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104 Cleveland Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


28.375887, -80.605285




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lido Cabaret

  1. Ken

    Sexy Ladies

  2. Anthony
  3. GlobeTrotter

    This club is clautraphoically small, and country. Stay away.

  4. Jim

    This club is the best I have been to in Florida! Gorgeous dancers everywhere you look and good music and good staff.

  5. Joe

    The club is very nice. The girls are smoking hot. The Dj’s are not the best though. They mumble and play the music way to loud. i don’t mind the rap music, variety is where its at.

  6. the man

    This club is the best in Brevard thanks to the hot girls

  7. johnnyb

    The few ladies that have been there for years are what keep this place going. Even with time these select few women are stunningly beautiful and very pleasant and sensual. They are why I have been a faithful customer for years. Also, the famale DJ plays the best music, and great voice. And a couple of the bartenders are sexy too

  8. mike

    the girls dont make money

  9. jonb

    Best looking women around….hands down!!!!

  10. golf pro

    the club was a little disappointing, looks like they would hire just about anything!

  11. pat

    dude right there are hoes here her name name is amanda lynn she atto of a tinkerbell on her left shoulder

  12. Jay Dee

    Sexy, girls! Cute waitresses. Nice staff and DJ’S

  13. MP

    Went to Lido’s for 1st time. Much better than Bare Assets, girls are much hotter here. Gigi is hot. VIP dances are $20, not $15 per song like BA. No specials. Other than that, I had a lot fun.

  14. K.Hogan

    The V.I.P room needs to be more private. Overall – The drink prices were fair and the dancers were hot.

  15. Dfuler

    How can there be such sexy women working at a stripclub. Some of them are definitly models. My favorites are: Gizelle, Maui, Angel, Cameron, Zoey, Sassy, Stacy, they all work during the day I believe and its the best day shift above all the other clubs. The day DJ is fantastic, a cute little blonde female. Shelly the bartender is a hottie and CeeCee the other bartender is hilarious. Lidos is a great place to enjoy yourself and spend money, its all worth it

  16. dancer of lidos

    ok don’t believe the last 3 reviews about lynn that is her ex husband trying to make her look bad, she doesn’t even work there anymore, we have the best looking woman on the beach and the best managment there is, its a laid back party club and the lap dances are un real!!! Check us out you won’t regret it 🙂

  17. Franklyn


  18. matt
  19. big G

    i was comparing lido and cheaters since they are right down the street from each other. They are both nice clubs ( lido is a bit smaller though). They both had hot girls and good prices. The one thing that sets them apart is that cheaters seemed to have more energy and the crowd there was really having a good time.Both are great clubs though!

  20. karl

    this club as hoes working they will do anythink… her stage name was lynn she will take you to a hotel

  21. mikey

    the dj was the best part, of the night he was a riot!

  22. Tim

    I used to live in NY and recently moved down here for a getaway and let me tell you, what a getaway I found!

    Lido’s is the best on the beach I think, Cheaters and inner room just don’t compare. They have all these overweight and not very attractive girls, but Lido’s has beautiful Ladies.

    I spent an entire night getting dances and spending time with one of the playboy girls and let me tell you I was one satisfied customer, she made me feel like I was the only thing she wanted that night, and my mini-me had no complaints either. We drank, had a wonderful time, like hanging out with someone special. Not like a wife or lousy Girlfriend would treat me on a night out, these women are like godesses.

    Smart and beautiful women are what Lido’s has, no doubt about it. It’s like a paradise, you can find anything you want in there. They have it all.

    I am definitely going back and plan to for a while, they even have a big screen to watch football and fights. What more could a man ask for?

  23. ryan123

    This place will always hold a warm place in my heart. I checked this place out the night before my cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve been to bigger places that weren’t better. What do you want from a strip club? More women walking around than guys? Check. Lively girl who actually do more than just cirle the pole and wiggle a bit? Check. A “hands-on” policy in the VIP area? Check. I could complain about the lack of true privacy in the private area, but the girls here know how to spin an encapsulating illusion. And there was very little watching the clock…. bonus. Granted I put my patented “Gentleman Rogue” policy in action, so even in the main area had one girl sitting next to me waiting for the next VIP, another hoping her stage/ lap dance would steal me away from the first, and a third massaging my shoulders. God it’s good being king.

  24. Juan

    Excellent service. Amanda gave me the best lap dances. Best time i’ve ever had.

  25. AssnTits5

    I give it four stars only because its the second best adult club in town. Great place at night but has recently slipped in quality of entertainment. But that changes with the tide. Great bartenders great staff fun place.

  26. ??


  27. Weedman420

    After two weeks planning the details for my birthday party, this place (almost) ruined it. The manager refused to honor the arrangements that had been made and confirmed just the day before. He was incredibly rude and disrespectful. I took my party to Cheaters and had a great time. 17 local people, including veterans and local small business owners have vowed never to step foot in this place again!

  28. tom

    there 2 girls having sex for money just offer her 200 and she will fuck her stage name is lynn she has 3 tatoos on her back one a dolphin with a name above it the other one tinkerbell and the ohter tatto is a butterfly on her lower back

  29. dancer

    PIxy is coming back next yr- having a baby

  30. Jacob

    It was great, even on a slow night it was great

  31. Devon

    Warning this club sucked

  32. mountaineer


  34. don

    club was nice but too smokey. the girls were hot but were very snotty.I did not like the stuffy atmosphere.The red head bartender was a real B…h!We didnt stay very long.

  35. .
  36. timmykilla

    This was ok…I love the ladies. .. but i also love the environment. was ok…but if I had to chose Cheaters is a way better environment for couples and this one is second. ..I really don’t like inner room caberat. ..a good environment but not so good for couples. ..I’ll try again though I may have gone in a bad day. ..sunday…I love strip clubs… my husband and I really love going togather. ..I love when the ladies confront me. ..!!!

  37. fritter17

    Ok disclaimer, I went with my wife who is a former stripper. The dancers had a field day with her and she got a lot plenty of free dances. This of course got a lot of the guys around us going and bills were flying. So for us, it was an awesome evening, fun, and the staff were very attentive. Going back to this one for sure. Typical mix of girls and a couple who appear to crack heads. Several were very talented on the pole and it is impressive what those girls can do. Not Full Nudity, which was a major bummer.. The VIP lounge was a little crowded.

  38. Tiffany

    This is a great club for couples!! If you’re a guy don’t leave your wife/g-f at home you’ll only get in trouble she will have a great time like I did and I will go back!!

  39. John Q.

    No cover charge before 7PM but I did not get there until 9PM and paid $5. The club is nice size and most of the girls are white, tanned, with nice bodies. A few really hot dancers although they are a bit overrated. VIP dances are $20, wall dances are $10. Not as good as Tampa.

  40. Jamie K.

    Since Cocoa Beach isnt known for its beautiful strip…or strippers… This is your best bet for “entertainment” in town. I guess anything beats the Inner Room.

  41. harryharry

    So when you find yourself in a Gentleman’s Club. Act like a gentleman. This club is a lot of fun. Great bar with a lot of drink specials and the servers are very friendly and helpful. The dancers put on a really good show so tip them well. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Say hi to Jessica, Trista, and Alexis for me.

  42. barnone

    Beautiful and classy women, no complaints. Wish I had more time to go there. Would be my weekly hangout and get vip dances

  43. Johnson12

    Very nice club, being a part of this industry, you look for different aspects in strip clubs. Drink prices were reasonable, the usual 8$ range, management was very hospitable, bartenders very friendly & accommodating.The club is set up very nice, the music rocks, unlike SoFlo clubs where it’s one Lil Wayne song after a Drake song, & then the Weekend in hourly rotation. This club has a good mix of rock laced in as well.I will agree with other reviews here though, the girls, being beautiful, are not very personable. I say with my girl for over an hour, & other than a few girls flashing the typical stripper smile, we were not approached by 1 dancer. Instead they hung out in their little clicks, playing amongst themselves, which is unfortunate because the club is filled with couples, obviously with $$ to spend & probably looking for a good time. In my opinion, their loss. I’ll go back again, but as a cautious spender.

  44. bill

    this clubs suck that guy tells the truth the girls are fat ugly

  45. lee

    Great place! Had a great night with Tiffany. would recommened her to anyone. Real breast oohwe.

  46. Bendover Bob

    Topless Only. I like Ellie as she isn’t chubby at all!

  47. Kohl Dude

    I loved this place. I came in at 12:30 on a Thursday and soon had made some

    great new friends. The dancers are friendly without being too pushy. The

    dancers on stage will start giving you some sweet ThankYous when you start

    tipping regularly. The lap dances ($20) were smoking hot. Thanks to Coral and

    Jessica for a wonderful time. Beers were $3, and no cover. Gotta love that.


    club is tight its good small but girls are hot smoking bitches.

  49. Rick
  50. Dave

    I thought all the dancers were hot, and only a $7 cover

  51. Joey 2 times
  52. BEN


  53. StripClub431

    Might review again after another trip because my wife and I got here late and didn’t get to stay very long. There’s a lot of beautiful women. That’s the main thing, right? It’s set up like a traditional strip club where dancers take the main stage and then go to a satellite. I do not like the private dance area. It’s too open, too bright, too small and right when you walk in the club. No chance for a real “private” dance or basically to not have everyone up in your business. It did not seem very couple friendly. I know sometimes the girls get a little nervous approaching a couple but, damn, they’re here for a reason.

  54. JJ

    Excellent girls and great backroom dances. Love my Italian hottie and the hot little Colombian chicka.Planning my next vacation near this place. Bartender was great

  55. new dancer came back

    It,s a quality club with quality dancer that have personality, a few.Most of the dancer are sweethearts and extremely friendly and nice.everyone gets alone that actuall take time to make there selves presentable.the customers are just as great as the dancer.the management sucks .There are a few realy nice waitresses but ,a few barternder with attitude problems .they should not taker their attitudes out on customers or dancer that is bad for the club a bartender with an attitude just because she having a bad day or someone didn,tip .I have been a dancer for years and I love the club the most beacuse evreyone seemed really close need like were a family and thats what makes a club when everyone gets all and their is no fight or drama.Especially no drug addicits.

  56. Mr. Clean

    I fucking love this place

  57. STEVE

    Where is PIXY!?! This place just isnt the same without her! Could someone point me in the direction of where she is working now??

  58. justagirl

    The club is a good place to work. However, there have been way too many hires and I feel like staff quality is dropping. This was, and still is mainly, a clean, upbeat, pleasant working environment with fair to good money making potential. The last few weeks it has been harder and harder to make decent money due to the amount of girls and what some of the girls allow the customers to do. I think a good “spring cleaning” of staff, old and new, to weed out some of the girls is in order. Whether it is because of weight, age, beauty, drug use, or just being dirty some of these girls need to go!!!!

  59. Kellogg

    I love this Bar

  60. observer


  61. whatever
  62. richard95

    been here 100’s of times and always seem to enjoy myself………. im not sure what it is?????? JUST DON’T GO ON EASTER SUNDAY……

  63. kitty

    great club

  64. maxxy1

    Best strip club in Cocoa Beach. The staff is awesome and the entertainment is hands down the best in Brevard. Happy hour during the day with 2$ shots with your first drink and always a funny joke from CC.Waitress’s are hott and music is always on point. Cheers

  65. ronny

    i travel the u.s on business a lot and my hobby is strip clubs.I have seen better clubs but have also seen worse. I hung out with a girl named stacy, she was great! If i come back to the area soon i will stop by.

  66. Elk

    Good club, the dances are $10 out in the regular booths, $20 in the private section. You get about the same in either place, plus the private room is so crowded. You don’t have to buy drinks here, but they’ll keep asking you.

  67. ja

    There are a couple of great chicks that specialize in lap dances. One chick had a great ass and pounded my cock and rubbed me until i came.

  68. Crazy Jackson

    Went there over the weekend and had a wonderful time!!! Had a few dances with a young lil thang named Isabella but she was a bit too rough! Hurt my cock a bit. Then this curvy LAtina Carmen was sweet and sensual and got me so worked up a felt like I was about to BUST! None of the blondies would pay much mind to me so I’m glad the latin girls were willing to show me some love. Next time I hope some of the blondes will come talk to me instead of hovering over the old men!

  69. John

    Angel, Cameron, Savannaha, Melea are smokin

  70. aaron

    these girls do anything for money a girl name rachel a lynn and keeps going the place is small

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