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0 reviews for “Fantasyland

  1. me

    its cheep good time

  2. dave
  3. Rob Roy
  4. overthtop

    Great club with very friendly girls. Afternoon is a great time in a dark VIP room. Never had anyone bother me back there. Lots of close contact.

  5. pete
  6. fifty
  7. TED


  8. Raver
  9. Tim

    Great place, beautiful girls!!!

  10. John Q.

    The place is about 30 minutes off the I-71 highway. They have an adult shop next door. The cover was $10 but that included a free drink. I got a bottle of water as my free drink. They do not serve alcohol and the bar only has 4 stools the rest of the seating is around the stage or around the club. They do have some snacks up at the bar for sale. The couch dances are only $5 with no privacy or VIP dances for $25 with privacy. The dancer quality here is not very good but this is rural ohio so you can’t expect much.UPDATE 2012: This club now requires a free membership. You have to fill out a form with basic information about yourself and it is easy to just write down fake information. This is some sort of legal thing so they can say they are a membership club.

  11. RED


  12. simply put it

    Ivy will you marry me. This girl is what all wifes should be like. She knows how to work your boner. Amazing club, never been anywhere like this one before. It’s what you can do in the back.

  13. hot blond

    I stopped in this club on the recommendation of this site. My visit was cut short by a hot blond dancer. I wish I could remember her name but by the time she was done with me, I wasn’t thinking too straight. Lets just say that she left me sticky, broke and confused. This girl was an amazing private dance. She wouldn’t let me touch her but she took care of everything. I have been going to strip clubs for over 20 years and had a lot of lap dances. Never had a girl who could make me cum in my pants until i came to this place. I was very embarrased and apologized but the dancer seemed to be very happy about it. She said it happens sometimes. My visit was short so I can’t give a better review but if I ever get back in this area I will definately go back. Will pace my self next time though.

  14. Jay

    I really enjoyed my first trip to Fantasy Land. I really loved Onyx- she was great! I will definitely plan another trip.

  15. the dude?
  16. Trevor
  17. Mario

    This place used to be fun with extras but now it seems like the $5 couch dances are the same as the $25 VIP dances sometimes. The also have camera monitors above the coolers behind the bar counter watching the dances. It is still cool how you get a free drink when you pay the $10 cover at the door though. The club does close at midnight but I would never go to this club after midnight because it is in the middle of corn fields and I would be worried about some crazy killer around there lol. There is a porn shop next door with viewing booths but I did not try them. As strict as the local police are…just be happy that they don’t have to wear pasties like in Columbus, OH topless clubs. Most dancers will give you a good first $5 couch dance but if you keep on buying them they will get greedy and start to get bored expecting you to do the $25 VIP dances. The dancer quality was not the greatest but hell yeah I would return for the $5 couch dances. Cheapest and best value in the state!

  18. Kevin
  19. Johnny

    These girls need a lesson on how to “work it”.

  20. Frank

    This club is one of the best, if not the best in the state. For an out of the way club, there sure are a lot of hot women working here. Hopefully the bs anti-adult entertainment law gets overturned because it would be a shame to lose so many good dancers. Believe me there are a lot of dancers at this club that would do well in a more sane state.

    The main comments section talks a lot about Heather and Ivy, and I will repeat these two are good. Both give incredible lap dances, and either would be one of the top earners at a larger more upscale club. As would Kira, Siren and Nevaeh.

    One dancer that has been mentioned a few times, but doesn’t seem to get all the press that Ivy and Heather get is Skyler. I don’t know why since she is the hottest dancer in the club. One of the adult magazines needs to do a centerfold of her, so that the rest of the world can see her beauty. She would definitely sell out.

    I think part of the reason she isn’t mentioned much here is that so few people get to try dances from her because she is in the VIP room far too often.

    One time I was about to leave early due to the fact that no dancers I liked were dancing. Luckily as I was about to leave, Skyler came out of the VIP room. She was back there all the time I was in the club.

  21. rl27

    The best dances I have found in Ohio. The dances are $5 in the main room, and $25 in the VIP room.

    This review is for the evening shift.

    Most dancers use the $5 dances as a preview of what you’ll get in the VIP room, and for the most part only need to give one dance to convince the guy to go for the VIP. With few exceptions, you will have a great time with any dancer in the evening shift. You can tell which give the best dances by watching how many songs a guy stays in the VIP for. If he quits after one song, skip her. If he stays three or more go for her, especially if the guy makes a rush to the restroom right afterwards.

    The $5 dances are often better than you get in the VIP section of other clubs, and the $25 dances are out of this world. You can expect a lot of hands on action on her part and with the right dancer some on your part.

    Now for dancer quality, most are nice looking but not model quality i.e. Starr, Peaches, Ivy and Lacy. Others are model or near-model quality, i.e. Heather, Nevaeh, and Skyler.

    Several I greatly recommend are Peaches, Heather and Nevaeh. Ivy and Skyler aren’t bad, the first few times I tried they weren’t that much contact, but later dances much better.

  22. Jason

    Freakin awesome. private dancers are better here then any other place I’ve been. $25 allows you to touch and be touched practically anyway u want it.

  23. Penn

    don’t come here unless you are a regular/local. I was from out of town and got ripped off. She told me 2 dances for the price of 1, but when it was over she said she made a mistake and I have to pay for both dances. What a scamming whore. Avoid Jersey.

  24. shellguy

    Enjoy Kellie and Onyx immensely. Excellent conversation and good natured ribbing from kellie. Onyx’s heavy breathing in my ear and Kellie’s nice small tush and breasts really does it for me. Voice clarity weak for dj but music sounds good.

  25. SNL

    I went to the club last night (Saturday Sept 6, 2008). At first it looked like it would be a major disappointment. When we first arrived the was only a TV on showing a football game. We were told that the computer system was down and they were working on it. About a half hour later, when we were ready to give up and leave they got it going. The music was not as loud as it should have been and there more lights on the guests than on the girls on stage. The first girl up was Brooklyn. She is a very beautiful, tall, blond girl and put on a good show. The next two girls on stage never took their clothes off and seemed rather bored. Then it got strange because the DJ would ask us to welcome to the stage a girl, he would play a song, but no girl would be up on stage dancing. This happened a lot during the night. They had a nice mix of girls, but only two of them were really special (Brooklyn and Heather). Heather had a football jersey on and looked smoking hot. She also gave great stage dances and according to my friend who got a few lap dances from her she was spectacular in the VIP. For the most part the girls didn’t seem interested in making any money. We were there 3 hours and only one girl came up to us asking for a dance. The rest of VIP dances we got we had to go find the girl and ask. Most of the girls also seemed to be more interested in the 2 or 3 regulars and ignored everyone else. The rest of the girls would just hang out at the bar (so I would recommend that you hang out there also if you are looking for a VIP dance). The girls that we did talk to and get dances from were really nice and friendly. During the VIP dances they knew when and how much to talk so that they made me feel more comfortable and relaxed and didn’t try to talk through the song instead of dance. Brooklyn came and sat with us toward the end of the night and we had a good talk (she is a very nice, friendly girl). You don’t have to worry about allowing the girls to come and sit next to you because they won’t order an overpriced drink and tip the waitress with your money. They just keep you company. Most of the girls need to be told by the manager to smile more and seem friendly. There were a couple girls who I would have liked to get a dance from but the look on their face told me that they would probably just rush through it anyway.

    The only girl I wish I had gotten a dance from, and didn’t, was Heather. My friends and I will probably visit this club again soon just for her and Brooklyn.

    Overall we had fun and didn’t feel uncomfortable, rushed, pressured or got scammed. The crowd was rather small for a Saturday night, but under the circumstances I would say that that was a good thing.

    As a final note I would like to thank Brooklyn and Heather for showing us a good time. As for some of the other girls I would like to point out that men don’t go to Strip Clubs to see fully clothed women give a poor, bored looking dance. And if you don’t go around the crowd you won’t make any money. I went with a lot of money to spend and came home with most of it.

  26. JD

    Went there on a Friday night with my son and we had a good time. Broklyn danced for a us a couple of times and she was H-O-T-&-S-E-X-Y……

  27. bigfan

    This is a great place to spend the afternoon. Not many other fellows there so you can often have the VIP roon all to yourself. I have had a lot of close contact back there. Raven is cute as can be and she not only has a great body, she really knows how to use it. Great little dancer! If you like big soft natural breasts, try out Bambi. She is another very friendly girl with a great personality so that you feel realy special with her. I have tried clubs all over Ohio and this one is where I go if I want to have a real good time. The others are lame compared to this out of the way place. It is well worth the drive from Columbus or Akron.

  28. DAN


  29. Ron

    Awesome club, probably the best in the state for lapdances. At least the best I have found. There are at least seven dancers currently on the night shift that know what customers want when visiting a club and give it to you and more. The good ones are Ivy, Lacey, Rose, Skyler, Heather, Kira and Nevaeh. The only reason I don’t mention more is because I haven’t tried others. Actually there is an eighth named Siren, but she currently isn’t dancing due to being pregnant. Should be back in July or August, at least I hope so. As for dancers overstating the number of dancers, except for one dancer who I haven’t seen in month I haven’t found that to be a problem. More is posted in the review section.

  30. a-money

    Gotta love the dirty30 spent many nights in there during highschool, i great starter club,nice and cheap.Don’t forget to check out the adult store next door.

  31. crowder

    I love this club. Make a few visits to get to know the ladies. They are all there for the money but many of them are still very nice people. I always go during the day. My favorites: Brooklyn -young and very pretty. Bambi,big boobs,tall & very pretty. Katrina, bigger girl, very pretty and real sweet but onery. She is my favorite of the three. Bambi and Katrina give the best VIP. The regular manager on days is a cool guy but there is another on duty occasionally who is a jerk.

  32. Paul

    Stopped in last week and spent alot of time with Cinnamon. Nice tall, thin girl with perky B cup tits. Great personality and gave a very good VIP dance. I am not a “pawer” so I didn’t go for the extra mileage everybody on here talks about.

    I stop in about every 3 months or so. Always a good time.

  33. cameldude

    this place rocks!!!! have been there several times and always was treated like a king.

  34. The DJ Sucks

    The Night Time DJ really SUCKS,half the time cant understand the dancers names,sounds like he has shit in his mouth,Most of the dancers are awesome but there is a few that think there shit don’t stink or schould I say Pussy and man I’m telling you some of them does maybe the owner schould put a douche machine in the back.And guys keep track of your VIP songs cause some of the girls try to say you were in the VIP longer then you were,Don’t fall for it.Just pay them for how long you know you were back there,but overall the VIP’S are well worth the money

  35. nick
  36. Passer by

    This club may be small, but the attention you get is huge!!! So many nice and beautiful girls. My favorite is Brooklyn very beautiful and educated as well. Great dances!

  37. Great Club.

    This is by far the best club in the area. If you haven’t been, go.

  38. Bedden
  39. rob

    Ivy is awesome!! If you want a nice girl that gives awesome dances shes the girl. Brains and bueaty the whole package. If you go on Sunday her cousin waitresses, together they are hilarious,great girls to get to know.Her cousins boobs are huge,beautiful and natural. Both are very hotttt.So if you want a great place go on Sunday night get a drink and a least 3 dances from Ivy.

  40. mugsey
  41. bob

    A nice little club. The dancers give you your moneys worth.

  42. Disgusted

    Don’t bother trying to go to this club. It is not on Route 30 – I have no idea where it is. If these people are to lazy and stupid to put the correct address on SCL – why are they in business ?

  43. rick
  44. Ray

    Thanks Brooklyn for a wonderful time, can’t wait to see you again!

  45. ohio
  46. Mr. Blah Blah Blah

    I have mixed feelings about this club. The club itself is great. The girls friendly. The dances great quality.

    But the new laws in Ohio makes it so this place has to close AT Midnight!!! It used to be, because this place didn’t serve booze that they could stay open as long as they wanted. Now closing at Midnight has killed alot of the good times down there. It’s hard to plan a party , knowing your gonna be done at midnight..

    Hopefully, they can get the law changed or find some sort of loophole, cuz this place just isn’t what it used to be.

  47. POP

    Day shift much better than the night shift. Would give better rating, but night girls factored in.

  48. LocalTraveler

    It is easy to have a blast at night at this club on the weekends and also a great place to visit during the day and finding someone to spend some VIP songs with. The action is based on who you are with and how much respect you give them. Always remember, it is their job to help you have a fun time. They are being nice because it is what they do everyday.

  49. Dancer

    That’s really odd since Jersey hasn’t worked here in over two months! You have the wrong name!

  50. ns
  51. tancred

    Went here 3 times last week. There were always more gals than guys an the gals compete for your attention! A few extra bucks got extra attention in the VIP too! The girls were all pretty and very friendly

  52. Steelpony

    No Alcohol but all in all a good time.

  53. Bobcat

    I thought topless meant topless, most of the girls had there tops on because the club was cold. Not enough girls to patrons. The girls are nice but some seem to be hanging out with there boyfriends in between dancing.

  54. Bobby

    Could have a few more girls

  55. Z

    what a fookin’ dump….

  56. Jef
  57. Won't be back

    Unless you are a local, BE CAREFUL about going to this club, at least in the afternoon. On my 1st (and only) VIP dance, I got the “You stayed for 4 songs and owe me $100.00” scam from Jersey. (I had asked for 3 songs – and I was in the VIP room 3 songs) The club manager was fine with this shakedown, making me think that this is standard business if you are not one of the Bucyrus Boyz.

    This would be a nice small club without the scamming, but my advise is: STAY AWAY…

  58. mike

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