Louie’s Cordial Loungeue



392 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606


43.1646071, -77.6353661




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Louie’s Cordial Loungeue

  1. John

    One of my favorite clubs in the Rochester area. If your a fan of ethnic girls and Hip-Hop/Rap music this is a great place and if you don’t like hip-hop (like me) sometimes the girls will be nice enough to throw in some rock music. I normallly visit this club in the afternoon when there are 4 girls (give or take). I’ve met a number of really nice girls all of whom were very proffesional; the only names that come to mind are Cheena and Fetish. The club is dark which is how I prefer it.

  2. bill
  3. Sarah
  4. Jaialai

    I visited the Cordial about ten years ago and didn’t like it. Living in Miami I guess you could say that I was a little spoiled (ebony clubs + ass for days). Living in Rochester now, I checked the Cordial out about a month ago. This Lounge gets a thumbs up now! The girls are friendly, private dances are great and you can have a real nice experience in the private booths (as long as your not tight with your $$$$$$$$$. IMO, This Lounge needs a few more “BIG BOOTY EBONY GIRLS”!

  5. mike

    Its keep getting better now, can’t wait till next time.

  6. Maria

    This club is the shit.. Love the music and the people are great.. Bartenders are amazing..

  7. drew

    My first time at a non-full nude club. This is also a restaurant but I wouldn’t be concentrating on eating food while the girls are dancing around. Right as I walked up to bar, Rose Cheeks greeted me warmly and I went into a booth with her. since i was not at a nude club, I wasn’t used to private dances with clothed women. Disappointing but that’s how the club works. Nevertheless, Rose was a great performer for me. She actually did something that others never did…. put her hands under my shirt and rubbed my body; very erotic. Angel was a friendly bartender. You can also play pool there.

  8. the dude

    its a hole


    This place SUCKSASS. The bouncer at the door was a dick and said we couldn’t come in b/c we weren’t 25? The min age in NY is 21. But he let us in b/c we were the only 2 white guys in the place and new if some shit went down we would get our ass beat. The girls sucked as well. I like black women but these women looked like they were out of National Geographic. Their tits hung down to their knees. If I want to see that Ill dig out my dads old Nat Geo mags. We wound up leaving cause the girls sucked ass and we kept getting these looks b/c we weren’t black or Latino.

  10. Mako

    I’m honestley a fan of this club. The girls are great; especially Kittie and Paige. The club is relativley clean and the bartenders are friendly. My only cconcern is that the drinks are so expensive I have to make a decision between treating the girls right, treating the bartender rght or not going at all. It’s unfortunate because more often than not i end up at a different club rather than the Cordial where my favorite woman are.

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