Deja Vu Showgirls



4206 West Lane, Stockton, CA 95204


37.9917169, -121.2859165




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The Deja Vu Showgirls of Stockton is one of the area’s number one dance and drink, party playground’s. Its staff of performers tops out at over 40 fabulous stage teasers, and runs the party off the road seven fun filled days a week. It boast’s some of the sexiest entertainers in the greater Sacramento area, and is unmatched when it comes to friendly, California hospitality.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. big E

    too expensive

  2. fritter17

    If I could give a ZERO I WOULD!!!!!!!! This was a HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE STRIP CLUB Nasty bathrooms. !!!!! Absolutely HORRIBLE strip club, I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy! I walked in and instantly felt like I caught chlamydia !!!!!! The women’s bodies looked like a mixture of meth heads and overweight mommies collided!!!! Complete disaster, owner needs to rethink this club, possibly close down and restart and actually hire hot chicks that don’t look like they’ve got loads of cottage cheese hanging from their saddle bagged asses …… So in other words this place SUCKED

  3. James

    Worthless, waste of time.

  4. chuck

    it was okay. I like a few of the girls A LOT!

  5. Johnathin

    Yea this club is good and all but there is this girl name malina she’s very pretty and i would made my day for sure.

  6. lame

    You’ll see nothing but disappointment on the faces of everyone inside this club. The girls bitch nonstop about not making enough money and either admit to being whores or claim everyone is a whore but them.

  7. Joel M.
  8. Johnnyboy123

    Decent place, I’ve seen a few good looking girls with a good slutty vibe. I did hear other people talking about shootings, but didn’t notice any conflicts there.

  9. john d.

    i had a great time there. The staff was very helpful, they got me a cab, when i was drunk. They aslo had this one dancer named liza she was BAD!!!!(not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good) so bad that i would drink her bath water.

  10. mathewater12

    Its not like I go to a lot of topless bars but I had a pretty fucking good time here last Saturday, considering its Stockton, all the girls we very nice and friendly, but one stood out, Caramel was her name, I said Caramel ? really!, she said yeah mother fucker like the candy now how bout a drink, LOL Haha it must have been a combination of the heat and smell of cow manure, its was like a fuckn 110 degrees so I did buy her a drink and then some, not 100% sure but I think she fell asleep during our lap dance, Ha thats fucking funny, she was cool, if I ever go back to that shit town that’ll be my first stop, thanks for a fun afternoon.. Doug

  11. john
  12. eddyL

    Plenty of drinks and entertainers. Not a top notch club but i had fun anyway. Would go again for the bar mostly. You can’t expect a vegas level gentlemans club in stockton so you kind of have to take what you get.

  13. steve

    The manger has a bad attitude

  14. luv2wm
  15. JD

    not bad at all

  16. richard95

    No good looking strippers but one. Cheap drinks is a plus but the girls didn’t seem motivated, just going through the motions. Was a little disappointed because there was a lack of eye candy!!!

  17. anthony1

    Models don’t go full nude, small place with 1 stage, and not really my type of girls.

  18. christian

    i liked it all of the people were friendly! will return thsnk you!!!!

  19. gary

    Well went here a few ties in past month, seems I spend 3 times as much herte per hour as the club in sacramento. Dances are pretty pricy and some dancers tel you a different price per dance than the one currently being offered. Also it seeems the bouncers want to check on you every 40 sec’s. looking across AT other guys while having lap dance is not good. VIP area I never saw it. overall a good club but abit pricey if you’re into lap dances. Most of the girls are pretty and HOT so I guess yu get what you pay for. Cheaper than some dates ive been on. Gary

  20. having fun
  21. Bruce

    I had a GREAT time with Kianna. She’s great to look at, and will listen to what you have to say. Club had nice specials during Friday Happy Hour, and Manager made sure I was having a good time.

  22. Dan G.

    My review is base on my 4 visits ( 9-7-13 most recent) The club from the outside looks run down . It makes you second guess if your in the right place. But then again your in stockton . The place inside looks decent. Music was loud and clear , before you walk in they do a Coat check . The cover fee to enter was 5 dollars ( I went on a sat at 2pm) I been with 3 different bar tenders and I have to say the one who gave it more Life was a short sweet asian lady she smiled a lot and made you feel at home ( its a strip club I know but she always smiled ) Now for the ladys πŸ™‚ They are all friendly the minute you arive they greet you with a smile . Remember your stockton $20 DOLLAR Lap dances $ 4 dollar coronas There’s a blue light special πŸ™‚ normaly always 2 lapdances for the price of one Or 4 for 40 ( hapens every 20 to 30 minutes : The girls all have there own way of dancing but my favorite is christina πŸ™‚ And houston both talented . The champain room πŸ™‚ yes I been there and is worth every penny if you can afford it !! Over all a great place to go to but if you got more time your best bet would be to go to san jose or sacramento . *** warning *** manager present that day was extremely rude. He bumped in to me Did not even turn around . He keep staring making me feel umcomfortablr at all times ( note I had spent 100 dollars at the bar so it ain’t like I was free loading. Had also blught some lapdances.

  23. macj

    Nice club, good music, at least 15 girls working, drink prices high, service a little slow, I’ll be back for the girls though.

  24. Ben
  25. me

    Nice club and pretty girls, especialy (BROOK)

  26. JOE

    had alot of fun and had some good lap dances

  27. Jay

    Price is to high on the drinks and girls. You will get a lot more for your money if you drive to sacramento, or S.F.

    the web site says no dress code, but when I went there was.

  28. maxxy1

    The girls and employees there are the best …they take care of you.

  29. RL

    I had a great time and fell in lust…

  30. Selma Ficarelli

    Awesome place to be πŸ™‚

  31. alicia

    i was there last night…nice club…kadiva was the BOMB!!!!

  32. Wayne

    went to this club… and it was a diapointment. paid WAY to much for drinks, and the only girls that were out thier were the ones on the stage.. to get a Lapdance we had to wait 2 hours……..!!!!!! Come on if they want to make money they should get out thier.. thier was only 5 girls in the club… i might be better off going to Sac.

  33. L.B.J.

    I like this place. Most of the dancers are friendly and make you feel welcome. If you find the right dancer(s), you’ll get a HOT lap dance; I know this from experience! We should just be so fortunate to have a club like this in our neck of the woods. Keep it up Ladies! ;-]

  34. trish c.

    the women in here are all beautiful

  35. larry1

    Came here last night to show a friend around Stockton. There wasn’t any good looking girls. But one girl knew how to dance unlike the others (lazy ones) so she definitely earned her money. Other than that, drinks were cheap.

  36. Johnson12

    Great club we had so much fun. Chris Krontz made us so welcome. Keep up the never ending party.

  37. Hailton

    I love the babes

  38. martin46

    I went to check the club out for the first time Thursday and I only saw one atractive female in the whole place who was in shape, classy and drop dead stunning. If it wasn’t for Cameo and her great conversation and amazing lap dances, I would Never go back but for her it IS worth the drive from Fairfield! This club needs more girls like her. The bartenders were slow and not very friendly however the floor staff was great!

  39. Jason

    I had a wonderful time with Layla she was so beautiful not too pushy and made my night…I WILL be back to see her.

  40. DexterRexter

    I personally really like this place. Really laid back. Easy girls. It’s kinda hood but not in the scary to enter way more in the welcome to the family way.

  41. jeff wager

    the hottest club i been to

  42. ryan123

    This is my spot I come here to relax and drink up wit my Cuzin …. Cocktail waitress are cool , dancers are cool , bartenders cool, bouncers kool …

  43. bigmac
  44. Randy Maestas

    I had a great experience at deja vu !

  45. eagle
  46. billtheguy12

    Um… No… The bathrooms are crazy nasty. The floors and seating is the same. The girls are hood and you’re better off going to a bar trying to get some strange. Enough said

  47. julian castillo

    needs better looking girls with big asses and no strech marks

    or cellulite

  48. Chris D.

    Ummm, Disgusting! Ugly as hell girls! Super unfriendly staff and thats the nice part! Will never go back.

  49. fuuuuuuuuuuuck maaaannnn...


  50. Bob B.

    Star got married and the other girls are Gross!

  51. Jose

    What happend to Cypress?? She put on the best stage shows ever! She was the 1 girl who really put on a show. That was one of the main reasons why i visited Stockton to watch her perform. If anyone knows where she’s at.. Let me know. Thanx

  52. mark211

    too bad, nice club, came on a Sunday and saw ONE dancer, hung around for 3 hours and saw ONE dancer, whats up with that?? Good Music, Drinks were ok, but one dancer? for three hours??????? MANAGEMENT WAKE UP

  53. Chris

    One young lady in has my blessings. Not going to say any names but I gave here a bear and she named it KIKI. You are the top of the class. She will be the only one that can have whatever she wants…..

  54. stocktonian

    its cool there. its our after work spot. i go often. the girls are hot except a few. i can see some are pregnant and the boss there seems to be a mean tough s.o.b. ! we avoid the club when he is there.

  55. AssnTits5

    Soooo this place is cool but the scripperz don’t seem all the way motivated (as for the 3 stars)… Two entertainers I HIGHLY recommend, Cypress & Acacia… If straight, them two will really make you wonder!! Lol!! A lot of talent between them two!! Best night to go would probably be on Tuesday ($2 Tuesday).. The $2 drinks go on literally all night and buckets of Corona’s are only $12!! Yaaay!! Overall, it’s a cool spot to just chill at… p.s. Do not have your phones out even to text! They will give you the boot!!! (per the missing two stars)

  56. Pheeter

    I really enjoy Akasia. She gave me the best lap dances and is really cool and down to to Earth. I love this gal!

  57. that one guy

    i recently went to my local strip club for my cousins bachlor party, i’ve never been to a strip club before but i can honestly say that i had a great time, the drinks are a little on the high side but no one/place is perfect

  58. Tony

    The girls are pretty hot, more dancers there then guests. Drinks are expensive and the vip is a joke.

  59. Phill

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have had a great time every time I have visited your club. The staff is attentive and the girls are hot. What else could you want?

  60. damian

    prices on drinks are way 2 high.. there are very attractive girls and dance prices arnt 2 bad but what pissed me off is finding out that the dance i paid 30 for the dancer only gets 10! thats bullshit! there rippin the honeys off!poor girls

  61. moneyman2

    The dash dancing was OK but it amateur day the staff was friendly it didn’t stinkbof tuna. A fairly nice establishment on Tuesdays it’s free entry. A dollar to make em holla. If you are looking for a break while looking at ass an titties this is your place.

  62. phatboy
  63. Stapelberg
  64. DUSTIN

    Africa Sexx is the bes thing going at this club i come to see her and most of the time am let down because she not the and me and my boys have to for other booty. Most of the black women are sexy 6 out of 10. The other women need to take some tips from the black ones and step up there game. If any one know the night Africa Sexx work would help me alot.

  65. Adison Bond

    The dances are too expensive. Girls get few lap dances, and all the guys just sit around and drink beer.

  66. Hollywood

    I miss all my friends at the VU but management is trippin right now with the payout!!! Also the open curtain thing sucks!!! well anyway keep doing it ladys!!!

  67. eric

    The club will never be the same the prices suck i always hear drama about girls they treat the girl like shit i would never bring my buddies here

  68. onedown

    I use to manage a club for 10 yrs., i can tell they are trying to up scale the club, so far so good,(owners please try to bring down the drink prices)other than that your doing a good job.

  69. that one filipino guy

    i enjoy malina’s company. we have so many things in common and she’ really nice to get along with. easy to talk to also and yes she can really give me a haaarrrd time lol

  70. Mark

    Well I followed my favorite girl Star here from Sacramento. As long as she is there so will I be.. She is the hottest and the best dancer lap/onstage..

  71. Lily

    fun to be there with friends

  72. J
  73. Mark V.

    Hi this is Mark. I’ve been coming to this club for quite some time now, and I already know that I’m going to have a good time as soon as I step inside. There’s this performer named Acacia, who I really like but I keep that in secret from my friends. I tell them I like Toccara but I adore Acacia. She has a very pretty face and slim and slender body. 10 stars.

  74. Manuel

    You know, there were more reviews on here. Whoever deleted them remember this. Just because you deleted them, doesn’t make the problem go away. This is Stockton’s only club. I WANT it to be good, but the new people running it have RUINED the place. If it turns around, I’ll be the first to hype up the place! Fix the problem, don’t ignore it!

  75. raymond

    is THAI and GIZELLE still there??

  76. J.J.

    Went in last night by myself and much hasn’t

    changed but Holy Hell who is the new girl?..I didn’t

    get to talk to her but she was gorgeous and has an

    amazing body..I’m pretty sure she had implants and

    had a side tattoo with stars…anyone know her

    name? I’ll definitly be back with the boys this week.

    Hope she sticks around out here, I might start going

    more often.

  77. fuckery12

    This was our first time here. It was shady as hell, it just felt unsafe, there were a couple of good bouncers, but it just felt unsafe. Only 2 out of the 8 girls that were on stage went topless. It was two for 1 lap dance night. my wife decided to get a dance and she only received one dance even no it was 2 for 1. The dancer did not even go topless during the lap dance. Very disappointing and we won’t go back.

  78. "G"

    Didn’t stay long enough to see the full line-up of dancers.

  79. Nisa D.

    I haven’t been here since Sept. and didn’t like it one bit. I use to come all the time but after yesterday, I’ll pass. The girls didn’t even know to how to dance on the pole. They weren’t interacting very much. Paid $20 to get in which is not worth it. It was ridiculous. Bartenders were cool though and they made great drinks. But really, what happened to this place?!?!


    I wanted to share 1 very mammorable xxperience I had at our local “Vu”. I had received 2 lapdances & 1 VIP lapdance with same dancer not to mention the tips while she was on stage. Sure she made some Benjamin’s from me that day, but it will 4-eva be in my memory of probably the best time I had here. She literally blew my mind in terms of fantasy & sex appeal. She possesed a sexy voice, bright smile, nice hair, great attitude, amazing body & superb labdance skillz. She got me so excited during those lapdances, she even gave me the nickname “meat grinder.” Since she was grinding on my lap…and well…you know what rose to the occasion ;-). But point is, there have been some very mammorable times in the “Vu” and of course other times that really were dissapointing. But if you want to minimize drive-time on lunch hour……you cant beat this place to see-more-butts.

  81. check my tags

    What happened to this place? Granted its been over 3 years since ive been home but the Vu used to be great. Now its empty and negative. The old dancers and crew made it a party every night i went. Someone please tell me where they went so i know what stripclub to go to.

  82. sha

    thai is the prettiest girl there manager sucks though bald guy

  83. Steven

    I found the ladies to be extremely polite and helpful. I really enjoyed Akasia and her friendly personality. She and the other ladies just knew how to talk to me.

  84. jon q

    i had a blast, the women were friendly & beautiful

  85. StripclubReview

    I love blondes but the night that I went there was only one blonde…Isabel, but

    she was worth the money. I will be back to see her!

  86. tim

    the girls jus need to be more social..n flirt alil more..

  87. dave

    this place has gone down hill sense the last time i was

    there.the nicest employee i talked to was the asian bar

    tender.doubt i will ever go back.

  88. Thai's Biggest Fan

    Hello fellow Stockonians,

    Just got back from an incognito afternoon trip to Deja Vu & all I can say is “WOW”. I remember viewing a pic of Thai on the Vu site & seen other postings stating she’s not there anymore. Well, to my suprise & she was there in all her glory.

    Fellas (& Ladies)…….she is Magnificant. She was very down2earth, friendly & not fake in anyway. (And im not just saying do to my raging hard-on). But those 2 Lapdances I received from her were arguably the best ones ive ever had. I hope if i make it back there & I get a chance to see her once more. I just loved when she sat on my lap & made herself comfortable….kinda like a slice of heaven. Aww, wet dreams to be had tonite. :-)))

  89. Aaron B.

    When you first see Deja vu it looks run down. But it’s not bad. The ladies are beautiful and very nice. Cheap drinks. Bathrooms could be better

  90. Doug G.

    I frequent this place about once every couple of month for the last 2 years when I’m passing through Stockton. I come here to see a few girls and meet up with a couple of my buddies that live in town. Some of the girls are friendly… The staff is nice and courteous. Cocktail waitresses are pretty. The bartenders are usually always nice. Drinks are cheap. I usually always have a good time. My buddy and I visited this last sat nite and the place was semi busy. I was pretty disappointed that I waited over 15 minutes to get served at the bar. I know these gals behind the bar looked busy but like I stated earlier… The place was semi busy. Not crazy packed. Then she didn’t know how to make my drink. Then she gave me the wrong change. So we finally get our drinks and went to sit at a table. For over 30 minutes not a single dancer came and said hello. We decided to order another round of drink from the cocktail waitress thinking it might be quicker than the bar. Again over 15 minutes. After that round of drinks we jus got up and left. Don’t know if we will be returning. Like I said I’ve always had a good time here. I tip decent. I enjoy a few lap dances here and there but this last visit was not a very pleasant one

  91. dissapointed

    these girls are a disappointment! dont waste your money they will let you down,

  92. Franklyn

    This is the only strip club in Stockton. They have fixed up the place but everything is so expensive now. The charge to get in is $20 after 9/10 I think. They don’t take passes anymore. The place is empty most of the time and now you have to pay to sit down close to the stage. The only time it’s good to go is on Tuesdays for the $2 drinks.

  93. anthony

    dancers suk

  94. CHROME


  95. sanjii

    kinda ghetto at times great looking strippers the head manager has a bad attitude

  96. Jane U.

    Titties and Grey Goose on a Tuesday,Women love you for dollarsand even more for Bennies.Flex and stretch and work the pole, legs for daysand full handed breasts,names of cities never lookedso good. Salty dogs nevertasted so sweet. I think when it comes to seeing girls perform topless; Deja Vu is one of the top picks in Stockton. There are a variety of ladies, and each has her own style of dancing and entertaining– it is hard to be disappointed. You can either sit back and not be front and center and just enjoy the show from the bar, or you can rest your chin on the stage and enjoy the ladies up close and personal.There is a ten-dollar cover for everyone, even the ladies (one of the only places in town unbiased,) and once you are in, you are free to let your eyes wander. (I believe there is a no cover before 8pm.) The club itself is clean on the inside, don’t be fooled by the “castle” looking cinder blocks. There also is a full bar, but you have to be careful, the bartenders will get you buying the good stuff if you don’t pay attention. So make sure you call what you want, whether it is a well drink or top shelf. Because there is a full bar, the gals don’t get completely nude, they do keep their g’s on.There are also twenty dollar lap dances, which are more personal and off in a designated area, and then there is the Champagne Room, where I haven’t been, but I do know that the money issue is between you and the dancer(s).The bar is very lesbian friendly, and actually attracts a variety of clientele, from young men and women, to couples, to older patrons.If you don’t mind naked bodies, I would say try going to Deja Vu and grabbing a couple of drinks and getting a dollar mini dance when they’re offering them during the night. Sure fun for going out with the guys.

  97. jason p.

    tonite my lady and i went to our local Vu in stockton, i was very amazed at the selection of dancers. we got a privte dance from “ebony” and all i can say is “oh my god” it was that great. we left short after because the mrs. and i had to take care of some “busniess” ( if u know what i mean). till the next time, and there will be a next time after a night like that. thanks for every thing

  98. scotty_C

    love it all… but i love kiana =] please dont quit! you’re so beautiful

  99. Harrison69

    They shooting…straight hood…went on $2 Tuesday and these fools shooting…shot both the security guards (Jr. and Johnny…one in the arm and the other in the leg)!!!

  100. jeff

    club is great. akasia’s the hottest though and my fave real talk! she always make me smile whenever i don’t feel good or having a bad time.

  101. jhon

    great time

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