottom. My glass should always have mimosa in it. Ok, three stars: 1: atmosphere. 2: food, 3: company.

  75. Ashley D.

    This is a one star…. It’s simple. Reservations at 9pm we get seated at 940. While we are waiting for seats the lovely yet short tempered (no pun intended) bartender snaps are my boyfriend and informs him that he is standing in the “well” and that he needed to move over. To where? Between the 17 people eating and having a conversation. Ok kid…. Turk was his name I later found out. Yeah, take notes man. Whatever you want to call him. Absolutely terrible attitude. If you can’t be nice or even act like you enjoy your job then don’t work directly with the public. I didn’t drive 6 hours for you to treat me like shit. Then the gentleman next to us (whom was seated at the bar) simply waves his hand for attention and the bartender SNAPPED at him yelling that he needed to wait…. Power trip. We were seated and our server was very nice. We ordered the kale salad which got a 3 rating from me. Dry and had no flavor. Ribs were good. I give them an 8.The bbq oysters were really good. I give them a 8.The drink were far from impressive. Too sour or accidentally skipped the vodka. My PG13 was terrible. My boyfriend had to get up and ask for vodka to be added since is had none. The bartender looked like a kid running to his parents after that happened. After my already shitty night in this place between the hostess and her distant attitude then from the accidental text of “your table is ready” to being shoved in a booth with no room for you let alone 3 other people. Then the food that I did decide to order couldn’t be made because it was past 10pm. Nice. Reservation at 9 the getting sat at 940 and the regular menu ends at 10. I will never be back. This place is crap compared to my favorite restaurant Root Down. It is a complete shame that they are related. Maybe they can take a few notes from Linger and Root Down on how to treat and seat people.

  76. Rob P.

    I had been interested in this place for a while and finally made it out this past weekend. I LOVE the sister restaurant (Root Down). The aesthetic of the building is great. The menu was intriguing – there were lots of things that I wanted to try and others that I would go back for.Our server knew the menu and was wonderful to work with. Sadly, we were there a bit too early and did not get to see any music. I like the setup thought it may get a bit noisy to try to eat with a full concert going on below you.Overall I struggled between a 3 and 4 star rating. The place itself was great and the service was easy. Unfortunately I have come to expect so much of Justin Cucci that I was disappointed. Most of what we had was good (duck balls were the best and the beat salad was good). We were disheartened by the scallops which we normally love were not very good and we sent them back.All of that said, I will go back and give it another shot as I have faith in Justin Cucci and would not write this off permanently.

  77. Kate C.

    We had heard about Ophelia’s from friends and thought we would give it a try. The food was delicious! It is a little on the pricer side but well worth it. We had great mixed cocktails and good service. We did make reservations for a Thursday night and were glad we did. It is a very interesting and well decorated place that isn’t too far from the LoDo area. There is valet parking, several paid parking lots nearby and street parking at meters. We heard they have good brunch on the weekends and concerts. I would love to explore the whole venue a little more because it is very unique! We will be back for the “Spring Cheese Incident” appetizer…so good!

  78. mathewater12

    Amazing food and service. Wish i would have gone on the night of a show. The cornbread was so good w ordered another! The muscles are flavorful, the cocktails excellent. Our server was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us choose our plates. Can’t wait to go back.

  79. Ben R.

    What can I say about Ophelia’s? ! If I could rate it a 20 star, I would! The atmosphere was great. The food was AMAZING. The service was outstanding! Words can’t express how much this place rocks! Do yourself a favor; treat yourself at Ophelia’s. You won’t regret it. The chicken and waffles, vanilla bean cheesecake and AVL, to die for, not to mention the Bison Burger….This building started its journey as a brothel, and one of Denvers’ older establishments. It’s had many incarnations, but we hope it remains one of the metro areas best kept secrets. We will be back! ……..is tomorrow too soon?

  80. Lauren B.

    Ophelia’s is so fun! First, I’d suggest watching the video on their website about how the place came about. It will make you appreciate it that much more. A sister restaurant to Linger, these people have it right. You can’t help but get wrapped up in the atmosphere and decor. I loved that the bar was old pinball games!Speaking of the bar … holy moly delicious cocktails. I had the Airedale and my boyfriend had the Untitled Project. And then we had another round. And then another. By the time we got our table, life was good.For dinner I had the Super Seed Veggie Burger. I’m pretty picky about veggie burgers, and this one was great! We got the plantains and smashed potatoes as sides. If someone told me I could only eat those plantains for the rest of my life, I think I’d be ok with it.

  81. Roberto H.

    On our vacation in Denver we stopped by here for a drink. The atmosphere is a contemporary jazz lounge. It feels upscale and artsy at the same time. Drinks were unique and tasty. Only downside is that the drink prices were a bit high. About $10-12 a drink. other than that this is s great place to check out.

  82. Ali F.

    Yum, yum, yum. Food fabulous. Wine list…just ok. Restrooms…yuk. So, avoid the latter and the food is really great (seriously, though, Ophelia’s–your women’s restroom smells like urine. I know it’s a bathroom, but it should not smell like one…NOT appetizing).BUT…food was fab. Had the quail egg, prosciutto flatbread. Yummy. And the butterscotch pudding was fab. Will definitely be back. Just have to be sure to use the restroom at home first, lol.

  83. livinlikelarry

    Food here was great. A lot of good stuff to choise from, and I was impressed with everything. Shishito poppers and cheese curds were better than expectedDuck wings were amazing1/2 lb mussels were deliciousPlantains were cooked perfectlyMushroom Flatbread was great way to end. Everything was incredible and the servers were attentive, easy going and made sure that we were comfortable the entire time. Extra big shout out to Molly!Aside from the food and staff, its a very nice venue with a stage large enough for bands/ djs. There was a dj playing some good stuff while we were there and based on conversations with locals, they host some pretty cool events on certain nights of the week.

  84. Deya Z.

    The scene: late night Thursday. All of the nearby breweries have closed… But a friend who’s visiting from Liverpool urges you to keep the party going. Lo and behold, Ophelia’s shines like a beacon in the night! The theme is so cheeky! We stopped by on a jazz night, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise- live music! Cover which was about $10 – a little shocking when we walked up to the door, but once we got in, we saw why. The place looks amazing- tons of comfortable seating all focusing on the bottom floor stage. It was cool! We only had drinks, which are a little pricey when you make the jump from Great Divide’s $1 tasters/makeshift flights so keep that in kind if you’re looking for cheap beers. It’s about $6-$8 for a craft beer (not too too bad, but again…some of us had $1 tasters all night). I’ve heard the food is good so I’ll be back sooner rather than later. No major complaints here.

  85. Mike S.

    This place is great! The atmosphere including decor and music is top notch. The staff is friendly and on point. The food is a little over priced but worth every penny for how good it is.

  86. Ashlei K.

    Wow, what a fun hidden gem in Denver. I highly recommend coming here if you’re looking for amazing atmosphere, delicious food, fantastic happy hour, affordable drinks, and LIVE MUSIC coming from downstairs. You can actually look over the balcony to see the performances.Sit at the bar if you get the chance. I was quite impressed by the remarkable service from the bar staff. Ryan was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable about the menu, very polite and attentive to our needs, and also made some incredible drinks for us. He provided some great suggestions for what we should order (get the oysters -trust me, you won’t be disappointed). He entertained us all night and truly made our experience an unforgettable one.

  87. Marie C.

    My girlfriend and I had a couple drinks and an appetizer there last night…The service was really bad. Like really really really bad. It was almost comical.We sat at a railing besides the bar facing the street. We waited at least 15 mins and no one came over so we went to the bar. We got drinks and then our server came over and said “oh, you guys need to order from me from now on!”… and walked away. Never asked if we wanted food. We drank our drinks and seriously sat for another 20 minutes. Finally we waved her down we ordered more drinks and asked for a menu.. Our drinks arrived and still no food menu.We were there for over 4 hours and probably saw her 4 times, most times we had to wave her down. It was incredibly frustrating.

  88. Denise G.

    My girlfriend’s and I are part of Bitches that Brunch Denver and are constantly trying new brunch spots. We had heard about Ophelia’s and wanted to check it out. We had an issue with seating right off the bat. All of their tables could really only accommodate a table of 4 and we had 6 girls. We had to all sit side by side, which made it difficult to have a conversation. They were playing a samurai type movie on the screen with a lot of blood shed and grossness. Not exactly the type of movie you would like to see while eating. The server came over and took our drink and food orders. The specialty cocktails were very good. A little pricey, but well made. I ordered the chicken and waffles served with slaw. It was interesting. I felt it was pretty dry. It had barely enough syrup to cover the chicken, leaving nothing for the dried waffles. I wasn’t impressed by the food and from what I could gather from everyone else, they weren’t either. We couldn’t find our server for another round of drinks, so our glasses sat empty. We were all done with our meal and ready to leave by the time he came back around, so we paid our bill and went elsewhere for drinks afterwards. I would maybe suggest this place for a show and drinks, but otherwise, I feel like it was a bust.

  89. Alice G.

    Sex Machine and Steak Frites: Two things you should know about Ophelias….First off, SEX MACHINE- It’s a drink, and that’s the first part of what you should know: MIXOLOGY. There are some humdingers of cocktails at this joint, as I should know- I am nursing a major hangover at press time. My cocktail? The DIAMOND LIL- A light blend of Prosecco, italian Vermouth, Lemon, and soda over ice. Excellent, Because it was a hot day and hotter than HADES inside Sexy Ophelia’s. A few friends tried the Sex Machine, a potent concoction with Mezcal and cayenne- a real engine starter. After getting significantly loose in the lounge, we were herded to our table.Our server was John and he regaled our table with stories of his tattoos, even showing us some of the hidden ones (!). Our table ordered just about everything. The big hits were…everything. There was the massive plate of Steak & Frites served with a cool fried smashed potato (yum), the Yak burger, The flash fried Brussels Sprouts and Kale salad, the Belgian Moules were a giant hit- everyone dipped into the sauce, and the Flat Bread did not disappoint. I had the Arepas – a delicious spiced flavorful take on the the original, served with fries and ketchup spiced with curry, YUM.At the end of the meal, John brought our table a platter of the SMOKED SALTED CARAMELS. Just say “OH MY GOD” three times, it was totally food porn.Ophelias has been conceived inside the dark and seedy past of the historic Airedale building (i.e.: this was a VICTORIAN BROTHEL!); the structure first opened in 1889 as Kopper’s Hotel and Saloon. This place is SEXY: chokey jam full of erotic art….. Plus, it’s a product of Linger and Root Down visionary owner-chef Justin Cucci JUST OPENED OPHELIA’s – APRIL 2015, and of course, we got reservations right away!!!The downside; HOT HOT HOT- no AC, no ventilation, way past the uncomfortable level. Reservations were hard as heck to get and to confirm, and the place is a combo night club, which is just so young and sleazy…….However, the food and service does not disappoint, but I likely will not try to go back until a cold winter’s night!

  90. Kayla R.

    We’d heard a lot of hype over Ophelia’s, specifically because it was part of the Linger/Root Down family. We decided to try it for brunch on a Sunday.We had reservations for 12:45pm, and weren’t sat at our table until well after 1pm. I understand it’s busy on Sundays, but isn’t that the point of a reservation? We had a decent sized party of 7. When our main reservation holder arrived, they told her they wouldn’t be able to seat us inside, that they only had a table on the patio, and would that be ok? We all agreed that would be fine – however, when you’ve received a reservation for a larger party, shouldn’t you be prepared, and have seating options inside or out?Our server was nice enough, however, the service was extremely slow. She was quick to get our drink order, then she disappeared for 15-20 minutes. One drink came out first – the bottomless Mimosa someone had ordered since that was just poured from a pitcher. The rest of us had quite a long wait for our first drinks. We had to flag our server down to order some sticky buns for the table (which were phenomenal). Those came out promptly.Our server then disappeared for another 20-30 minutes. We were sat some time around 1:10-1:15, and our server didn’t return to take our food order until after 2pm. I understand you’re busy, but we’re there to eat and we were all starving by the time she came to get our order.Once our food order was placed, we didn’t actually receive our food until 30-45 minutes later, which even for a dinner was a long time to wait. The manager came over and explained that there was a wait because the restaurant was very busy, but that they would have our food out as soon as possible. Right…because EVERY OTHER TABLE ON THE PATIO RECEIVED THEIR FOOD BEFORE US, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE SAT AFTER. I understand we had a party of 7, but when you serve the ENTIRE rest of the patio before our table, it doesn’t make you, as the manager look good, or the rest of your staff. By the time our food reached our table, most of us were fairly annoyed. Most of our food was good. I ordered the breakfast quesadilla, and while the quesadilla was alright, the side of chorizo I ordered was so salty I couldn’t eat it. The potatoes were dry, and my friend’s pancakes were extremely burnt. The french toast, kale and brussel salad, and pork benedict were all hits. Seems to be a hit or miss at brunch, and they don’t seem to handle the Sunday brunch rush well. Had to say we were all extremely disappointed after having such great experiences at Linger and Root Down, more so with the service than the food. We may be sticking to those options instead. I may consider giving it another chance at dinner, but with the serious amount of disappointment we all experienced after our meal, I seriously doubt it.

  91. Teresa K.

    Had THE BEST time there last night! Had no idea that it was a former bordello and our server gave us all the history and how the restaurant came to be. The vibe is very relaxed but charged at the same time. We sat right on the edge looking over the stage and even though there was no show, it was great for people watching.My friend and both loved our drinks- apparently the drinks menu recently had a tune up. We had planned on ordering wine but stuck with them for the meal. And we had a hard time deciding: they all looked good.We shared the cornbread with chiles- do yourself a favor and get that! My friend had the cheese soup and the veggie burger and loved both. I had the lamb chili and the best salad- the perfect balance of healthy and yummy.Stop reading this review and just go! You won’t regret it.

  92. Daniel M.

    I have come for dinner a couple of times and also brunched. While all 3 are great, this is my favorite of the 3 sister restaurants (Linger and Rootdown being the other two). Whether it’s an entree or a simple piece of caramel, the flavors on this menu are rich and thoughtful. The cheese curds are a must. The atmosphere is swanky and jazzy. Service is always great. Blonde male bartender was quick, knowledgable about the menu, and had great suggestions. Enjoy!

  93. Jennifer H.

    I’m still full from last night’s dinner! What a wonderful experience! My friend suggested we go there for our monthly get-together. First and foremost, I want to give a shout-out to our wonderful waiter, Eric. He was extremely helpful with the menu and offered several delicious suggestions (in fact, there weren’t many items on the menu he didn’t like, which speaks volumes about the restaurant itself). We started with the spring cheese incident. Heavenly! In fact, I have to be honest. I should have stopped there. I think I was already full after indulging on that delicious skillet. My friend and I each ordered a burger and we split it in half so we could each try the other’s. She had the Brothel Burger and I had the Frontiere Bison Burger. They no longer make the Brothel burger with yak. It’s now made with ostrich. And since neither of us had had ostrich in the past, we thought we’d give it a go. Not bad at all! But I do have to admit that my bison burger was better (only because I’m partial to mushrooms and grilled onions). Oh, and lest we forget. We split the butterscotch pudding for dessert. I know, I know…I should have stopped at the appetizer. But I couldn’t help myself!If you’re looking for a vibrant scene, this is the place to go. The bar was buzzing and the dining area was buzzing. It is a very popular place. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars is because of the noise level. It was hard to hear each other at times because the place is so popular. But again, that’s a good thing, right?

  94. Cheryl G.

    Love this venue! They have creative dishes and a hip ambience. And the whole live music factor takes the place up a knotch from being like any other. I would just like to reccomend a few things to button up the overall experience and appeal to more folks. The women’s restroom was out of toilet paper for several hours and even after bringing it to the attention of a manager. Also, my spouse does not drink alcohol, but likes a NA beer when hanging at a venue for more than 4 hours. If they can offer NA beers, mocktails and have better bathroom service this place would get a 5 star rating.

  95. Rebecca C.

    We had a group of 12 for a bachelorette party, so we tried everything – and everything was delicious, even the salads, I was really impressed. Some of the best food and service in Denver.Our server was also awesome – very helpful and friendly, even got us the bracelets for the after-dinner show downstairs. Saw the electric-banjo, which was my fav. part of the night!

  96. Kristin W.

    Ophelia’s has a fun atmosphere and both times I’ve visited the service has been quite good. After trying this place on two different occasions for dinner, I just felt it is not quite as good as its sister restaurants, Root Down and Linger. The food is a little underwhelming and I haven’t had anything there that truly “wows” me. Several of my dinner companions felt the same way. I think Ophelia’s definitely has potential, but it seems as they are riding on the success of their other restaurants and know they just don’t have to try as hard since they have such a following. I’m not sure if I will stop in again or not…probably not anytime soon.

  97. eddyL

    Sigh.. I don’t think I am doing this right at Ophelias. I love the sexy decor, I love the menu, I love the drinks, I love the live music. I love all of it.. which is why I am always so disappointed in my experience. I think my mistake is not reserving a table. I stopped in on Saturday night for the Heartbreakers ball. I bought tix in advance for me and the hubs. Based on prior experience of it being so busy, we had early dinner reservations at another spot and got to Ophelias long before the show time. Even then, there was nowhere to sit. Not at the bar, not downstairs in the music area.. Now this isn’t a problem in a regular concert venue when you have jeans, sneakers and plan on rocking out or dancing all night. Here, when you are dressed to the nines with 4″ heals on and arrive to listen to a jazz (ish) Valentines day show, you don’t want to stand all night. The bar downstairs is staffed with 2 bartenders and the walkway in front of it is small, so the show fills up and this bar gets very busy. Due to the small walkway, the crowd waiting for drinks can only be 2 people deep and it gets to be very close quarters and a long wait for the 2 bartenders to make all the specialty multi step cocktails being requested (which they do very well, BTW). I’m not sure how you can fix the set up. I hate to have an issue without a suggested fix. Perhaps I just want the impossible, for it to accommodate more people comfortably that came to see the show. I love ‘So what’.. So I’ll likely be back..

  98. Ben F.

    Oh damn. Came here to see The Alcapones play. Ended up seeing Intuit as well who were hella cool. Ordered the lamb gyro which was amazing. Greasy delicious food. Came with French fries very well seasoned with a tasty curry ketchup. This place is killer. Cover at $15 was a little steep but I dig the vibe of this place and their cocktails are tasty if also a little pricey. Recommend for a cool night out.P.S. I want to specifically commend the audio engineers. The mix was phenomenal. Absolutely impressed with how good the sound was without being way too loud. These peeps were seriously as talented as the bands on stage.

  99. Dallas C.

    This is another amazing restaurant in the ‘Linger’ family of restaurants. The food items here are of larger portions than Linger so I was looking forward to checking it out. Their menu seems to always have some new updated items. The green chili cornbread is definitely a unique and delicious starter, although not a very large portion. Their drink menu is really cool too and has a lot of diversity.

  100. masha z.

    We came here as a group of 8 for a birthday dinner. It was a new experience for mostly everyone but not one that I would say I would do again. This review will be for both dinner and show.Dinner: Each waitress only has a couple of tables in their section. The bigger the party the more you will get ignored. So if you don’t like your meal or have an issue with it you will probably have to wait until the check gets there to speak up. Or at least that was our case. Food: If you are into not everyday meat then you will like it here. Lots of options from elk to duck to made in house ketchup. If you like normal food with out the odd ingredients then eat before you come or just get deserts. Drinks: Expensive The manager who we had the pleasure of talking to was extremely apologetic for the meal not being to our expectations. He took it off our bill and gave myself and my boyfriend free tickets to the show. The show: If you are planing on sitting in the lower section come early or reserve your spots!!! The stools that they have are extremely uncomfortable and your butt will be falling off of it. The actual show was good entertainment and was fun to watch. Would have been even better if they had better drink prices.

  101. Steve W.

    To start off, I have literally never taken the time to write a single review of a restaurant before but was so impressed with the venue and food at Ophelia’s, I thought I would take the time. That said, my son and girlfriend took my wife and me to Ophelia’s for bunch this last Sunday and it was simply awesome. As soon as I walked in, I immediately feel in love with the decor and the huge TV to watch football on. As one of the other reviewers pointed out, it just had a good vibe to it. The service was great, from the hostess to the waitress. We are from Northern CA and have never experiened the type of brunch they offered, which was so, so refreshing. I had the Berkshire Pork Rib Benedict along with the Bottomless Blood Orange Mimosas, which was the perfect combination. In closing, I’m just hoping Justin opens an Ophelia’s in my neck of the woods in CA, since I know it would be a smash there as well. I can’t wait to come back and check it out for dinner and catch some of the live music. Good job Justin!!!

  102. Anita M.

    The gluten free Greek yogurt pancakes with Balsamic Blueberries, Lemon Crema, Almond Granola, Orange blossom syrup were a real treat. So balanced and rich with complexity and contrast added to the sweet flavors by the subtle bite of Greek yogurt. Definitely a treat for my palate and I can’t wait to return and try more of the menu, which I never say since I’m always trying something new. Also, the staff was very kind. Enjoyable visit!

  103. K H.

    Wow! Amazing ambience, cocktails and service. Ask for Eric if you come on Mondays-great service-he knows his stuff!

  104. Emily Y.

    We came here for lunch on Saturday at around 1pm. The place looked like a fun spot. I loved the decor, the lighting was perfect, the vintage art and stage down below was also cool. I’m inly giving 3 stars because we came in hopes for lunch but their menu consisted of 99% eggs. We felt it was a bit of a egg overload. I get it if it was breakfast but even for brunch it was just lacking lunch options. They did however at the bottom of the menu have sliders which were just “okay”. They were too sweet for a burger. The server recommended us to try the nacho flatbread. It didn’t sound appealing with black beans, cheese, tortilla crisps and a fried egg but we figured we’d give it a shot. That wasn’t the best. There was just a lot going on. The kids menu had more lunch options on it. Chicken, burger, pizza, etc. Our daughter got the pepperoni pizza. It came out with a cute smiley face so that was a fun touch for her. Other than that it was a kids meal pizza, nothing special. We might give it another shot and try it for dinner maybe in a few months after they work some kinks out. The atmosphere looks like it could be fun with a live band or show.

  105. Sarah J.

    I have yet to be here at night. However, I did have brunch here last Sunday and I must say that it was one of the best brunches I have ever had. Great ambiance and even better food.

  106. Ariel G.

    Mr. Cucci has done it again! Great decor, amazing ambiance, creative libations and delicious food…all while comfortably lounging and listening to live music. Guaranteed to be Denver’s newest hot spot, this place is EXACTLY where you want to be to enjoy an evening with friends.

  107. rodneyerm

    Plenty fun. Went for a show, arrived early for the food, and we’ll be back. Emphasis on the “gastro” part of this gastrobrothel! The servers were attentive and fun, too.

  108. Danielle J.

    I’m sure its awesome and the menu looks great. But the hostess is awkward and uninviting. Can’t say I’d like to come back just based on that alone.

  109. Stephanie M.

    This place was very aesthetically pleasing. The decor and ambiance were great. The history of the building is also cool. The hostess was very nice and upbeat. So was our server. We brought another couple with us and were seated in a both. Tables had ample space. The food was really a bummer. The oysters were great. Really good. The scallops were ok. It had so much risotto it was hard to get the scallop taste. I felt like they poured it on heavy, just to fill the plate. The ostrich burger was different. My first time having ostrich. The ketchup was trying to be this chipotle style ketchup and it failed. The drinks were good. Our server came over way too much and interrupted a lot of conversations which was annoying. Wouldn’t mind coming back for drinks and a show. (Server said shows on The first Sunday) but most likely not for the food.

  110. W M.

    Has potential, but needs to cover basics of service.The food here (if/when it shows up) is pretty decent, personally had the scallops and bison burger both which were pretty tasty. But service was such a disaster that it consumed our parties conversation. Here are some 101 service items this restaurant has yet to nail down:- bring all the dishes customers order, two of our friends simply gave up on eating there as their food never showed if there is a silver lining those dishes weren’t on the tab.- 18 and 23 minutes to bring out a simple vodka tonic (happened to get a text when I ordered the first time so I had a time stamp)- No two entrees arrived at the same time, I had ordered my bison burger at the same time as other entrees I got mine a long time before others. At my friends insistence I went ahead and dug in, I was done by the time other entrees hit the table- bring the right number of dishes to the table. Random plates showed up and were left at our table. Reason for two stars vs one is it is a cool venue

  111. Adam M.

    Recently, my wife and I went back for brunch, having both been for happy hour once before. The happy hour snacks and drinks were fine, when the servers were on top of it, but brunch was maybe okay. Everything started out fine, but then the service really dipped once it got busy. We sat for 15 minutes waiting for a refill on the mimosas, another 5 or 10 on the check and then another 15 for our server to return. There are only so many times a server can apology for being slow (a.k.a. forgetting about you).The mimosas were good. Heavy on the champagne. Our starter came out after our main items. While the food looked really good, there was something missing. I got the toad in the hole, which the server claimed was one of the favorites. First, the “homemade” english muffin was like a hard-ass biscuit shipped over on the Mayflower. If I had made those, I’d promptly have tossed them out and went to the store to buy some. AND, I don’t know what they call country ham where the chef/owner is from, but that ain’t no country ham. It was sweet and shaved like a black forest ham straight from the King Soopers’ deli. Where’s the salt? Where’s the cure? Where’s the slab of country ham, bro?My wife’s meal looked fine but something, somewhere was lurking. She got the gluten-free version of the berkshire pork benedict thing. Needless to say, it ruined much of our Sunday, causing some unbearable situations that began and ended being doubled over in pain. The chain – Root Down, Linger, Ophelia’s – does have some delicious home fries/roasted potatoes though. They appear to be the same mix at Ophelia’s as they are at all the other spots – mostly Root Down, I guess. With so many really good places to go in Denver, I can only imagine that Ophelia’s is surviving on its “sex” appeal that so many other reviewers cited. I didn’t find anything sexy at all about the place. It’s a hip spot just like their other locations. And both times I’ve walked in, the host/ess looks at me and says what can I do for you? WTF. Who says what can I do for you at a restaurant (during restaurant hours)? How about, “Good morning, welcome to Ophelia’s. Do you have a reservation?” Or, “Would you like a table for two?”Maybe we just had a couple of bad plates on a slow day with one tardy server. The duck wings are great.

  112. Meg R.

    Had a date night dinner at Ophelia’s yesterday with some friends. Ambiance is creative and cool and I really appreciate how they transformed the space. We started off with a Diamond Lil’s which was a great cocktail-super refreshing and not overly sweet. We then ordered string cheese incident and ribs to start- both were good, not great. For the main event we ordered the scallops and the truffle flat bread. The scallops were delicious- definitely the highlight and so fun to eat. The flat bread…well…fell flat! Very oily crust, over-dressed in balsamic and no balance on the cheese/crust/truffle ratio. As for service, Heather was an amazing waitress and really made our experience comfortable and fun. We did, however, swap servers four times in 2 hours which was strange. After leaving, I’m not sure what I think about Ophelias. I guess I would go back for some good music and drinks, but this won’t be a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly pit stop for food.

  113. Shawn Q.

    Good vibe, interesting decoration and the bison burger is awesome! Very creative menu too…

  114. Niki S.

    I really loved this place. It is so fun! You’re really guaranteed to have a good time if you go when there is a live band playing. They optimize the seating and placement of the stage so that as many people as possible can see the musicians. It’s a really good way to spend a Friday night or even a Sunday brunch. I went for brunch and my mom and I had a great time. We both ordered cocktails and they were giant and delicious. They do not skimp on the alcohol here. We started with the plantains and they were scrumptious. I’ve never had a cilantro pesto but I think I’ll have to make some at home now. I highly recommend them. We then each got a skillet – the spring cheese incident and the soyrizo and scalloped potatoes. Both were really solid. The potato one could have used a little more sauce because it was a tiny bit dry but overall, still yummy. The spring cheese incident was so decadent and rich. I think next time, I might have to share it. We ended the meal with the cinnamon roll. Soooo perfect. Even if you’re not hungry, just get it, eat a bite, and take it home. It heats up well. My mom is in town for a few more days and wants to come back :)I really commend this place on finding a way to make great vegetarian dishes. More restaurants need to take a cue from them. Best part of this meal was that the 2 drinks, plantains, 2 skillets, and dessert were only $55. Can’t beat that!

  115. Niko F.

    Some friends and us had the honor of going to the much anticipated new Denver restaurant, Ophelia’s, last night. Yes, it is almost a must to have reservations in advance if you want a table. First, the place was teeming with classy people and oozed of sex appeal. The attention payed to design detail is as impressive as at the two sister restaurants. Being curious about the place, we chose to weave through the crowd of people to look at the decor. The erotic art that pays homage to the building’s past isn’t overt, but it certainly does suggest sensuality. The viewfinder on the table is an fun and interesting way to learn about the history of the building. The drinks and the food were amazing, as we expected. The sausage board and the String Cheese Incident were my favorite appetizers, and my also husband liked the spicy duck wings. Of our drinks, the Airedale with its citrus notes and the Jones Society with a delicious blend of lemon, mint and Chartreuse were standouts. My husband got the pot of mussels in a saison beer/curry broth and I got the kale, brussel sprout, chicken salad. The were, of course, delicious. Sadly, we didn’t have room for dessert, but plan to try it next time. Four drinks, two appetizers and two entrees ran us $91, not including the tip. We feel that is pretty reasonable for a swanky place with gourmet food and drinks. You certainly get what you pay for and this place really delivers. Justin Cucci and his team scored again in Denver!

  116. Tanisha L.

    Ophelia’s is unlike any other place I’ve been in Denver! It’s a beautiful venue-great for intimate concert viewing. I went for a hip hop show and it was a pretty sweet set up. Food is carefully cultivated and so a bit on the steep side. I unfortunately, had a waitress that was a bit of a rancid wench, so it may be awhile before I head back there.

  117. Tami C.

    Wow! This place is awesome!! The drinks, the food, the staff, the atmosphere, everything! My recommendation would be to check it for your first time during the week and then go during a busy night. This way you can take it all in without the crowd. Great place!

  118. winston12

    Cool place with a funky, burlesque atmosphere. Good food, good service, and great drinks. The only bad thing was that there were no shows when we were there.

  119. Michael U.

    Items Selected:Coda CoffeeGreen Chile Goat Cheese Cornbread with Fennel Honey ButterBourbon Sticky Bun with Pecans and Crème AnglaiseMonte Cristo Remix with Black Forest Ham, Turkey, Smoked Cherry Moustarda, Gruyere, Sunny Side Egg, Fries, Spiced Syrup, and Chipotle KetchupChicken and Waffles with Lavash Crusted Chicken Thigh, Mashed Potato Waffles, Apple Butter, Bacon Brussels Sprout Slaw, Chili HoneyCrème Brulee French Toast with Challah Bun, Moscato Poached Strawberries, Mascarpone, BasilBourbon Smoked Caramels and Butterscotch Pudding with Banana Cream, Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce, Candied Walnuts, Housemade Nilla WaferHoused in a multi-level historic brothel with ownership by the brains behind Root Down and Linger, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox was targeted for brunch on arrival to Denver and amidst a setting quite unlike any other it was no surprise that the restaurant itself is as much about the experience as it is the food, the severely slow coffee refills a small smudge on an otherwise shining meal.At times a concert venue, otherwise showing everything from kitsch Kung-Fu films to The Superbowl on an enormous screen hanging high above the ground floor, it was at a narrow countertop that I was seated shortly after arrival and finding comfort in the highbacked leather barstools it was not long before a young lady greeted me, menu presented along with a cocktail list provided by Viewmaster.Following a trend typical to restaurants of its ilk, clever cocktails, mimosas and bloody Marys served alongside improvised takes on classic diner fare, any midday meal at the Electric Soapbox should undoubtedly begin with Coffee from nearby Coda ad although refills may be hard to come by as the place gets busy, have no doubt the rich roast is worth the wait, a gentle fruity basenote pairing particularly well with sweeter fare.Recently updating the seasonal menu, some dinner carryover to lunch but mostly novel with a small-plates sharing focus, brunch was divided into three courses consisting of seven options, the first a trio of lightly spiced cornbread with a creamy goat cheese core alongside a panini-pressed Monte Cristo plus a showstopping Cinnamon Sticky Bun with Bourbon Caramel still bubbling in cast iron as Crème Anglaise was added to mellow the sweetness and cool the pastry enough to eat.Chatting with the General Manager about the space, the team involved and the Denver dining scene as a whole, it was hot-on-the-heels of round one that part two of the meal would arrive and already impressed by the crispness of hand-cut frites served with the deep-fried sandwich the crunchy coating overlying a pair of juicy chicken thighs was equally appealing, the potato based waffle a forgivingly light when topped with inspired accoutrements while the cast-iron French Toast ate much like a souffle’d bread pudding, the mascarpone and boozy berries absolutely indulgent.Actually unaware that dessert was available at lunch when originally formulating the order I’d half-debated forgoing a look at the menu for fear of overdoing it so early in the trip, but unable to resist temptation it was perhaps fortuitous that only one of the three offerings seemed to be calling and accompanied by a single smoky caramel, other flavors available at Root Down and Linger, the “Butterscotch Pudding” was served in a jar as an elegant upgrade on the Banana-based Southern Classic, the Candied Walnuts and housemade Nilla Wafer adding texture to the sweet, creamy layers.

  120. Carla H.

    Let me start with this great service the staff is awesome and friendly. The food was awesome we got the sliders and they where cooked to perfection the fries where crispy and hit with house made ketchup. I loved the drinks it was a nice balance but was not sweet. I will come back over and over again.

  121. Jordyn W.

    I really want to give this place 5 stars because I absolutely love their food and the environment overall but I will be honest – every time I have been there I have had surprisingly terrible service. Maybe it’s different if you’re strictly there for dining but if you go for drinks or with a group expect less than acceptable service. Otherwise, I love this place!

  122. Jenna H.

    Live music, bottomless mimosas, and the spring cheese incident makes Ophelia’s a staple brunch spot!

  123. Katie K.

    Love Ophelias! Great ambiance and decor, and the food is bomb! Tried the duck wings, chicken and waffles, and spring cheese incident! All delish! Drinks are a little pricey…Beware. But it’s a posh spot.The reason for only 4 stars is because the spring cheese incident clearly does not come with enough pita for all the dip! We had about half our dip left and asked for more pita. They gave us 4 little pitas and charged us an extra $1! I think the dish just needs to be served with enough pita to support the amount of dip, right!?! Chef if ur reading this, please make that change!!!

  124. Melanie G.

    Oh man, did I have a great time here. I’m talking like the BEST time.I had heard a ton about Ophelia’s, but for some reason imagined it being really, really far away from Coors Field (where we live), but nope, it’s seriously right there. Where the old sex shop used to be! I finally got the chance to check this spot out when my girlfriends took me here last Sunday, as we were celebrating my birthday, for the cabaret show. From start to finish I was so entertained, that is just a fantastic, amazing, sexy show. The performers were having so much fun, were so comfortable in their bodies, and really looked just phenomenal. It was an empowering experience, and really made my birthday. The service was great, the venue was great, the food was great, the experience was great. Five stars all the way. Please support these amazing women and this great venue if you get the chance!

  125. Jesse J.

    Wonderful food and atmosphere. Happy hours is great. But don’t be a prude…Lots of semi scandalous wall art, in keeping with the history of the place…If you can, sit in Stacey’s section.Excellent live music too! Especially the nights with the incomparable Venus Cruz.

  126. Gabi Y.

    A very unique restaurant to visit if you are in Denver. We stopped in on our way to Coors Field and had a great experience. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was great.

  127. Melissa B.

    Very cool. A little history to this place too. Great drinks. Eclectic style with class!

  128. ryan123

    New favorite spot! Erin, our server, was so great. Food was amazing, wine was delicious… No complaints!

  129. Eric H.

    Terrible service. We made a reservation, upon entering, the hostess was nowhere to be found, after waiting 5 or so minutes, she showed up, said she’d check on our table and disappeared for another 5-10 minutes. Which wasn’t terrible, not worth a bad review…yet.So then we sit down, ordered right away, had the kale and brussels sprout salad (which was ok, definitely an overdone salad lately). I had the dry ribs, which were ok, super spicy, the food was OK, not bad, not my flavorite.Then here comes the kicker, we’re almost done eating, The manager comes over and asks us to move to the bar, because a large party needs our table, which we were only sitting in for 30 minutes, and we showed up early for our reservation, so it was most certainly our right to sit there 30 minutes after our reservation time.In my 30+ years of dining, I’ve never been asked to move tables mid-meal, plus he was blaming rain ruining the other parties table. Hello, it’s only rained every single day this summer, so rain is not an excuse for moving parties mid-meal. If you’re going to provide terrible service, at least don’t offer a lame excuse.Will never go back

  130. Colleen C.

    Delicious! As a warning, the place is not marked well – not sure if there are plans for a sign on the building. The only indicator was a sign on the valet stand. Beautiful and unique interior. My cocktail, The Untitled Project, was great. I had a hard time deciding what to order because there were too many things I wanted to try. I had the super seed burger with a side of plantains. Delicious! The smoked sea salt caramels for dessert topped it off perfectly. We’ll be back.

  131. Shea W.

    I would LOVE to know more about the history of this place! It seriously looks like it was probably a gentleman’s club. I can’t do the architecture and lay out justice when explaining it here. Just go there to see it yourself!The food: excellent. I had high expectations and was not disappointed! Slight bummer that the ostrich burger was out for the night. But they gave me Yak instead! Yum! Yak is delish!Drinks were well crafted. You can tell that they take time to do every little thing with care. Just like all the other restaurants owned by Justin.

  132. Kristin S.

    I love this place! Their food is always great, drinks are delish and attending a concert is so fun.

  133. Laura K.

    Ophelia’s is owned by the same people that own Root Down and Linger so expect a creative, yet delicious menu. The cocktails are also intriguing and delicious. My two complaints are as follows: (1) they have live music, which is great, but they begin playing during the dinner hour. If you go at the wrong time, don’t expect to hear anyone else at your table. (2) it’s difficult to get reservations.

  134. Alex K.

    Just got off the phone with the rudest hostess (10/1/15 6:15pm). Every question I asked her (e.g. what is the entertainment tonight, could I move my reservation up earlier) was met with complete irritation and disdain. I rarely write negative reviews, but that was incredibly frustrating. So rude.

  135. Elizabeth D.

    Matt, the atmosphere, the food, the large screen for watching football- EVERYTHING was absolutely outstanding! Matt guided us through the menu and truly, you can’t go wrong here!

  136. Kris W.

    Peter Gordon did and excellent job on our second visit of taking care of us. We had a few hiccups on our first visit, which ended up in the hands of the HR department after we were inadvertently charged the wrong amount. We initially contemplated going back to the restaurant, but we are glad we did. They did an excellent job of making my wife and I and an out of town guest feel very welcome and taken care of on our second visit. Great food and great atmosphere and glad we gave it a second shot.

  137. Jaime J.

    Best. Duck. Wings. EVER. The sriracha as well as stout beer wings are amazing (this is coming from a pescatarian – somehow I can eat a whole order of duck wings off the bone at this place and it doesn’t phase me). This is currently my favorite dish in Denver, which has such a local and growing foodie scene, so that says a lot. Came here on my 1 year anniversary and it was really special to have dinner overlooking jazz band, then we headed downstairs to dance and have more cocktails! Also delicious on the menu: smoked scallops and the mussels with lentils and curry spice to die for. Not so special: hummus (but why would you order hummus when you can get duck wings – it is still a great dish, just not compared to the rest!) Keep up the great work!

  138. Rebecca R.

    I made a reservation for 10 AM on a Sunday for brunch, but it wasn’t needed. The restaurant started to get busier around 11 AM. The server was nice, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the history of the building, connections with Root Down and Linger, and the menu. The table ordered different items and shared. Everything was delicious! My personal favorite was the creme brulee french toast and blood orange mimosa. I will definitely go back for brunch and to experience their dinner menu and live music.

  139. Kenny N.

    Ophelia’s rocked my world today! I’ve been internet stalking this project since 2014. Where Edible Beats’ creates, I follow. Simple enough.Last week was full of soft openings. I wish I could have cracked that Sneak Peak password, but I couldn’t. I wanted to make the Mile High Soul Club party on Friday, but I couldn’t. I could make Grand Opening day today!I first walked past the main entrance, puzzling how to get inside. As I passed I called to confirm they were indeed opening. They were and I was early, so I killed time. I wasn’t the only one.Upon entering, I sat at the bar with my friend. We were first given the full cocktail, wine and beer menu. I was puzzled. Then one of the bartenders came over and asked if they had food. He confirmed, stating they didn’t have Happy Hour menus and was about to launch into the options when … bam! fresh menus! You can see the pictures I took above. I ordered the duck wings (spicy, thick with rich dark meat, great sauce both on and for dipping), the string cheese incident (tasty, needed one more pita thing [hint: unfold to make 2], set my dairy allergies off [my bad]), and the hummus with so many roasted veggies!! My friend got the plantains. He said multiple times he’d be back. Happy hour starts at 4pm. The overall menu looks great, too. There’s no signage outside yet, but enter through the right-most door at Ophelia’s. Be sure to check out the downstairs area, maybe go there for a concert. Well done, Edible Beats!

  140. Becca P.

    This place is so cute and eclectic! The brunch menu is unique yet inexpensive and delicious! Bottomless drinks available too 🙂

  141. Karen F.

    Eight of us walked in at about 5:30 on a Tuesday night. No reservation. They sat us on the patio almost immediately and took AMAZING care of us. Half way thru our meal it started to sprinkle. Just for a couple minutes. The manager came out and said they had a plan for us for alternate seating indoors if it continued. Wow!!! I was impressed. Onto the food. I have a gluten and soy allergy. They easily accommodated us making the gluten-free version of all the dishes they could. We ordered 8-10 unique small plates to share I I was able to eat 80% of them!!!! Most of the menu is small plates. Every dish was great!!!! The fried cheese curds had to have been my absolute fav. The smoked scallops least fav, but still good. Eat here!!! Great food! Stellar service! Fun cocktails! I can’t wait to return!

  142. Blair W.

    Such a cool spot to see a show. Its very intimate and if you arrive early for dinner, you can sit on the balcony and eat your dinner while gazing down at the musicians. The food is also extremely tasty. It’s a little on the higher side for prices, so do not go there expecting to pay $10 on dinner. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic joint.

  143. Kellie A.

    I dragged my boyfriend here for a date night. He went reluctantly, but obliged mainly because he knew I had my heart set on trying the Brothel Burger. I had been craving burgers, and he knew I had been wanting to visit Ophelia’s for a long time. First things first: it was the most expensive burger I’ve ever eaten. I think this place is expensive just for the sake of being expensive because the bison burger my boyfriend ordered was nothing exceptional. More/better food for the money if you head over to My Brother’s Bar and order their bison burger. My burger? It was good. I really enjoyed the first half of it, and I liked the curry ketchup a lot at first. About halfway through, the intense saltiness hit me. I don’t say this lightly either – I salt my food more than the average person. I was wishing I had more water, but the waitress never came back. Then I was wishing the ketchup was sweeter to cut the saltiness a bit, but I could not find relief. We went to a concert afterwards, and I was dying of thirst the entire time. I got home and drank 3 glasses of water. Seriously. It killed the experience for me. The service was okay. I hate to nitpick, and if you read my other reviews, you’ll see that I’m pretty easy to please. I guess I just expect more attentiveness from such a pricey place. For two burgers and one drink, our tab was $50. That’s insane. The vibe was cool. I liked the lighting a lot. Still undecided as to whether I’ll go back.

  144. Roxie F.

    I have been twice and realized I don’t think I’m into this place! the atmosphere is very cool but borderline gimmicky. I had a hard time eating some food (physically) because of trendy ways it was served – like mussels in buckets or giant blocks of wood for a plate on our tiny table. Hard to get the juice for the mussels from the bucket. Food was not special at all. Poor service both times. It is a new place though so who knows….Music was obnoxiously loud, couldn’t hold a conversation. I just feel like it’s overall trying wayyyy too hard. I’d maybe go back but will never recommend to someone again. Maybe for a drink though!!

  145. Glenda B.

    Are you kidding me? Like are you kidding me? I need a private room because their stuff is legit! Tried their silky smooth ORGASMIC chocolate taster at GABF and wow! I need a year supply of this in case of emergencies. Not local so…they are legit folks! April helped us and was beyond amazing!

  146. Ute L.

    Amazing food, service and atmosphere. They do accept reservations, probably a good idea, especially on nights with music performances. The menu is gluten-free and vegan friendly, plus they will make any adjustments as needed, like put the cheese on the side. Our waitress was very accommodating and even asked whether we had any allergies besides dairy and wheat. I really appreciate that sort of thing. The arepas were absolutely to die for, just wish they’d been bigger. The roasted beet salad was perfection. The mushroom and truffle flat bread was extremely filling. The gluten-free version was $2 extra. Whatever you do, save room for dessert! The salted caramel is so delicious, you’re going to want two of them. The vegan and G-free Butterscotch pudding is on my top 5 ever desserts list. Wow! It is airy, creamy, fluffy, soft, sweet, salty and crunchy all at the same time. Awesome-sauce in a jar. I’d come back just for that. Valet parking is available for $5. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars are the big city prices.

  147. brandonresh

    Ate here for the first time the other night. Had the mushroom/duxelle flatbread and the duck meatballs – both were really tasty!! Had a few different drinks from the drink menu and those were great too! Sat at the bar, the service was great…mostly…until we wanted to leave, which we made clear, and we just sat and sat and sat…waiting to get our tab. Had our wallet out and immediately put the CC in the book, then waited some more until they decided to run the card. It was really frustrating and kind of marred the experience. Will try it again though, the food/drinks were good, the atmosphere was well decorated and fun, the clientele was a bit yuppy-like, not really my scene but it was a Saturday evening. I’ll be back for a weekday HH sometime.More affordable then their sister restaurant Rootdown.

  148. Caroline F.

    I checked out their 90s hiphop night back in February. While it was a fun time, I was charged $36 for four shots of well whiskey. That’s $9/shot for wells! Plus it was a $10 cover charge. Ehhhhh…I know, I KNOW, it’s LoDo. I guess I have should have known better, and should stick to my go-to spots far away from the dreaded tourist district. This place just seemed like it might be different from other LoDo joints, and I guess I was expecting more.Another observation: maybe it was just that one night, but there seemed to be a lot of frat/sorority types hanging around. One super trashed girl in stilettos (with a fresh drink in her hand) fell down the stairs and landed face-down on the dance floor. I helped her up, and she ran to the bar to get another drink. A for effort? In sum, overpriced and overhyped. Meh.

  149. Katy C.

    I was really excited about happy hour at Ophelia’s because it’s a former brothel. Who doesn’t want to have happy hour in a former brothel?! Well, it was… just okay. The atmosphere is just dark with some banquette seating in the front area and a little balcony-type upper area above the stage. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it just wasn’t that cool. The specials were great; nothing over $7 including cocktails, beer, wine, and several delicious-sounding small plates.I had made a reservation online to ensure my boyfriend and I could get a table. We were visiting from out of town and I wasn’t sure how busy it would be. We were seated right away overlooking the lower level where the stage is. (They are also a music venue.)We had to ask for the happy hour menu, but then we ordered some drinks and waited… and waited… and waited some more. Our server came back and told us she thought our drink order got lost. Our drinks arrived shortly after that and we ordered some food – the green chile goat cheese cornbread and the spiced ribs. The food was up quickly and it was pretty tasty! The spice rub on the ribs was really good; not super spicy but great flavors. The cornbread was amazing! The flavors worked really well together and I believe goat cheese makes everything better. The portion of ribs was super tiny, I wasn’t worried about it since it was so cheap, but if you want something bigger I would recommend ordering a few plates to share. The cornbread was an adequate amount to split between two people.The drink I had (untitled project) was pretty bitter and I would not order it again, as I felt it was a bit unbalanced. My boyfriend had the lust tycoon which was great!Overall, I wouldn’t visit again and I actually cancelled my reservations at Linger because of our visit to Ophelia’s. Nothing was really bad, I just think I had some unrealistic expectations of what the place itself would be like.

  150. Allison R.

    I can see why this would be a good place for live music, but as a dining establishment it was disappointing, twice. I’ve been for dinner and brunch and wasn’t impressed with either, despite my love of Linger and Root Down. The service is where this place falls short. The host/hostess service both times was unimpressive and unfriendly. When I arrived for dinner, we were seated in one of many bar-style tables where you and your guests sit in a row, rather than across from one another. I could see the appeal of this if we were attending a live show, but for dinner it was awkward and uncomfortable, and we both felt squashed. We were both thankful we weren’t on a date, as we were rubbing elbows all night. It was extremely dark but we attributed that to being so new and not having the ambiance figured out just yet.The food was great – as usual from Justin Cucci – but there was barely enough room on the table for everything we ordered (2 entrees and a side to share, plus 2 drinks). Bummer. For brunch we were seated in a mostly empty, extremely dark dining room. We had a 2 person booth (yay!) which was still super cramped, I ended up putting my purse and the coffee accouterments and the folding drink menu all on the floor. After being handed a sticky cocktail menu, we placed our orders and my friend told me she was surprised I didn’t get a table outside on such a beautiful day. I didn’t even know there was a patio! We tracked down the host and requested to be re-seated if there was a table available outside. He obliged, but we both felt like it was an imposition to him and/or the server whose section we were leaving. It would have been great if the host asked about our seating preference before we got a table so we didn’t have to feel guilty about moving. Our food arrived shortly after we moved outside and we then re-ordered our coffees….assuming they got missed when we swapped tables. The food was tasty, but sadly we were both still hungry when we left. Maybe this is my realization that I’m a fatty? We ended up going to a second place for “breakfast dessert”. I won’t be returning anytime soon but do hope it will improve over time.

  151. Jodi M.

    OMG! This place exceeded my expectations!! The food was amazing, the atmosphere was romantic and unique and the service was impeccable! Then the band played and I couldn’t have asked for a better night to celebrate four years with my honey. 🙂 I recommend walking around and taking the whole place in, there is a LOT to see! Even in the bathrooms. LOL! SO many choices for a grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free and nightshade-free AIP Paleo eater, such as myself. I have MS, and that limits my options, but it’s so nice to find a place that will accommodate my picky diet. Harrison (server) was awesome! Took very good care of us. The entire staff was professional and helpful. HIGHLY recommend this place!! Oh, and it was HOPPIN’ for a Wednesday night. Seemed to have a lot of college-aged kids after 9 pm, when the band started. No drunken idiots, though. 🙂

  152. Sasha L.

    Last weekend an old group of friends got together for brunch at Ophelia’s and had an awesome time! We had a server who did an amazing job of taking care of us, and was very patient with us considering we had so much catching up to do.We started with the sticky bun to share and it was out of this world. We of course went for the bottomless mimosas which I recall being about $12. Live folk music was playing, the atmosphere is amazing here. I ordered the nacho flatbread and was pretty happy with it but somewhat wished I got a benedict instead. Great ambiance, great service, great food. Check it out!

  153. Katelyn E.

    I took my boyfriend here for dinner on 11/11/2015 for Veteran’s Day. The food was overall excellent! We had the sausage plate which was better than some restaurants that claim sausage as their fame. The boar in a blanket – to die for! We also had a mussel board which replaced the scallop board because the restaurant had trouble sourcing local safe scallops (another cool thing about the restaurant and the quality and attention to good ingredients in their dishes!). The mussels were SO. GOOD. ON. POINT. They were served chilled with flatbread… never had chilled mussels before but I would definitely have them again if they’re as good as this. They had a light citrus herby flavor that paired well with the sweeter flatbread. We had the Brussels sprout and kale salad which was okay… the salad itself was, again, on point, but the dressing was a bit strong and overpowered many of the more delicate flavors of the salad’s components. That being said, we’d definitely eat here again. The one real complaint we had was that we were seated in a booth that overlooks the state. Fine. Except, the booth was so small my tush barely fit on it! I could not sit my purse on the bench next to me. I’m not a large gal, but it was still uncomfortable. And I will say that my works-out-Veteran boyfriend was VERY uncomfortable. That being said, we had AMAZING service, the cocktails were great, and the ambiance was perfect for a sit down dinner. And, to top it off, we went on Veteran’s Day. Our amazing waitress (so sad I don’t remember her name!) brought us caramels to top off our meal and thank my BF for his service. Thanks, Ophelia’s!

  154. timmykilla

    This place is THE best place for brunch. Excellent service and amazing food. Red zone and live band makes for a perfect Sunday during football season.

  155. Abby S.

    “I’ll have the Sex Robot!” When’s the last time you got to say something like that in public and not be shamed for lewd behavior?Ophelia’s is all about bringing sexy back. Which is good since this location was home to some pretty back door proclivities. This venue was once home to ladies of the night and then a XXX adult store. Now they have loud music and American (new) cuisine, which is about as bad as it gets these days.Let’s face it, there’s lots of douchey hangouts in LoDo. It’s near the ballpark and it attracts drunk tourists and guys named Chad wearing backwards hats. It’s OK, there’s a version of LoDo in almost every U.S. City.Ophelia’s is a refuge from the douchebaggery. It’s no surprise that they have a creative cocktail menu or tasty treats, they’re owned by the same people as Root Down and Linger. It’s dark, it’s sexy, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many flip flop wearing bro’s trampling in pre or post Rockies game.I’ve not yet been here for a show, just an early dinner. But you bet your sweet ass I’ll be back for more drinks and food after dark.

  156. Stephanie V.

    I only went for drinks. I was impressed with the decor and layout. I had the Diamond Lil’s cocktail. It was refreshing and very tasty! I’ll definitely back to dine and see a show.

  157. Katie O.

    I’ve loved everything about Ophelia’s since the first time I visited last year. But I have to say, I loved it even more after this past Saturday. Someone stole my coat from the coat check — one of my favorite coats, which I’d had since the 90s — and while I was pretty upset about it, the management could not have possibly handled it any better!! The Assistant General Manager, Jose Bou, immediately took down my number, apologized very sincerely, and comped my full bill that night, which was about $65. He even texted me photos of the receipts that had been voided. I appreciate great customer service, and this place is definitely among the top.

  158. Shelby B.

    This place has it all- an awesome ambience that tells a story, amazing food that aligns with the story of the building, and awesome staff. I suggest coming with s group of people and ordering a ton of their plates to share. You can’t go wrong.

  159. LouAnn C.

    Damn, you’re hot, do you have a sister?Root Down, Linger … and now Ophelia’s are rocking it in Denver. This place is extremely stimulating (visually, audibly and to the taste buds). Read the hype about the Spring Cheese Incident? All true. The dry rub ribs, arepas, belgian mussels … all fabulous. Wish we would have tried more of the food. Swanky cocktails are custom mixed by an awesome bar staff – they really know what they are doing here. I asked for a signature cocktail drink from a competitor restaurant and Bar Guru Emily nailed it with just an ingredient list. Hit a Happy Hour to sample the goods! You will not be disappointed.Welcome to the family Ophelia!

  160. Catherine W.

    Service is awesome! We listen to great music by The Family Stone. The food was very good! We had the duck wings, bbq oysters and jalapeño cornbread. The cocktails were different and good. Try the Untitled Project and the Sex Machine – good choices! Overall great date night place

  161. Lauren M.

    I wish I could give Ophelia’s 4.5 stars, honestly. It’s so close to being a 5 due to the atmosphere and deliciousness of the food, but I have to agree with a lot of the other reviews that service wasn’t fantastic. Not because our server was rude or anything, but because when we were first seated (patio) we sat there for 15 minutes before anyone even came over to give us water/take our drink order. We just sat as we watched these two servers completely overwhelmed. Management either needs to hire more staff or take out some of the seating so that these servers aren’t having to help 100 people at once. Moving on! We ordered the duck wings, the sliders, and the bison burger. The wings were spicy, which I normally can’t eat, but the underlying flavor was sooo good I fought through the mess and tingling! Really, if you’re unable to decide on an app, get this, you won’t regret it (I guess unless you’re SUPER sensitive to spice). Next, we had our entrees. My mom got the wagyu sliders & I the bison burger. I don’t even know if my mom liked her meal because mine was so good and I was kind of lost in a euphoria of food. The fries were also done really well, I love crispy fries. I’m pretty sure mom liked her meal, since she ate all of it fairly quickly. Mom also got some orangey drink (it might even be the one pictured on this page) and she loved it! For dessert we got the s’mores cake and OH MY GOD, it was the BEST dessert we had the whole trip, possibly even the best dessert I’ve ever had at a restaurant. It was gooey, and crispy, and toasty, and just perfect. The atmosphere of the place is super cool, very old school brothel turned industrial/mod speakeasy. We sat outside which is shaded (at least around 6pm it is) and has tons of graffiti and vintage signs, it was really neat. The inside has like, a pit or something in the center I’m assuming where they have live bands. Either way, really cool spot, can’t wait to go again.

  162. Dene' H.

    Best bison sliders I’ve ever had! Homemade ketchup I could eat by itself! Chicken and waffles are amazing and they have a spicy, strong cocktail that’s so good all you need is one. Or two. Love it!

  163. Drew T.

    Excellent! This was the first place I went in Denver, and it made a great first impression. Fantastic drinks, incredible food, very pleasant waitstaff, and fascinating environment. And the best part: everything was reasonably priced! I highly recommend the Brothel Burger, though it’s a yak party now instead of ostrich. The absolute only thing I would have changed about the experience was the time it took to get the check, but whatever. It gave me more time to appreciate all the crazy decor and the sexy music. Also, the restrooms are super clean and cool. 5 stars, easy.

  164. Joel V.

    1 to 10:Atmosphere: 10Service: 10Drinks: 10 (great selection of beer and cocktails)Food: 10 (we had happy hour apps)

  165. Jody W.

    This place is SO cool. Apparently it used to be a brothel. They actually had me at the front door; it’s gigantic and heavy. Such a cool, historic building and space.This is a multi level restaurant, bar and concert venue. Extremely unique with a very chill, good vibe. Unfortunately, one of the folks in our party started not feeling well (having nothing to do with Ophelia’s), so we had to cut our dinner a bit short to get her home. (She’s likely having trouble with the altitude adjustment and some dehydration…).But….before we left, we ordered some appetizers and beverages:-Plantains – OMG. SO. GOOD. I’m a plantain freak and these were cooked perfectly – sweet and savory with Cotija Cheese, Lime Yogurt & Cilantro Pesto. I could come back here every day this week and just eat this. ($6)-French fries – with Vindaloo Ketchup – delicious. ($6)-SHISHITO POPPERS & CHEESE CURDS – Spiced Cream Cheese, Horseradish Mustard & Blood Orange Marmalade – I’m not a huge fried cheese fan, but these were quite delicious and the peppers had a really nice kick to them. ($11)We also ordered WAGYU BEEF SLIDERS: Spicy BBQ Tomato Jam, Merkts Cheddar, Butter Lettuce, Bacon & Crispy Onions – we had to take these to go. I tried one when we got home and it was very good. There are only 2 of them but they are served with a pile of french fries. ($15)Tons of gluten free options on this menu – which is tremendous since 2 of our group don’t do the gluten scene.Service was terrific – super friendly staff from the moment we walked in.My only issue was that I didn’t love the ginger ale that I ordered….it didn’t have any fizz nor much flavor. (I was done drinking adult bevvies by this point since we hit another place earlier in the evening). Other than that, I really, REALLY liked this place and would totally go back here in a heartbeat.

  166. adamrod

    Where do I begin? My first time here was for a concert (Floetry) and we were all pretty impressed by the interior of Ophelia’s. Beautiful lounge area, sexy bar and comfy, padded booths. Additionally, some beautiful secluded tables for two above and below in a interior “rim” above the stage. Downstairs is a standing area/dance floor when there is live music. We sat as a party of four at a booth. We were supposed to be a party of six, but at the last minute, one set of friends had to cancel. Which worked in our favor, as the booths were not that big for 6 people.We had wonderful service with Stacy. She suggested their version of a Moscow Mule (which was made with gin) and it was divine. But think I switched to the Lustful Turk and that was even better!We ordered the gigante bean hummus and the spring cheese incident as appetizers. Later for dinner, we ordered the mussels, an order of fries and the man ordered the roasted beet salad and a beet/super seed veggie burger. We loved every morsel of our dinner. The butterscotch pudding was only ok. It tasted more like bananas and less like butterscotch, but it wasn’t too bad.Now fast forward to the next week. A friend was here from out of town and we decided to go to Ophelia’s.A party of four, we were taken to the patio, which was just delightful! We ordered so much food off the happy hour menu and basically hung out and chatted for another 2 hours past happy hour. We ordered the shishito poppers & curds, the green chile cornbread, wagyu beef sliders, dry rubbed ribs, mussels, and hummus, plus an order of the Monte Cristo sandwich. Everything was delicious and the service from Harrison, was on point. My friends were also impressed by the beautiful décor of Ophelia’s. As a musical venue, it is intimate, which I prefer, with upstairs seating and standing room for downstairs. I appreciate the options for various seating options (large booth, small tables, bar tables and couches in the lounge area, as well as bar seating). We are already huge fans and I can’t wait till my next meal there.

  167. Justin K.

    Ophelia’s is one of my favorite new spots in Denver. The menu was interesting and included some creative menu items that I haven’t seen before. We got the scallop Brothel Board, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and came with a great house-made hot sauce. The rest of our entrees were well-prepared and seasoned. The service was on par with my expectations based on menu pricing. The ambiance is what really sets this place apart. Design is a lot like the other Cucci restaurants, constructed with unusual materials and always interesting . We got a seat at a 2 top in what was effectively the balcony, which I would highly recommend. Overall, I give 5 stars because 4.5 stars isn’t an available option, and because I would recommend the experience of dining at Ophelia’s to anyone… also I’m a big BBQ fan and the BBQ-styled menu offerings were well done.

  168. Rankin W.

    Woah.. So Great!! Order the Mussels.

  169. dopeboy19

    Let me start out by saying I never review…ever.This place completely went above all my expectations, so I absolutely had to write a review. The layout and overall feel of the place is unreal. Who ever designed this restaurant is a genius. Our waiter was very attentive and genuine which is a big must because I hate going to a restaurant and getting the waiter who is forcing a smile. Although it was very busy, the manager came to check up on us, which was nice because you don’t always get that at other restaurants. Overall, I was surprised at how good the customer service was considering it was a Saturday night. The food was absolutely amazing. I ordered the green Chile corn bread and the plantains. Both of which were delicious. I went with 3 other people and they ordered the flatbread, artichoke and bison burger. Nobody was disappointed. We all ordered a bunch of drinks and all of the drinks we ordered were fabulous. When it came to dessert time we ordered the smoked salted caramel and the brownie. We were all fighting for the last bite. The brownie was good, but the smoked salted caramel was out of this world. You must try it…at least before you die. I loved Ophelia’s and I will be going there again when Toybox performs. I cannot wait! But don’t just read this post, try it out for yourself.

  170. Natalie J.

    Sooo delicious and a cool and comfortable atmosphere. Cheese incident and kale salad were amazing!

  171. Andrew L.

    While this brothel-turned-eatery no longer serves up the sin, it’s ok, because the drinks are a sexual experience on their own. Ugh… I feel gross just saying that. BRB. Gonna go wash my hands.Back. Seriously though, I enjoyed the cocktails. They’re inventive and span a wide range of styles. They lack a little of the showmanship since if you order off the menu they pour your cocktail from a tap. I’m sure it speeds up the service and probably doesn’t affect the taste, but some people may enjoy watching their drink being made.The food is good-not-great. Best way to describe it is to say that I come for the drinks, and I eat too. I would suggest leaning toward the sharable plates rather than the larger entree-type plates. Of the entrees I’ve tried their Ophelia burger and the bison burger. The Ophelia burger is ground ostrich, which is one of those things you think will taste exotic and new, and then you realize, again, that it’s just dry ground chicken with a different name. The bison burger was delicious, but I’m of the school of thought that a burger should never cost more the $10 unless it literally makes you rethink your life. Of the shareables, I haven’t had anything I wouldn’t recommend. They have a rotating array of cheesy skillet dips that vary by the season. I always seem to get one. One of the better lessons I have learned from Ophelia’s is that duck wings are far superior to eat than chicken wings, if only because they are easier to handle.One can’t compliment Ophelia’s without mentioning the music. Ophelia’s functions as a music venue on top of being a bar and restaurant. If you (or in my case my wife) prefer sitting while taking in live music, Ophelia’s is great since you can get a good cocktail and order some snacks while you enjoy the sounds.As you might expect of a swanky downtown establishment, prices are on the high end for the quality. Other than that I have no complaints.

  172. Brent D.

    I’ve lived 2 blocks from this place for 7 months and can’t believe I waited that long to try it out. The food was off the charts (Bison burger, Beet salad, corn bread). Tastes and textures were out of this world. The host was awesome. They were busy but managed to find us a spot after 20 minutes. Corrie our server was ON POINT. She was Knowledgable, timely and has a great table presence. I’ve was in the restaurant industry for over 20 years and I’m hard impress. This place blows any other place in Denver out of the water. Nicely done!!!!

  173. Becca C.

    What a fun and funky spot! They have a great happy hour and the decor/theme is so unique and interesting. We had a couple cocktails, the PG-13 and another with bourbon that I can’t remember the name of… Both were awesome as was the cornbread appetizer we shared! Great service as well!!

  174. XXXbeast

    The food is tasty and the music was good which is why I gave it two stars, however, the experience was so terrible that it erased the fact that the food was tasty. Not going to draw out this review, will just give you the facts. The A/C in this place is almost non existent, cover, 15-20 minutes to get a drink, drinks on the check that have not yet been delivered, $12.00 martinis served in plastic cups (tacky), over capacity, staff seems confused, the entrance and exit are the same door so be prepared to fight your way in or out. I felt bad for the people standing in line outside because it’s not worth the wait and I pray that this establishment never has a fire.

  175. Rebecca G.

    This place got better as the evening progressed. Started with a big disappointment in the cocktails. The Hard Eight was on the menu as a bourbon cocktails. (Let’s bypass the fact that the Hard Eight is traditionally made with rum…). The drink was awful. The bartender actually shook the bourbon?? What??? Beyond awful. Too much lemon. Too much ginger. Awful. The Hubs got the Morning Tryst. Again awful. It’s like the bartender had fake lemon & lime juice that he/ she is pouring into these cocktails all willy nilly. We called ahead to see if there was outdoor seating. Don’t be fooled. The outdoor seating is a concrete covered slab in the back of the restaurant.The interior of this spot is pretty fantastic. Really cool concert venue that takes advantage of the historic character of the building. Sit inside & dine. Liked the Sausages and the Roasted beet salad.Loved, loved, loved the Strip & Frites and the Skuna Bay salmon – so good and excellent portion size.Stay away from the oysters (very bland & small) and the duck wings – super dry. I was not super impressedwith our female server. She seemed scared and timid. There was a tall, male, blond server inside who gave us a tour and he was just amazing – super informative and interested in our opinion of joint.

  176. moneyman2

    Highly recommend, the food was great but the atmosphere is priceless. Eggs benny was outstanding with actual poached eggs.

  177. DexterRexter

    Looooove love love Ophelia’s. Try the poppers- we usually end up getting a couple orders of them. Everything on the menu that I have tried has been stellar. We like to take guests from out of town here to impress. This place is a must-try.

  178. s k.

    I love this place!! The service is AMAZING and the food is fantastic. Brunch, dinner or just drinks…you won’t be disappointed.

  179. Heather W.

    In one word… Excellent! I know, I know, I gave it 4 stars. The only reason I took a star off was for loudness. The food was spectacular! We started with the Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Kale Salad and words just can’t describe. So many flavors, yet they all meshed beautifully. Next we had the Peppadew Poppers and Wagyu Beef Sliders. Both tasty! Loved the atmosphere as well. The music was fun and the layout of the restaurant was ultra modern. Frankly, it was a lot of fun and I really look forward to going back again.

  180. Mary B.

    So good!Had the cheese incident thing, flatbread pizza and green chile cornbread for starters. Loved it all but go for the cornbread. It’s so delicious though on the small side. Has bits of cheese baked into it… Just delish.Dinner was exceptional. I had the chicken and waffles and was blown away and my boyfriend had the scallions and he enjoyed them. The ambiance of this place won us over tenfold and the staff went above and beyond for our anniversary. We will be going back for sure because it was an experience, not just another dinner and drink date night.

  181. Jeremy L.

    Ambiance , Vibe , Music and Food. This place has got it down. One of my favorite places to visit while in Denver.

  182. Alicia B.

    Amazing bartender Samuel!! He is the type of person you want to stay and drink around all evening! Great spirit and great service! You made our girls night an experience

  183. Irfan S.

    Solid brunch and ambience. Outside seating in the back is fantastic if you don’t want live music. I also recommend inidiviual glasses of blood orange mimosasa and the hummus veggie small plate as entree. Share appetizers.

  184. Chad M.

    The food is amazing. Drinks were awesome and the wait staff was on point. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat. I loved it.

  185. Peter S.

    An outstanding choice! Very cool venue with an interesting history, make sure you walk around to explore a little before leaving. The food and drinks are creative and quite delicious. Wait staff is attentive and knowledgeable on your options. They frequently have shows so check their calendar and reserve early.

  186. Blessy M.

    AMAZINGGGGG!!! food atmosphere and service all get 5 stars! I went with my family of 5 so I got to try 5 different entrees and one was always better thank the next. The place has a live band stage and huge projector screen so is a perfect place as a date or any event really. We went for a birthday and they gave the birthday girl absolutely amazing treatment. I couldn’t reccoment this place more.. And if your interested in a cool story ask about the history behind the restaurant!

  187. Johnnyboy123

    We came to Denver for a conference (from New York). We were looking for a place which would represent Denver with a fun ambiance, and of course, tasty food. Ophelia’s definitely did not disappoint! The food was very tasty and fresh, and reasonably priced. The service was great. Waiters were very attentive and helpful in food selection. My colleagues and I were very happy with all of our dishes. We recommend the shishito poppers, any of the flatbread choices, asparagus, and the string cheese incident. For dessert, we had the mouth watering Brownie sundae and butterscotch pudding. These are definitely must haves at Ophelia’s!

  188. Kevin C.

    This place is incredible! From the interior details to the food and crowd you’ll be hard pressed to find a better night out in Denver for atmosphere, drinks and food. We tried multiple plates and all of hem were excellent. Manager Jose Bou is a true professional and made our night that much more special with his and his staffs attentive hospitality! Definitely go there!

  189. anthony1

    One of my absolute favorite with the great atmosphere incredible customer service and food and cocktails are fantastic!

  190. Jared L.

    Flavor and ingenuity is what this menu represents. From the duck wings having a great balance to the amazing dessert items this was truly a pleasant surprise. I was apprehensive about it first knowing this buildings past and watching Boondock Saints too many times, I thought I’d never find myself in this place enjoying some awesome culinary prowess. The food was amazing, we had the duck wings to start and they were hands down a standalone dish to themselves. The wagyu beef sliders were exceptional paired with a great list of side options. Everyone in our party was very happy with their entree. For dessert, even if you’re not sweets person you have to try the salted bourbon smoked caramel. This is a really cool spot and a refreshing upscale option to this certain subsection of downtown. Cheers and hats off to them for service as well, all our need were very attended to.

  191. yanard12

    Outside – 5 stars. It looks like an old building in New Orleans!Inside – 5 stars! You can’t stop looking around. The restaurant/bar looks like cabaret meets Tokyo. There’s old, vintage Playboy-like decor of women (this place used to be an old brothel…so it makes sense, and I love that they kept that part of history in the restaurant). The bar top looks like a bunch of pinball machines linked together, and they are all lit up, with comic book themed visuals. The lighting throughout is trendy and fun. Plenty of seating and very spacious. There is also a stage that every table can see for when they are playing live music. Most of the furniture is lounge furniture or booths which I love because it’s so comfortable.Food – I couldn’t stop eating! They have the best hummus plate I’ve ever had! It was not only served with pita bread, with with cooked carrots, cucumbers, watermelon radishes, dates, and a couple other foods for dipping. We also had their duck wings which were so flavorful (and I don’t even like duck that much) and it was served with a sesame ranch dressing. I had the beer cheese & broccoli soup which was very hearty and filling. And the chicken & waffles for dinner! The waffles were mashed potato waffles which was different but good. It also came with syrup underneath which gave it a sweet touch. The chicken was perfectly crispy and served without the bones, which made it easier to eat. Drinks – They were good! Nothing really unique or out of the ordinary. They were simple and good and had a nice beer selection as well.Service – 5 stars as well! Very attentive and our food came out fast. Our server was Stacy and she was HILARIOUS which made our night even more enjoyable. She kept us laughing the entire time and you could tell she genuinely cared to make sure we were happy. Request her when you go in! She’s awesome!

  192. Jae K.

    Con: This place is already super popular and very busy after one month – another 5-star rating won’t affect that. Do get a table in advance – walk in off the street and you’ll get neither table nor (bar) seat!Pros: My date and I had plantains, scallops, the Spring Cheese Incident, smoked salted caramels, and butterscotch pudding, in that order. I won’t go into tons of goofy details, but the little brown crisp-fried plantains came with cotija cheese, lime joghurt, and cilantro pesto. Yes, it tastes like it sounds. Really nice round flavors on everything else, too. Very thoughtful.Great decor, interesting space that incorporates a stage and live events, well thought-out lavatories, and the perfect amount of lighting that focuses attention on the food and is, in my opinion, ideal for a first date.Last point is that I always say I’d pick good service over good food (yup) but Ophelia’s forces no such decision. Our waiter is a rockstar; he was just-right attentive and not too in-yo-face. The rest of the staff were sweethearts as well, quite friendly and accommodating but not overbearing. Overall, the place has a great energy, patrons included.Challenge: Put up a vegetarian (and vegan-capable) entree!Epilogue: I got the bill in the end, and I could have sworn I was undercharged. So yes, a great experience on the whole! Thank you!

  193. Justin W.

    Ophelia, I want to keep you a secret because it’s going to be impossible to come see you. Let me say, you are something to stare at. Seriously, I stared at your walls, your ceiling, your downstairs, your lights, the bar, my wife – yes, keep looking at your wife. The food was a total smoke show. To my eyes, to my palate, to my slightly overweight belly from last years holidays. You have won me. Who pays $15 for a burger? I do. I do now every time. I have tasted what a bison burger was meant to taste like. You have ruined all my other favorite burger places. I hate you and love you. Oh how I love you.First: The plantains doused with cotija cheese and a cilantro pesto. What?! Next: Scandinavian duck meatballs. By the time you move on to this plate you will find yourself at a loss for words. I’m afraid if I open my mouth the sound of a symphony will erupt and the entire restaurant will break out into dance. Encore: the bison burger. It’s been 24 hours and I’m still thinking about you. The perfectly salted and peppered patty of what once used to be an innocent animal waiting for its home on my plate. You lived your life well and I take a moment of silence to remember you. (Silence) Nice little draft selection. Cocktails represented well. Wines to suit. If I could give a restaurant a hug I would. Consider this it Ophelia. Open those arms wide. I’m holding on forever.

  194. Heather E.

    My friends raved about this place, but I had never been. It’s very underwhelming from the outside, but really interesting inside. There are two levels, the main, which overlooks the stage and one below, where the stage is. We visited on a Saturday afternoon. There was live music, the drinks were creative, I personally enjoyed the Never Enough cocktail. It was just a really cool vibe. I would definitely go there again.

  195. Chris T.

    Yeah, this place is pretty awesome. I’ve been to a lot of great restaurants and I’ve been to a lot of great music venues, and this place is both. Food, service, drinks are all great. And one of the most unique music venues I’ve ever seen.

  196. danielson

    After eating first at Root Down I was really excited to eat here. It was pretty good, but not as good as RD. We had the fried shishito’s and curds for starters. It was OK, but there were like 3 peppers and the cheese kind of disappeared into the dough. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t too many veggie options. I had a modified Cobb salad b/c veggie burgers are usually what I resort to as a last option. The salad was good. The atmosphere was great, and the butterscotch pudding was tasty too!

  197. Minji K.

    Came in here on a Friday night since we had some friends out of town visiting colorado. We ordered mussels, chicken and waffles, artichokes (which was not my favorite lol), scallops, bison burger, and mini sliders. Besides the artichokes, everything else was on point. Did I mention they have great cocktails? YAS! All of our friends enjoyed this unique place AND if your into live music, this is the place to be! Can’t go wrong at this place, they have great food, great cocktails and great music

  198. Anna S.

    Oh, Ophelia – how I wanted to love you so…However, it wasn’t what I expected. :(First off, I had an open table reservation for 8:30pm on a Sat night. However 3 times they tried to seat me somewhere where someone was already seated or had been reserved. Massive chaos with all the hostesses. It was like nobody knew what was going on! I was finally seated at 9pm. Mind you, my 2 hr. Meter was running the whole time, which made me feel rushed and stressed.Manager came over to talk to me and apologize, which was appreciated. He offered to bring out an appetizer, which was tasty (plantains). My meal was good. Loved the mushroom flatbread. Rich delicious flavor! Deconstructed cheesecake was also good, but the cold dish was brought out on a very hot plate, which seemed strange to me.Bill time, and they charged me for the app that was supposed to be comped…disappointed again. It’s like right hand didn’t talk to the left. Had to hurry up to get to my car in time.Overall a cool different place, nice ambiance. Loved the live DJ, painting and watching the people dancing below. However, quite loud – not good for a “getting to know you” date. Service was majorly lacking, pretty disappointed despite manager’s attempt to rectify…Proceed with caution if you want to check out this new place.

  199. Peter C.

    We came for brunch. I had one of their proprietary cocktails with gin and some herbal liqueur and it was excellent. Boozy but well-balanced. A little herbal and not much sweet. That was by far the best part of the meal. We ordered the hummus, the string-cheese incident, and the duck meatballs. Like many of Justin Cucci’s restaurants, I thought everything was heavy-handed and overwrought. The flavors were kind of all over the place. The sauces were in some cases too sweet, and in others they just didn’t work. Even the hummus suffered from these shortcomings. Finally the non-hummus plates were extremely rich. My tummy was not in the best of places after eating here. I will likely not return for the food.

  200. Devin J.

    If you have friends in town or you are just out for the night date or not. This is a go to favorite of ours. The food is amazing drinks are AWSOME and they always have some great bands booked. I recommend the cornbread that is a must. The mussels are also have a great garlic broth. The last time we were there the show started late so we didn’t really get to enjoy eating and the show and by the time it finally started we had been sitting next way to long to stay and watch. Literally the only bad thing I have to say.

  201. Rachelle B.

    We celebrated my birthday with 6 people and had a good time. The service was great and the food and drinks were delicious. The only major downside was the layout of the restaurant is very awkward. We were sat at a table for six in a row facing the stage. In their defense, they told me this when I booked, but since this was our first time here I had no idea what that meant. Our server explained they only have a few tables that can seat more than 5 – so if you have a large group book way in advance and make sure you are clear about the table you get. All in all it was a nice dinner, but it could have been much better if we all could have had a conversation.

  202. Kiersten S.

    Awesome atmosphere, tasty cocktails (try the Untitled Project) delicious food, good service. Love this place and i think you will too!

  203. nickstrip

    Stopped in for dinner on Sunday night. Service is a bit slow but the food was great. They also had a burlesque show which added to the fun. Reservations are definitely recommended.

  204. Sarah H.

    Unimpressed. We had a reservation for 7:30, didn’t get seated until 8 and even that was on the patio in the rain. Mediocre service that took quite a long time. No effort was made to compensate for our frustrating experience in way of perhaps a free dessert or something of the sort. There are way better restaurants in Denver with a lot less hype. When did waiters and waitresses stop caring about how they look? Maybe the place was just having an off night, but I won’t go back.

  205. Amy C.

    We had a really fantastic dinner here on Friday night while visiting Denver. The space is worth a visit alone. The food was on point; the service not so much. A good jam band was playing while we ate and the music was awesome but it was almost impossible to have a convo with the other couple across the table. Ophelia’s has an IMPRESSIVE gluten free menu and even their GF flatbread is worth the calories (I find most GF “pizza” terrible). Our table of 4 had a series of small plates to share:Spring Cheese Incident: Beyond delicious. My favorite thing I ate in Denver.BBQ Oysters: My second favorite thing I ate in Denver. SO GOOD! Served with a medicine dropper vial of hot sauce…which is maybe trying a little too hard in the presentation department, but damn that’s good hot sauce.Peppadew Poppers: If you’re GF, get these bad boys. You won’t have something this good that’s fried ever again in your sad, gluten free life. I didn’t love the marmalade on the side but I went ham on those poppers.Scallops: These little cuties are smoked and succulent. Get them. Arepas: Pretty straightforward. Enjoyable but somewhat forgettable. Truffle Goat Cheese Flatbread: The wheat-eaters loved the gluten-full version and I loved the GF version. Win/win!The server was super knowledgeable about the building history and menu. The service started out smoothly, but he was definitely in the weeds which affected the pace of our drinks and meal. Someone at our table was always on E and who wants to sit at a fun dinner without his/her drink?! Not me.A very good experience overall. Would definitely return.

  206. Michele S.

    This might just be my new favorite spot in Denver. With this being a sister restaurant to Linger & Root Down, I had high expectations and Ophelia’s did not disappoint. My friend and I had reservations at 8:30pm on a Saturday night so that we could enjoy the music (starts at 9pm) and dinner. Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived, so we waited about 20 minutes. Honestly, we didn’t mind because it gave us a chance to grab drinks and check out the restaurant. The ambiance is awesome – great lighting, interesting art/decor, and overall cool vibe. The beer selection is great & the drink menu was pretty extensive. I tried the Vaudeville and it was delicious. My friend and I were lucky to be seated at small table on the balcony that overlooks the stage/dance floor area. This gave us a perfect vantage point to listen to the music (without it being too loud), watch the artist paint, and do some prime people watching. We started with the Spring Cheese Incident. Um… wow. That might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Get it, you won’t be let down. We then shared the #3 flatbread, which was a pretty basic bolognese w/ carrots. My friend and I kept commenting that it was incredible how the flatbread managed to taste so complex, even when it seemed pretty simple. We also split the Wagyu Sliders, which were as delicious as everything else. We were stuffed at this point, so I didn’t get to try the dessert menu. I felt the menu was pretty reasonable, considering it’s a trendy restaurant downtown. We ended up at about $60 for everything.Service was fast and friendly. I don’t have a single complaint about my experience. I loved that this place managed to “feed” me in so many ways – good food, great drinks, music, art AND people watching. It’s basically heaven.

  207. Ric K.

    Amazing atmosphere, cocktails, entertainment AND food. Love this place. A hip, trendy, relaxed spot that’s great for drinks, dinner, or just relaxing and taking in the scenery. Order the Duck Meatballs!!

  208. Vanessa W.

    This place was awesome. Wait staff friendly and helpful, drinks were killer (serious Jones and the diamond lil’s with a couple local beers) and all the food was fantastic. (Wagyu sliders, mushroom flatbread, brothel burger) Cozy interior, too bad we didn’t get to see live music when we visited. The music over the speakers was awesome. Nice decor without being too in-your-face about the brothel history. I definitely recommend coming here with friends for a night on the town. Maybe leave grandma at home, unless she’s into that.

  209. Cari B.

    I had dinner with a friend here and really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. It’s a really unique building with an interesting history which adds to the mystique. My friend and I split the Brothel Burger and the Frontiere Bison Burger. Eating an ostrich burger in a former brothel, a bucket list item I couldn’t have invented. The ostrich was good but the bison burger was amazing! We also split the butterscotch pudding even though we were full. But those few bites were heavenly. Who knew pudding could be so good?

  210. Avery W.

    I love this place! I’ve been here twice now for brunch and it’s been delicious each time. It’s a fun environment with…unique decorations. I say that because it used to be a brothel and definitely maintains some of its original flare. I think the best way to go about dining here is to grab some friends, DEFINITELY order the bottomless mimosas and split a bunch of appetizers/entrees! That’s the route I took both times I’ve been and it did not disappoint. A few recommendations: the Fried Egg and Spring Cheese Incident, Malt & Pecan Sticky Bread and The Breakfast Quesadilla — but you really can’t go wrong with anything. Also, the mimosas here are legit mimosas. Not only do the servers keep the pours coming, but they aren’t all OJ — plleennntyyy of champagne. Ophelia’s brings in a live band on Sundays, which makes for the perfect brunch atmosphere. Tasty food, good drinks and live music make for a great Sunday in Denver.

  211. Brandon B.

    Had a great experience. Food was amazing and the environment was very fun. I highly recommend checking it out. Order the ribs and Arepas…

  212. Keith B.

    So I heard good things about the guy that runs these places, so we got ourselves invited along for drinks and food to check out the new spot.It’s good. The food is *very good* – and the decor is hipsterific – it’s very much a callback to remind you “hey, this used to be a brothel! NIPPLES!” so plan accordingly in who you bring.The drinks were tasty – and they had a nice lounge area that I wouldn’t mind hitting up next time I’m in town.Totally busted their bartender tasting the drink (as you do, to make sure it’s proper) and then REUSING the same straw in the other two drinks.So… don’t know about trusting the drinks they bring to your table.

  213. Leigh P.

    One of my new favs in Denver. Can’t wait to get back here on a night when they have live entertainment so I can see what they really have to offer. The food on the other hand was what can be expected if you were in Root Down or Linger meaning that it was fantastic. And of course all the serving and hosting staff was awesome.

  214. Julia B.

    OH MY GOD. I LOVE THIS PLACE.So the “theme” is kitschy sex lounge. It feels like a San Francisco bar, or some uber New York bar or something. There are those movies, where the setting is so unique, you think: where’s that? I want to go there!! There is this awesome pit, with a stage, and tables surrounding the stage. Then on the lower level, there is the stage with swaggy lounge seating surrounding and tables or seats in front. It reminds me of the Ricky Ricardo lounge restaurants, or the restaurant Uma kicked everyone’s ass in Kill Bill- seriously. It’s THAT cool.Every detail deserves recognition. The wallpaper with the super cool guitar designs, the perfect velvety gold couches, the fabulous totally original repurposed bar, the separate but equal lounge areas and the real mid-mod lighting with new style lighting that has its own genre that I don’t know about yet. It’s cool that the sexuality represented that is cheeky and post modern. The posters are awesome, the bar, the pulp fiction in the window, its like a museum of sexy kitsch. Happy hour.The drinks were lovely, and the snacks delish . I had 2 house cocktails and cheese curds which were lovely. My only complaint is that I wish they had more gin/vodka based drinks, for selfish reasons, I don’t do bourbon. It seems these hipster spots always have such wild foodie choices that I want them to have some more regular or assured choices that I can imagine how they will taste because I know what it looks like. I don’t prefer the liquors like campari or herbal liquors or anise liquors, The flavors are too much. It seemed most of their house cocktails had these in them. Which goes with the vibe. I love natural flavors, but am willing to try it all. I am going back for dinner, and will update. Oh yes, I am.

  215. erin h.

    Absolutely loved everything. Have been there twice and the food is amazing. The Spring Cheese Incident and feta green chili cornbread was a great way to start off our dinner. Order the duck wings if you like spice (too spicy for me, but still tasty). Our entire group agreed that the salmon entree was some of the best we’d ever had, and the steak frites were done to perfection. Be sure to also check out the bar downstairs made from 4,000 Jaeger bottles.Congrats to the Edible Beats team for opening another winner!

  216. Alison C.

    Absolute best brunch in Denver. Amazing food- goat cheese cornbread, cinnamon roll, kale salad were all fantastic with live music and a fun atmosphere. Can’t say enough!

  217. David W.

    Ophelia’s is good but no where near on the level of Linger or Root Down, yet. Fun atmosphere and we had pretty decent service, too. I ordered the veggie burger done vegan, which is explicitly called out on the menu and was told it would have to come in a lettuce wrap since the bun has dairy. I know they can get vegan buns – they do it at both of their other restaurants. Being that it was the only vegan meal option, I had to work with it. The burger itself was pretty good, but would have been better on a bun!

  218. Marni D.

    Really cool, beautiful space. They have valet parking. We got a bunch of small plates to share- the spring cheese incident and the #1 flatbread were my favorite. They also had a great beer list. I would definitely go back!

  219. Roger A.

    When I heard of a new restaurant that was created from an old brothel I had to try. Right when I walked in the hostess was very friendly and made sure to show me around. The happy hour has a huge variety and is one of the best in town. Had a slight hiccup when they told me they did not have a reservation for me even though I did make one 3 days prior. But that’s OK, the staff set me up anyway. As my group arrived, we ended up just ordering from the variety of dishes off of the happy hour menu as the staff made sure we could squeeze every minute out of the good prices. All in all, great food, prices and a very friendly staff with impeccable service. I’ll certainly be returning.

  220. Sarah G.

    This place is top notch! Ive only been for brunch (twice) but I cant wait to go back for dinner or happy hour sometime. I have had the plantains, goat cheese corn bread, crème brulee French toast and the pork benedict. All were very inventive and full of flavor. I recommend this spot for anyone looking for a fun time!

  221. Emily C.

    We had a great experience here last night. The ambiance was fantastic and the service was even better. I was a bit worried about the service due to some poor reviews, but our server was very friendly and attentive. I actually disliked my main entree and she insisted on bringing me something else. After the new dish arrived, a manager came by to apologize and make sure I liked the new dish. That gets an A+ in my book.

  222. Billy M.

    Daniel Asher was kind enough to talk us thru some of his inspirations during our meal. His passion shows on the plates!Steak and Frits was well prepared and beautifully presented. Smashed baked potato was incredible and the horseradish sauce was well balanced and a great compliment. Perhaps one of the best pieces of salmon I’ve had that is well presented with a small, hand rolled pasta ( like little pearls). Absolutely perfectly cooked.Only to be topped by a Veggie burger. I’m a carnivore at heart but this was incredible. I’ve never had such a dish that my brain said no way yet my taste buds and nasal passage said BRING MORE as this is not for real….testing 123….incredible burger!Service was impeccable and Daniel is extremely welcoming and informative. So much so we flew home today out of Denver and of course had to try another one of their locations at the airport: Root Down!Skip the dope in Denver folks, get high on Edible Beats locations in Denver.

  223. Andrew B.

    Ambiance:5 starsFood: 5 starsService: 5 starsOverall 5 starsMy wife and I came in and had an amazing time at Ophelia! The food was fantastic. The decor is sexy, retro, and classy. Ophelias is a fun sexy place for a date. Our dinner service was great, and it was extremely busy. They handled the crowd very well. The live music is a fun element its dinner, drinks, and a show all in one. We would definitely come back.

  224. Brad T.

    Very cool and trendy hipster bar/club place. They have a bunch of fancy drinks with ingredients I have never heard of and they are a little pricey, but you are going here for the atmosphere, and it is amazing! Two levels with a stage that is viewable from both levels, and cool vintage decor. Definitely worth a visit.

  225. Scott G.

    Okay, so we went here for a friend’s Birthday, and OMG the service was above and beyond! For a party of eight, I expected some slow service (We were just there to enjoy company mostly). They brought our a water pitcher for her roses, was very prompt in serving us. The food… holy crap it was amazing. I wasn’t very hungry… until my pork benedict appeared. The live music was crazy good as well, and the atmosphere was incredible. Honestly have never been to a place so interesting (used to be a brothel!)10/10 would go here again. It’s a true gem in Denver.

  226. Elzabeth G.

    When did Denver become cool? the Denver I visited on a recent trip was not the Denver I remember from years ago and what a change – in a good way. My husband and I came to Ophelia’s on a friend’s recommendation and what a nice surprise. The place just has a great vibe, it accommodates all tastes – if you want to sit at the bar/ balcony people watching, or sit at the cool bar, or instead relax and eat dinner on one of their sofas, go down and listen to the DJ or watch sports on the massive screen – it has it all. My husband and I opted for the bar/ balcony and had such a great time. We had 2 waiters while we were there and they were both super friendly, informative and very accommodating. The food was amazing, very interesting and very delicious, so were the drinks. I ask again, when did Denver become cool?After dinner, my husband and I walked to the Summit and wow, what an interesting and exciting neighborhood.

  227. Nicholas N.

    Oh man… OH MAN. It’s a bit difficult to describe Ophelia’s. But I think that’s a good thing. I came here for a brunch on a Saturday with the Ladyhawk and we were just blown away by how cool the space is. Ophelia’s is a really radical venue / bar / dining experience. We sat on in a booth for two on the upper floor circling and looking down at the stage. The best part? We didn’t even see a show – they were still setting up (and I still immediately said to myself, ‘damn, this is a great setup’). Instead we watched some old samurai movie projecting above it while we drank delicious cocktails and ate an epic savory brunch with a pan of corn bread, killer french toast, and some other savory item that made my mouth water but I forget at the moment. I am very interested in going back for a dinner experience.

  228. Jamie D.

    Ask your server to explain the history of this place. I love the ambiance, the decorations, the lighting, the booth set up… It was so fun to have dinner here with some old gal pals! Plus anything we ordered was absolutely incredible. I’ve had plenty of chicken & waffles, considering I live in Austin, TX. But the chicken & waffles at Ophelia’s was the best I’ve ever had. An amazing combination of flavors, and the chicken was cooked just right. The hummus board was also amazing! And the drink suggestions from our server were all on point. If only I lived in Denver, I would come to Ophelia’s for all of time.

  229. igor34

    My husband and I just ate here for brunch yesterday. I thought the food was okay, and so was the service. It looks like a cool place, but not sure we will be returning. For example, my husband ordered wine, and received it after he finished his meal. Kind of a bummer!

  230. Heather B.

    An absolute 5 star winner This is a gem amongst the downtown hustle and bustle. I literally have been wanting to try it out since day 1 of my move January 2016. But when there are so many places to try…well it took me 6 months to get here…but believe me it won’t be 2 weeks before I return. What a cool venue! So well done. Kudos to the owners, designers, and architects that came up with the concept here. It’s a performance space with the best balance of visual interest and out-of-your-mind delicious food without being over the top too loud to have an interesting conversation with whomever is lucky enough to be next to you. Highly recommend the blood orange bottomless mimosa and the shrimp and grits was so surprisingly spicy, texturally interesting and flavorful I will be dreaming about it for days to come. Service was excellent and friendly… with someone to top off your pint sized mimosa every few minutes to keep it cold. The music was great…a French loungy group. Easy to listen to but kept our interest! Come on Sunday morning and you won’t be disappointed!

  231. Brian L.

    Food was great and they did a great job pacing out our small plates. Service started off a little slow.

  232. Inayah V.

    Gastropub and brothel by the people that brought you Linger and Root Down. Seems like the perfect combination! It’s a fun theme, and I like the cocktails. Ophelia’s is also, unfortunately, a live music venue. I wouldn’t mind so much except it makes having a conversation and having functioning eardrums impossible. That’s one thing when you’re out late on a weekend night but for brunch? Kill the amp! Speaking of brunch, I was a little disappointed in the food (Linger is much better for that if you’re wondering).

  233. Gretchen G.

    If you are looking for “trendy” this is a good choice. I’ve been for a few birthday celebrations and also brunch; it’s always busy so make a reservation.It’s really all about ambiance here. Dark, clubby, retro chic. It’s made to look like a cabaret show might start at any moment. I recommend the corn bread, the flank steak, and the hard eight cocktail. Really everything we had was good but those are the ones that stood out. I don’t recommend sitting on the balcony facing the stage when a band is performing, way too loud.

  234. Natalie D.

    Food is fantastic – creative and delicious. Cocktails are unique. Ambiance is AMAZING.Ask to sit on the patio (when it’s warm out).

  235. Kent T.

    A decent late night bar option with plenty of specialty cocktails. Cool venue with live music in the basement. Excellent brunch and no matter when you go, you should order their cornbread.I will say that it can get a little too crowded. If you’re over 6 feet and/or 200 lbs, you may get a bit claustrophobic. For instance, we had a party of 6 and were crammed into a standard 4-top booth. My enjoyment decreases a little bit when I have to rotate and sit on one (side) cheek for the evening.

  236. Mitch G.

    Denver continues to up their restaurant game, and Ophelia’s is a great addition to the city’s scene. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you enter, prepare to be amazed. Their design team did an incredible job outfitting this place – it is beautiful. One a nice day, enjoy their covered patio.While a lot of places spend their money on the vibe/ambiance, but then the food does not match, Ophelia’s is not the case. The menu is delicious, approachable, and reasonably priced. Lots of places have weird menus and try to be too trendy (and fail), I like that this place has some interesting options, unique takes, but it is still understandable and makes sense. Everything my table ordered was delicious. The plantains, lamb meatballs, kale salad, ostrich burger and bison were all delicious, fresh, and paired with good sides and sauces. The cocktail menu is also well thought out and delivers.Ophelia’s has live music on the weekends, and the space is perfectly arranged to enjoy some of their acts. It almost reminds me of a modern supper club. This is one of those restaurants I will be bringing out of town visitors and guests to enjoy.

  237. Eric J.

    The bathroom keeps a man honest. The music incites the soul. The food inspires repetition. Ophelia you rock me!

  238. Molly J.

    Where do I even begin with Ophelia’s? The food was sublime, the drinks were balanced and strong, and the ambiance was romantic and exciting. What a gorgeous venue to not only dine but also to hear some great live music. While the plates are technically “small plates”, my husband and I only ordered 3 dishes between the two of us and we were well satiated. The house burger, made from ostrich, was unique and savory. The deconstructed Monte Cristo was light but very filling, served in phyllo dough and topped with roasted nuts. But the plantains…the plantains. They were fried to perfection and topped with cotija cheese, lime yogurt, cilantro pesto, and microgreens. The sauces managed to bring out the true flavor of the plantains while adding a complex twist on this classic Central American dish. They are a standout – do not skip them!Onto dessert – I am a sucker for cheesecake. And Ophelia’s did not disappoint. Served in a wide, stout mason jar, the cheesecake was not overly sweet and was perfectly balanced. One of my favorite things in the world is having coffee with my dessert, and the latte made a perfect compliment to the dish.We then headed downstairs to enjoy some great local and national hip hop artists. Rounding the night with several of the delicious Jones Society drinks while lounging on the luxurious seats near the stage was the perfect way to top off a splendid evening. Tip: the drink menu is found in the view finders that you’ll see located around the bar. I felt it a unique and delightful twist on the traditional paper menu, and very fitting for the ambiance of the evening. It was a night to remember. Thank you, Ophelia’s, for making our birthday celebration truly remarkable.

  239. Stacey C.

    Wow! What a awesome, unique addition to Denver! The space is a restaurant and a stage for bands and sets up for a fun night of great food and music whether you’re with a group of friends or on a date. The designers did a great job on every little detail. Drinks and food were great as well and a huge shout out to the staff. Every person working there is friendly and helpful. So happy for a fun and unique place in Denver! Can’t wait to go back!

  240. Patrick M.

    Went on the first night of their soft opening. What an amazing place! Great fun, food and cocktails. And they also did a fantastic job repurposing an old historical building that had seen better days.

  241. Karsyn M.

    So I bookmarked this place before my friends and I took out trip out here to Colorado and completely forgot that I did. So while we were drinking at a nearby brewery and trying to find food I looked through my bookmarks and based on a picture posted from a review I convinced my friends we HAD to come here. We were all blown away. First off the atmosphere is awesome. Our server, Stacy, informed us it used to be a brothel before it was turned into a bar. Everything was just so different and detailed. The bar downstairs was made out of what looked like jäger bottles. We didn’t realize there was going to be a band playing the night we went. We got to see a little bit of the opener and they were really good. The food was incredible. We shared some appetizers and they were all delicious. We got the chili cornbread, the poppers and cheese curds, mussels and mushroom flat bread and seriously we were blown away at how amazing it all was. To top it all off the service was equally amazing. Stacy was so friendly and gave recommendations of other places to see in the area. She went out of her way to accommodate us and she totally made my best friend’s day. We are going to try and go back again before we leave for home.

  242. Rebecca B.

    Such a great venue! Everything from great food to fun history of the building to the music events. The food is amazing and service fantastic! The cocktails have a fun speakeasy theme to them. The brunch is one of the best in town!

  243. Lisa C.

    Brussels sprouts were unique and something I will be trying to make at home. Delish! Also the quail egg flatbread was melty and light. Get the truffle fries. You will need some $$ but this place is serving up a unique mix with vivid imagination. A friend got the veggie burger and the “meat” was a beet base with the look/texture of pulled pork, she enjoyed it. The oysters and mussels were perfect and the string cheese incident is downright dangerous. Go to Ophelia’s

  244. billtheguy12

    I really want to give this place a 5, but I must be blown away to do so. I want to go back and try it again so I can up the star level. I’m a Jazz singer and many of my musical friends play at venues all around town. My good friends were playing the Jazz brunch last Sunday and a friend and I decided to stop by. As I walked by on the sidewalk, I noticed the side walls/windows were open. It’s nice since they don’t have a patio to sit outside because it still gives you that open feel. Many people have said to make reservations but my friend and I didn’t and we were seated quickly and with a table to oversee the stage where my friends were playing. The further deep you go into the place, the darker it gets, but I like that. It’s a great setting for live music, even in the bright of day. We walk in on the second level. There’s a pretty exciting bar and then tables and the kitchen up there. Downstairs was close but we could see there was a dance floor and tables. The restrooms are also located downstairs and they are so cool. The doors are made out of rulers of different lengths and colors. I loved that.I ordered the sausage and eggs off the brunch menu. It was not what I was expecting as the sausage came on a bed of arugula. I loved the sauce that came with it and I also added some of their house-made hot sauce. I normally order eggs over medium but since there was no bread with this dish I decided to order scrambled eggs. They were ok but definitely nothing special. The menu looked fantastic though. It was hard to make a choice and I’m excited to go back and try something new. I also ordered the blood orange mimosa. I love that they have bottomless mimosas for brunch. Next time I’ll stick to the traditional mimosa because the blood orange was ok. The sound system is amazing though. And the layout of the upper level seems quite even so everyone has a great view of the stage below. I can’t wait to see more events here and try more of the menu. I also love the story behind the building. I love that there’s so much history in Denver and they don’t knock down old buildings but improve them. It’s so awesome. Atmosphere/Vibe: 5 StarsFood: 4 StarsService: 4 Stars

  245. Jennifer R.

    My husband and I are big fans of Linger, and were curious as to what to expect with a “gastrobrothel”. Well, we weren’t disappointed! The food, drinks, service, and decor were fantastic! The decor is racy and fun, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a kids’ restaurant, since there are definitely suggestive pieces of art and some nudity. Or, at least for younger kids. The service was attentive, and our server was very helpful and spot on with her menu suggestions. We ordered the poppers (fried cheese and pepper poppers with dips), the sausage plate, and the sliders. So good!! We were saying “mmmm” over and over again. The only item that wasn’t perfect was the s’mores dessert – it was delicious, but I thought it could use some crunch or texture. We’ll definitely be back, and we’ll bring friends!

  246. marlonmoney12

    Excellent Chicken & Waffles. Great suggestions from my bartender Gin Ju, she was super knowledgeable on the menu and the atmosphere is unique with live music.

  247. Steve R.

    I was here once before and was pulled away before I finished my beer, but not before I tried the duck wings, dreamed of them ever since. Well now I’m back and just as good as I remember..

  248. Nicolette E.

    Pretension abounds! Although this is a very cool space and concept (seriously, can these guys do anything wrong when it comes to restaurant design!?) I found that just like their other spots (Linger, Root Down) the service is super pretentious. Our party of 4 had brunch reservations and I tried for 2 days to change them but apparently no one ever answers the phone. We decided to try to squeeze in a little earlier and we knew we would have to wait so we posted up at the bar and had some cocktails. We were told our wait would be about 25-30 mins and instead we waited well over an hour. Now, I understand that hostessing is not an exact science and diners sometimes stay a lot longer than expected. However, this particular time we witnessed tables sitting empty for 30+ mins. One table sat empty the entire time we were at the bar. That’s just bad managing. Oh and my bloody mary was mediocre. The food was pretty good, I had the chicken and waffles (beware C&W connoisseurs, this is not what you’d expect – it’s a pounded down and breaded chicken filet with waffles made of potatoes). Overall I’d say that the brunch at Root Down is better and there are even better spots not associated with this restaurant group (see my review of Bacon Social House). Everyone in our group thought their food was good but overpriced for what it was. I want this place to do well so I hope the owners see this review and try to reset the culture of ALL their restaurants to be more welcoming. There is nothing worse than people who are too cool for everyone else.

  249. Amanda M.

    This place looks really cool and unique but the service was a shame, condescending and useless. I came with a group of six friends for brunch and the staff made us feel so uncomfortable that we were debating whether we should leave or not. Our waitress didn’t care to accommodate our group comfortably, we basically had to set our own table and she never came to ask how everything was going. Finally, when our order arrived, she throw the plates on the table as if she was feeding cows!

  250. XhXeXy

    Absolutely LOVE this place! I have now been here 2 times and have not been disappointed. The drinks are fabulous, food is delicious, and the atmosphere is just so fun. This can easily be a date night spot or a fun night out with friends. The service there has also been on point both times. From the host to the bartenders to the waiters, they are all very friendly and welcoming. I love the live music on the weekends too. You just cant go wrong with this place. If you are looking for a fun night out, do not hesitate to try Ophelias. I cant wait to try happy hour and brunch here as well, as I have heard those are great too!

  251. Erin B.

    Finally made it down here for brunch and I am glad we did. Ophelia’s does Brunch right!

  252. Ron M.

    food is overpriced and pretentious – not really that great either. but the place is awesome to come for shows and drinks. definitely a place ill go, just not to eat.

  253. adam a.

    tried this place again for appetizers and drinks and still thought it was mediocre (compared to expectations from Linger and Root Down). Our group decided to move onto a different place after the first round of food and drinks.

  254. Lauren G.

    In loveeeee with this new venture by the owners of Root Down and Linger. The space is phenomenal, the drinks are on point and the menu is perfecttttt for the vibe. I’ve been for brunch, happy hour and dinner and have had an awesome experience every time. The spring cheese incident and the kale and Brussels sprouts salad are my go-to’s almost anytime I’m there, but I want to branch out and try more of the menu next time. This is definitely one of my new favorite places downtown!

  255. Mindy W.

    The best burger I have ever had! The sausages were pretty amazing too. Loved our server Quinn!

  256. StripClub431

    I keep going back here. My friend had the yak burger. A lot of flavor a going on there. You don’t even notice the yak. I got the beef sliders. Amazing. Definitely a win. This place is solid.

  257. curtis17

    We went on a Sunday morning. Great atmosphere and wonderful creme brulee french toast. We will be back!

  258. Lars R.

    This is a really interesting venue. I loved the food, the service was excellent and the bar really knew how to make a good drink. Not your usual restaurant for sure. Highly recommend it and I am going back again soon!

  259. Sara M.

    Definitely a cool place. We had the chicken and waffles and one of the burgers, and both were really good. I’d absolutely go back.

  260. Cori S.

    My favorite spot in Denver for brunch!Ophelia’s has a really cool vibe and is a fun spot to go with your girlfriends. It used to be a brothel, so the decorations are eclectic to say the least. Still had an old-timey, sexual feel throughout the restaurant.Get the bottomless mimosas- if you don’t, you miss out on the whole brunch experience here. They’re served in a large glass and they really know how to pour it.I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on the menu here. We got a bunch of dishes to share: salmon plate, breakfast quesadilla, pecan cinnabun, nacho flatbread, cheese and egg situation (forgot the exact name…but it was the best situation I’ve ever been in), jalapeño cornbread, and another two or three. We were all smitten and devoured each plate. I’d say my favorite was the breakfast quesadilla and the “situation”. Probably could have gotten another one just for myself.Only weird thing about the restaurant is that they were playing some really creepy, gory movie on the screen for kung-fu happy hour. Probably could have gone without slit throats and spewing blood during brunch!Really enjoyed ourselves here and I have no doubt that I’ll be back for another round or ten of mimosas and many more situations.

  261. Andrea M.

    On our tenth visit, our party of 4 was briefly “forgotten about” after being seated. Must have been confusion among the waitstaff, but they apologized profusely and even brought the whole table a delicious amuse buche AND shots for everyone, free of charge and without us even complaining or asking. And – I was impressed by this – the waitress noticed I was drinking a club soda, so the shot she brought me was actually non-alcoholic juice! Very considerate and professional of them to follow through with this kind of service.

  262. Kate C.

    I’ve only eaten here for brunch, but I was REALLY impressed.I ordered the Berkshire Pork Eggs Benedict and it was like nothing I’ve ever had before. The meat was so tender, the hollandaise flavorful and the eggs perfect. I really wanted to try the pancakes that someone had next to me, but the stack was huge, and I’d just eaten a huge plate of meat and eggs!! The bar staff (I was sat at the bar) were so helpful and went into the kitchen and asked the chef to just do me one pancake, with all the other additions. I was very grateful for the level of service. That pancake was amazing, and I’ll be ordering the whole stack next time!

  263. Nick A.

    Went here for restaurant week on a Thursday night. We sat at the downstairs bar and had a couple drinks before our reservation. Nice selection of beer on tap. The wife had a seasonal. I went with the sex machine a spicy tequila mixed drink. If you like spicy cocktails this is an excellent selection. There was some type of fund raiser going on that night and there was a special menu for a little more than the restaurant week menu. We went with one fund raiser menu and one restaurant week menu. I had scallops, steak and butterscotch pudding. My wife had green chili cornbread, salmon, and some kind of ice cream cookie. All the food we had was very delicious!There was a great band playing that night. The brothel atmosphere, and food were all excellent. My only criticism was the the service was not on par with everything else. Downstairs at the bar we would try and ask staff a question and were straight up ignored. At the dining table our server seemed not very interested in serving us. This place was pretty busy and don’t get me wrong the service wasn’t terrible it just didn’t shine like the rest of the evening.Overall I would definitely recommend this place and we plan on coming back.

  264. navid

    Ophelia’s has a fun atmosphere and is a great place especially when there is some entertainment going on. As a restaurant, the food has never wowed me. The jalapeño/cheese poppers are pretty good, but it’s fried food, and nothing extraordinary. The service is pretty good, I’ve always had reasonably fast service. I enjoy their specialty cocktails, but I would suggest going at happy hour for the deals otherwise you will end up spending a lot. If you can catch the lip-sync night, it’s a fun show to watch! I would suggest reservations, especially for a large group.

  265. Foodie G.

    This place is really cool. From the outside it doesn’t look like much…but the inside is very intimate. Great cheese curd/ pepper appetizer. Really good gin drink. Didn’t stay to see a show but will in the future. I’d highly recommend this place for a great date night. Cozy booths and lighting. Not as many naked pics around as what I first thought.

  266. Carrie K.

    Ridiculously cool bar top & good tap list. Now back to the bar top, it’s gamer style graphics that’s backlit underneath, very cool. The bartenders were friendly & they also have a pretty interesting mixed drink menu.

  267. Jacqueline E.

    We made a reservation and were sat almost 20 minutes late after multiple visits to the hostess station. Our waiter was so busy, service was very slow & compromised. Food & atmosphere were great. I hope they get it together. This place has potential. A manager should have stopped by to apologize for our delayed service. They were clearly under staffed this day. We will be back in hopes they were just having a bad day.

  268. AssnTits5

    In case you may not know this place is a collaboration between Root Down and Linger. They’ve been open since ~April. Our first visit was Saturday 5/30 relatively early in the evening… Roughly 6pm. We were well received and treated to a quick tour of the downstairs dance floor/stage and dining area. They also have a great patio in the back. This seems like it would be a fantastic place to see live music. They do bluegrass type or folk music for brunch and everything under the sun for dinner. Our server (Skylar) was awesome. Did not rush us one bit. All their cocktails looked great and we tried many. We started with chilled scallops and salad to split. Just like Root Down they cater perfectly to food allergies and also have many share plates and appetizers. I had yak burger for dinner and my lady had buffalo burger. We both loved each other’s dishes for sure. Check out their website for music also. I think we’ll be here often!

  269. Alanna M.

    This is the coolest place! Used to be a brothel now turned bad ass bar/restaurant. Ambiance is sexed up and lounged out! There’s a large stage where they offer live music and burlesque shows. The restaurant has 2 levels, one of which includes the stage area, as well as 2 bars. The downstairs bar has a glassed in, light up area consisting of 4013 small Yager bottles. Really cool feature. There are red velvet couches downstairs and lots of seating upstairs, many of which encircle the bottom level and stage, so you can catch a great view to the performance. Unfortunately, there were no shows the day I was there, but I will be back! The bathroom stalls are made of wooden rulers—incredible design & so different. I came here around 4:00 on a weekend day so they were serving on their late night happy hour menu. My friend and I couldn’t make up our minds on what we wanted to order since everything sounded good but we settled on 4 items: the Spring Cheese Incident, the mushroom flatbread, the smashed potatoes and the plantains. We each ordered a beer, which also came from a great selection. The food arrived on time and was extremely good! We loved everything! It was such a great meal! What can you expect though from the restaurant, it’s also owned by Linger and Root Down. I’ll be coming back soon for brunch and all you can drink mimosas for $15! And, I’m definitely coming back for a show so I can sit on the red velvet couches!

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