Copacabana Night Club



2688 E South Street, Long Beach, CA 90805


33.8598621, -118.1606945




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Copacabana Night Club

  1. harryharry

    Why did I pay $20 to get in? I don’t even like banda.My ear drums were constantly banged around by the loud ass trombones, trumpets and the shrill of several drunk girls every time that DJ was like “Y a donde esta Jalisco…. Sinaloa… Michoacan” Seriously dude, we all know every damn region of Mexico is here. No need to make my ears bleed with that.Rumor has it this place used to be a strip club. Well, its out in the boonies, there’s a liquor store right next door. The interior… looks like they only took down the main center stage and stripper poles. Mirrors everywhere and black-lights all over the ceiling. So yeah, I’ll hold on to that rumor.They only take cash here… they must’ve gotten tired of people stealing cards/not having the money to pay for the ridiculous prices on booze here.I think $24-30 for a bucket of beer is legalized thievery. Next time I’m going to the liquor store and paying the same amount for a 24-pack. By the end of the night I was trying to count the number of dudes here. $20 a person? You can tell they make bank just off charging guys. And yeah, there were more guys than girls.And no. I’m not a fan of the 10-20 dudes chillin by the bar looking like creepers, molesting girls with their eyes. No I’m not a fan of the girl who clearly… should’ve worn that dress a size or two higher. Not a fan of the waitresses walking around with corsets about to bust a button killing someone. So… if, unlike me, you like this stuff, then disregard my review.Maybe I just didn’t like this place because of the Narco vibe and felt like… you know…. drug cartels and whatnot.Last thing: there’s not enough urinals here. I was in the stall and as soon as I got out, one dude walked in and whistled for his homie. So uhh…. two guys go into the stall. My imagination stops there. Whatever they did… must’ve… whatever man, this review stops here…..

  2. p


  3. Mary F.

    This place is pretty cool. Went there tonight for the comedy show. Also got to see some live R&B and hip-hop. Seems like there are quite a few regulars that keep coming back – both for the comedy and for the club itself.Unfortunately, there’s a support beam right in the middle of the stage. It can get annoying at times.The weird thing is that if you call outside of their business hours there is no recorded message and it rings and rings and then goes straight to a voicemail box that is always full.

  4. Sean Puffy Combs

    It was weak!

  5. fuckery12

    Bummer!! Went on a Saturday Night and had drank too much. Service sucked, seemed like the dude behind the bar was stealing the cash. I was overcharged on my credit card. Also, i left my car right by the front door of this spot. when I awoke Sunday morning to go pick it up, to my surprise it was gone. Called L.B.P.D. and they said that it was towed at the club owners request. Now how do you serve drinks to somebody and then tow their car?? Night ended up costing close to $500. Sucks. I wish this place luck, with treatment like that they will need it. Never again for me.

  6. Franklyn

    I thought the layout and bar at this club were really good. Not to mention the show that I saw was fantastic. $35 for 7 beers is pretty steep, though, especially all the way out in the boonies where this club is. The taco truck and liquor store in the same parking lot are big pluses.

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