215 Gentleman’s Club



2680 South La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 92324


34.0236433, -117.3376706




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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52 reviews for “215 Gentleman’s Club

  1. Jason

    I remember going to this place when it was the best club in town. Savannah – Barbie – Mindy – Asia on stage, Tabitha – Natalie behind the bar. Fun spot and always guaranteed to get laid every weekend. I remember me and my friends pulled a gangbang on the bartender Natalie one night after her shift. That girl was dirty but in a great way! 215 used to be the best!!

  2. M

    Best strip club in the state of California! I’ve tried others, even Vegas. You can’t top this club! The best in the Country!

  3. Marcos
  4. dj omar

    i can sum up the talent at this club in one word. BUTTERFACE.

  5. previous dancer

    the best club that I ever worked at! Best club in the state of California

  6. tony

    the place sucks. the girls all look like 909 dopewhores. if you have any dignity, keep driving and spend your money on something else.

  7. Schahn T.

    Ok not the best of strip clubs, but if you want to relax, unwind, and see some boobs without feeling the pressure of someone trying to take you for all you got then this is the place. Fun conversation with regulars, girls aren’t bad looking, and the thurs/Friday 12-7 bartender is drop dead gorgeous. Oh, and they have scotch. Sold.

  8. best damn club

    I have to comment again. I LOVE THIS CLUB!

  9. Mike

    very few strippers but the entry fees was 5$ and not mandatory to buy drinks ..

  10. John

    Hot Italian/Hawaiin dancer

  11. rook

    definetly not a cool place to hang out and spend your hard earned money but ask around and you’ll find out that all the girls from the dancers to the cocktail to the bartenders have all been had by customers. my buddy was nailing one for awhile.

  12. Nate

    This club is awesome and the girls here are bombshell perfect 10!

  13. love it

    Finest strip club. Classy sexy ladies.

  14. E

    HUMMM…..great place.

  15. god damn

    this place sucked, dont let the high rating fool you. it was boosted by the owner so people MIGHT come here

  16. Dick R.

    i agree with the first comment…there are several things wrong with the place, actually there are many things wrong with this place. the most obviously thing is that the remolding that started 10 years ago isnt done, so there is dry-wall, lighting and otherthings that make you feel you are in a construction zone. i agree that are really hot girls there, but that doesnt compensate for the lazy and poor remolding work. beware…bring your hard-hat, just in case if anything falls on your head…go before 1:00pm, beacsue they charge a $5.00 entrance fee, which is not worth it. dont order any domestic draft, becasue it taste like crap, i ordered a pitcher of bud and it taste like soap water, too bad, i hope the owner takes notice…overall, club 215 is not a classly club, its more like a hole-in-the wall joint that happens to be a strip club. furthermore, the place is very small with limited seating.

  17. maxxy1

    I can only remember going here two or three times. Once for a close friends bachelor party and another with some friends/family. Each time it just didn’t seem all that great.The first uneasy thing I’d have to put on this place is the decore. What the hell is up with peeling/torn walls, torn up couch areas and all that?! Each time the place felt like some seedy dump rather than a strip club. That’s a major red flag turn off for me.The strippers themselves were a mixed bag as well. A few good looking ones but overall it’s hard to tell between the bad lighting around the place.Music wise it was decent. Overly loud but decent and the DJ was fairly animated.In the end, I really can’t recommend this place. It’s just seedy, run down, and overall you can find better at any number of the other strip clubs around the area.

  18. K

    Club is ok, been there 3 times in Dec 08, the dances are $20 not $15, watch for the one’s that try to kiss you, dont need to catch that MONO.

  19. Dan

    I love this club! The girls are fine here! I will be back for more dances!


  20. talent scout

    The dancers are nice, friendly and very good on stage its low key. I think its a nice place to hang out and have a beer.

  21. Jason

    This club should be ranked #1 in California! Best club ever!

  22. jesse

    don’t get a lap dance from vanessa, aka, angela!! her breath stinks and she has little titties!!!

  23. John L.

    I was on the way home from the motorcycle swap meet in long beach and I decided to stop and check it out, after the $10 cover was paid, i endid up watching a nascar race and 2 bottles of corona for $12, I looked around but I didn’t actually see any dancers, the tender was pretty hot blonde, bolt ons, bikini…….although I did scan the room a couple times and there was a chick inna bikini playin on Facebook with her cell phone lmao I just kept walkin, hard to get wtf bahaha, what is goin on here place sucked when I went.

  24. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  25. Todd6969

    Those ladies are the best here!

  26. Bo
  27. Why hello there

    Does this girl work there ???!! I am trying to find her. Onlyfans.com/goddess_mango

  28. CC

    Finest strip club around. Went to Tempations first, and then here. This place is so much better!

  29. H.M.

    Damn fine ass place! Hottest damn women in the state of California!

  30. brandon montano

    this club will knock anyone out!! great location with all the hottest girls in the world!!

  31. Javier G.

    Place sucks! I ended up checking it out and decided to try the beer. Next thing I know I was drunk and it was 4 hours later. They cut me off when I accidentally pissed myself. That’s when they told me to leave. I stayed in the parking lot because I was unable to ride my bike. That’s when the bouncer grabbed my phone and searched contacts to find the number to my girlfriend. My girlfriend picked me up, however, I slept on couch for two weeks. My life sucks!

  32. Eff Boy

    My balls hurt and it won’t go away!!! I got it in the ass here.

  33. hot women

    Best damn club I have ever been to. Last night was a blast!

  34. joseph1k

    I have no idea what these other reviewers are talking about! this is my one of my fave strip clubs in the IE, with Hustler Club being number 1. How can you not like naked girls and cheap drinks?? The staff here is real cool too, and the DJ plays great music.

  35. Prissy Lane

    I went to check out the club on a Thursday Night.There were few dancers,the doorman was Super Sweet ,The bartender was Helpful.A gentleman bought me a Drink and was impressed with my Natural DD’s.I will be going back,hopefully for Emplyment.I loved this Club !!!

  36. felixnada

    It was ok. The place had very little people thier the girls were ok

  37. In the Bizz

    Club215 Sucks! Athena & Madison are dumm ugly sluts that think they are getting one over on us customers because they drop us a ring. Dumm sluts we know your played out game. If either of them don’t go out with you or havn’t yet but they gave you there number or call you, “your a fool”!!! Not getting this regular you dumm hookers !

  38. FIne

    The best strip club in the state of California! Finest dancers!!!!!!!!

  39. Joe

    need I say more!

  40. pitbull82

    Your myspace webpage is sweet!

  41. Robert
  42. Davey

    Club 215 is a stinkhole!

  43. U know

    This club is rockin’! Best damn club ever! Way better than Temptations so check it out for yourself!

  44. one dude

    5 to get n and first thing i noticed was that there were alot of people in here and all were costemers. like 45 dudes and 4 dancers. getting a dance was at best a pain in the ass. and most only got the 1 doller mini dances when the girls were an stage. the lap dances are done in the open in front of everyone. and no matter what this site says the are not 15, its up to the girl and its never 15. upside drinkd are ok priced and thats about all. i personally dont recomend this place

  45. yanard12

    This review is subject to change since I’ve only been there once. The girls are really nice and sweet. Always a plus. Most of ’em are pretty hot IMO. Anyway, went in on a friday night around 11:30. Place is really small but I liked that. One of the things that should give this place a lower rating is that they would only take their tops off on stage. I got a lap dance and none of the girls would take their tops off. That was lame. Every other strip club I’ve ever been to I always got to see some tits while getting a lap dance. So for that they get a low rating. Because the waitresses and dancers were really nice, I give them 3 stars. I will be back again.

  46. Brad

    Doorman said seven girls on the clock when he took our cover charge. Where were they? In the hour we were their we saw one girl dance. Had to get own drinks, ceiling and wall in bar area torn apart and hanging exposed wood. The bathroom was disgusting in sight, condition, and the smell was gross. This club used to be good, now it’s a dirty little dive that smells.

  47. Jay

    What can I say, this is the best strip club ever!

  48. Beef Nutsack


  49. Ginger

    The best place ever! I miss 215!

  50. Reno

    Dancers are ok, the only dancer that wows me is Angela!!!!

  51. oh yeah!

    Best damn strip club in California

  52. tonycluber

    This place was awesome, look can be deceiving from the outside though, the dj was very nice and the bartender was super hot, I went in the afternoon, was short on dancers but we’ll worth the wait. Super clean on the inside. Very cheap lap dances and the so song were decent lengths.

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