The Scene



70 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, Commack, NY 11725


40.8059098, -73.2706145




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Scene

  1. The Scene

    Halloween Costume Party October 31st!!!!

    Over $1000 in cash prizes for best costumes!

  2. shean


  3. rick

    jissica drake was GREAT

  4. EDD


  5. john

    club is fine

  6. Tech Guy
  7. frank

    jenna johnson july 13

  8. dave

    savana samson aug 17 18 19 live

  9. kenny

    be there friday

  10. pual

    i like

  11. tera


  12. ellison
  13. doe

    One of the best.Best in l.i

  14. sara

    THE N 1 CLUB

  15. Scene Me

    The club is very good! My only complaint is the cost of a VIP dance. I think $100 for a VIP would work much better for the club, the dancers and the customers. Give it a try for a month and see what happens.

  16. Greg

    NO HOT GIRLS.. 4 ugly nigs

  17. josh

    had a lot of fun at this club

  18. pete


  19. Cappy

    Good bang for the buck ! (suck too)

  20. george


  21. mike

    Very spacious, girls were hot and very nice, overall good atmosphere.

  22. Mark

    Great Dancers, Friendly Bar Tenders. A good place to spend some time. Thanks!

  23. vinny

    the best.

  24. jay


  25. dvd dude

    if u do not like russians stay away

  26. G

    ok so I’ve been going here for a very long time – turnover seems to be pretty high at this place (which is a good thing) including the fact that Cassandra and Vivian who were, by far the 2 best dancers hands down….have both left the club. Watch them trying to charge you 20 for cover and if the dancers piss of the management they will raise the prices for dances, which has happened for long periods of time, screwing the customers out of having to pay more.

    was there friday night, there were 20-25 guys there and over 35 girls, too many russains though, too pushy, most were rude. Once Cassandra left this place and moved to FL, we go there rarely, try billy deans showtime cafe in bellmore. THAT is the place to go

  27. jack


  28. JD

    The worst bar ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jenna

    jenna live at the scene july 13

  30. ta
  31. BEBE
  32. sorry i went

    if you like drunks that steal your money and tell you all

    about their sorry life, this hole is for you

  33. tlo

    it is n1

  34. sally

    best girls

  35. brad

    club looks good, nice selection of dancers

  36. lanna
  37. james
  38. scott
  39. lou

    savana aug 17 18 19

  40. Ryan W.

    The Scene is a awesome place to bring a bunch of your buds to have a drink. Also watch some really gorgeous women strut their stuff. It’s ran really well by a great manager who know how to run a business. A stand up guy who wants you to have a great time. I had lost my cell phone their and the next day the bouncer found it and gave it to bartender. They stashed the phone and it ended up going missing. I told the manger what had happened and be went completely out of his way to make sure the phone found its way back to me. Long story short he was able to find the phone got it back to me 3 weeks later!! When he invited me to his office he not only gave me my phone, he gave me 100 dollars towards drinks and dances! One of the better places on LI to go!

  41. Mr D

    Great time will be back, felt very confortable

  42. Nick aka KrazyKlown

    Adrianna is HOTT!! needs to be here more!! Jaimie, cara, Daniella, Suzanne,tara, denise are Wonderful woman! Some of the girls do still sit around on couch and dont approach men while others jump you second you enter, some ask you for dance and never come back, some you tell them you want a dance and they walk away from you. But its a Great Bar Highly recommend it to all my listeners and Those on my myspace (2000 people) Did I mention How HOT ADRIANNA is bring her here early fri and saturdays!!

  43. scottbest

    savana samson july 27 july 27 28 29 savamnnnnnnnnnnnsamson 0

  44. tom

    had lots of fun

  45. tommy

    t ttttttttttttttt om

  46. ny lap
  47. sean


  48. GT
  49. anna
  50. Arnold
  51. billy


  52. barry

    Raquel darien june 21 22.

  53. matt

    The best Girls .

  54. love

    I love the new scene

  55. Susan

    Halloween Costume party and Contest!!!!

    Wednesday, October 31st!!!

    $1000 in cash prizes!!!

  56. metalrules

    got a 150 “vip” lap dance and was the worst ever i have had girls work harder for a 20 lap dance

  57. gerge

    great party

  58. Fred
  59. sizable sum
  60. see

    savana samson aug 17 18 19

  61. .
  62. hello


  63. n,k
  64. holly


  65. hjjjjj
  66. sammy

    the club and bartenders are great ive been tehre a few times this week The bartenders are the best But the russian woman either cant speak english, or sit in a back changing area or on chairs and dont talk or approach you. There was a few who asked me for a dance like Corine i think her name was I said in a little bit and she ignored me for a few days. They need to give the girls breath mints. I had a lap dance 4 of em with different girls and $30 is a rip off for what 2 songs should be a bit longer than that…Adrienne and Laina, Lisa were hot, Jaime Daniella denise were sexy they should wear less. More woman with thongs are needed. The girls dont talk to you unless you drop lots of money and they only ask for massage or lap dance and then walk away whether you say yes or no, very disappointed here last time ill waste $300 here. Avoid this place

  67. felixnada

    Being a resident of NYC and a male of 42 years old. I have been to my share of bars, clubs, lounges and strip clubs. Atlanta GA was known for their strip clubs which gave you the vibe of a club and lounge in one. I was at the scene during the NBA finals series and to be in a spot that had attractive women who are not pushy and thirsty for a dollar or to buy them drinks was refreshing. The women know how to hold a conversation and keep you engaged that you of your own free will feel bad not tipping/lol. Was a great experience to be older now and just want to relax. This is the place and the women are all dimes which is rare in spots.

  68. sandra

    better than ever.

  69. v inny


  70. Kat

    I went there with a male friend and the place was very open to women being there. The girls were really nice to me!!!!!

  71. Pauline
  72. Hank C.

    What can I say? Jason has it right, mostly. This place is too expensive for the location. Dropped in for a bachelor party, and they initially quoted $200 for our own room, then it went to $500, then $700… inflation before our very eyes. This for twelve people in the group… don’t bother getting a room. You get a free bottle of liquor and sodas, but you’re better off saving your money for whatever else you came to do, be it watch, tip, or pay for dances, and you have better seating outside of the room (totally uncomfortable benches as compared with the slightly softer chairs outside).That, plus a $20 cover? This on the end of Long Island, is not worth the show, even if they bring in celebs.Smells like smoke inside. Even though we know smoking was banned a long time ago.

  73. RAY

    Best place on L.I

  74. Michael

    The best in Long Island!I like it!

  75. peter

    jessica drake march 20 21 22

  76. ke ndra

    its hot.

  77. PornStarJosh

    Hey I visited the club and was nice but girls tended to congregate or ignore you unless you approached them. I seen Adrianna and Im coming back with my friends I heard Klowns Radioshow on the club and Adrianna and shes everything he claimed. We need to see her there more on weekends during the week is so rough. Savannah Samson was hot! Jaime, kara, Denise are sweethearts! But Adrianna Wow! Shes gonna be a star Go make her famouse Klown

  78. bobby

    best club on long island

  79. j

    too many russians, they smell

  80. krazyKlown

    Club is Awesome, Savannah Samson was great and Sept 8 and 9th Tera patrick will be there. Girls a plenty they tend to vanish or hang at bar and take up customer spaces. Girls are wonderful but need lessons on manners. BEST PLACE ON LI HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT ABOVE ALL OTHERS!!

  81. bob
  82. flirt
  83. MC
  84. RS

    Other than the Russians its a pretty nice club.

  85. roy

    jenna was great.

  86. cara
  87. Great Head
  88. Wistrom
  89. Autumn
  90. sal


  91. rori

    KIM CHAMBERS SEPT 27 28 29

  92. steve

    jessica drake live at the scene oct. 11 12 13

  93. johny

    best club.

  94. EJ6


  95. Gabe
  96. lilli

    Great party..

  97. SHEA


  98. Rex Manning
  99. ROE
  100. harryharry

    Over priced, 10 dollar shots,10 cover. Girls are so so ugly!

  101. maxxy1

    Is this a long island trend? MAN/horsed face hoes?me and my crew gave the Scene a chance, some asians, some elderly/mom strippers?? and bignosed tranys with aging weathered boobs will give you a ride for cold soulless cash the Management was respectful, the bathroom attendant was charming Now the women were fuckin pushy unattractive and braindead. And the bar hogs they keep wrangled up are to occupied lookin at there own cans to serve you up a beer And dammmnn these chicks had a trend of Servilely bad breath, It was a common thing amongst the ‘ladies’if thats your thang the Scene is for you

  102. Club Hopper
  103. mittre
  104. Gerry

    Nice Club

  105. lizzy

    no cara got fired.

  106. tara new

    its hot

  107. Henry B

    if u like that whole Russian bus thing than this place is for u. Someone shoud teach the girls a bit more English than “Do You Want a DANCE?”. Hello and a small coversation might be a nice change of pace.

  108. sexy
  109. fflfj
  110. nnn


  111. savana

    savana 17 18 19

  112. sensae
  113. Ben

    Great girls, great sounds, great time

  114. tad
  115. stecve

    jenine in nov

  116. Larry

    I come here for the bartenders Cara And Tara They need to wear alot less! Put them in boyshorts and bra’s hot & sexy. Will definitely bring more people in, The dancers aren’t worth it.

  117. Johnnyboy123

    The have some Latin beautiful hot girls and they can shake till the look like the gonna break love they were so hot and friendly I nearly wanted to take them home . I’m stunned and defiantly live my fantasy . I’m deff going back to the scene specially ties when the have penny beers like what you can’t beat that

  118. Zman

    had a great time,will go back next week,girls and staff great

  119. sam

    tara PATRICK SEPT 8 9 2006

  120. jill

    savana was n1

  121. cc

    best ever.

  122. fox

    best bartender danniale

  123. tara
  124. joe g
  125. ann

    great party

  126. joey the kid

    get some girls that look good and speak english working at this club. Management obviously doesn”t care they just bus them in from Brooklyn. I guess it is easy to just make a phone call to the “Russian Connection”. What ashame. I will not be going back to waste my money and get the same line from every girl “Your so handsome”. You would think that they would teach the strippers a little ettiquette!

  127. commack
  128. BD

    IMO Best Strip club on LongIsland hand down

  129. jim

    had the best time

  130. RICH
  131. poor

    could be alot better but isnt

  132. krysalil
  133. terry


  134. Celebrity DJ

    Club is Hot best on LI but girls do Hide in back room, some dont speak english, they will jump you soon as you enter for massage or lap dance and if you say not right now they never come back again. The bartenders are hot those girls should dance once in a while Jaime, Danielle and Denise wow. They need to make the lap dances longer because $30 for 15 mins or 2 songs isnt long enough. They need to give the girls breath mints there some nasty ones there…I tell all my friends to come here just for the bartenders they have hot asses and great personalities and big boobies…

  135. e rhpjmjj


  136. Zipper Shaft
  137. Teddy

    The few girls there dont bother with you if you dont go vip, or stick with there regulars when there not hiding in the back or sitting down on coach. Not enough girls, and extremely pushy, I never knew dancers to poke you and say hey give me money. Bartenders are great and better than them, they should be in bra’s and panties would make more people come in! I know Id come in more often if Cara & Danielle wore that!

  138. fig
  139. rlph


  140. Dancer
  141. jen
  142. RED


  143. bobby g
  144. Dan

    Angelica is the most beautiful and sweetest girl. Shes the best!!!

  145. TOM J


  146. Mistercap12

    Dancer “Brianna” (Layken Chang) is HIV positive and they allow her to work there. Personally I think that is a very disgusting show of professionalism on their behalf. Should do a better job of screening before they allow entertainers come in contact with the general public. Know the dancer personally and am 100 percent sure of her disease. Would not want any contact with someone carrying this sort of disease.

  147. kim

    nice place with nice girls

  148. ken

    good club

  149. Harry
  150. Ho
  151. eddy

    tara is hot

  152. key largo
  153. KYLE


  154. T er
  155. kimmy

    had a great time sat.

  156. cal

    best girls

  157. Eddie

    This is a more expensive club compared to most LI clubs. However, most of the

    girls are hot and give good dances. Good variety of girls too.

  158. donny

    i love this club.

  159. justin

    savana samson aug gg 17 18 19

  160. mack
  161. nick

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