Cafe Risque



17035 County Road 234, Micanopy, FL 32667


29.496699, -82.29362




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cafe Risque

  1. Chris G.

    If you prefer your eggs fertilized, well then you have a lot in common with the staff here at Cafe Risque. And if you enjoy stretch marks and C-section scars with your breakfast, this is the place for you…

  2. blades

    Come on in on any given night from 7pm-4am for a fantastic night

  3. Mike

    Pleasant women that make you feel welcome.

  4. random_soldier
  5. Mick

    Always a nice meal shared with attractive women. Day time dancers are pleasant. Dixie, Mandy, Cherry and Candi are fun to visit with.

  6. Dyno

    Great food and lots of private dance types. Kinda like a well lighted restaurant with sexy naked girls hungry for your

    attention. A bargain. TONS of sexy college girls!

  7. John Sasser

    I love this cafe, the girls are soooo beautiful!!!! and the service is great!

  8. ryan123

    I don’t care if your from the south north east or west…. Stay away from cafe “risky”Ive seen the signs, they pulled me in, and I wish everyday I just kept driving. So I’ll set it up for you. Myself and two friends are driving from ocala to gainesville. None of us had ever been and we all have been ACR’s for 20+ years. So we decide to take our chances and stop. The building didn’t look to be in bad shape and the cover charge was not much…. a couple of dollars I think, plus you have to buy a drink… a soda. They do not serve alcohol of any shape or form. The minute we stepped inside everything we had been picturing was blown out of the water. WOW…. there is literally about 10 seats facing a wall where the “talent” dance. a single pool table in a side room and a little shop… It is one small open room. the area where the “stripping” takes place is the size of an average living room. The second you sit down you order your drinks( i opted for bottled water)I hate to be like this but….WTF!!!! where do they get these girls. I was able to spot one very good looking girl and the others were just not attractive at all. Nasty, skanky (not the good kind) dirty and one was old enough to be my mother….. and looked pregnant. OMG. I know I’m being kind of an ass but geese. I am being 100% honest when i say this. I actually paid a girl to go away from me. Alright enough of that though, just understand Ive seen better at the local flea market. So in the interest of being thorough—-the lap dances were expensive, something like 40 dollars for a couple minutes -if you do opt for a lap dance there is a camera 5 feet from your face and you are instructed to keep your hands behind your head. -when i was there the power cut off and the girls danced to nothing- there is about 7 girls working at one time depending on when your there, i imagine there are more on certain nightsThis is a full nude club though….. nothing, totally naked. That’s about the only good thing i can say. Bottom line– I don’t know people….. I will never go back. Its definitely cheap enough to find out for yourself if you absolutely have to but I recommend to just keep driving. Ive known many people have been and nobody ever has a good story. There’s no good coming out of this place. and for Gods Sake !!!!!!!DO!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!EAT!!!!!!THE!!!!!!FOOD!!!!!!!

  9. Aaron S.

    The food was fantastic, we had burgers and salads. The scenery was adequate. Me being young, I have a very small “strike zone,” but my buddies say it was decent.

  10. gatordude
  11. frank
  12. Jack

    Very relaxing, laid-back place. Was there on a Friday afternoon and there were around 5-10 customers and half a dozen or so waitresses/dancers. Two Asian girls that day and the rest white. All attractive, in my opinion. Jackie’s a sweetheart. While I was there, there were always two dancers on the stage and they get completely nude. Would not recommend the fish. Great place.

  13. Darren

    I have been going up there every weekend for over a year and dont plan on stopping! Just want to also so hi to all my girls and good luck

  14. dee

    love it

  15. david


  16. jacob

    The club is pretty good there are some really sweet girls there there are no ugly ones that i have seen but there are some really hot ones too…. the sound system is bad. It is a cd juke box that the dancers are required to pay for the songs there are 10 second pauses between each song that is awkward when you are sitting at the stage. the dances are a little over priced but are worth it when you get 2 songs or more besides that it is a good time, oh since there is no alcohol you dont get too many assholes in there that is a plus

  17. dancer's thoughts:

    I went to work at this club, thinking that it sounded like a good place. I guess if you’re a trucker it’s ideal. I found it very disappointing. First of all there isn’t really a stage, just something that looks like a bar that the girls dance behind. There was like one booth for private dances. I also found the idea of food being served while girls are walking around naked in the same vicinity to be very un-hygenic. It was like a diner/strip club…just not my idea of what a strip club should be like.

  18. Jerry Nelson

    The girls where great but the inside layout was confusing and the music was not comfortable to sit to while visisting with the girls

  19. chris

    This was my first and favorite club I ever went to (2005). I was very ner Stopped in after miles and miles of billboards while traveling north.

    Girls were very friendly, one was perhaps overly aggressive with me, found some of the women were a little less attractive than I would have liked while others were right there.

    Cover was a little high, loved the bar they danced on…was complete with poles and a mirror to reflect so you could see from all angles at al times.

    I also had some great pie…key lime that is…one girl stuck danced with her pussy about a foot from my face and after the song asked me if I enjoyed the pie…thought it was hilarious, hot and made me feel very comfortable despite the nerves of being a married man coming into his first strip club.

    If you are passing through stop on by.

  20. Brandilynn

    Really disappointed for all the hype around this place. Dancers weren’t all that friendly, wouldn’t stop to talk for a minute to get a dance or anything. Rude. Paid to get in and watch a few girls walk back and forth. Place was packed with people not enough entertainment. Maybe 4 girls out on floor or stage at a time are they sleeping in the dressing room?

  21. Kevin

    good club truckers are welcomed

  22. greg

    This was the best club I have ever been too. I have not been to alot of them. What I can say is that this club was relaxing, not pushy, friendly. I felt out of place and alittle scared about going there, but the changed very fast when I found out how ez it was to talk with all the friendly girls, and at the same time show you a really really wild time you will never forget!!!! Friendly, good looking, ez going. thanks for a time I will never forget


  23. Pam S.

    Absolutely terrifying… Has to be a joke… if your traveling make a trip to Tattletales in Atlanta Ga… much more appetizing and worth the drive!!!

  24. GatorFan

    The Cafe is honestly the only place to go in Northern Florida. Don’t go in expecting a tampa strip club; these ladies will NOT provide any extras and you are closely monitored. Many of the dancers have been there for years, which I feel is a credit to the management. Many of the dancers are college students and thus very attractive. At least stop by to check it out!

  25. Al

    Awesome club, a wide variety of sexy, hot girls!!! Cover is a bargain and the food is decent.

  26. joseph1k

    There are strip clubs, and then there are diners with naked gyrating broads. The difference is breakfast.My girl and I had spent the weekend camping in Northern GA, and had loosely discussed stopping in to witness the locals ‘baring all,’ as the signs assured us they would.For the record, I wouldn’t’ve gone in here without my lady, and even then I did so from a strictly anthropological perspective. I saw what I expected: a bunch of guys immediately getting very awkward when they realized a non-stripper girl was present; a huge delicious plate of fried eggs, toast, and potatoes (which was unexpected, I guess) and, yes, some naughty bits.The strippers were friendly enough, though I suppose that’s their job, and there were way more people present at 11 PM on a Monday night than I ever would’ve expected.I did not try the burger.

  27. no beer?

    These girls look like they are from the woods !!! wtf no beer.

  28. Shaved bald

    Great place. Safe, nice girs, only negative is no toucing…I’d love to rub those hot legs on Clarissa…but I’ll be back!

  29. alex

    Great club that I frequent. Only thing i dont like as much is the lay down lap dances

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