Northern EXposure



U.S. 45, Birnamwood, WI 54414


44.957352, -89.2040773




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Northern EXposure

  1. TARA

    Miss workn there it was a blast but i’m getting better maybe ????/? i’ll get to come back!!!!

  2. passing through

    WOW, this was better when it was the badger!!!!!

  3. jack

    Was very happy to see 7 ladies working. All of them sexy!!!

  4. Richard

    The management of this club sucks! The girls are awesome though and deserve better.

  5. Kenny

    All the girls loved me! I’ll be back for more

  6. Fred

    Had a great time, Very Hot Girls, Great Lap dances !!

  7. Pete

    Great club, Sexy dancers, The Bear is cool!!

  8. Happy Man

    This place is the best!! Better then Landing Strip !!!

  9. Somebody

    had a blast

  10. Harry Bush

    This “strip club” really sucks!

  11. Lee

    I had a great time friday night, I’ll be back for more!!

  12. Hugh G

    You call this a strip club?

  13. Haywood Jablomie

    Thie place is a real shithole dive!

  14. Sam

    The fat bitch doubles as a h00ker. Watch the time you spend getting a lap dance, I went in for one and got hustled into paying for two because the dancer kept talking to me after the dance was over. This club is going to sink fast if they’re hustling $20 out of people who in turn will NEVER come back.

  15. Seth

    Had a great time here, I’ll be back soon !!!!!

  16. Harry Johnson

    This club sucks donkey dildos

  17. Former customer

    There are some great girls who work here, but I refuse to patronize this place until they get rid of their stupid ID photographing policy.

  18. Bob

    This club is better then the clubs in Wausau.

  19. Al Kersten

    I just love the overall atmosphere of the club and the staff in it

  20. Jeff

    Super Club, Best lap dance I have ever had. I will stop in the next time I’m up.

  21. Johnny Wadd

    The stupid management sucks! The girls deserve better than what these shitheads offer

  22. Tony

    The lap dances are super. tyhe best I ever had

  23. ryan123

    The girls are friendly and will come and chat with you if you have money or not. However, there was a time or two when I gave the bartender shit because there were no girls on stage because they were sluffing off. It is about what you would expect for a strip club in the middle of the woods.

  24. Don

    This dump sucks! But, it is good enough for the farm boys

  25. Pattron

    Nice mix of girls and better than average talent. For being located in the middle of nowhere, dancers are good looking and friendly. Worth the search.

  26. Carli

    I have worked at 20 to 30 different clubs throughout my career and this one is by far my FAVORITE!

  27. misty

    personaly, i loved working there. jesse is the shit and so is his wife jody. jay is a cool ass dude. i just wish things would have worked out. miss the girls and staff.if there was any 2 clubs that i would have a choice to work at it would be definately northern exposure and texas jays……

  28. Ray

    I got 2 free t-shirts the last time I was there, Great Lap dances !!!

  29. richard95

    First red flag was 5$ cover and no one on the stage. Just as we sit down at the bar one of the dancers is upset about something and wants to leave for the night. A short time later we asked if the other 2 dancers were going to dance, and with some prodding the 1 girl go up on stage and did her thing for 1 song. Then she came to bar only to tell us how her tooth hurt and that she was tired. Then her aunt got up on stage and did her dance, and she seemed to be having a good time. For the most part the girls were tired from dancing, but that’s not my problem they only had 2 dancers. While they both were at the bar they were happy to talk with you, but 1 just wanted to complain while the other one got it and knew how to work it. Seems these north woods strip clubs need to rework the way they do things. With a $5 cover charge and $5 drinks having the girl work just for tips doesn’t seem to work out with just 3 guys in the bar.

  30. Harry Schlong

    This place is a joke

  31. Steve

    I had a Great time, love the new remodeling !

  32. Robert

    usually an ok titty bar. Thought it was closed down last time I passed through cause there were no cars? Another club that I stop at towards Marshfield is Teasers and that is closed down also. These places must close in groups.

  33. Tommy

    I love this club, see you all for deer hunting in November!

  34. Gary

    This place is super cool, all hot girls

  35. Eric

    This place needs to be burned down.

  36. FAN

    This club is better then all the clubs in Green Bay.

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  38. dyke at the door

    I like it alot, Sexy girls and great fun for everone (except if you are gay and used to work there when it was the Badger)

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