Eldorado Lounge Inc



4100 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21224


39.291838, -76.562578




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Eldorado Lounge Inc

  1. Niomo

    No dress code means I divide $900 between 4 different girls every 2 weeks or so. I would only do this for the finest women. Do not believe all the negative things you read on this site – rejection, small sexual organs, and low paying careers all contribute to the ignorance of bitter customers. All dancers not perfect but check for yourself. Ritz has better looking women but the dress code kills that club. Eldorado is #1

  2. damien

    these is some phat to death black bitches in here

  3. HomeGirl

    Crazy! One good thing I can say is that this club has the most beautiful big asses I’ve ever seen. But is it just common law that if you have a big beautiful ass, you have to have crazy stretch marks and/or a face that resembles a german shepherd? There were only two or three chicks in there with cute faces and about 3 that didn’t look like they gave birth yesterday. I know they out there working hard to support they kids and all but geez…the club ought to get together a “tummy tuck fund”. I bet if they did, they’d make a whole lot more money.

    And how bout the expensive ass drinks in a shot glass? What a waste of money. Next time I come in there, I’m nursing a bottle of water back to health. Small sips. You might as well just charge a cover fee.

    The room where the “private dances” are being held, is not private at all. I had guards talking to me while I got a lapdance. It’s supposed to be just me and her. Didn’t like that at all.

    Overall I’d go back….drunk as hell…get a lap dance from the dark skin chick with the ginormous ass, and then go to the Hustler Club.

  4. Al

    off the heezy!!!!!!!!!! what’s up Baby.

  5. New to town

    If you want to be harrassed for money my Management then come to this club. They won’t give you singles unless you buy a drink. If you are getting a dance expect for the doorman, bartender, and some old light skinned dude (who is the worse of them) to come at you trying to get money for the club. That old dude needs to go. Dancers told me before I left that joint that he is always running customers out of there. They weren’t lieing, I had to get the hell out of there and on my way to my car other people told me they left because of him. It’s Fucked Up, cause the dancers are cool and this would have been a regular hang-out. But until they do something about management I’m not there and I’m telling everybody the TRUTH about this spot not Hating but the TRUTH. STAY AWAY!!!

  6. cmbmore

    There’s almost nothing bad I can say about Eldorado. I love the dl setting, and the dancers can all move and work it better than most clubs I’ve been anywhere. The only bad thing I can say is that as a white guy I got a lot of bad looks from other customers. Could have just been in my head, but it didn’t seem to bother me enough to stop having a great time.

  7. The Truth

    If you like fat women with stretch mark, kids and cellulite then this is your spot. If you are also into watchin’ bartenders fighting with dancers, then you will be in heaven! I’ve been here twice and had to wait 15-20 for the bartender to take my order. Did I mention stretchmarks! !

  8. lil stevie

    stay away!!!!! skank city here

  9. skinypimp

    this club is bangin’!!! Big booty tasties in this bytch!Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. GIRL_SIX

    The girls are not cute, Cash and Bad Girl were bad bytches but other than that just a bunch of average to below average hos with bad weaves. But they can work the pole tho.

  11. biggie

    this club sucks ,staff managment ,n the girls never go back 2 this shithole

  12. me
  13. Girl

    Agree with the first poster. Baltimore strip clubs need to step it up and get with the times. Nobody wants to see these bullet wound broads shake their birth control, bombed out azz’s. That’s bogus.

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