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0 reviews for “Palace

  1. Al-P

    The chicks here sexy ass hell and cool great place to have drinks with ya dudes b4 the after hours spots open

  2. Kinan A.

    The food was super bland. I mean everything was really nuetral flavored to a point where it didn’t taste like anything. If you have hyper tension you should eat here because salt is no where to be found. The service was pretty good (which is saying something if you’ve ever been to a Middle Eastern restaurant in the area) …and out door seating is nice because its in a quieter area than its competitors so that warrants a few stars.

  3. Neal N.

    I’m going to have to come back here sometime in the near future. This is my coworker’s favorite place, and now I see why! We met up here for a birthday/ bonus check celebration with the rest of the office on a Friday night. We first pull up to complimentary valet. Big plus.The interior was very dimly lit with lighting mainly acting as accents. The dining area was completely open save for a few columns. I couldn’t stop looking at the ceiling. I don’t know what the styling is, but it looks like the inside of a circus tent. Service was great. We were attended to at all times by many different servers, and they always knew what had to be done.As for the food. Everything was so delicious. They made the smoothest hummus I had ever had. Kibbeh balls were perfect. Think shepherd’s pie made into a fritter. Tabouleh had great flavor and wasn’t too acidic.Quail was cooked perfect and covered in a wonderful sauce. I tried dipping my pita in it, but unfortunately wouldn’t pick up any sauce. If I wasn’t surrounded by colleagues, I’d pick up the plate and drink from it.For the birthday celebrants, they brought out sparklers on top of tiramisu homemade by the owner. I’ve become desensitized at the thought of tiramisu from its ubiquity over the last decade and a half, but this one was extremely well made. Apparently, the owner is very much into Italian and French cuisine.Add in the fact that the place is BYOB and offers hookah, you’re sure to have a good time. And even though many people were smoking hookah, not once did I notice any other group’s smoke.Bonus: At least the night I went, there were a lot of beautiful women here.

  4. Johnnyboy123

    We went to try something different but I probably wouldn’t go back. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t really good. it’s located near a ton of other restaurants in the area with the same cuisine; the food at other places near it is much better for similar/lower prices. we sat outside, so I don’t have an idea of the look and ambiance inside, but it seemed par for the course for Arab restaurants in Clifton. As for the food, I’ve come to expect amazing meat dishes from Lebanese spots and I was disappointed. Neither the chicken not the shish was as tender as I’d expect and they were salty. The hookah’s were a little harsh as well. Overall, not a horrible experience, but I can travel down the street and hit a ton of other better Arab restaurants.

  5. Badra J.

    I came here for a sweet 16 and to my delight, the food was WONDERFUL! I had the kibbe, which was quite flavorful and the shell was perfect.The baba ghanouj was the best I ever had in a restaurant. Then I had the chicken kabob, holy shit was it the most tender, succulent chicken I have ever had. So… I dragged my brother here last sunday, paid attention this time cuz I knew I was going to write a review about this place. The ambience is really nice ,dimly lit, old school arabic music playing in the background. The place was half full for a sunday night ,almost all the tables had a hookah. The very attentive waitress gave us complimentary bread, fresh olives,pickles and turnips. Then the food came out , first the appetizers, the kibbe, see above, the hummus was very creamy and galricky and off the charts,I ordered the lamb liver which was unbelievably fresh and the mixed grill came which my brother practically devoured in one bite, that fat ass. Spicy fries came with it and rice.It was a very good meal, already planning my next visit! The only minor thing was I was my chicken kabob came out hotter.. : /

  6. adamrod

    I always have a great experience . love the place the food and especially the service it’s unbelievable. Highly recommended.

  7. DexterRexter

    Hookah’s are pretty good. Restaurant servers are quite attentive to what you need/ want. Good ambience. Perfect for a date or hang out with groups after work.

  8. vicious

    This place is nice. they need 2 light up outside to let world know it s open.the girls give great entertainment and are very friendly

  9. jennifer
  10. BDB

    The Palace has lost its distinction as one of North Jersey’s better strip clubs. A major overhaul of the club has it contending once again despite losing most of its top talent to current crown holder Mr. B’s. The improved decor has helped improve the atmosphere although the thug element has not completely vanished.

  11. Lenny

    This spot is the shit. if you lookin for bitches with phat asses this is the spot. most bang 4 buck. trust me, a dollar goes a long way.

  12. BOMBER

    this club just got upgraded, all i can say is wooooow!! n the ladies are great! especially one name GODDESS WOW!!! I COULDN’T STOP LOOKING AT HER, NICE VERY NICE DEFINATELY MY FAVORITE SPOT.

  13. Bryan W.

    Excellent food and service! I had the salmon with rice and vegetables, it was very good. I’d recommend the greek salad and hummus with meat. They also have hookah and it’s byob. My family and I will definitely be back many more times….

  14. dopeboy19

    Never going again. They took away our hookahs because the inspectors were coming. Get a damn license.

  15. dannyboy7

    Manager perhaps owner is suppppeeerrr duppppeeer RUDE! The food is actually good but with an attitude like that, I wouldn’t go back. He killed it for me.

  16. winston12

    A friend mentioned checking this place out as it is new to the area. Finally got the chance to go there today and I had an amazing experience. The outside of the building looks absolutely amazing but the real beauty is the interior! The place is huge and there is plenty of space to fit tons of people! I could honestly see myself having an engagement party at this place. Greeted right away once we came in and sat down without any wait on this Monday night. The server was extremely friendly and his name was George, very professional unlike the other places in the area, this was the first time I received great service. Personally I judge a place base off their orange mint so I that was my hookah order and it literally came out within 3 mins! The young guy that makes the hookah is awesome, very personable person to talk to and did an amazing job at packing the hookah. We had to try the food out and man was it delicious. I had the falafel and Lebanese style humus as an appetizer and all I can say that it was full of flavor, especially the humus! Now for the entree I had an shish kabob with rice and the meat was cooked perfectly, so tender and juicy, major props to the cooks! The only disappointment I had was the kunafeh, it was not crunchy nor sweet enough and to be honest, I think they really need to approve on that one thing but that doesn’t hold it back from the land slide of pros! Also Monday and Tuesday they have 25% off your entire bill!!! I think I found my new spot to hang out and get food in the Clifton area. I highly recommend this place!! I’ll be back again very soon!

  17. CHET


  18. Luvdasistas

    If you like thick girls, this is the club for you! There are a variety of really hot girls with big asses! Lots of color. Drink prices are what you would expect. I highly recommend a lap dance!

  19. Slick Rick

    quality of girls only ok, but a good place to bust a nut.

  20. tonycluber

    Just left the Palace where they have entertainment Saturday nights. First off, the staff is all great. They are super nice and they are so on point with their service which is hard to find nowadays. So I had the shish kabob entree with rice. It was really good and I asked for tahini on the side so that’s also something you could add. The hookah was really good and I’m a hookah snob. The coal was replaced without us having to ask and every time we needed it. The singer was awesome and they also had a good bellydancer (which is also hard to find). Thumbs up all the way!

  21. ???
  22. CCC
  23. eddyL

    I’ve been there and the food and service is really bad plus it’s expensive and unfriendly don’t waist your money and your time

  24. GarryWas

    Let’s start off saying if they add automatic gratuity you know the service isn’t going to be good. Even for a party of two…….The weather was beautiful outside so we were driving around looking for a place to eat and smoke hookah and we stumbled to this place. I did try it once before a while back it was ok so we decided to try it again and it was different a bad different. The mix grill they had was a small portion and it was overly salted. The hummus tasted the same as every other place around Clifton and the Paterson area. The staff didn’t seem too attentive and no one knows how to smile it’s like some one died and i was sitting in a wake…..The hookah wasn’t good either, it was like I was smoking charcoal half way through and to top it off the one hour I was there they only came once to change the charcoal so I didn’t even have a chance to tell them the hookah was bad. The only way you’ll get good service here is if you are a female because I seen the server check up on a table next to us at least 10 times compared to our one time because it was a group of girls. They could be womanizers but who knows I guess they don’t value male customers as much as females. Now I know why they are called the palace, they treat women like royalty and men like peasants. It also took us at least 10 minutes to get the check it’s like they didn’t want this nightmare to end so it’s safe to say I’ll be going somewhere else and stick to the spots I like. Trying something new isn’t always a great experience but I guess you learn from your mistakes. Won’t be seeing me here ever again.

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