Club Rouge Gentlemen’s Club



3 South 15th Street, Richmond, VA 23219


37.5342708, -77.4305149




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Rouge Gentlemen’s Club

  1. osama bin laden

    lap dances r too expensive, i would rather be in my cave eating sand

  2. Anna

    Best club in town

  3. robby
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  5. clubber

    hands down, best club in richmond…

  6. club goer

    this is by far the best stripclub in richmond best looking dancers, best music. you have to check this out.

  7. velvet revolver
  8. rufus

    great club. hot IRS agents. Sexy ATF boys. Nice rececoration. Careful though, great place to stay late and lose a lot of cash!!!!

  9. matt
  10. Hans

    small,clean,girls vary from 2 to 9 very few 9’s . Weird place cause one has to walk thru owners apartment for a lap dance.Girls will do more here.Seems also to be focus of FED surveillance. Owners are under microscope from LE but they are walking so maybe there is nothing to it.Lap dances are $60 and up

  11. the donald
  12. M. W.

    Velvet is a good club to spend some time in. The girls are

    young and look good. You can’t say that for another club

    in the close area. We used to eat lunch alot at one of the

    other clubs but since new management we go to Velvet now.

  13. turk
  14. dancer 2

    this does’nt even qualify as a strip club. its a crack house. prostitution is the only way these girls make money. sam moore should be in the gutter where he belongs!

  15. Herndon
  16. JJ

    publicity has actually done this guy a favor. economy doesn’t seem to effect the place like another club on this

    side of town.

  17. Ew
  18. leon

    high priced everything and not a good looking girl to see.. waste of time

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  20. Passerby

    For those complaining about the club and ownership, google the club and river district news. You get a history of the owners arrests and charges and the raids on this club.

  21. Bill Gates
  22. Richy
  23. Michael

    Sam has officialy sold this club, but the new owners will not be able to revive this club. This club still has no liquor license and will probably still have the same ugly girls. They will have ghetto clientle and it wont even be worth the money to get in. This is the worst club in richmond you can go to. You want trashy aids infested girls-then go here. But just because sam left does not mean that this club is going to change. They should just close this club and level the property.

  24. Jennifer

    I’d say this is undeniablly the best club in Richmond Va. Everyone should check it out. Lapdances are out of this world.

  25. jeremy
  26. russian lover

    diamond is the hottest AND NICEST GIRL IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME

  27. joe

    This is the worst club I have ever been to!!!! The girls looked like trash!

  28. rocco
  29. keira

    Club velvet is one of the worst places i’ve ever worked and i’ve worked numerous places. the owner sam is nasty nasty nasty he has aids and tries to sleep with all of the girls that step foot in that club. i’m boycotting club velvet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. cory
  31. SarahTonin

    Excellent in every way

  32. SundayBest

    I see a lot of animosity on these reviews; it happens to be a pretty decent club compared to most in the vicinity and Kiera here if you think the owner has AIDS how would you know? What kind of slander and slime is that to post; perhaps you got fired and have AIDS. Beat it skank!


  33. &&&&&&
  34. kd

    Great club, gorgeous girls.

  35. from l.a.

    this was a very scary place. what in the hell is going on— when you have to walk through some crazy ass looking guy’s apt to get a lapdance…. i thought it was very very sketchy.the girls are all rough looking and not too friendly. i hope this isnt how all east coast clubs are b/c its digusting!!!

  36. out of town

    great place. ill come back for sure. dj eddie is the best in richmond in my book, keep it open.

  37. k

    Riley is awesome

  38. walker
  39. boyd
  40. Bigtoy

    This club is so much better than it use to be. The girls are much better as is the atmosphere. The dances are still pretty high but you can get them nude. Try scarlet she is very plesant to be with.

  41. Eric Cartman

    On February 4, 2010 Virginia ABC revoked Club Velvets alcohol license, so it has become a juice bar. I am looking forward to apple juice.

  42. Jim Beam

    $15 cover charge seemed high, and the beers were $5 per bottle,

  43. John Benda


  44. Derrick

    it was fun and great waitresses!

  45. stan
  46. Mr.Nascar

    Sorry but i have to disagree with the previous review..I was just here last weekend for nascar from New York. This club sucked!!!!! realy bad..First of all they had too many overweight and unattractive dancers..Second of all i asked to speak to the owner about a concern i had and he looks like he just got out of jail…Like two hours ago!!!!!!!..So while sitting in the terrible club one of the overweight dancers is talking to me about a lapdance for about 45 min and i told her No 100 different ways..Well to sum it up i would of had a better time sitting in my overpriced hotel room MASTURBATING to a X-RATED MOVIE….

  47. R. Jeremy

    A FRONT! Private dances on the 3rd floor you must walk through the owners apartmnet on the 2nd Floor??? one song dance $150! Just a wierd place something else is going on!

  48. brett
  49. Monopolyman

    Went here last night to see weather this place was any better or worse since Sam has moved to the BIG HOUSE for a while….I was somewhat surpise to find that Yes they do have their licquor lic back now and no it is not a rats nest as some have discribed it. it was slow for the 1st hour but then people started to come in and it was quite nice. This one especially cuite pettie dancer caught my eye and i was hooked 4 the nite..The DJ was a newbie but did a great job and i enjoyed myself totally.To the pettie dancer i have to give a double thumbs up you are gorgeous and oh so friendly..Thanks 4 a great time..Monopolyman sang all the way home with a smile on his face… Do come out and see 4 yourself the club has a new look and great staff.. have fun..


    CLUB SUCKS..DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dr bill
  52. scooby
  53. brad pitt
  54. Satisfied customer

    Prices are to high for lap dances, the house takes to much money away from the girls. The girls do the work and they need to be paid better.

  56. ManonTheMove

    Been here several times and each time the expericene has been better and better. The last go around went in the afternoon and picked up a double all the way from two very talented ladies.If U are reading this Lilly you are the bomb and would love to work something out with you for a regular meet.Also have to say that Chastity is the kind of dancer that can really get your flagpole to come to attention and stay that way..yum yum yum… Hope to be back in to see youall soon.PS/”Cookie” at the bar if you are done with that outside intrest give me a call i know you remember me as i was the one that trid to get you to go home with me to Miami….

  57. lonny t


  59. Howie Feltersnatch

    I agree with R. Jeremy’s feelings about the lap dance. 3rd floor? I’m just glad that I didn’t wake up in a bathtub full of ice with my kidneys removed. Full nude up there is ok, but for $150, I’d better leave with pudding in my pants.

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  61. bo bo
  62. peter royal "Mr.Ohio"

    this club is alot better than a year ago..went there last week..had $300 to burn..had desiree and another girl forgot her name but the lap dances were AMAZING!!!!! and i do mean AMAZING..they were both new to the club…i will be back in town in aug and i will be making a return trip..

  63. MIKE W.

    Business is good here. Very busy on friday. Paper Moon

    is ok but not always open during the day. Richards is open

    I think – not very busy these days.

  64. OPP
  65. D

    Velvet has one of the most beautiful dancers in Richmond, Jassmine, if you need someone to talk to or just to have fun. I promise you shes worth it.

  66. chucky
  67. daddy
  68. kid rock
  69. James

    my only complaints are with the drink prices and the atm fees, but its a strip club, You’d be fool to expect otherwise. The cover charge, $10, is way better than other clubs. The girls were very hot and very friendly, they came and sat with customers inbetween dances. The private dances were good and start around $60 W/ pasties and a g-string and you can feel them up, other places that costs over $100. full nude is $120 and well worth it.

  70. EZ

    Rosy and Kitana are two insatiable asian girls who both gave phenomenal private dances. Highly recommend this club.

  71. SEXY1

    awesome awesome place

  72. henry hill
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  74. cv dude
  75. JR
  76. jesus
  77. buster
  78. Footlover

    Went to this club for the first time Wednesday night and I have to say I disagree with all the negative comments made below. I actually had a really great time and enjoyed this place a lot more than another local club I frequented for years but recently lost faith in. Yes it’s downtown and you have to pay $5 for parking (unless you park in the narrow alley next to the club), but it was well worth it just to get into this place. The prices were reasonable and the waitress/bartender provided top notch service. Atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. The music was perfect – loud enough to hear but not so loud that you can’t talk to the person next to you. The lighting was right and not dark like the “other place” I mentioned. Haven’t tried the food yet but I might next time. All of the ladies I saw there that night were beautiful, but I spent my time with Brooke who is a real sweetheart and a great dancer. It’s hard for me to understand where all the negative reviews are coming from and I have to wonder if those individuals have actually been inside this place at all. I found none of the statements true except for the part about dances being on the 3rd floor. Yes you have to walk thru somebody’s apartment to get there but the private dance area had the best layout I have ever seen and the music, lighting and furnishings were all perfect. Yes it does cost considerable money but who said strip clubs were supposed to be cheap?!? In short I had a really great time and look forward to going back again. Don’t let any of the naysayers on here steer you wrong. Check this place out.

  79. jjjj
  80. Robert
  81. Chloe

    this club is hot shitttt!

  82. wade

    worst strip club i’ve ever been in. guy that runs it looks

    like a skateboarder on crack.

  83. schumi

    What a dump! also you have to pay for parking. Don’t try the lot in front of the place. the numbers are virtually impossible to see at night (don’t know about daytime) Chances are that you put your 5 bucks into the wrong slot and you get a boot on your vehicle. Did not happen to me, but there was a car next to the slot where I pulled in where this happened and they where trying to get it released. I moved to a different lot with an attendent. This way at least I had a receipt.

  84. Eddie

    This club really sucks, I donno how it is 7.7 still..

    If you wanna spoil your evening,go there.There are hardly 5-6 dancers and they suck..the no. of female customers is much better and they looks better than the dancers.. just stay out of this and let ur frenz know the same…

  85. kaleido
  86. rodger wva
  87. ron anderson
  88. jackie
  89. regular

    Food is about right for a strip club.

    Cover is ridiculous. $15

    Drinks are ridiculous $8 for wine plus $1 tip

    Lap dances are $120 for 1 song.

    The best part is the girls, and no one bothers you to

    keep buying drinks and watching you. You can relax, the prices are just too high.

    If you are not ready to spend a minimum of $100 for entrance, a few drinks, and stage tipping, then you will not have fun.

  90. Cooley
  91. ?????
  92. clubbing man

    richmonds hottest girls , best music, best overall stripclub in richmond hands down…

  93. louis
  94. derby dude

    their is one girl their during the day that is totaly hot. Rain is one hell of a dancer her lap dances are great.

    Rain is the only reason for this high rating, I only get their during the day and she is the only truly hot girl their.

  95. Johnny Dee
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  97. yourguy4fun


  98. Kitana

    Velvet is the best!!! Even if that shit gets shut down I will always say it was the best!!! I love you Sam!!! Forever and Always!!!

  99. dale jr.
  100. Anthony

    Overall, Great experience!

  101. ter
  102. mike
  103. strip club lover

    this place is not worth the cover. hole in the wall. only thing good are the

    lapdances upstairs that aren’t legal. no wonder everyone is bailing ship. young

    girls get sucked in by that asshole upstairs. lol. this place sucks balls.

  104. ntellu

    this place is for locals an not high class people wearing suits and have there head stuck up there own butt! there are some very pretty ladies here, only if you come in the right days. lap dances arent too bad for full nude. its about 60-120 a song and i have fun when im there. Ask for parker an scarlett, there amazing an there almost always at night

  105. cool dude
  106. patricks

    is really nice

  107. velfna
  109. ramone
  110. Disaster

    A sore dump – to avoid. I went to check that place this week – $15 gets you inside but don’t expect drink service: YOU get your ass to the bar and pay for that beer. Was with another customer that night and waited 10-15 mins for a girl to come and dance – supposedly some issues with the current lineup, while management is laying bored on the couch at the entrance…

    What the fuck? $15 for what? AVOID that dump – some of the girls who were there sounded nice though.

  111. ferrari joe
  112. Local

    This place is a good looking Club. Went here once the place was dead. Me and a very good friend of mine went. it was 5 dancers stalking me for a lap dance. $160 they charge. I can understand them charging a little more because the dances are Nude the only Nude Dances in the Commonwealth of Viginia But that price is Bullshit! For thAt price Your better of going to another state to get a lap dance. Anyway A few days later I heard the owner Has aids and he Makes the Dancers Fuck him for a Job! If thats the case owner Please Stop Fucking the Girls and Cut Your Dick OFF! Never will come Back Don’t won’t AIDS

  113. roxy
  114. I love danger

    This club is hot. It has the coolest neon lights on the outside as well as in. This club has a cool rock/alternative vibe and I’m hooked! Everyone was so nice and friendly and the girls were very nice to look at. Even the owner was hot!!! Had this misterious way with his dark hair, dark eyes and tatoos blended beautifully with his ivory white skin. I’m sure he never sleeps alone.

    If I lived in Richmond, this is where I would work!!!

    West Palm Beach, Florida

  115. Chris
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  117. ron b.

    Beautiful girls, overpriced drinks

  118. wayland

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