Emerald City Gentlemen’s Club



1225 Tamiami Trail #B20, Port Charlotte, FL 33953


27.0129307, -82.1493346




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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SW Florida’s Largest Full Nude Strip Club and Full Liquor Bar

To see more pics and videos of our girls visit our website…
Welcome to Emerald City, the largest full nude strip club in South West Florida
First Monday of every month is our $1,000 Amateur Night Contest
Every first Monday in July is our $10,000 Amateur Night Contest
Monday – Saturday 12pm-7pm $1 Drafts
Sundays: $10 Dances all night and Free Drinks from 7pm to 1am
Wednesdays: $10 Dances all night and Free Drinks from 10pm to 1am
Tuesday: Two for Tuesday 2 for 1 Well Drinks

To learn more about Emerald City and the story behind how we came to be, visit our website link below (click articles section)

Make sure to also visit our other sister clubs, Bikini Sports Bar/Night Club, Club Fluid, and Stogies Cigar Bar

Thank you to all my friends and customers for making all of my clubs a huge success, and making Emerald City one of the largest and most popular gentlemens club in the state of Florida. I wish the best to everyone.
-Kipp Whaley CEO


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0 reviews for “Emerald City Gentlemen’s Club

  1. b
  2. Danie


  3. bob m

    enjoyed myself, classy place,thumbs up

  4. rich

    cant wait to come back, check out Naida shes gorgeous. theres alot of lovely ladies and its worth the $10 cover charge. theres a full bar next to the club


    Love this place…. girls are awesome and friendly…. great atmosphere. Weekly visits recomended!!!

  6. swish

    nice place,,missin u EVA

  7. JP


  8. Cheddar

    these girls are alot better than most of the other clubs that i been to in a minute

  9. kathy

    nice change of pace (class)

  10. Viki

    my husband, myself and misc. people go about once a week now. I have my fav dancer, never had one before now, I go strictly to see Rage!!!

  11. Alexandria

    I went to this club with my girlfriend and the girls were awesome! Id never been before, it was a great time for the both of us! Will be our new weekly date!!!

  12. steven

    had fantastic time, girls were hot

  13. stacy

    very enjoyable

  14. kennyfromthecape

    I went to emerald city last weekend with my brother and his girlfriend and had a kick ass time. We met 2 gorgeous babes candy and eva, i think. They were very friendly to us and had sexy bodies and nice smiles. We had a private $10 naked dance with them and i think they liked touching eachothers tits and butts, who can blame them? I had them both on me in the lap dance room, it was sweet. We have been to other clubs around and liked this one alot. all the girls go on stage naked together too. it’s quite a view! c-ya again soon, ladies.

  15. Justin

    Very nice club Girls get the wood up

  16. Russian

    This club is hot. Not only do they have the looks, but some of the dancers have great personalities, if anyone reading this cares about that….Definitely will come back, hopefully soon.

  17. It's me bitchs
  18. Stan

    I see how ya’ll get down on a wednesday night, i want wait to see how that $10,000 contest get down

  19. Brad

    just amazing there was little to be said about the place that wasnt good

  20. Jason

    Girls are sexy as hell. Will be back asap!

  21. Regular Cust.

    Hottest girls, wide variety! Make sure to check out Mina, she was in Playboy…SMOKIN’! Candy, Angel, Bella, too many sexy ladies to name!! Amateur nite…1st Monday of the month…RIDICULOUS!! Wall to wall packed, check out emerald!!!

  22. sweet

    my wife n myself had a fun and exciting night on wendnesday, club was enjoyable with good atmosphere,will return again !!!

  23. eddie
  24. JUNIOR

    Nice club

  25. Nessie
  26. K Nine

    Could some please tell me if Angel still works there. She was a really cool person to hang with.

  27. Drew

    Sho-Zoe was off the hook….i hear next month ya’ll r having another performance….girls, drinks, n a show

  28. Chuc4Fun

    HOT!!..HOT!!..HOT!! Not only are the girls HOT & SEXY but most have very sweet personalties–upfront–straightup conversations–very amicable!! Especially enjoy talks with BRANDY, HOGAN, ELLE,& TRINITY!! THESE GALS HAVE CLASS!! I’m a regular visitor and will be back again this week!! Definitely “THE BEST CLUB” with “THE BEST LADIES” in SW Florida!!

  29. Good Move

    Smart owner or manager getting rid of Steve the bull shitter.

    He was nothing but a disaster waiting to happen and I guess it did happen.

    Maybe he will run out of clubs to work at and will take his stupid ass to another town.

  30. rogerrab2

    When… When will you close down? Total shit hole. Hey the $10,000 your offering should go into knocking the place down and rebuilding something else. Something that’s not a stain on the city. Parking lot is a sand trap, bathrooms are a mess. The girls smoke like they’ll die without it. You can’t breath. $1 drafts are the only thing keeping it going.

  31. pussy licker

    its a very good club the girls definately know how to shake their money makers. what more could you ask for hot naked chics wavin their pussies in your face, awesome! amatuer nights are packed theres nowehre to sit and the place is full of people, excellent place i recommend it

  32. steve

    wow best club have been to in long time,definetly go back, full nude is great!

  33. David

    went their for the first time and the ladies are very lovely.. would deff go back

  34. tina

    pretty girls, vip is sweet

  35. Scuba Steve

    I can’t wait 2 c how amateur night next month will be

  36. ted

    the best

  37. marco

    i love this club! i just turned 18 a couple days ago and my friend took me to emerald city and im addicted to it i want to go every weekend!!! and the lap dances were good ESPECIALLY FROM SATIN!! she was awesome i paid over 40 bucks for her w/ tip and believe me it was worth it , and this club shows everything topless and bottom less , rather than just topless like most clubs. man i had a good birthday at emerald city hope to see those same dancers again.

  38. El Duro

    I had a great time…the girls are very sexy and friendly and are approachable.

  39. Maxx

    Amateur Night monday was madd tight, all my friends said they had a blast n wanna come 4 the next amateur night in march….holla at me on fb

  40. Gem

    This club is a hidden gem. Love these dancers !

  41. rick

    nice!!!! had a blast , awesome time !!

  42. Tony

    I Haven’t ben in the club in a while but when I was there I used to go a lot we’re talking 3-4 times a week it was definetly worth the money my favorite dancer was autumn do’t even know if shes still there taaj was reall hot to can’t wait to get back

  43. bigwave

    Pretty good club, all nude is great for SWFL, no pressure from dancers for lap dances, lap dances are in bikini, which was a bummer, overall club was clean and laid back.

  44. Blue

    I gotta tell you i went for there ameture nigth on monday night and it was great i drove over 150 miles to see it and loved every second of it ill be back for sure

  45. scott

    nice place super clean , will visit again, 2nd best club ive been to

  46. the little guy

    went in there new full liquor sky box , well worth the money cost me $20, nude girls n booze, great spot

  47. da


  48. andy

    best strip club around

  49. Hillary

    My boyfriend and I went to Emerald City in Port Charlotte and had a great time. Great music, friendly staff, and the girls were BEAUTIFUL and talented! Will definitely be back!!

  50. vito trupiano
  51. desperate hot mom

    can u just dance in the bikini bar and not have to go to the nude bar to dance

  52. Nate

    Im not really from around that area, and me and my boys were just passing through, and the crowd that came through was ridiculous….can’t wait 2 get wasted there again soon

  53. Lucky
  54. Hops
  55. Andrew

    Awesome club with terrific dancers.

  56. rob

    great relaxed time , club n girls very nice !!

  57. Colby

    Went there and loved every minute of it. Deffinatly will be back. Must say the girls are amazing. Taaj has my vote as hottest.

  58. Eric

    The first amateur night of the new year was pretty hot….i luv that girl in the red last time, u think she would b there next amateur night?

  59. timmy
  61. big t

    club is nicest in area, girls were pleasant n clubs atmosphere was fantastic

  62. Vincent Pari


  63. mike

    greatest strip club on earth

  64. RCM

    This is a great club. I would recomend it to anyone. I’ve been to Lookers in Ft. Myers and who wants to go to a club where the women all wear pasies and g-strings. Here you get to see every thing the girl has to offer.

  65. john

    Anyone remember a hot blond that was there back in july? of 2006? she was a new girl, real hot. just wondering if she is still there, and how things went.

  66. jay
  67. Prince Albert

    Decent place. Nice atmosphere. Great company. Worth the drive.

  68. Jovan

    Amateur night last week with the girl that won was off the hook, finally another girl winning, think imma bring some ppl through next time 2 go on

  69. Very Satisfied

    I’ve been to some nasty places with a lot of zombie crack whores, but this place impressed me. Not like any club I’ve ever seen. Great place!

  70. Elle T.

    To start, most may wonder why I gave 4-stars when it’s evident everyone else so far has been dissatisfied, so I will break it down. The establishment in general, not the classiest of strip clubs, but remember it is in Port Charlotte. The gentleman at the door was full of energy and quite funny. We love people in general, so anyone with a good sense of humor is a plus. Is was a Sunday night, so we didn’t expect a crowd. We were simply meeting up with new friends for a drink. He was willing to let us stick our head in to see just how dead it was before paying the cover charge which we decided to do anyways simply because we were already there. The place actually had a nice set up. What we enjoyed most if the dancers were very friendly and didn’t mind interacting. Now, for the reason I give 4-Stars. PANDORA came on stage and really put on a show. She was extremely acrobatic and we were memorized that she looked like a fairy as special made her way down the pole. In any case, when I see talent, I like to give credit where credit is due. This girl has it going on and is a true gem. Not to mention she is a sweetheart!

  71. Billy Bob

    can’t wait for that $10,000 contest in july

  72. Randy
  73. sue

    girls were hot,had a great time, my friends n i will return, thanks emerald city

  74. Chris

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