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0 reviews for “Sugar’s

  1. Whitney

    I’m not sure if I was spoiled by the pretty girls at PT’s but this club is just not up to par with the rest of san antonios strip clubs. We stayed at Sugars for a about 2 1/2 hours and there were plenty of attractive girls waitressing and walking around but only one on stage the whole time. This was a saturday night at around 11:30. Most of the girls were chubby and didn’t seem enthusiastic about it at all. One girl, while on stage, just sat there doing nothing until a guy walked up then once she gave him what he wanted she continued to sit down on stage doing nothing. Very boring.

  2. justinlk

    First (strip club) to visit in San Antonio, and not impressed. I only knew two songs the whole night, and why were all the songs sensored out? Makes no sense that they are sensoring songs at a strip club! The girls, bless their hearts they are trying, but management should be looking at more Presentable ladies. Next, the drinks. $50 for two shots, and $20 for a chilton???!! I will never be coming back.

  3. Franklyn

    Went to have a good time first time going to a strip club. The night ended with a fight out side multiple shots fired out side 2 times and strippers that don’t speak hardly no English & Got my car towed $220.30. Has to be the worst experience I wouldn’t never recommend this place and think it should be black listed for all military and shut down in safe.

  4. billyhackett

    Wish I could do the auditons for the new dancers

  5. tonycluber

    I’m reviewing this place as a strip club, not as a bar/restaurant, because we didn’t eat there, and I didn’t have any mixed drinks. Monday there is no cover for military. Cover last night was $10. Dances are $20, and they have $1 dances called BOOM-BOOMS. Also, apparently, if you want your cocktail waitress to give you a dance it costs $150, only $50 of which goes to the girl. For that kind of scratch, you can probably get a legal prostitute in countries that have that.This place was better than I expected based on what I had read. Yes, not every girl is a 10; its a strip club not a modeling shoot, that’s why they serve alcohol. Good to know: it is technically topless, but due to the city’s anti-nudity code, the girls have to wear a translucent latex paint over their areoli. Oh, and if they don’t completely cover their buttcrack, they can and have been arrested.The seating kinda sucks. You either have to: a) sit at the mainstage, which is fine if there’s room and you have plenty of $1’s,b) pay for a table by getting bottle service, or without bottle service for $50, ORc) sit at the tables in the back with no view of any stage other than the one where no one dances half the time; also prime viewing of people getting lap dances (if you’re a weirdo).This final option is what we chose, and it also means that the only girls who come by for dances are the ones who were told no by everyone else in the club.The rules were pretty laissez-faire compared to back home; and I say that living in a state where they have full nude bars. Every girl has her own rules, but I was shocked at the lax touching rules, both to and from. One might speculate that the well-meaning anti-nudity codes they recently passed have forced girls to tolerate more to earn a buck. But i’m hardly an expert on strip clubs, or San Antonio’s decency laws.

  6. rickywho2

    Good stripper bar. Been to a couple/three bachelor parties here and can’t remember much. I know the chicks are hot, although some of them were wearing those little doily things on their nipples. They were still hot though. One chick, I think her name was Aspen was smokin’ hot and smelled like a million dollars. Damn, if only I had $500 on me, I could have really had some fun with her. My cousin James goes here all the time and he swares by the food, so I will take his word on it, he is a big big boy! Any who…All and all, I like this place, or at least what I could remember. I recommend it!

  7. Jack
  8. Jeremy

    Great environment and the ladies are very beautiful ex.(JUNE is very hot) GREAT JOB IN HIRING HER. Overall very fun, kick back and food is great. Drinks on the other hand… wow… A little to pricy. This club is really an A+ club.

  9. AssnTits5

    Went here with my boyfriend last summer with the intention of buying him a lap dance. Yeah, we’re freaky like that. I didn’t see any tits. I saw chicks dancing in bikinis. There was a hot waitress but she was rather chilly with my boyfriend. We’ll never return! Never!

  10. StripClub431

    This place is beyond ghetto. We went on a Saturday night, you would think they’d have the a team out there. Nope, most of these girls looked like they were beat to life with a chain. Our waitress was cute, although we only saw her about twice the entire night. Their parking situation sucks too so you have to park far away and walk unless you wanna get towed. I’ve seen better girls at singles night at a nursing home. Don’t waste your time.

  11. mike

    luv sugars best food and drinks in town besides perfect ten

  12. larry1

    Steak and Fries special FTW! I know everyone just comes here for that and the boom boom. Ladies at this place were better than the others I have visited during my trip here.

  13. LALA
  14. kenston12

    My night in the club was actually great… But then whoever gives these “cops” control is a idiot. I asked to stay in the lot so I could talk to my uber and was met with “you can’t stay here, these girl will not fuck you” comments. Once my uber showed up these “officers” said I was there to pick up working girls and wanted to get in but was meant with “go on pussy get out of here” chants. All I have to say is these small minded cops are the definition of the downfall of America. I’m not from San Antonio… So when I need a ride I stay where I am at, so my uber can get me. They didn’t care the whole parking lot smelled like weed… They wanted me off the lot because somehow I was a “threat”. My uber, who was a African American female was even surprise I was the one they were worried about while other drivers were leaving fully drunk and loaded but it was ok because the club knew them. These cops are a joke and I hope that people in this area show them to be the cowards they are. And if these “peace keepers” read this they can go to hell…

  15. Brian
  16. robert

    this club is very GETTO!!! i Have nothing good to say. the dancers are not sexy or in shape in any way. If you want to have a rude waitress and ugly dancers go there.

  17. john
  18. ryan123

    The Steak and fries are awesome! The fries are actual steak fries and the thin cheap stuff. The view is great in day shift so I imagine the night shift view is pretty great!

  19. Bruce

    Girls are nasty. Will do anything for ten bucks. I left there with my skin crawling. went to the Palace after that. Much better experience. Girls don’t look like they eat tortilla’s all the time.

  20. Craig C.

    I liked the french fries!

  21. richard95

    I like to come here. I usually prefer before 7pm because the prices go sky high after that. They have pretty good lunch specials. Some drinks are affordable but it can get costly at 6 bucks for a bottle of beer, when you can get it on tap for 3. They have different variety of girls here, some gorgeous, some so-so, and some you kinda have to dim the lights way low. furnisher is very raggedy but I did not come for that…lol and most staff is very friendly there are a few that are too slow or pretend they don’t see you at the bar. Don’t know if they are trying to class up the joint with a bathroom attendant or just someones friend trying to make a buck but this is not a place that needs one or a car valet. Don’t want too see anyone loose their job, but in this economy I not paying for some to park my car in a parking lot just a few “feet” from the entrance or hand me a paper towel from the roller, other than that I like this place and will continue to come here.

  22. Yankee Dan

    Rough crowd.

  23. maxxy1

    So…Sugar’s is decent. The crowd of women he speaks of in the review before me was probably me and my friends. LOL…We enjoy an occasional all girls night out where we can hang out and have fun without being molested by random men attempting to “dance” with you by rubbing their ….ummm….”stuff” on your….ummmm….”stuff”. Ummm… thank you! So the occasional strip club it is 😉 Sugar’s is ok. There are some decent drink specials and they do this cool 2 minute shot special thing where sirens go off and you have a few minutes to get shots for like $2 or something like that. It’s kinda fun…most of the waitresses are kind of fugly and there are only a few cute dancers. The place is decent but I wouldn’t say it was “nice” really…It’s simply a decent hangout spot.

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