Fuzzy Bear



8595 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680


33.803445, -117.982685




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fuzzy Bear

  1. fritter17

    One of our favorite dive bars back when it was Fuzzy Bears lol.. been here couple times since new owner and it’s a thousand times better.. usually get buckets of Coronas beer is cold. Most Girls are friendly .. of course there’s the handful that are annoyed by couples or maybe just girls in general.. doesn’t matter to us We still managed to have a good time with the girls that wanted to Make money and liked to party lol.. its always fun to tip the girls on stage they’re lots of fun.

  2. XXXbeast

    Used to be one of my favorite places to spend my hard earned money. I understand the girls need to keep their sales up but as of late…it seems like more and more the girls are asking me to buy them drinks. Kind of a turn off tward the business. It is what t is.

  3. Johnson12

    Christy (Kristy) the bartender was super friendly, inexpensive drinks, billiards. Fun place to with people who like to see half naked ladies who are friendly serving you drinks and dancing on or near a pole.

  4. tonycluber

    Wanna have a good time? I went here on Thursday when Chy and Alina were here. Not only are they super hot they are friendly and attentive. Beer is good too, pitchers, whatever you want. I want to come back whenever they are here because they dance and have a good time. Probably the two hottest girls I’ve ever seen in my entire life and they do their job well. If you aren’t here when they’re here your missing out and should know. I’ve never been happier right now.

  5. james1412

    I went to this bar, and it is a fun place to go to, it seems like it is only half a bar and half a strip club. The owner should fix the following issues I see and are not so good for customers:1. ATM machine is broken and turned off.2. It took the bar 1 hour to get me 80 one dollar bills because they don’t have ones.3. The Juke box is awesome, but to pay $1 per song? That is a bit too much, it should be $1 per 2-3 songs4. The bathroom is horrible, it had fly’s all over and is not sanitary at all. This should be one of the cleanest places in the entire bar. And there is no lock on the men’s restroom door.5. No limes, and the lemons were not fresh at all.The girls seem to be friendly, but too busy doing other things, not talkative to customers.

  6. Mistercap12

    Edika wut a cool name. Bitch is bad. Hits the pole and serves drinks. Cyndi/ my fav is so cute. Nice tight ass. Luv this place will alawys recomend.

  7. rogerrab2

    Way too small in there, crowd was old, waiters were kinda rude (skinny white girl) . The music was good thouqhh.

  8. StripClub431

    Between Chloe’s stunning good looks and Shauna’s amazing ass, there is no reason to come any other day. Heart melting and eye popping. Now give me my free coors light. I think Chloe is marriage material. I’m just being real

  9. Johnnyboy123

    I love this place! If your a wimp, don’t come here. This is a place for people to have a good time!

  10. Danielle O.

    Too Many bartenders working at one time and it feels like your crowded by them. The place is empty with dirty clientele. Won’t go here again. Beer is warm and the people aren’t friendly. Was told they remodeled and it still looks and feels dirty. Too many good bikini bars in the area to go and have bad serves.

  11. richard95

    Chy and alina are the best ever cheap beer friendliest entertainment for my first time here I can actually say I felt at home

  12. John
  13. Blue Balls

    Small Bikini bar with a few pool tables. The girls are sassy and fun. over all a laid back place to enjoy a few beers with almost naked girls

  14. Cynthia C.

    Came to visit sexyy Sarah couple months back nice place to chill gets some drinks and play pool of course and can’t leave out the poles with sexy ladies dancing so tip good people 🙂

  15. justinlk

    Funny…. the bouncer/pimp/drug dealer decides to attempt to discredit my review by saying “Stacey is a lying piece of shit blah blah blah”. No, Stacey told the truth about what happened & the truth hurts. Thank you for doing nothing more than proving my point, Mr. Lowlife.

  16. Weedman420

    Love this place and the women beer is always cold. The owner knows exactly what he/she is doing considering the fact they own 4 of these places

  17. fuckery12

    If you’re trying to play some pool stick and see some pretty women this is the spot. Alcohol & beer is provided. Sports are usually played on the TV

  18. Franklyn

    Great service, and even better views. Ladies are lovely and friendly, drinks reasonably priced….best of everything here. Crystal is awesome!

  19. Harrison69

    Favorite spot to hit with my friends on a Friday after work, always friendly service good prices and multiple pool tables that are usually open. Excellent spot!

  20. dannyboy7

    Decent looking girls all tatted up not my style… but hey its a bar… when I came in it was a sketchy crud of gangsters and Bikers so ehhh… free pool is cool though so that helps… but they f’d up a voka red Bull twice by making the wrong drink both times… I really don’t know how you f*** up a vodka Red Bull

  21. JenniLyn M.

    When the time is right its the best bar ever! Good attitudes, pretty faces, friendly crowd.. what more could u ask for mixed with alcohol?!


    the ultimate divey bikini bar, get in for free and drink cheap domestic beer on tap, tip well and you may even get a free glass of beer with your pitcher, sassy broads at this club will keep you on your toes, enter the “air dance” area for a more intmate experience. There are pool tables that take up half of the floor space which lead to friendly games with the girls there or a packed house on leauge night. over all fun for everyone-SUGARHOOF

  23. rickywho2

    This is the best bikini bar I’ve ever been to. The girls here are all extremely beautiful! But I have to admit my favorite girl here is Sara, she’s gorgeous! The drinks are fairly inexpensive, $3-5 for most draught beers, $5 for well drinks. They pour a stiff drink too! There are 2 or 3 “stripper” poles (they’re wearing lingerie) behind the bar that the girls dance on occasionally. Tip the ladies and you will be rewarded. On a Thursday night they had 4 lovely ladies bartending. This is officially my favorite local dive bar.

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