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0 reviews for “Saints & Sinners

  1. Michael F.

    This place in my view point is nothing special. Typical for that matter but what makes it worth it, is the bartenders. Great central bar and a decent amount of flat screens so you can get your sports fill. I have yet to make it there on a Friday just yet so my opinion my change but so far I have to say it’s pretty much average.

  2. Clare G.

    We spent New Years here one year when we didn’t want to fight the Manhattan crowds. It’s a pretty authentic Irish pub in a real Irish neighborhood. I’ve always found the staff helpful and friendly but they do seem to favor the regulars a bit — which is probably true of any Irish pub. I’ve recommended this bar to many people. You can always make a friend there. But for food, head to Donovan’s for their burger. I’m not really big on the food here.

  3. winston12

    Associate invited me to this pub/restaurant for lunch. Wonderful atmosphere, had the Shephards pie, absolutely delicious. Cant wait to teturn.

  4. Mika Z.

    I went here a couple years ago with my friends that were visiting from New Orleans. It was early in the evening so it wasn’t too busy. We had a few beers. The bartender was nice.

  5. maxxy1

    Really Really Irishy pub. I don’t know what they are doing in Woodside. They should be in the upper scale of Manhattan, (or locals calls it, ma hatten) Bartender knows his/ her drinks and the Cook, will grill your food to perfection.

  6. yanard12

    I’ve been going there about once a month off and on for a couple years.$5 Angry Orchard is a great price. The staff does whatever they can to accommodate you. The front room is a nice place to sit and talk if you don’t want to sit in the main room of the bar.I had the lamb burger last night. It was quite tasty. The brioche bun was fresh and so was the lettuce. Priced about average for NYC. I know others greatly enjoy the chicken tenders.It can get very loud when they have live music; but most of the people going up on stage have been pretty good.If you’re sitting in the front room, along the row by the windows, WATCH YOUR HEAD!~ There’s a ledge and just about everyone gives themselves a good smack on it at least once. lol Consider it your Saints & Sinners initiation.

  7. Alize69

    Went to visit my friend Brian and LOVED every minute of this club!!the girls were very sexy! Marta & Red were my favorites and jessica the bartender too..hope to be back to visit again someday soon..

  8. Mike P.

    Hello all Staff at Saints and Sinners Keep up the great work as we approach Holday season 2016.Mike Perricelli Bayside Or as everyone knows me Mike Bayside.

  9. Erica M.

    This Irish pub is such a wonderful place. We had the sweetest bartender who, with the pub rather empty so early in the morning, took amazing care of us. With great deals most nights and side rooms with couches and tvs, it’s just a great place to hang out.

  10. Natalie L.

    Comfortable. Dark. Nondescript. Trivia night is kind of hard if you’re not a sports buff, and the “selection” that comes with the trivia is greasy and inedible. But overall a decent neighborhood bar.

  11. Franco C.

    Great neighborhood place. I’m no saint – so that should give you an idea of where that leaves me… In any case this place was actually a load of fun – there was live music and plenty of cold beer – what more could you ask for?Everyone there was super nice. The bar area seems perpetually loaded but the bartenders are quick to get you served.Located right under the #7 tracks, you don’t hear any train noises (at least I didn’t).Go- have fun!

  12. richard95

    This place is definitely worth 4-4.5 stars! The bartenders are friendly, great vibe and love the live music on Friday and Saturday nights! They also have trivia and karaoke night…what more could you ask for?!?!

  13. Franklyn

    I recently moved to the area. There are a lot of Irish ex pats living around here and tons of Irish pubs. All are basically the same — dark, comfortable, with a big bar. but I think this is the place that is truly Irish — not Irish American. It is a well run pub, well taken care of, with an attractive atmosphere. It is smaller than I expected. I stopped by Saints and Sinners mid afternoon looking for food and at that odd hour, it was pretty empty. I was expecting them to tell me the kitchen was closed but no —I could have anything I want. The menu is guy food. There were 6 other people there other than myself and 5 of them were Irish. There are TV screens everywhere — I tried to count them but gave up after 15 !! My bartender was professional, intelligent, courteous, on the ball — and Irish.

  14. larry1

    Simply put, this establishment not only offers delicious food and well made drinks, but they offer loyalty to their patrons, which in turn causes patrons to be loyal to the bar. The staff is nothing short of professional, friendly and keen. Located in the center of this strong community of Woodside, this bar restaurant shines among the rest because they do a lot of things very well: great music, live music on some nights is also quite a wonderful night to experience, the overall execution of the place give off a good vibe, delicious cocktails,…this place offers a lot of different things for a lot of different types of people. If you are looking for a wild unkept dive, this is NOT the spot. This place offers way more than just a wonderful atmosphere…it truly is a gem.

  15. AssnTits5

    Headed in yesterday after the lil’mans baseball game. Food was really good for pub food. We tried the fish and chips (2 ok sized pieces of cod), the steak sandwich (which actually came out rare, as ordered) and the chicken quesadilla (and the chicken actually tasted like chicken as opposed to crappy pre-cooked chicken bits).An alright selection of beers for an Irish pub. The Bailey’s cheesecake was more like a whipped cream cake on a graham cracker crust, but it was very very good. Expensive, but a great value, and for that I salute you, Saints and Sinners!!!

  16. Jen F.

    L-O-V-E this place. It’s my local watering hole. If you haven’t stopped in, you’re missing out. Some of the best live music in Woodside. Great jukebox and tap beers. The bartenders are very friendly and “in tune” with their neighborhood. Great place to chill in the summer time and warm up in the wintertime. Nice fireplace in the front and couches to hang with friends. By far, the BEST french fries in Woodside.

  17. Stephanie S.

    Solid neighborhood pub. The BF and I have been here a few times to watch Sunday night football, and it’s a nice chill atmosphere. We’ve managed to snag seats in a cozy streetside room off to the side of the main bar with comfy sofas and its own TV, which is great for watching the game and having some pub food.Beer selection is fairly standard. The Blue Point Toasted Lager is surprisingly good, and they also have some Brooklyn selections on tap. The food I’ve tried has ranged from decent (the quesadilla) to amazingly tasty (the chicken pot pie).I definitely recommend the place if you live or happen to be in the area.

  18. robert hansen si,ny

    when attending in 2001/2003 club was good entertainment .girls were polite and sexy. got to know anna paulo ,sao paulo, brazil / katherine melnick married name, very nice girl. hope she still works there but probably not.good times and health to all the girls.

  19. dannyboy7

    Fantastic food. Love the sliders and Shepard’s pie. Great before a mets game. Lots of TVs. Great for a bite then off to citified on the 7. Love a bar that does good sliders!! Top notch

  20. Orla M.

    Haven’t been here in a while and the restaurant part has been redone. Love what they have done. So cute and romantic. Great food and service as always and live music started at 11pm. I’ve always loved when they had live music. Great Irish bar in Woodside.

  21. Kerri M.

    I just moved into the area and celebrated the new apartment with the new roomie by visiting Saints and Sinners for a beer. We’ll be back! Mellow quiet bar with a good selection on the jukebox, friendly bartender, and lots of cute boys…! We’re excited to live nearby.

  22. Sydney E.

    This bar has a very nice staff and fast serving. Good selection of tunes, tasty food and a great place for laughs. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable with plenty of space to sit and hang, and I can’t say that enough about bars in this area…

  23. XXXbeast

    I have now been going to Saints & Sinners for the last 2.5 years and I am still a big fan. Great atmosphere. Good drink. Wonderful chat. Tasty food. Saints & Sinners is still my go to bar in Woodside; maybe in all of Queens.Saints & Sinners attracts a very diverse crowd. While it still has a large Irish clientele; more and more, 20 and 30 somethings that are moving into the neighborhood are visiting this bar restaurant. Suits, hipsters, Asian, construction, professionals are a good portion of the crowd.While it gets busy on weekends, it still a very comfortable space. Plenty of seating and never a wait for a drink. The bar staff, both day and night, does a great job with service. A welcome and a smile is your standard. Very Nice.Food is very good. I seem to always have a burger here. Moist, cooked to temp, juicy. What more can you say about their burgers; oh yes, delicious. Fries are fresh, but may be slightly oily on occasion. No biggie.They have a wings special during football games. Three wings for a dollar with your standard sauce. Now they may not be the greatest wings, but they are very tasty and you just keep eating more. These wings are very addictive. Wings, beer, football; life is good.Overall, if your looking for an adult place for an adult beverage; Saints & Sinners is your place. Saints & Sinners caters to an adult crowd who enjoy a good drink, a chat, a place to watch a game. This is not your jello shots or pitchers of cheap beer crowd.

  24. james1412

    Over priced and watered down drinks, food is mediocre.

  25. Matthew K.

    I have had very different experiences here. As a bar with TVs, a drinking crowd, and pub food, it is just fine. In the afternoon/evening/night, come in, grab a seat at the bar, or a table on the perimeter and even get waited on rather than having to order through the bartender, and pretty good appetizers too. However, I am not a fan of brunch at Saints & Sinners. Irish bars in Queens all seem to offer the same deal more or less, for $10 or so, get a brunch dish, and a mimosa/screwdriver/bloody mary. First of all, it was absolutely empty at 12 noon on a Sunday, and they had no soda bread, instead giving us what they simply called “irish bread.” We ordered mimosas as our drink and they came in the same glasses that they serve water in, rather than the typical champagne glass I would expect, and it tasted more like orange juice with seltzer. While the steak we ordered smelled good, it turned out to be overdone, the omelette was lukewarm at best, and to top it off they served french fries with every dish at our table. This made sense for my friend who ordered a chicken sandwich, but for the more breakfast/brunch dishes, what about home fries? Hash browns maybe? Never been to a brunch spot that serves french fries as the potato side. I’ll stick to the PM hours at this place.

  26. rogerrab2

    Phenomenal bar. The food is incredible. I can’t decide what I ever want because the dishes I have tried there have been absolutely delicious. I often order something and my gf orders something else and then we split them so we can corner as much of the menu as possible. I had to meet the chef and thank him personally because of how delicious it was. He was delighted and very gracious. The guiness is mighty. Extremely cozy atmosphere. The staff is extremely kind and charismatic. The best thing about it, you can be either a saint or a sinner and you’re still welcomed in the same fashion.

  27. A-List R.

    Good little bar in the middle of lots of other good little bars. Nothing spectacular.

  28. Nayim I.

    Good food, good people, and good service. What more can you ask for.

  29. Weedman420

    My favorite bar in this neighborhood. Been here lots of time and I was never disappointed. Drinks are great, good selection of beers. Haven’t tried the food yet(I’m always there after 10/11 pm).I just love the atmosphere at this bar. Laid back, having a great conversation with your friend or the bartender. Or just sitting all by yourself enjoying your drink, it’s all up to you. if you are alone or with a friend or two then the island bar is perfect for you. For a larger group I would suggest the cozy couches in the front room to your left as you enter the bar. Bartenders are awesome at this place. Very friendly and they provide a great service. Dipna and Wilma are great.I would definitely recommend this place if you are in this neighborhood. Just stop by and have a great time.

  30. Melissa B.

    It’s basically a bar with a teeny weeny spot in the back with tables and a food menu. The food is good, a little more on the expensive side for the area. nice atmosphere… all in all i’ll go back if for nothing else than to have a pint…

  31. fritter17

    Solid Woodside tavern with just about something for everyone. I like to come here on Thursday nights when Kieran is bartending and usually playing a mix of 70s and 80s New Wave from his ipod. I get the burger with all the fixings and back it with an imperial pint of Goose Island IPA and shot or 2 or 3 of Powers. It is the best burger in Woodside and the price is beyond fair. Kieran and Ronan try to keep a mix of different activities – live bands, quiz night – going on to keep folks entertained. I’d recommend a stop at Saints and Sinners to anyone

  32. curtis17

    2nd experience here, first was a three star, this went from a 3 to a 0 real quick. I saw they had a wing special on Monday’s so I stopped in, I was told (after waiting for 5 minutes for them to find out) that they have a 3 wings for $1 special. I was starving and craving wings so I am in. Got 12 Teraiki and 12 Buffalo. These were literally the WORST WINGS I have had in my entire life. Sooo small, super overcooked, and the sauce was the worst off brand store bought garbage ever.For the record I ate all 24, because while they were the worst, I was starving and they weren’t making me vomit, and I figure I get what I pay for. I am also trying to not be so upset when trying a new experience doesn’t work out the way I wanted. Had 2 beers. So I get the bill, and the wings are now 2 for $1 instead of 3. When I’m asking why, the bartender clearly told me 3, she says “no it’s two” (and p.s. this current bartender is the one who told the girl who told me the price, in front of my face)I was pissed with how bad they were but I was starving for wings and was gonna let it go, but then this happens. No way. First experience was about 1.5 years ago with a friend, and I forget details, I just remember it was a 3 star experience at best. Try Sean Ogs around the block, amazing compared to this place, which is why Saint’s and Sinners is always empty and Sean Ogs is always busy.

  33. Lorilynn R.

    Great pub atmosphere! Love the area and the food wasn’t too bad either.

  34. Tara W.

    A group of friends had scheduled a meet-up here so I was intrigued to check the place out. It was a Saturday early evening (although we stayed there until almost midnight!!). The staff was great, especially given the fact that there were between 10-25 people there at any given moment. The food line-up was standard Irish pub fare which made me quiet happy (they had smoked salmon on top of salad- yay!). During the course of our time there, my boyfriend and I split the smoked salmon salad, the appetizer sampler and the quesadilla. The quesadilla was HUGE and quite the show stealer, next time we will order it early on!! The beer selection was also quite nice! They had SixPoint Sweet Action (a fave) and a good selection overall. There are I would say around ten beers between the draft and bottle section at least. It was a nice relaxing place to hang out with friends for a few hours and will definitely be a place I return to.

  35. A.M. L.

    I love this neighborhood Irish bar. Just to illustrate the kind of neighborhood place this is, when i moved to Woodside, the person who I was renting my apt from had gone to CA for work. He left the keys at the bar, with my name on an envelope. Took the 7 down, and picked my apt keys from the bar, no problem.This is not just a bar, but let me tell you that this place does NOT get the accolades for the excellent food that it serves. Their shepherd’s pie is the best in the neighborhood, hands down as well as their Irish Breakfast (as recommended by my landlord who is actually Irish from Dublin). Mash potatoes are STELLAR. During the World Cup games, they’ve been serving 25 cent wing specials, and these wings are fabulous. You can tell that they’re not from some frozen Costco bag but are actually made in house.And I can second the girl who reads at the bar. There was a weekend in which I dragged a bookbag full of term papers to grade and just sat in the front room for the afternoon grading term papers with a pint of New Castle. That’s the kind of relaxed neighborhood joint this is. Now I’ll just have to see if this is a place I can write for a few hours in the afternoon too 🙂

  36. Tara L.

    Just last year I would have given this place at least 4 stars but the last time I went in, the bartender was rude during every interaction and they don’t have Magner’s cider on draft anymore. We left quickly.

  37. fuckery12

    It’s a good bar / restaurant. I enjoyed their drinks and food. Great service! I would recommend!

  38. rogerrab2

    Best bar ever!!! Perfect for a laid back chill night with friends..we became regulars because the bartenders are not only talented and attentive but very friendly

  39. Marla S.

    If you’re looking for a not as run-of-the-mill, family/kid-friendly pub with a lot of Irish authenticity, look no further. Although there are tons of pubs in the neighborhood, this is one of my favorites to come for a nice meal (breakfast/brunch through dinner) as the food quality and menu offerings are a step above, service is excellent, and there is a separate dining area and somehow the place feels a bit “classier” than some of the other Irish pubs.

  40. Amanda H.

    $0.25 wings during games. Done. I don’t normally watch sports, but I love snacks, especially cheap and delicious snacks that require icy cold draft beers. I generally learn at least 1-3 fun facts about sports during my snack time, so all in all its very worthwhile.So the wings at Saints and Sinners come in varieties of buffalo, mild, medium, or hot and also bbq if I’m not mistaken. Last night my partner in crime and I got medium and hot, and both were delicious. I’m glad we got both because the hot was more than bearable, but the medium was a nice break, but still scrumptious. New Castle on draft is a big bonus for me as well. Nice bar staff, classier feeling place with dark wood everywhere. Live music often, there was a man singing with a audio track karaoke style. Technically live singing, don’t know if I would call it live music – but lots of people dancing. I support people having a good time. Rock on Saints and Sinners goers.

  41. Nicholas P.

    Just moved to Woodside. I truly love this place. Very comfortable, has a lot of charm and friendly staff. Im glad I live close and found myself there a little more than I thought. Great place to get a pint or dinner.

  42. Johnnyboy123

    Ate here with friends a few times. I liked the vibes and service. I like the musicians they have sometimes too. Will return soon

  43. C K.

    I really like this place. As nice as any physical setup is, what really makes a patron feel welcome are the people that work there. People who work in the service industry don’t get the recognition that they deserve. Every person who has served me here has done so in such a genuinely sincere and friendly manner that I am so grateful for being treated in a way that restores my faith in humanity. I especially like Wilma, a bartender who is as genuine as the Guinness that is poured from the tap.George, Fenagh and Faud are just as sincere and as anyone who wants to be acknowledged as a valuable human being, you would be wise to visit this gem of a pub in the heart of Woodside.

  44. vicente f.

    Great queens option for a few drinks. You will generally have an ultra friendly atmosphere in here. Picture cheers with an Irish accent. The bartenders are well versed in the art of libations. As far as the food prob the best bar food in the area. A great option if you have a few to many is the Mexican food cart outside!

  45. Bethany E.

    My fiance and I love this bar. We just moved to Woodside about a month ago and have tried several bars in the area. This is by far our favorite. They have a nice draft beer selection. Also, the burger that I had was juicy and delicious, even if it was a pretty messy. They could have a better menu selection because it was pretty limited. It is definitely a bar first and a restaurant second. The live music is good but can be a little loud. The bartenders are super nice and the crowd is chill.

  46. Irene F.

    The name alone deserves 5 stars, but the drinks are great (get a mind eraser) and it doesn’t get as crazy as some of the other bars in the area.

  47. Tara C.

    As Woodside is gentrifying, and places are getting crowded, I come here for peace and quiet and great food in the dining area. Waitresses are cool. The chef was accommodating for my diet and poached the salmon I had on the salad. I thought that was nice. It was delicious. If you like wine, I recommend the Shiraz.

  48. timmykilla

    As a manager in the food and beverage industry I could not believe why the old Irish lady behind the bar at 3 o’clock in the morning was constantly and repetitively using my glass to shake drinks with the shaker after I already drank out of it previously…. she did this without rinsing it only made me wonder how many more mouths and other peoples spit were inside that shaker before she made my first drink. Needless to say I ended up in the hospital with a virus the day after. Circumstantial as it may be my experience was pretty awful.

  49. XhXeXy

    The front area is a large pub/tavern area where you can chill and enjoy a pint while people watching others sitting around the bar. It can fit about 22 people seated. It’s good to also see that they have a spoon hanging and ready by the Guinness draft to make a black & tan. FTW! Bartenders are very friendly. The guy next to me at the bar ordered the pork special and smelled really really good. I couldn’t help myself but to ask what he thought of it and he said it was very good. I’d consider coming back again to try the food. Got me curious!The back dining area is small but it’s very elegant with its white/cream colored banquette seating for a sit-down meal. It’s quite the contrast from the front area.

  50. Megan G.

    Comfortable, no attitude. Not a “scene.”

  51. Geoff O.

    Saints and Sinners satisfies all the major requirements for a neighborhood Irish pub: mellow crowd, occasional pub musicians, decent draft selection, and a decent space. There’s also several televisions broadcasting sports for those so interested. Most key is the island bar, which is way too under-utilized in New York. On a recent Friday night, Saints and Sinners was no more hopping than the other Irish pubs nearby, but the island bar gave the place a better sense of atmosphere than just a couple dozen people strung out down a bar. It also means you’re not just staring at the wall of liquors and drafts when you look ahead. It makes Saints and Sinners a little something special.

  52. kahree

    love this place

  53. felixnada

    Been in a few times and always leave happy. Erin is the absolute best but Dympna and Wilma are great also! Definitely stop by!

  54. Crissy D.

    After checking out various bars in the area on St. Patrick’s day, my friend and I finally settled into this pub. I ordered Shepherd’s Pie, which was very good! My friend ordered Fish and Chips, in which the fish was surprisingly tasty. I was expecting a bland taste. The chips, however, where not chips, but french fries. I wouldn’t mind coming back to try the Steak and Guinness pie. Also, the staff was pretty friendly.

  55. joseph1k

    awesome beer. dark pub. cozy atmosphere. friendly staff.

  56. Daniel M.

    I feel lie the beers are beyond sale date because a lot if them taste like old leather. The atmosphere singers but it’s a bit more expensive than other bars in the area. Which makes it a whiter place on the weekends which is night if you’d like to hear what the person next to you is saying.

  57. Jill B.

    I came here after work to meet my husband it literally smelled like a toilet, disgusting I waited 5 minutes could not fathom eating there and walked out.

  58. tonycluber

    I love brunch at this establishment!13 years I’ve been coming to this Irish bar & grill(actually lived in Woodside for 5 years) and it hasn’t lost it’s appeal!I’ve made a lot of good friends during that time and plan to keep coming because of the location( near 7 train); good food and great brew!Enjoy their tradional Irish breakfast! I have many a time!!

  59. Joe C.

    I’ve only been to this bar twice, since I’ve heard about it. Saints and Sinners is a very interesting place, with nice people. The first time I was there and I met Rhoinan (hope I spelled that right). He is a very nice man. S&S had a very nice crowd that night, Saturday Oct. 12, but for some reason, I felt out of place. Don’t get me wrong the food was good, and the drinks were great as well.

  60. Weedman420

    Local watering hole with a laid back Irish crowd. Imperial pints for $6 – mostly mainstream Irish beer with some local flavor like six point, Brooklyn and Blue point. The music us kept at a quiet volume and the patrons keep to a quiet conversation among themselves. We stopped in for a Sunday Funday and though we like the bar and the friendly bartender, its not really what I would consider a “fun” bar. If you want to chill with friends over some beers and a light bite, its a good spot because you can actually hear each other talk. They have a fireplace too which is a nice touch. I recommend sitting in the front sitting area or the bar.

  61. Ian C.

    I’ve only been to this bar a few times, and i regret that. I should come here a lot more. The atmosphere is great. It’s truly a neighborhood bar where all the patrons are just so friendly, even though when you walk in, everyone turns their head and stares. They also have live music most weekend nights so it drowns out the sound of the ‘7’ train as it passes over the bar.

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