Mustang Sally’s



600 Montour Blvd, Bloomsburg, PA 17815


40.972345, -76.523264




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mustang Sally’s

  1. I love strippers

    This place is awesome. Not sure what to say about the dude that got thrown out for touching a leg. You sure it was just a leg? I usually ask what the dancer is allowed/comfy with and I’ve always been allowed to touch their arms, legs, back, etc… I think I have welts on my back, this one chick had a whip and was whippin the shit out of everybody. Shit was off da hook…

  2. diehl
  3. dan

    Had a GREAT time. Get a VIP dance w/ Lexi!

  4. jason

    the club is great

  5. Treg
  6. BenDover

    I just got home from a wonderful evening at Mustang Sally’s !!! I had the honor of enjoying the stage sets of Allie, Cassidy, Chastity , and Naudia !!! Allie always warms my heart and makes me smile. Cassidy made me smile and purr. Chastity made me want to roar. Naudia – what can I say about Naudia…. I have seen her at various places over the last 2 years and each and every time I see her stage show I melt like chocolate in the sun (she makes my motor run!). The club is clean, the lighting crisp, and security is spot-on! I definitely have to come back for VIP dances with Allie and Chastity. All 4 ladies tonight were well worth seing !!!

  7. Jessica

    Had a WONDERFUL time here. The ladies really enjoyed dancing for some girls who were there to have a good time!

  8. entertainer

    mustang sallys has the hottest girls around and they are all wonderful and very fun!! there may be some that are a little pushy but there are girls like that everywhere. GET OVER IT!!

  9. Rachel

    I had a fabulous time on amateur night. All of the girls were friendly and full of encouragement. I truly appreciated their support!

  10. Steve

    Rather the Pleasure Dome

  11. jude

    great club the girls are bangin

  12. Gerery

    Place is too strict and too empty.

  13. A guy

    There’s a variety here, but no ugly chicks.

  14. cris
  15. richard95

    All I wanted was to go to a titty bar. I learned the hard way that they do ridiculous swingers parties here. They shooed me away when I tried entering the place as a single male. Fuck you I just wanted to see some strippers. I’ll be back and I’ll never tip here a day in my life. You fucking assholes. Just because I don’t perpetuate white slavery by not bringing my own female to be raped by other WASP men doesn’t mean I deserve to be treated like a piece of shit. Fuck you.

  16. Amanda

    I loved it here Mia we love you!

  17. Mike

    The girls are hot, most are friendly, and I had a great time at amateur night. I will definately go back.

  18. j.

    I agree with most of the other comments.. it’s nice here and there are no ugly chicks.

  19. Sal

    Hottest, friendliest girls in the area. Great looks, and they love to have fun! Can’t beat Mustangs!

  20. Customer

    Place sucks, go to the Grandview instead!

  21. stripclubUSA

    The best club in the US, not many clubs compair to Mustang Sally’s. The dancing is amazing these girls can work a pole like no other, The club is very classy the dancers are clean and in shape. If your looking for a fun filled evening this is the place!

  22. clawbar
  23. Satisfied

    I’ll be going back…

    Private dances are on big padded loveseats and the one I got, well, lets just say, I was… satisfied.

  24. Dancin fool

    Worth the money

  25. knbbbyyy


  26. big boy

    I love this place!! I drive an hour to hang out with the girls!! All of them are very hot and very nice!!

  27. bill

    Great club. The girls are beautiful!

  28. hater

    i hate when a girl dances in front of you for 5 secs for a $ then moves on, talk to me and i’ll give you 20

  29. bob

    great time

  30. Nathan Miller

    this club is great, for a dollar, while the girls are on stage, thell rub their tits all up on your face, and do all kinds of other stuff. their shower activities were great to. also, instead of going into the back and paying 20 a dance, you can give them a dollar a dance on the floor and youll get a quick little lap dance. i would rate this club a 9 or a 10

  31. money

    best club around

  32. fan

    great place!

  33. joe
  34. todd

    The girls were fun on tuesday! I had a great time. Special thanks to Mia, and Carmen.

  35. Tara blue

    Me and my girlfiend went together to check the club out in order to decide wether or not to let our husbands go. And well i loved it. Not only can they go but we want to go with them.

  36. me

    Wow! Sounds like a bitter ex dancers view of the club. Guys, the club is filled with hot girls. Honestly, every so often 1 maybe 2 girls “fall through the cracks” that arent too up to par, but the rest of the girls make up for it big time. Check out the pics of the dancers here, compared to the other clubs in this area,and make your own mind up…

  37. ex worker

    girls are very rood and slobs and the owner thinks everyone owes him something

  38. john


  39. r

    Mustang sally’s is tight, all the dancers are hot and pretty friendly. victoria, mia and shay are amazing and the shower show alone was worth the price of admission!! if your looking for a strip club you will want to check this place out.

  40. Dollar Ring Pimpin

    Been there, Done that, Couldn’t leave. I’ve been kidnapped and taken to Mustang Sally’s, Do Not Rescue Me. I like it here.

  41. knobby
  42. mill

    this was the best club i have ever been to so far.. amazing..

  43. tim

    Very nice place!

  44. Curtis

    Always a great time

  45. adam
  46. tom
  47. Ted
  48. jim
  49. bob up and down

    you fuckin rock

  50. ray


  51. Mr. Two

    Very NICE…

  52. kasey

    its great

  53. aaron

    I would say to change the music a little ad some rap rnb just for a change. I will say that i have been to a few clubs and so far this my favorite. I drive an hour just to go. not bad at all, owner is friendly and bike day is cool. beautiful girls for the most part. Would like to see them open later on fridays and saturdays maybe. still, overall great place.

  54. 1st Timer

    Stopped in here yesterday, first time I’ve ever been in a gentleman’s club and I had an amazing time. All the girls were amazing. Gia broke me in, and after seeing Mia I never wanted to be a pole so bad my life. If you’ve been thinking about going and haven’t, don’t think about it, just go!

  55. nick
  56. nutz

    nice show of girls but can you get a little more variety in the music?

  57. edward

    I had a blast over the weekend! Great girls!

  58. suri
  59. fidoe

    I like girls

  60. Stan
  61. Harvey


  62. heather

    I was at mustangs last night and the girls are wonderful! I had a blast!


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  64. kim
  65. Big D

    Since this is the first time going, it was pretty awesome but I can’t wait to try other ones out

  66. AUGIE

    Well I have been to mustang sallies 3 times now,and it rocks.

  67. ken

    It a good club to go to!

  68. Smiley

    I personally like the new Tabu Girls Live down the street on 42. They are nicer.

  69. cson

    great place taya is the hottest dancer i have ever saw

  70. never comin back

    the girls are stuck up. vips definitely aren’t worth the price. i’m never comin back. screw this place.

  71. Erika

    All I got to say is the girl I like has got to be SAM she is the best I went my first time and she really made me feel comfortable about being there and I got to know her and we became friends. She has the greatest personality in the world. Not to mention she is hot and has a nice body love the ass!!!! But the overall club is good. I would go back and I would tell my friends about the place.

  72. boss

    Hot hot hot all the way around

  73. joe mamma
  74. MyNamesChris

    Lexxxi Is Sexxxy, But Soo Is Joey! The attractive women are abundant from what I have seen from my second visit here. Look foward to my next visit in June.

    eehm, one thing I havent seen yet is a redhead…

  75. dark
  76. JR

    Nice selection.

  77. anthony
  78. ed
  79. bm

    its a joke u cant even touch a girls leg in the vip………….DONT EVER BUY A V.I.P. IF YOU GO TO THIS CLUB.

  80. brad
  81. ugh

    this place isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…….AT ALL!

  82. Heaven

    I was there the other night. This is an awesome place to go to see extremely beautiful ladies dance, and see the hottest girls ever. If anyone knows how to contact any of the dancers i would love to contact the one I met on Tuesday and went back again to see the next day.

  83. Red

    It was a Wednesday during spring break, so yeah it was pretty dead. The upside of that was I got a lot of 1 on 1 time with pretty much all the girls and got to actually have full on conversations with some of them. All the girls here seem to be really laid back, none of them were pushy. If you go definitely look up Joey. Mia may be the best on the pole, but there is something about Joey that is just incredible.

  84. newcomer

    hard hustle club but lots of female attention. . . from lovely ladies. . . not a big joey fan. . . didn’t care for her personality. .. but she is a great dancer

  85. bald guy

    Great club will return!

  86. Jason P.

    This was my first time to this club and I was very satisfied with the over all club experience. But I must say my favorite dancer of them all was SCARLETT she is very hot in my opinion, she has a very sexy body all the right curves, nice set of boobs that have the best nipples I,ve seen and a great ass. And not to mention the V.I.P. room was awesome, she was the BOMB!!! Can’t wait to make it back. Hope to see you again Scarlett. Jason P.

  87. Charlie
  88. Joe D


  89. matt
  90. new customer

    I was there last week and had a great time! Heard Gia was hot and want to see her. When is she dancing? Is she the same Gia who was at the Carousel? She was a babe! Plz let me know!

  91. keith
  92. Yeah!

    WOW.. i love this place and last weekend was insane!!

  93. ???????

    This place needs to fix there updated website. And list there dancers as past and present dancers. Viewing the website seeing certain girls on it and then expected to see them possible and then to find out they are no longer working there.

  94. t
  95. Dude

    Club is nice inside, but the girls are busted!

  96. Yeah

    I’m going to take advice from a disgruntled ex-employee? Yeah, right. I’ve always liked this place; no ugly chicks.

  97. dj
  98. Nik
  99. Big Beef

    The Club kicked ass!!

  100. lloyd
  101. bigsheilathehunt00

    this is by far the worse club ive been to. the women are rude and the quality is very dances arent even worth 20 dollars hell i would even pay 50 cents to have one of these girls on top of me. this club needs to be shut down forever. ugly girls extremely fat ugly girls its sooo horrible!!!!!!

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