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0 reviews for “The Clubhouse

  1. richard95

    Came here with a few friends on a Thursday night. The club was empty, but the girls were all smoking hot and the music the DJ played was pretty solid. Only complaint was the waitresses tried to price gauge us on cranberry juice for our vodka. I think she asked for $12 per mixer, which wasn’t more than 6oz. We called her out on it and it was dropped to $7 or so. I vaguely remember the details as we polished a handle of vodka off and closed out the club at 4:30am. I did meet Vinny Paul which was freakin awesome. I’d go back to the Clubhouse any time I am back in Dallas.

  2. J
  3. XXXbeast

    This strip club was awesome got lots girls to do dances and they were good. I was nineteen when I went and I dont drink but I wasted lots of money on girls. One even sat on me with a big butt lol loved it.

  4. Lisa
  5. GarryWas

    I really was excited about coming here and man was it a letdown. The club look very dirty they need to upgrade the inside the carpet had tape on it and it has a very funkey smell. There were a few really pretty dancers but i didnt get a chance to get any dances from them because as soon as they were off stage they just disappeared. One girl would not stop harassing me she looked pregnant and wouldnt stop with this drunk baby talk rambling i think her name was krissy she was gross and very annoying. I got a few dances from a really nice little Burnette girl i cant remember her name but we went upstairs DEFINITELY better than the downstairs. The smoking patio is way to small and crowded. There was a guy out front selling Bbq and it was probably one of the best parts of my night REALLY good food. All in all i dont think i will be back any time soon.

  6. XhXeXy

    Not a bad place. It’s unfortunately continually gone downhill though. All due respect to Vinnie and Dime, it seems their ownership has brought a stigma to the club. While the music here is probably better than 90% of the clubs out there (in my opinion), the douchebaggery is just as bad if not worse. People go out here as it’s become a staple place “to try to meet some rock stars”. I’m not a big fan of plastic women, either. It astounds me that these women don’t melt in the Texas sun. I’m not saying EVERY woman here is fake, but the vast majority of them are. I guess I’m old school, but that’s definitely a downside to me. Speaking of women, I never thought I’d say something like this, but there’re TOO MANY. I don’t understand how these girls make money. You can’t really focus on one or a couple, and it ends up being less of a ‘being approached occasionally for a lapdance’ and more of a ‘high-pressure car sales approach’. Having 5 girls an hour, sometimes repeatedly because of how drunk they get, approach you trying to get you to pay up tends to be a bit extreme. Gets even worse if you actually do accept one or two. I know, it does seem like a lot of negativity, but I would say it’s worth going at least once. The building itself is grand, really sweet looking place, and some of the dancers are insanely talented. Meaning…they can actually DANCE rather than pull off the basic ‘stripper moves’ hoping you’ll put a buck in their G because you saw a boob. Some of them definitely work very, VERY hard to make a living.

  7. C & R Honeymoon

    All I have to say is wow. We will be back…..:)!!!!!!!!

  8. Frank

    Vinne Paul you Rock!!!!

  9. eddyL

    Ok a few weeks after my buddy’s bachelor party, i was on a stripper kick… so I had heard about The Clubhouse for some time now….so a friend and I went after closing down some bar. Walk in and ya the cover charge is high but already know this going in so nothing to complain about there plus you save the difference in not having to buy your beer there…so a wash there. we walk in and take a couple of chairs right next to the stage. The music is right up my alley so I am already in a good mood, then the girls start coming out on stage, first one .. ok, next one i will pass, third better than the first… over all the girls that night were ok. Then like 30 mins before the place closes, it is lap dances only… well ok i am game… but it seemed that the girls just vanished… i did get on lap dance which was ok and then i was asked by what looked like my librarian from 4th grade (aged and all) if i wanted a lap dance … oh hells no… that was the ender. so after paying for valet, cover, a few girls on stage and a lap dance…. i was pretty much disappointed, well compared to my buddy’s bachelor party, I think next time i will just wait for some one to throw a party and get the dancers (my other review) to come to us.

  10. Hammer

    I love the way Roxy made me feel. I hope to come back here from Minnesota soon. TFI and OTI have a good time.

  11. NJ Travelers

    Can anyone tell me if Natalie, Indica, and Sophia still work there? Awesome place!!!!!

  12. Kay
  13. Liz

    Love the club. It was clean, felt safe and the girls were very nice. The DJ annoyed me but other than that it was great.

  14. joseph
  15. joe


  17. golfball

    The dances in the clubhouse private area our worth the extra money

  18. LZN

    I went on tuesday and thursday night. By far the best club I’ve ever been to, the girls are HOT. Awesome club, I highly recommend it. BYOB and cover is 20 dances 20, thursday is lady’s night, and sunday is $10/$10. Thanks ladies for a great time Hope to come back soon LZN-Care Bear-

  19. chris

    Best one Ive been to so far in the area

  20. JfCtLc

    fantastic atmosphere and some of the most beautiful women in texas. it needed to be little bigger. it took 1 1/2 hours for me to even get a chair but once i did the lap dance was amazing.

  21. john

    SITA!a.k.a. “Poca-Sita”, we miss your hot Nepali ass!

  22. David

    The Clubhouse is a badass place to go, if you havent been its a must.

  23. nickstrip

    There is really no other club like the Clubhouse. Rock music and gorgeous down to earth ladies. It’s basically like a Suicide Girls burlesque show every night, complete with burlesque style skits. I guess that’s why the same customers come back week after week. They do not disappoint! Byob and many options as far as private dances, VIP, or grabbing a quick table dance. If you’re having a bachelor party, you can get your bachelor on stage to have his butt whipped in a stockade by two ladies of your choosing! It’s also not uncommon for bands to come in when they’re in town. Slash and Marilyn Manson to name a few!

  24. Michelle P.

    This place is AWESOME!!! They have a really awesome little boutique with all kinds of AWESOME stuff!!! The girls are hott to!!!! I recommend anime, innocence and tosha!! And its BYOB cant beat that!!!!

  25. Lynn M.

    My wife and I went last weekend, and enjoyed it enough, we are going back tonight. The girls were all pretty much 7’s or better, with something for every kind of taste.Parking is only Valet, which is a negative to me, but most people like that. $10 for the general lot and $20 for up front preferential parking. We took the $10 option, but tipped another $5 when we left.Dances are $20 at your table, but some girls won’t go full nude at your table. They have a couple of more “private” locations at $30 & $35 per dance, but the VIP @ $35 per dance will cost you another $35 just for access, I believe that $35 is good for the night. However, a manager still “stands watch” in the VIP area, so you probably have more privacy at your table. :-)Our waitress was very helpful and informative. Juice & water are by the bottle, and comes with a glass of ice each. I believe a bucket of ice was $10, and juice and water were $6 or more apiece. We ran a tab for the setups for the night, and only spent $72, but that included a $20 tip, because our waitress was helpful.The chairs are larger and more comfortable than most of the clubs we have been to, and it is clearly a couples hangout as much as for the guys. There were at least 3 or 4 bachelor parties throughout the night while we were there. We didn’t leave until almost 4:00AM, and had a great time… So all-in-all, we spent $15 for valet + $72 for bar/waitress + about $100 in ones + only $40 in Lap dances = about $227 for 6-7 hours of a great time, which was a pretty cheap night for a strip club with excellent music and beautiful fully nude girls.Thanks,Lynn and Cindy

  26. larry1

    I’m not sure what I was expecting of this place. Actually, I do. I was expecting more of a rock club (hello Vinnie Paul!!). But walking in it felt like your typical strip club (look at me pretending I’m some expert) with some rock and roll memorabilia thrown around. I have a friend that practically lives here so he was essential in helping me set up the UYE we had here some time back. What this place had that many others didn’t is a stripper pole!! This place is all nude, although not many strippers went all nude. But that means BYOB!

  27. jason

    its bad ass

  28. David L.

    I went for my 20th Birthday and I can say since then this place still sticks out more in my memory than any other strip club I’ve been to. I’ve been to PT’s and Jaguars and the clubhouse is the best by far. The girls are always grade A dimes with only a few handful of them in any bad shape. It’s BYOB so that’s a big plus. I plan on coming back for my 21st. The girls actually talk to you afterwards and are sweet. The music is nice too, I love EDM and Rap but Old school Rock gives this place s a unique vibe to it. Best strip joint in Dallas. Period.

  29. Shawn

    Just returned home from a trip to the club. Had a great time, however the music sometimes seems too loud. Sometimes the bass was overwhelming. While most of the girls are not 10’s, they are super friendly and very sexy

  30. Johnnyboy123

    I’ve been a few times but my last visit was the time I remember most simply because I didn’t drink as much as my previous visits. I did remember this time to come overly prepared with plenty of alcohol for the entire night. I noticed the club had a large contingency of old hags working the area before it was 10 pm. I know these ladies are working hard but please retire already. I think that many guys will not spend much money on the B team unless they are already wasted and really want to make it rain. I think the best part of the night was that I had so much beer and alcohol I still left double fisted with full bottles. The really crazy thing was I damn near had to wrestle the bottle of Patron out of one of the dancers mouth. She asked for one drink and after hanging out she must have had damn near 6 shots. What a waste I don’t think she could even work the rest of the night she was to damn messed up to do anything except keep begging for more Patron.

  31. mathewater12

    Me and my husband went here a couple of nights ago, it was an OK time. The music was awesome and i fell in love with your girl Vixen, she was very attentive and hung out with us for quite some time. I dont appreciate having to go outside to smoke and catch 2 or more of your girls doing coke with the drug lord wanna be that pretty much kept all the other girls in check with him. Most of the girls were so messed up that it turned into a masturbation porn show on stage at one point. Get this fixed and ill come back. The only reason i gave you two stars was for the music and Vixen.

  32. Franklyn

    very racist!! No girl comes to our group. free cover before 7pm but, does not matter if you use valet or not still $10 for each car!!!! that’s a big rip off . door girls are cheap asking for money just to enter into club with big glass pot!!! again very racist. I rather go to PT’s platinum went there in past and great girls but not that many like clubhouse had. but hey I rather go there and get treated right !

  33. roughneck13

    I love this place. I’d probably have to say it’s my favorite club. I’ve been many

    many times, and am never disappointed. And most of all, love the music


  34. Lynn Rodgers

    needs more heavier women. Women with some meat on their bones!More smiles and more food offers to the guest!

  35. Anthony A.

    I’m going to risk losing some man points in admitting that I’m not a big fan of strip clubs. Sure, I love watching naked chicks do their thing in just about any setting, but I just don’t understand paying some chick to grind all over me and leave me with blue balls and a lighter wallet. Anyone with a modicum of common sense, and no shame, would just pay an escort and guarantee themselves some action. The atmosphere here is pretty goddamn rockin’, though. The place is partially owned by Pantera’s Vinnie Paul (and the late great “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott), so if you’re a metalhead you’ll enjoy watching scantily-clad women gyrating to the tune of “Cowboys From Hell”. Most of the women looked great, but that’s also their job. I’m willing to bet if you got them into some natural sunlight their faces, and bodies, would tell a different story. Strippers are like vampires – you gotta keep ’em out of the sun. Most of them aren’t so incredibly hot that they turn to this line of work for fun; the true hotties already have a sugar daddy. They don’t serve alcohol here but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t drink. Here, they let you bring your own booze! How cool is that? Once you bring in your beverages of choice, your server even comes by with a tub of ice to keep things cool. So you can save money on ridiculously expensive drinks and still get plenty hammered. It’s worth a visit if you’re a fan of Pantera, metal or boobs. Since just about every man will fall into one of those categories, I’ll give this a recommendation.

  36. maxxy1

    Don’t ever give these crooks your credit card. I was recently the victim of a very serious case of fraud. I gave these clowns my credit card as a holder and after reviewing my statement realized I was charged $600. Not a dollar of it was legit. I went back to the club and asked to view the receipts they had on file. The signature on the receipt was clearly not my handwriting, they actually spelled my name wrong and only signed my first name in bubble cursive. They refused to refund me and actually refused to provide a copy of receipts. If they believe I made the charges then they should have no problem releasing the receipts. The woman claimed the identification I provided was false and therefore wouldn’t release the receipts. Huh??? True I made poor judgement in trusting the scum of the world with my card, however I believe regardless of your line of work there are certain business principles you don’t violate. DONT trust this place.

  37. B

    awesome club, definately going again!!

  38. Tee

    Went there last night with some of my co workers. Girls are pretty good. I had a girl who approch me and offered her service. Was not so interested, finally agreed to pay $20.Thing that I dont like that she cameback after 30 munites and started kissing my lips and neck, want to take me to VIP for $200 an hour. I understand these girls are here for money but it is very unprofessional if you force someone or start kissing. I dont like girls force me to do something.

  39. Just a girl from the club

    The girls that work here are so rude, they make the experience horrible, I won’t be back as a dancer or a customer. Also, the club is so freaking dirty with gross white stains all over.

  40. piss-as-shit

    what a dump. Charge for parking, $20 cover, $30 dances. All the girls were bleach blonds with poor boob jobs. It’s not all nude, only some of the girls go all nude. On a Friday night, there were only about 15 girls… Not worth the time, go somewhere else.

  41. teacup
  42. Octopus

    Went there recently and although it was light, the report is mostly on the dancers. They were hot and the stage dances rocked. Some other places dancers could not hold a tune if it had a handle but these girls were awesome. Nautica, you are the absolute best, at everything, dances, moves even talking. English, keep kicking it up, I think I got a whiplash from your movement. For all those people who read this, this club truly deserves this rating, and you should pay them a visit. Don’t forget to BYOB if you want to have some drinks.


  43. Amber

    This is the best strip club around.Me and my husband have going here for years and we still love yall.If you have never been here you are missing out.

  44. fuckery12

    This place is awesome. Anyone who wrote a bad review had a horrible time because they’re pretty lame or were with a group of lame people. Went Saturday night and saw by far the most gorgeous group of girls I’ve seen in strip club in months. I’ve been to baby dolls, pandoras, zona rosa, xtc, men’s club, Dallas Cabernet, pt platinum, and Jaguars, THIS place is by far the best of them all. The girls are sweet and they’ll spend time with you and interact and have fun with you, not just looking for lap dances and quick money. The music is good, a mix between rock and dance. A nice change of pace from the constant hip hop at every other place. Two thumbs up and I’ll be sure to be back soon.

  45. Farrah A.

    Been trying to get your S.O. to go out to a strip club with you, fellas? You gotta make The Clubhouse her first. It wasn’t my first, per say, but it definitely set the bar high thereafter. Rumor has it that the band Pantera shares some ownership in the club, but that’s not what makes The Clubhouse the equivalent of awesometown. The Clubhouse is unlike any other sleazy gentlemen’s club. They have bumpin’ music, flashing lights and a club-like atmosphere–you’ll second guess yourself in thinking you’re at a nightclub. If you feel like it, get your bum up and dance … or keep your cool, grab a giant chair and watch the show. There’s a $20 cover (from what I remember, I think it’s just for the ladies), but that’s just chump change considering you won’t spend money on drinks because this place is BYOB … and they’re open for after hours. Yup, just when you think you had enough fun at the bar, head home, grab that 18 pack, call up the boys and head over to the Clubhouse. And can you believe this? The ladies are actually pretty–gorgeous in most cases. No snobbery towards female clientele either. I struck up a fashion convo with a chick in the ladies room, and another Pamela Anderson-esque dancer had killer abs and gave me her workout routine. Total sweetheart. Just in case you get the munchies, there’s a barbecue man smoking goods on a pit outside. In summation: A night at The Clubhouse entails beer, babes and barbecue. Five stars all the way!

  46. SicOne(Dan MN)

    Are you into rock and hot assssss chicks. well this is the place for you. Perfect 10 and hit up Roxy thats all I got to say.

  47. paul davis


  48. ryan123

    I have been here a couple times. The variety of girls is great but the number of girls can become overwhelming. Plus this place requires you bring your own liquor. The door cover can be expensive, and it’s pretty much mandatory valet. The dances are pretty good though, and it’s optional nude for the ladies…which can be a good thing. I think people come here because they think it’s owned by Pantera, when in fact Vinnie Paul and Darrell were only 20% owners of the company. This place is great if you want to see rockstars kicking it with strippers when they come into town though.

  49. Reverend Willie and Juan

    Hello! We are Reverend Juan and Reverend Willie and we are traveling around Texas saving young girls who are dancing naked in these clubs from the devil. So far we have been able to get a few dozen girls from The Clubhouse in Dallas to leave that den of iniquity and find salvation in the lord. While we have every intention of taking are ministries on the road we have found that once we are inside The Clubhouse we have a hard time leaving because there is just so much work to be done there. Especially on Thursday night which is ladies night. It seems that the place is full of ladies who are either lesbians or bisexual. Reverend Juan and I just can’t stand to leave all these sinners. In fact we are trying to recruit some volunteers to go there on Thursday nights with us and try to bring these ladies to the lord. If you would like to volunteer send an email to reverend-willie at

  50. brad

    it was such an awesome experience, that it is hard to put into words.

  51. James


  52. Mistercap12

    Love this place! I got rain non 😉

  53. Satisfied

    Simply Fantastic. Went for my best friend’s bachelor party. Completely ruined me for any other strip club. The $20 lap dances were simply ridiculous they were so good. I’d recommend this to everyone!

  54. Henry G.

    The Clubhouse is my favorite exotic club in Dallas area. The admission is expensive, but it worth the money. Most of dancers are hot; I have been here for many times. Even though my last time in Dallas, I went there. The bad part that they don’t serve alcohol; guests must purchase prior arriving the club.

  55. horny

    Best club in the world! All kinds of girls here. Something for everyone.

  56. McLovin

    best club so far

  57. brian


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