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0 reviews for “Teasers

  1. al
  2. big papa
  3. Doc

    The place has a comfy feel with cool lights and nice chairs. the girls are super duper sweet and really hot. Don’t remember any of the names sorry ladies but i’ll be back. The DJ was alot fun kept us pumped and was clowning alot. cooler than most robot-like djs. Hell they even had hot waitresses. Most fun since before in alabama partied til daylight

  4. j
  5. y
  6. Hippy Chic

    Hey i just wanted to say to teh Toy Box posting…..hahahahahahahahahaha, yeah right like any of us want to leave a brand new remodeled club, where unlike any other adult club in the area , we actually make money , not just the bar.,to come to another same old dive bar that has been here forever. Please you posting this was very bad taste on your part, this site is strictly for our customers to post their opinions of the club , not for someone else to advertsie their club!, thanks.

  7. Steve

    Came in and it was ok only one pretty girl and that was Eva and for the extra 20 bucks man what a show I will cum again just for what she did

  8. o
  9. tdaddy
  10. Paul

    alot of negative comments here, upon looking further into this, it seems alot of these post are from the same url, if your unhappy with this club , come see ua and we will certainally try our best to fix things, but it seems very hard to me to believe that anyone could hate any place this much after all its only been open less than a month, well unless your the competition.!!!

  11. g
  12. RE:BEN

    I would have to say if you dislike the club so much stop coming in! but personally i dont think you have even been into the club. i think you are just here to make us out to look bad so no one will come here because i have one of those feeling you work for nightmoves. i hate to say it but that is my thought, not sure why anyone would stoop so low but still.

    This club has wonderful girls. I love them all. I dont know why so many negative and rude comments on here. Anyways i have pretty much spoke my mind in the most polite way i can. thanks sydney

  13. Woman Watcher

    I came by to say , nice club, the best one in the area. hanks to all the staff for a great evening. Especailly, max,allana, and th4e waitress Tiffany. ! will see you all soon!!!

  14. Matt

    It’s the best clun i been to in a long time

  15. z
  16. RE:Mike

    I’m really glad you like the girls here. About the waitress comment…maybe you should tell them that. We are just doing our job to make sure you have everything you need or want. You would probably get upset if we weren’t. Tiffany

  17. Cleo

    I enjoy my job, and try to make sure everyone is having a good time and has plenty of liquid libation. If you had a less than pleasant experience with me then maybe you should think about that the next time you don’t tip. As for Uh-huh, Amy you are an ex-employee, that says it all right there (there is a reason you don’t work there anymore!)

  18. RE:reg at both clubs

    look i dunno what you are talking about lolita! she is a beautiful girl both inside and out. just because you do not think one girl is hot does not mean someone else doesnt. you could be the ugliest person in the world to one person but be the hottest to another. DIFFENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!!!

  19. babe watcher

    this place rocks, love all the girls there , all were friedly and lil hotties!!!!5 stars!!!

  20. customer

    i like it

    i will be back

  21. p
  22. regular guy

    I have been here alot lately this place keeps getting better and better, the dancers are getting hotter by the day!!and I love the NEW waitstaff.!!

  23. v
  24. PONY BOY


  25. Destin

    I like that this club is bigger and that there are more stages.

  26. 1 eye

    overall the club was nice you had some hot girls tori,sunshine,and a few more BUT than out of no were comes this HOT girl that went by EVA dam had a good time i will beback

  27. Will

    Had a great time HOT girls.

  28. dancer
  29. RE: Ben, Jim , and Tom

    This place is great. I have a wonderful time here. I just want to express these statements to all of you and mostly to Ben as it seems your name is listed alot on this site. If you do not like the club then do not come back in. And as for the truck stop comment I personally resent that seeing as how I have worked in the best clubs in this country including New Orleans, Houston, and Las Vegas so you either have a limited outlook or have blinders on when you come in to refer to all the girls this way. But thank you for expessing youself in such a limited view as you have on life and the things around. Have a nice day. Sincerly, DESTIN

  30. RE: Ben

    My veiw point on this club is that it is a great place to be. And as for you Ben I only have one question for you; what is the number one rated sexual position for causing ugly offspring? Why don’t you go ask your mother and get back to me with the answer.

  31. Dothan Guy

    well max, seems to me that farmer is someone from your comp., hes complmenting the same girls over and over, a/k/a kissing their asses wanting them back to work at their place. granted those two are hot, but when I got my dances from them they both seemed dammed happy, and was looking at therest of the dates , im gonna bet the comp is taking turns on the puter , to post all of these negitive comments, think about it, who else would have the time?? lol, see you all soon, great job!!!!! 5 STAR club!!

  32. Just A girl

    This club is awsome! girls are nice and beautiful!

  33. Ari

    I stopped by this club two times, once around the 14th of Jan 2008 and again on my way through around the 8th of Feb 2008. It’s hard to miss the club as it’s painted on the outside a bright pink and has a great sign that you can see for some distance. Right away on the first visit I was impressed as I had previously heard this place needed some serious attention. Let me say, WOW! Apparently the entire place is brand new on the inside, the girls said almost everyday things were changing. The club had all brand new seating and tables that were comfy. And, the carpet…well let’s just say it glows. The sound system was fantastic and I even enjoyed the music. The beer was cold and the girls were hot! I enjoyed several dances from Madison and Atlanta both I would put in the 8-9 category. On my second trip, I found out Atlanta took off for parts unknown but I enjoyed the company of Miami (7-8) for sometime and had dances from Cricket which has great tits and is definitely an 8. This night I stayed late and enjoyed some time with Pandora (9-10). Let me warn you about Pandora though, this girl can drink! She has to be the wildest of the group and has eyes that will just seduce you, so be careful. Overall, I know, I will be back.

  34. Big A

    Candy you must be the one that went to nightmoves of course you make more money there.They have no more girls .Why do you think almost all the pretty girls are in Teasers?

  35. JMan

    Awsome! Love this place. Used to go to Night Moves now I go here from now one. I LOVE YOU JINX!!!!

  36. Krout

    I really enjoy this club! it is alot better than nightmoves. it has alot more room. The dancers are alot hotter and nicer. Stormy the bartender AWSOME!

  37. John Deere

    Great Club women are beautiful staff is great and drinks are cold.

  38. KIM


  39. DAWG

    it only gets better and better doesnt it, this club has come SO far in a year , it aint even funny. The dancers,staff,waitresses,owner, are all cool people to be around and party with ,seems we all like the same thing …Naked Women!!

  40. b
  41. Lexi

    I must be the fat chic you are talking about because I am the biggest girl there. I’m not too worried since I have my size 38F tits to fall back on. Besides fat chics are tons of fun and more cushon for the pushin. This is a good club, it has a flavor for everyone. Short, tall, big, or small you can find it here. They offer features for men and women so no customer is left out. The best club South Alabama has to offer.

  42. adam

    Teasers is the place to be.

  43. Simon

    Wow where are all the girls going too?

  44. Ashley
  45. Bama Jam

    Just a note to say thanks for everything at our crew party,the girls were friendly,the club was nice, and the staff was easy to deal with…we all had a blast! and let me say I/we will all be back soon.Thanks !

  46. Michelle

    Great Club! and as far as the comment towards Max about watching out for the dancers getting into fights i.e. Destin kicking the “Barbie’s” ass… that is exactly what happened! I was 2 feet away from them! The security does their job very well, and so do the rest of the employees!

  47. F
  48. l
  49. t
  50. Lar
  51. Todd

    Came to this club last night alot of girls but only 2 pretty ones and very few customers so it was like all the girls were begging for money

  52. Get-r-Done


    Been to the club about 8 times. All was great(outstanding) EXCEPT your girl (Harmony AKA Sasha)

    She was cracked,methed,twisted or something. each time i been all she was worried about was getting some drugs. She was taiking to someone in the middle of a pri dance for me that i paid for on her cell bout some. you guys really need to ace the girl. bad shadow for your otherwise great club.

  53. Max

    Personally, this is one of the best clubs I have ever worked in and I enjoy it greatly. For those of you who had some rather less than dismal things to say about this place…I’m sorry that your time spent here was not satisfactory to you. I speak for each and every girl when I say that we put our all into being the best dancers we can be, and while we can’t please EVERYONE, we try our best and don’t give up. If you don’t like the girls, you can just say that, but calling them “crack whores” and “skanks” and what have you is just plain uncalled for. Please try to have a little bit of respect. It’s the least you can do as a human.

  54. oboy
  55. Jeremy

    I love all the girls. Smile for me Max.

  56. UH-HUH

    well first of all, Riley has a stank…UM….Jade you have the shape of a square with saggin ass ugly titties, Cleo (the bartender) is rude as hell and doesnt even say thank you to a dentist who tips her 20 bucks for nothing..Tiffany (the waitress) is a mean self cutting gossiping BITCH…and the owner needs to get up off the couch and the laptop and get a life and stop screaming over the mic, sounds like your having a heart attack. Other than that Tori, Sunshine, Candy are the far best…oh yea get the prego Dallas off the stage before she falls.

  57. real customer

    ya know we read this and cant believe that these people were at the same club all 9 of us were at, first everyone<(men/women) had a blast, great atomsphere, great club. I am thinking someone must have it in for you guys or someone has alot of time on their hands to have them and their friend bash you, no way this is the same place these people are trashing talking. as far as the girls , club, dj's, call it what you want ,to everyone I know and have heard talking about this place , it is the best adult club in the area, period!! 5 BIG STARS!!thanks Dallas, Jade,and Tiffany the bartender.

  58. m
  59. Matthew

    Love it here. The girls a friendly, the atmoshere is great, and the staff is very helpful but not up your a$$ when you get a private dance (unlike the other place or should I say dump down the road).

  60. James

    GREAT PLACE for everything a person could want. Love the to go beer.

  61. Brian B.

    let me tell you all..that Paris girl is the hottest girl you have!!!Everybody there is cool to hang out and party with ! thanks for making our return from iraq/Afghan the best party in 2 years!!! btw im also in love tori/eva/raven/chase/Austin…again this is a class “A” club…well worth the trip!!!!

  62. ben
  63. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  64. DancingGirl
  65. BamaGuy

    It’s a good place to go and relax and have a beer.

  66. Stephen Tatum

    I love this place. The best club around here to be sure. It’s been a while, but I can’t wait to go back.

  67. wintin
  68. joker


  69. Re Will

    You should have told her you were in the army and you could have got lucky like the rest of the base

  70. Tony

    Had a great time and glad to see this club open again.

  71. coco
  72. something
  73. just a customer

    I have been out to this club the past two weekends and had a blast! I am very impressed! The fact that they offer something different is great. A feature dancer has not been in the area in years, until this club reopened. The over-all feeling is one in which you can’t help but to have a good time, haven’t felt that since Momma Jane had the Toy Box Too! The variety is nice, not the same thing all the time…Fell in Love with Karma!!!

  74. chris

    Don’t listen to those people traci .they must think your the only one with a computer.

  75. Victor

    Lousy Private dances

  76. a
  77. King Charming

    the ladies were for the most part really top quality cool bar guy and had a nice dj that played requests

  78. Mike

    Call me a fetishist, but one of the things I love about this club is that the women AREN’T perfect barbie dolls. I like girls who are real. Sydney was especially awesome! I like the quirky features too, such as when the guys dance for the girls. That’s a lot of fun. If I have to complain, it would be about the waitresses. Stop asking me if I want another drink! Seriously, I’ll let you know.

  79. Troubles Other Half

    I Always Had A Great Time… Hated To Leave… Nothing Even Remotely As Great As TEASERS In NC.

  80. Don

    Had a great time wonderful club.

  81. k
  82. joe
  83. G.I.Joe

    used to go alot but most of the young hot babes are gone. they used to have a cool dj they you could hang with and played good musicbut he’s been replaced with these old mono-tone robots(i swear every girl comes down they say the ole shit—–every fukin time) the bouncers and management have ego probelms and dicks about even looking at your phone. if i wasn’t for riley, mandy, eva, and hot waitress cara it would be a total waste. and they did have a hippie barkeep that was kool

  84. lyl
  85. David

    Best place ever!

  86. Local Guy

    this club has the best looking ladies for 100’s of miles!!!!I was htere last week over 25 girls and all were lil hotties,not the ssame as the rest of the dives around,im not sure where the girls come from,but hey man im glad im here now!!!!!

  87. WILD MAN

    Hey I love this club especially Madison.!see ya Friday night.

  88. Management

    Max, I appreciate what you are doing on here and taking up for the club and the girls. You don’t have to worry though our girls won’t leave here because they know they have it made here. Only someone really stupid would try to make money at any other club.

  89. Jerry

    Hey I just wanted to stop and say you guys have some of the hottest girls, Eva and Lolita made my night, great to talk to, and the dances even for here in ala. were smokin’ hot!!, also had a really good waitress, I think Tiffany was her name, very pretty smile, see you all very soon. If your in the area , this is a plce you want to stop and see, you never know what might happen.I hope to see the dj’s get more girls from the audience naked, its a huge party, I love it. Thanks everyone!

  90. sam

    Very dirty

  91. Rob

    I am new to the area came in last night the way your staff was talking about this other club nightmoves made me want to go check it out for myself I went had a great time and the girls their were great instead of the girls here and the staff talking crap just to make a buck

  92. d
  93. Kendra

    im a new dancer to the club, and i think that it is the best club that ive ever been in…

  94. employee

    i love working here!!There are so many beautiful and talented women here! And i’m sorry (BRAD)…..but Tracey ROCKS!!!!yeepppp!!!!!

  95. I liked it

    I enjoyed myself, and will be back! Thanks for a great time!

  96. Antonio

    We visited here on a sunday and monday nights ..man this was place was full of beautiful ladies,all smiling and having a good time..and that matters..Good prices/nice ladies..and i love the waitress Amber!!! 5 STARS!!!

  97. xforseentragedyx

    this club is very nice and there is alot of talent, the girls are beautiful and very nice, come check it out u will have a good time, i used to be a dancer there and take it from me you will have fun……ivy

  98. TP
  99. jon

    great place to party in an area where such places are limited. some advice…ask for candy….WOW

  100. BOBBY

    hey great club, stars. Make sure you keep that eva girl, I think im in love.

  101. stranger

    candy and mariah I think are the nicest an dhottest babes there!

  102. luvsthatass!!

    everyone is always saying how hot karma and destin are!!! i agree but why hasn’t anyone mentioned DALLAS??? She not only knows how to dance….but she has got a body that makes even the straightest girl question her sexuality. BELIEVE ME….I KNOW!!!!!

  103. Girl Watcher

    Hey , I have been to this club MANY times since opening, there were several of us thet partied all week long here , we all had a blast as well as our wives,dj was funny as shit!, the girls were nice , friendly , and I think a very good variety of them,as there was 20 girls there friday and saturday night both, so my 2 cents, keep doing what your doing, we need a place like this, and we really loved the Big Boob gal, she was very pretty, really nice, hell we got 3 pics with her!Cheers and see ya soon!!!!

  104. Chic Magnet

    Loved this palce , I will be back soon to see a few sweeties, and maybe meet a few more, see ya soon and great job with the place!

  105. Walter Renob

    I didn’t mind getting groped,..but when my wallet turned up missing,I was pissed. Be warned!

  106. Duke

    we are from florida, we visited your club, we had an absolute wonderful time, me and the guys that work for me, are gonna make this a stop on every route threw here!!! The dances were hot, even though they cant touch you, the look in their eye said it all, …..4 star’s!! tell eve,lexi,drema, see them soon.!

  107. Larry

    Best club in this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  108. eric
  109. grace

    this is a very classy club but the dancers do almost the same thing on stage they need kitty back,stage presence is a must and those young pretty yes but less talented girls need to learn a few things about crowd pleasing lol!

  110. maya

    i like working here,it is a great place.Managment is very nice.Never had a problem.Also,Tracy(D.J.)is a good guy,i worked with him bevor. I wish ppl. would stop spreeding rumors around.

  111. Jim

    Came to this club last night was not all that this place is a rip off!

  112. old guy

    hadnt been going to titty bars in several years , heard the raido add, came by and had a blast, waitress name melissa, shes the best, thanks to everyone,Cheers

  113. Dave
  114. happy
  115. Ex Military Dude

    I havent been there in a long time..you all have the best looking set of dancers that I have seen in a long time…..anywhere…..whew that girl austin is to die for…my favotite tori…was damn happy to see her there..hot new bartender…and the waitresses…are ALL hot!!! Thanks for taking excellent care of our party.!! PS…Eva and Paris are both really hot babes too……and i mean HOT!

  116. Jan
  117. n
  118. u
  119. Happy Guy

    well I have read all the comments and from being a regular , let me tell you , the parts that are bs, are the , skanks, whores, and body condoms, the only reason at this point thatnothing is said about karma,destin and a few others is simple , the competition is hoping/praying that somehow /someway they will go back to that small dump, ya aint goptta be a rocket scientist to know that! Explain this , if its such a dump and so bad , then why are they the busiest club(adult) this side of atl. Now I like girls at both clubs, and dont understand the bullshit, but if you hate it so much why go? and while you were there why didnt you say/ask mgmt. to fix the problem? again simple one here, cause its hard to do that, while your at the competition, watching all the cars pass to go to this club. Again unless you are the ones they put out for trying to fuck up the building(that was funny!)so I guess in short, you hate to see someone else do better. especially since it aint you, I love you teaser girls, you all have created a very good club and super atomsphere!and as far as the girls go, cant wait to see , Beth, Destin,Jamie(w), Delight(hottie thats 18!), I can safely say this IS the club of choice! 5 STARS

  120. ski

    im gonna try and come by there tonight Max, im hoping tonight is a better time!

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