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21 Silver Street, Hurley, WI 54534


46.449714, -90.1798249




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Sierra

  1. nice try
  2. strong arm

    that is what we minn. boyz think about Rhonda keep it up girl we stand behind you 100 percent if you need $$$$$ let us know we got your back good luck in court tommorrow.. we r keeping up with wi court system

  3. tucker
  5. Checked out
  6. tex
  7. Happy Camper
  8. MN
  9. kdog
  10. big steve

    we had fun tonight and we will be back for snowmobiling

  11. SR
  12. Pete
  13. cubby
  14. Confused

    This bar has been open all week with 1 girl even. I read the reiews before going to ANY OF THEM to find the best one. When I got to Hurley I found this bar and Idle Hour to be the

    ONLY ONE’S OPEN ALL WEEK… now you people reading these reviews dont be misleaded this bar is great and the owner bartends and does everthing else to while she is still under construction!!!!! People need to stop being so jealous and be thankfull this bar is here it might work o your advantage….. thanks for a great week I got the bait out and will be back in 1 week to see you!!!! xoxoxoxox

  15. king dingaling

    the club was dead this weekend but a couple of the girls were great escpically NATALIA this girl is a dime with a great personality…thanks for the good time

  16. iq600
  17. rhonda is a cunt
  18. Burner

    Had a good time at this club. The girls and bartender with tats are hot!!

  19. catF7
  20. prettygirl
  21. sal
  22. cj1
  23. gone away
  24. JB
  25. snow
  26. Rick From KY
  27. MN Boner

    Was in ther sunday The bartender was cool. The DJ had so many friends in the booth he got lost. The blonde was ok, the other had no tits but the the customers were HOT. Had more fun with them than the dancers. should have had them working.

  28. don

    two dancers stood out as above average to terrific #1 would be Katie, #2 Arctic. We had an excellent time on Saturday March 14th thanks

  29. yuuper
  30. 4man
  31. striker
  32. d
  33. dj s
  34. skz
  35. my opinion

    mike your doing a wonderful job….who cares what people think

  36. CAT
  37. Bob
  38. michsnow

    This club seems to be full of DRAMA! What happened?? Used to be better before.

  39. good bye

    bye bye club r…..

  40. powder hound

    Not open last night.

  41. paul
  42. sounds cool
  43. Monica

    Had alot of fun!

  44. Customer
  45. re post below

    I too have been in this club on more than one occasion and have seen some of the drama that takes place but lets face it Rhonda did not start this club to make a nice place for people to come to she did it TO MAKE MONEY! And if Mike and Rhonda do indeed follow thru and get a divorce the judge is going to take into account as to who put up all the funding into the project of purchasing the bar and the remodeling and just might award the property to them, and I believe that person with the funding to be Mike. Oh yes he would have to pay Rhonda a stipend for her labor and efforts of what she put into it, but she will not be awarded the property as a whole. And the sooner you push this thru the court system Mike, the better it will go in your favor. All you other people should really brush up on your law reviews and statues before posting the end results on here. I am not taking sides for anyone with the drama but judges look at the facts and the balance sheet of the accounting proceeds. I wish both parties luck and hope that they find happiness somewhere in their lives.

  46. jonsey

    what a nightmare.FAT,FAT,FAT and sluts. What a worthless place. Harleys has better talent than these sluts. never again

  47. samson

    Overall Quality! Good Times.

  48. steve
  49. wausau

    At least the bartenders here are all “REAL” unlike some of the clubs down the block. The new bartender on Sunday was a HOTTIE!!! Don’t forget about the blondtender either. ALL REAL!!

  50. stroker
  51. tom
  52. local4life

    It did not look like it was open last nighg either. It is winter and it is never open. I see the Club Sierra dancers at all the other clubs now. Are they closing?

  53. MN boys

    is madison still working here? we missed her last year.

  54. dawn never
  55. Jeff
  56. Suprised

    This all is way to much! Leave Rhonda be. What do you expect after all that is posted on here. How do you want her to react? Rhonda congrates o holding yourself together and so what you took a few days for you IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME GIRL! yummy yummy All of you people on here are being way to judgemental what is under your bed? For sure something or else you would not be so childish to play on here. For the both of you peace be with you! I AM A LOCAL who knows how the town works and when you get started in it you get caught up in it so this will be my only post. In all good there is evil. What goes up must come down. Everything that is down has to go up!!!

  57. King of the Hill
  58. chicago dave

    Hottest girls & Bartenders!! No Bullshit

  59. Red
  60. excon

    This was the only club not open last night. What happened to 7 nights a week Rhonda was bragging about? It was not opened Sunday and did not open until 9 on Sat night. I was not even cleaned in there. The drugs must be good!!!

  61. minn boys

    nice real nice

  62. Rev
  63. jupiter access

    This club rocks!!! Not a dirty shithole like the rest of other clubs on the lower block…

  64. Sled Hed Pe
  65. Brent

    well folks sorry to have to say this, but we think that the owners of this establishment should sell out while they have the chance as they know nothing about running a strip club. A large group of us come into Hurley quite often on Saturday nights and we have tried 4 times to stop in this new club, and have NEVER found it open to this date! Frankly we give up!! You keep begging for girls to book here yet you are NEVER and I mean NEVER open! Whats up with that?? We dont care what your personal problems are but if you are touting yourself as the best and newest club in Hurley then for heavens sake BE OPEN!! We can see that this club is never going to go anywhere, and we advise the owners to sell out while they can to someone who actually knows how a decent club ought to be run and please dont give us the lame excuse that the dancers didnt show up, as that is too common of an excuse. Any owner or manager with their shit together would have several phone numbers to call for back-ups when girls dont show up. Either sell out, or get a competent manager that really knows the business!!! Sorry

  66. skiwhiz

    Had a great time!!

  67. dave D8
  68. dave polifka
  69. zzab
  70. sly
  71. al
  72. rum rider

    Had a great time here this weekend!! This club had it going on. The 2 blondes were hotties. Yeh, and keep the tatted ones. They get us our drinks when we need them and not when they feel like it.

  73. chance
  74. Sierra 172

    Are you serious? Do you know how many girls quit this week? These girls were all money makers too. She is running that bar into the ground. She could not even get the bar open till 11 at night!! All the girls love the bar but will not work for Rhonda. The place is more or less turning into a whore house. She is taking herself and girls to places after bar close. She used to preach so much to the girls not to do that but now she is the one doing it. Then there are guys going upstairs for a couple of hours at a time while the bar is open. WTF!! She needs to get help for her alcohol and drug addictions. She is so geeeked out she does not know which end is up. She looks real healthy too? mDespite what she tells everyone, she will never end up with that bar!!! She is wasting her time down there. She needs to go hook up with one of her sugar daddies and get out of town.

  75. fish
  76. bus load

    enjoyed the shower shows sat night! This place ROCKS!!

  77. c ya ho
  78. downstate

    What the hell happened to this bar?? They used to have the best girls. What happened to the owner? Or what is she on? It is not right!! This club is a waste and I recommed spending your money the Full Moon Or go see Bill at the Idle Hour. At least they don’t have a bartender that looks like a crackwhore.

  79. arlbadger
  80. Leesha
  81. atv 12

    Had a good experience in this club. The girls are hot with great personalities. Our group went to the other clubs but we always ended up here. We will be back.

  82. yea

    tat girl needs to go….

  83. cindy
  84. ashley
  85. steve O

    only one girl stood out,the blonde with the diamond in her chest…the others need to quit.

  86. .
  87. larry
  88. jake
  89. Phil Graves

    Club Sierra is truly a cut above the rest of the choices available in Northeast Wisconsin / Hurley area. Great ambience and decor. Sierra is the owner and bar tendress extraordinare. She has totally revitalized the place and makes sure everyone is having a great time. Highly recommend making this a priority if you are in the Hurley area.

  90. dan
  91. spence
  92. empire
  93. reg

    The bar is cool except for all the nasty fat chicks!! NObody wants to see that!

  94. uigh
  95. aunt francis
  96. wall
  97. luke
  98. Foley
  99. bill
  100. !
  101. billy
  102. mn indy

    great place!!

  103. dear amazed:

    we were not being rude, just stating a well known fact that this club is never, and once again I mean NEVER open. A few of my friends and I came into town again last night and hey, guess what??? The club was not, and I repete NOT open, and on a Thursday night yet at that! I seems as if this Rhonda only wants to open the bar on Hurley’s “peek” weeks and that means only the weeks that there is a type of promotional push going on aka, The pumpkin festival weekend, Red light Rally weekend, Presidents weekend etc. You mentioned 10 girls for get this…Pumkin Run weekend and the bar was open for what…2 nights?? What about the rest of the time? Not trying to compare the 2 but look at Idle Hour…they are open 7 days a week and stick it out thru the slow times as well as the busy weekends. Now that is a real business, not just one that opens during peek tourist times. A few of us are coming up again tomorrow…lets just see if you are open THIS weekend!

  104. Sierra-- Rhonda

    Thanks, to all for your feed back regaurdless if it is positive or not… For taking the time to post a comment means a great deal to me so thank you for giving Club Sierra your time!!!!

  105. retard
  106. sleuth
  107. amazed

    Rhonda it’s nice to see that people take time, to even be rude about you and or your business. When growth becomes apart of theirs lifes the comments will reflect it.. You have done a great job no matter what anyone says or writes. 10 girls last week the bar was packed and you create an enviorment that everyone want to be apart of. Hats off to Rhonda and Mike for a job well done!

    Returning is always going to happen with you in town. thanks for the best time ever in Hurley. Pumpkin run 2008

  108. ba
  109. hey rhonda

    there hasnt been one fat person working here since you been kicked off the lower block, fat……thats your friend krissy……and she would never be able to work here let alone be able to walk through the door……glad your gone bah bye you dirty little whore!!!!!

  110. Harold


  111. Lisa

    Hey guys I hope you all have a great winter, miss ya all, make lots of money.

    I’ll be down for shots…after all my homework is done, lol. I’m glad to see everything going well. Good Luck Club Sierra!

  112. suprised! :P

    upgrade from the old place had a great time.

  113. Hurley Rocks!

    Great times! Fun Bar and Staff. Good stretch of Bars!

  114. SWAMPY


  115. perogi
  116. sticker
  117. Chicago Rack

    This bar is kick ass inside but the bartenders and dancers suck!! You walk in the door and the have a carny as a bouncer. Between the fatchicks and crack whores, it is more or less a freak show. I noticed most of the girls that used to dance here when it opened are at Idle Hour or Full Moon Saloon. Go figure.

  118. Fred

    Was here last thurs and had a great time. The club is clean and the girls are hot!

  119. razers edge
  120. club rocker
  121. Matthew
  122. Rhonda

    Thanks for all of the postive feed back guys/ girls! It really means alot to me. 🙂

  123. articKat

    I come up a few times every year, and this is by far my favorite club on Silver Street. The girls are great!! Who is working this weekend? I came up in Febuary and met Nataliya she was wondeful! will she be up this weekend?

  124. ALI

    Hottest girls in town!!

  125. Big Al

    I usually frequent Teaser’s in Stratford but the place is closed down now & I am moving so this is gonna be my new hang out! great place 🙂 Big Al

  126. David
  127. karma
  128. Slick
  129. chad

    I thought Blue Moon, Harlyes and Siara club were the best. Idle hour my god the bartender is rude!I wanted to pull his poney tail and …… Do real mean wear poney Tails?

  130. balls deep

    Good to see that Rhonda is finaly gone along with her little fat elf friend.

  131. t-money

    i had a great time here this weekend. i was there friday and saturday open to close. every girl was hot unlike the other clubs. thanks

  132. Some one who likes you!

    Glad to hear your back I need my Rhonda Fix ASAP!!! How was your Honey moon? C ya Friday…. ALT

  133. spanky
  134. adf
  135. JD

    Had a great time here, thanks to Natalia and Madison.

  136. Trucker

    Stopped in each club saturday night, this club by far had the best dancers. very friendly girls, I will be back.

  137. xp rider

    This club was by far one of the busiest last night. We will be back!!!

  138. sam
  139. stronger than u

    The Rhonda Club done…You are not the only “Polaris” guy with cash in town…

    I cannot thank everyone enough who has helped me through this F***** up time….

  140. ?guest
  141. vtwin

    This club was a little short on dancers but Arctic and Katie were amazing!! These girls are not stuck up and you can actually talk to them. Did I forget to mention they were hot also!! The tatooed bartender Zoe did a couple songs on stage and that really made our night!! Wow!! She can work the pole. Thanks!! We will be back.

  142. u know who i am

    shut the fuck up krissy….aaahhh did you get kicked out of a bar……youre kind aint welcomed here…you guys are the only losers that like rhonda

  143. david belz

    we are from indiana some of us..we had a great timr the club was clean lana was very polite and alicia was very amuzing thanks ladys you put a smile on our faces.e will carry for a long time

  144. the i hate rhonda club

    think with your big head tim not your little one!!!

  145. John
  146. The drunk guy

    I had fun here tonight. The girls were sexy and fun. Its been awhile since I was in Hurley and I forgot how much fun strip clubs can be.

  147. seal
  148. Mark
  149. joe
  150. jill

    thanks for the sweatshirt mike, had a great time last night,this club was by far the best time ive ever had in hurley,you got some great girls

  151. mike
  152. gunner

    nice place need a more variety of girls like harleys the tattooed ckick is cool dont see often had good time

  153. dj
  154. WM
  155. just another joe

    i went in to this place they call a stripp club at least ithought. come to find out it was a freaking whore house, the girls were nasty and pushy and smelled to…. never again

  156. R
  157. mcbob
  158. gstro
  159. local

    One of the best bars is Hurley now. Clean!! The rest of the clubs have a lot of catching up to do. Staff is excellent!!!

  160. easy e
  161. sail

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