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10am – 7pm


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105 reviews for “Catwalk LLC

  1. Jbones

    Ugh that celeste. Well maureen duncan is honestly the worst person I have ever met in my life. I was with her for 7 years and she would tell me that guy thad moved out and she wasn’t sleeping with anyone else. Always talked about having kids with me and loving me and all those lies. The worst was she was pregnant with his kid while sleeping with me too. Whole time telling me she wasn’t pregnant, wasn’t sleeping with anyone else, covid this and that, I honestly feel bad for that guy cause he’s almost 60 probably will never see his daughter grow up, leave her with nothing and she’s no spring chicken herself. She’s like 40 with a 1 year old, good look finding someone after he dies and all the drugs and drinking she did plus the families history of breast cancer. He practically locked her in an basement apartment forever getting radiation from the radon. Everything she said about him was probably a lie too. Worst is she kept calling me and stringing things along and never told me any of this. Like I wasn’t going to find out and she said getting pregnant by her sugar was no big deal. Said she loved me and talking about being together after all this. She’s absolutely horrible. Hopefully her daughter doesn’t find out she was born because she didn’t want to find a place on her own or not leave a guy she said beat her, rapes her, treats her like shit. Whole situation was messed up and I can’t believe she was so selfish to hide it and try to keep me around thru the whole thing. The best thing is I came in her before she went to work everyday so anyone who got a lap dance from her had my seed all over them. She’s absolutely terrible Hopefully her daughter doesn’t learn from her and hopefully he treats her better then he treated her mom. I called him and asked him if he was the father or me but he wouldn’t answer or call me back. Both assholes.

  2. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    I love coke whore girls that bend over and like to get it from behind…bit far drive for me but seems like Ms. Maureen Ann Duncan might be worth the drive she sounds like quite the party girl. If anyone would like to join in on the fun hit me up on the new private messenger.

  3. Thad4321

    I’ve been reading these reviews on that girl celeste. It says her name is Maureen Ann Duncan. I wonder if this place is still open? She seems like she’ll spread her legs open for anyone if they have coke. She sounds fun I even read a review where she let 5 guys bend her over a couch and have at her. Apparently she lives on main st in hamden I hope this place is open I might have to see her and all my friends can run a train on her for some coke. I guess her sugar daddy doesn’t care that she’s a massive whore.

  4. Thad1234

    Is this place still open? Does celeste still work there? I mean maureen ann duncan? She lived on Nicoll st. I hear she had a kid by her sugar daddy thad even tho it might not be his cause she had like 17 other boy toys. I guess she tricked him into buying her a house on main st in hamden. She used to say he raped her, beat her, and he got her to lose her liscense and she said she was practically his slave. But she was the highlight of that club. A coke slut for sure. It’s wild cause she even said he watched his ex die right infront of him without calling the ambulance cause he was fed up with her and for her to give him the highest honor a girl could give which is a child she didn’t care only looking for a free apartment or house.. Hopefully he won’t rape her like he would her mother.

  5. dan

    I got a lap dance from hot tan chick with huge tits. She took me in the back room for a v.i.p.. She touched me in a way that no other woman has before in my life. She made me cum. Then she gave me the best massage that I ever had. This chick was all business. She told me that she loves to people because good people deserve good things. She was popular because everyone was talking to her. She was an awesome pole dancer. She said that her name was Celeste. If she can make me cum by just doing a lap dance I wonder what she would do to me if we fucked. One can only hope. I will be back for sure.

  6. Ethen
  7. felix
  8. cayden
  9. Mr.D

    Open new years eve?

  10. Older guy

    I’ve been here off & on for several years. It is

    consistently a very nice place. The staff and the girls are

    friendly, dancers responsive to tips. Lap dance area is a

    little too public and the 2 VIP areas are a little scary,

    especially because of the cameras. But, the girls do nice

    private dances and the VIP dances are expensive by at least

    $75.00 but the girls perform very well.

  11. tony
  12. def

    this place is crazy

  13. Howard
  14. michell

    loveeeeeeeeeeee janna she can have me anytime, my man loves the way she dances for me. we asked for take out too bad she sayd no.but we well keep trying

  15. Dez
  16. fat man
  17. wil
  18. rob
  19. BO
  20. Bill
  21. This guy
  22. steve

    i had a lap dance with jana she is hotttttttttt. best club

  23. hoewe

    nice place

  24. dave
  25. J-Dizzo

    i fell in love…these girls show cooochie… of the girls gave my friend a real funny birthday gift…all i can say is…squirt squirt

  26. Mr. Good
  27. Ripple

    Awsome place. BYOB… is a plus. Lucky is a very talented girl. Had a Stag party in the VIP room… and now plan on haveing a party there once a year.

  28. Sarah

    I go to Yale. I am not the strip club type. When I went there I was surprised. It was totally packed. The girls were sweet. The dancers were amazed that I went to Yale. It made me feel good. It is hard going to a school where everyone is intelligent. I love the Catwalk. It was a wonderful experience. I see why people would want to go there.

  29. pete
  30. Big Mike

    I have been going here a long time.. the girl with the long brown hair.. fairly tall

    cant recall her name fairly new..Keeps offering to meet me after hours with her

    “wife” to show me a good time and i refuse I come to look not play. she is very

    sloppy in her work.. All the others that night were great…. this one. keep an eye

    on …

  31. me
  32. phil
  33. millar

    I got a private dance from this spanish gal. Wow! I am still hard. This was as close as I have come to having sex without actually having sex! The place is incredible!

  34. chad

    does a juicy work here

  35. bb

    over all it was a good night two girls inparticular really made the night worth it they were very sweet and just alot of fun to be around some of the girls were lacking in the department of skills and others had my mouth open in the positions but it was worth it

  36. mark

    jana good looking nice ass very nice lap dances,had a hard on til i gone home.whats up with that dude with the dreads

    everytime i put a finger on jana he was up my ass.

  37. Pauliez
  38. Jax

    Been here for an hour no ladies approached, just not the place to be, there is no fantasy atmosphere.

  39. Johnnyboy123

    I walked in here late Saturday night. $10 cover, which isn’t too outrageous for a juice bar. The guy collecting money was very friendly, and the giant bouncer just smiled at my drunken attempts at jokes. So, good first impression.The place was pretty quiet. My buddy and I were on one side of the stage, and three 20-somethings were on the other. Small stage with one girl at a time. We stayed for about four girls’ sets, and they were all fairly young and cute.The DJ kept making the claim that the girls did private dances, but who knows? As soon as their set ended, they’d run for the dressing room, never to be seen again. With so few people in there, you’d think you would get a little attention. Not a chance. We had to leave due to pure boredom.

  40. its me bitches
  41. tom h
  42. matty
  43. Mike

    This club rocks, I always have a good time

  44. My b-day

    This was my first strip club so (im 18)…i guess i liked lolz. Nah it was good, the girls were nice and they all had very acceptional dance moves. The girls i liked best were Bianca, Heather, and i cant remember the last girls name, but she had long curly hair w/ light skin and a tight butt…oh yea and my fav fav girl was another name i don’t remember but she was not as tall as the other dancers but had the beauty of all combined…she looked young and had a good body and long straight hair (his-spanic maybe).

  45. Jay

    Party last Sat, ladies were smokin!!

  46. pj

    im happy every time

  47. justin
  48. mick

    What can i say? GREAT!!!!!!

  49. terry

    does sally still work here

  50. zep
  51. Alan

    When I went to Catwalk. I had a lap dance with Nikki. She is the hot italian chick with long jet black hair. My father just died so I went there to get my mind off of things. I told Nikki about what was going on and she was so kind and compassionate. I left there with a smile on my face. I know it won’t bring my father back. She helped ease the pain of my loss though. She was the medicine that I needed

  52. fucer
  53. By Catwalk )-
  54. bartenders

    Make sure you tip the bartenders as well as the dancers

  55. ox

    need younger talent

  56. LOU
  57. gino
  58. Dave B
  59. Gregory
  60. liam

    cool place to hang out regularly

  61. john

    I absolutly love this club, and theres a girl there named Shawnna she’s the best dancer in there and she gives the best lap dances and private vip’s if u know what i mean (wink)!!!!!!

  62. tug boat

    jana nice

  63. JJ
  64. amy
  65. jimmy
  66. review
  67. the DOG
  68. greg
  69. Reggie
  70. Tom

    It’s ok

  71. bobby

    doea a becky work here

  72. GEORGE
  73. NICK

    amazing….love the byob

  74. Markus
  75. that guy

    I heard about som renovations, whats happening

  76. joinyer
  77. joe
  78. ray


  79. Jon

    This club is definitly one for real entertainment. Went there for the first time this past weekend and Wow…There was one girl that really had my mouth dropped with her stage performance…Telling you must see

  80. Thomas

    Nice club

  81. sticky palm

    janna is nice whos the big boob dancer

  82. stunna

    i think the club is cool on certain nights you have to catch it like on a saturday or friday its poppin’ most of the girls are very nice its a fun spot to hang

  83. jon t.
  84. missy
  85. jeter

    jana nice

  86. rocky

    happy new year

  87. Anthony

    I love Celeste. I know her. She is hot but also kind of demonic. I heard her talking german to a guy in there. I was surprised. I ask her what her backround was when I first met her. She said her mother was mostly german, and italian. She said her father was born in Ghana. This chick is a rare breed. She gave her number to me a long time ago. She said her cousin was a cop and if I ever got pulled over to call her because she would help me out. Two months later I got pulled over and I had been drinking. She picked up the phone for me. I put her on the phone with the cop and he let me go. She is loyal and funny. She hooked me up, helped me out , and stuck to her word. I am a Celeste worshiper. I know that I am not the only one. And don’t go hogging her. Save some for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have lost my job and got a D.U.I. if it wasn’t for her. I will never forget that.!

  88. Jake
  89. ed

    hot girls

  90. robert

    fri music to loud

  91. marty
  92. rickywho2

    When the there once Very boring place music was to loud it’s a B.Y.O.B bar and the girls acted like they were stuck up made you feel unwelcome will never go back and I do not recommend this place

  93. timmy p
  94. lil george
  95. Andrew Bossio

    i love this place, the end

  96. Eddie
  97. maverick

    Some nights are better than others, depending on who is on that night. Admission is a little high, but the way to go is byob to recoup the admission money by not buying drinks.

    Most of the girls are fine about asking for dances, but some of them can be a little pushy. I usually dance with someone, only at the end of the night.

  98. jason
  99. mike007
  100. Connor

    Take a cab if you go to Catwalk. It is a bring your own alcohol place. The strippers are nice. The dancer with the big boobs offered me alcohol. She asked if I was driving. It showed that she cared about my safety. I didn’t have much money. She said that the most important thing was that I had a good time. Next time I went in there I spent one thousand on her. She deserved it. She said her name was Celeste. It’s nice when people take care of you and do not expect anything in return. Amazing is the word that comes to mind when I think of her.

  101. hmmm
  102. humberto

    its all good

  103. leo

    catwalk is a great place however it needs a new carpet,as the carpet that is there now stinkssssssssss the smell is bad bad bad. christine you need to open at 12.00 pm, place ads for older man , provide free lunch,you only go up from for the dj thing , was up with that? man go over catwalk for the hot girls and catwalk does have one of the best girls around.over all i rate this club 8.9

  104. na

    grl r hot

  105. donna

    great club lots of couples beautiful dancers great place to get witn other couples, michell forget jenna

    me and my man spent 400.00 on her and all she did was string us around she well tell you ok to take out but never does, its all to get your cash.

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