Tattle Tales Gentleman’s Club



1316 Old Louisville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101


37.0036486, -86.4256414




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tattle Tales Gentleman’s Club

  1. Mike Mentzer

    This place REALLY sucked!!! The girls are redneck thugs and they smell really bad! (believe it or not, it’s true). A friend of mine told me all of them in there give head for the right price. I don’t like whores and real dancers are not whores.

  2. penut

    I thought the club despite the warn look on the outside was nice the musice was loud… there was a great variety of girls including one that looks like a man(struck me as weird) Who declared she gave the best dances(not so much) there was a bigger lady who was very fun to chat with among other things… and despite it being a tuesday there were 15 girls to my count… so i found a lady to sit with in the corner and had a good night before my cab driver ruined it.

  3. sammy

    wow i was in there tonight and there was a new girl name candy she was really polite and friendly and smoking hot!!!! this club needs ten more girls like her i will defentley be back to see her this week end hope she comes back to work there damn that girl is the hottest i have seen in there in over a year candy keep up the good work love your attitude you wasent rude to customers like other girls when you get refused a dance you just keep carrying it on thats why i got two vips from you hope to see you there again

  4. Total

    the funny thing is you can tell who the looser is that posts under multiple names… try saying something besides yuck

  5. J D

    Bouncers shouldnt wave guns around

  6. wolfman

    This place is not as bad as they say….the women are nice…some of the male manager/bouncers were more thugs than the women…the night I went there they had a lot of fat old biker dudes there…or biker wannabes…if you don’t like full contact lapdances then you won’t like it here…I like that kind of strip club/nude bar…

  7. jk

    i liked it its ok concidering its the only place close you can still get lap dances and the only strip club within two hours from me so i think they are exellent!

  8. Robert!

    It is the greatest! only place in Bowling Green,Ky a person can get away from life’s struggles and have a good time and get away life’s sadness and have tonss of fly women allll around you…..



  10. Jack

    The girls were pretty and had a great attitude… dances are great one dance bout 5 mins long…. i liked the establishment alot… plus i got this Buff Entertainment Buissiness card…… the website kicks ass!

  11. no

    no no no you have to stop that fat gay guy from coming there

    who???? dj vane

  12. BIG DICK

    THEY SEXY AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. IAN again
  14. Peter Parker

    YUCK!!! Girls are thugs, smell like ripe ass!

    TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!! The place looks like a


  15. Seymore Butts

    SUCKED!!! The Girls, YUCKKKK!!!

    Thugs and ex-inmates.

  16. mustlovegirls

    sexy girls , friendly staff- great atmosphere- ill be back!

  17. Wes

    I still think Im black

  18. Timmy

    I enjoyed myself in this club. I would recommend a dance from Taylor. Great atmosphere where I always feel welcome.

  19. Todd

    Awesome!! I had a great time. The girls here rock!!

  20. Taha Yamaguchi

    I wasn’t impressed at all.

    This place was like a barn

    the girls didn’t have all their teeth

    it would be funny if you didn’t have to pay to get in.

  21. sexislife69

    great place!! the girls here are top notch – best in the area- must visit!

  22. blow

    Had some really hot lap dances! A lot of really high mileage!

  23. big man

    The club was very dirty. Managment didn’t seem to treat the girls fairly i saw the same girls on stage over and over but the ones that i did want to see never did get on the stage. The bathroom was worse then a truck stop and I refused to enter. I would rather pee in a gas station down the road! the music was all hate, kill, kill, die rock there was no break from the head banging mess! I did get several good lap dances from killena (don’t know how spell it!). She is the shit!!! I would recomend her to all! there were a few other pretty girls there but they seemed to good to talk to anyone. over all it was ok but it would be alot better if it were cleaned and the music was changed. hate music isn’t sexy!!!!!

  24. Leroy Brown

    This place SUCKS!!!

    snaggly ugly bitches.

  25. tyjk
  26. James

    you have to check out Roxie she is the best…tell her James sent you

  27. Ron

    Went on a week night, so it might be better on the weekends.

    A few decent looking girls there, lots of not so decent looking girls. Didn’t see anyone above a B-cup, and most weren’t that big. Maybe 8-10 girls total there. One stage.

    Bar is next door to dance area, but can’t bring drinks to dance area which is no good. Girls will talk to you in the bar, but they do ask for drinks pretty often. Drinks are reasonably priced – $3 beer, $5 mixed drinks or so.

    Girls are quite touchy, and there is plenty of grinding during the $20 lap dances. 2 of my 3 dances were well worth it, one was only so-so. 2 for 1 dances every 20-30 minutes. $6 cover, but nobody was there to collect money when we went.

    Overall an okay experience. Nowhere else around to go to. So if you’re in town, go ahead and go, but don’t expect a ton.

  28. Bill

    This is a pretty good little club. The girls make you feel welcome and almost always smiling. Yes, it’s small inside, but the quality of this one is pretty awesome. Check it out sometime.

  29. greg


  30. Tim

    I was in there tonight and the girls were very friendly. There were many gorgeous girls there and all of them were very clean.

  31. IAN

    CALL ME!!

  32. RNDY

    I think Tony the DJ rocks!!! Bridget the bartender is second to none in personality and service.

  33. Melvin and Ian

    Kitty and Bree and Baile and Jordan and Trouble, all deserve a call to 2709364890

  34. blake wilson

    i got an amazing blow job in the back of the club and i got to blow all over her face… it was amazing

  35. MoFo

    TattleTails is the shiznit

  36. The Only

    this place roars. good people cheers kinda atmosphere. I do think Leroy Brown is gay though.

  37. BigJ

    Nothing fancy, but a nice club to spend some time. Tasia gives great dances.

  38. MM

    Ok. I went to this establishment tonight. First off, maybe it is a Ky law, but the bar and dancers were separated by a wall. Beer/Liquor on one-side dancers on the other. Kind of a turn off for me. The dancers at this club, mind you it is a Friday night, I found to embody the look of ladies who have had at least a few children and cannot shed the baby fat..Eg. Excess fat in the bellies, with the exception of the bigger girls (who are not my type) that looked like they had been eating the ladies with the baby fat! I thought I was going to be in for a treat when one of the locals recommended I watch Audom dance. She was very good on the pole, but the belly (though not much of one), did not get me going (she also seemed kind of snooty when I spoke with her). She was not over weight by any means, but had the excess buldge in the middle that I found was not to my expectations. For the people out there that like it, there is a plethora of ladies that are bigger boned (big butts and big old floppy breasts) and have a little bit of excess mass in the front and back. The one highlight of the night was one dancer, (I cannot recall her name) which absolutely dominated the pole and was extremely cute. (I guess 1 out of 10 or 12 are not bad LOL!) She was wearing a cute little bikini and was a pleasure to watch! So to sum up this club for a Friday night at 11:30, there were a few average girls, a lot that I would never want to see in a club, and one that made, my trip tolerable. If you are in Bowling Green, it is the only club there, I would recommend purchasing the 10-dollar on-demand porn at the hotel. I think you will be more satisfied with that than a trip out to this establishment.


  39. Ty Cobb

    give the girls something extra and most of them will give you something extra

  40. Jimmy

    Some of the strippers there I know do outside blowjobs

  41. Diddy

    Very fun club. I have been there a couple times. The girls are really nice and will actually sit down and talk with you. They arent the dumb type of girls you normally meet. They always have 241 lapdance specials going on. Everyone in there cracks up and gets along. It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere. And lets not forget, the private dances are the best money can buy. I went to some other clubs and even the fully nude clubs are no where near as good as this one! the girls definitely make it worth your while

  42. Critter

    I had a good time which is what matters to me

  43. to blake


  44. Surfing Steve

    Visited twice during my stay in Kentucky. Had a good time

    both nights, real girls, nice girls…

    Had a few drinks, food was awesome, yes I said awesome.

    Manager with long goatee made me feel at home in his


    Did I mention I met a 70’s-80’s movie star the second

    night at the club.

    Would definitely go back next time I’m in KY.

    See you girls soon!

  45. Jay

    This Club Has A very Fun Atmosphere

  46. George

    Every one of the girls were very friendly. I recommend a lap dance from aspen or taylor.

  47. jose

    it was the shit i was there for the first time on SAT. i forgot her name but the was one gurl stood out to me so much, she was tall dark hair. LOVED IT, definately going back soon


    I PRE-CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

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