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0 reviews for “Thunder From Down Under

  1. Laura S.

    Crap! How have I not review this!?My girlfriend’s bachelorette party! We came here nd sat in one ofthe front seats and it was a great view! The place was filled with crazy women. Lots of bachelorette parties.The host was awesome and from Australia!! All of them were and the accents were nice. he was older but still buff. He didn’t dance but he was hilarious and let an old lady feel him up.So the dances were cheesy and of course – no penis. I don’t mind… Don’t want those things swinging in my face but hey… Kinda hot. I dunno… It was kinda like reading a sex novel (the one with Fabio on the cover), I’ve never read those but that seems like a good guess.Notes:*absolutely NO photos – don’t even attempt*alcohol is expensive*photos with them is $20 each person* They do take bachelorettes up there if you scream hard enough! You really need to dress to impress. The guys seemed kinda douchy and into themselves but some were so sweet (I talked to one afterward to compliment his dancing skills – he crunched in the show and it was really good.*yes, they looked like a boyband but they were all coordinated! I was impressed.Overall: drink a bit, go for a bachelorette party

  2. Rilakkuma C.

    Went to watch this show with my boyfriend lol and it was kinda a mistake because 99.9% of the audience were females !!!!! I think it’s the best to go with your girl friends especially on their birthdays or special days. The show was pretty entertaining and fun. The guys were all full of muscles and in good shape. Not only dancing on the stage but also on your tables LOL They even walked around and then gave you hugs and maybe a kiss LOL. So there wasnt any boring moment. Everyone was so high on that night. Im gonna bring my girl friends to watch this next time LOL

  3. Sarah Jane W.

    I don’t get why Chippendales has a better rating than this show…the Thunder boys COMPLETELY kick the Chippendales’ tightly-muscled, oiled asses! I’ve seen all the male revues in Vegas, so I speak from experience — they’re all basically the same shtick. Muscular dudes doing cheesy choreography to lame-ass songs in tired-ass stereotypical manly-man costumes: fireman, cop, Military Hero (TM), cowboy, gangster, etc. In some cases, even the exact same music is used — these shows are basically interchangeable.That being said, there are a few things that make this show better than the rest. 1. The guys are hotter. The guys in American Storm were kinda wussy-looking, and the guys in Chippendales were OK, but kinda boring. The Thunder guys, however, were hot as hell (in particular Matty). And they actually looked like they were enjoying themselves, unlike “other” shows I’ve seen where they’re clearly phoning it in (bond guy from American Storm, I’m talking to YOU!).2. The choreography is WAY better! These guys actually do acrobatics — backflips and head spins and crazy shit like that! There are trampolines onstage and the guys make good use of them — it’s like the Dingaling Bros. Barnum & Boner Circus!! FUN!3. The emcee is fucking awesome — way dirtier, edgier, funnier and more personable than the other shows’ emcees by MILES. 4. The stage setup is great — you’re not as removed as with Chippendales, and it’s more of an interactive experience. The guys are constantly out in the audience, dancing on the tables and teabagging women even way in the back. And there’s no bullshit balcony — who wants to sit in the balcony at a show like this?!! All the seats are on the main floor.The only downsides to this show as compared to Chippendales are: it’s only an hour long, it’s a little more expensive, and it’s true, the guys don’t strip down quite as bare quite as often. But for me, less is more…so I actually found this show way hotter.Take my advice, girls — if you’re coming to Vegas to see a male revue, make it this one!

  4. Nikki S.

    I was kind of concerned when i found out that this would be a mandatory stop on my friend’s whirlwind bachlorette tour of vegas (and when i saw the poster in the airport, somehow i just knew i wouldn’t be able to escape it). i didn’t really know how a male strip revue would work, since all the women i know have probably seen more women strip than men. i was prepared to be scared and thoroughly grossed otu. However, all my worrying was for nothing. A bunch of women at a strip club is a much diffferent, rowdier, sillier and drunker beast than a bunch of men at a strip club. it was a riot seeing my friends get all worked up over the over-muscled dancers, and now i can scandalize my grandchildren (years from now), but showing them pictures of their nanna clutching a plastic penis-straw as she enjoys the gyrations of a weird greased up aussie. okay, maybe that won’t so much scandalize them as it will force them to poke their eyes out and run screaming from my presence. but isn’t that what a grandma is for?

  5. Junel L.

    Cant complain!! the GUYS ARE FINE!!! awesome performance!! i was already buzz when leigh brought me on stage, so it was me, and these 2 other girls, and we were dancing to the car wash and im not sure which dave but he has a brother who performs with the guys as well, anyways towards the end of the performance i gave clint a kiss on the cheek, amazing night ever!!

  6. Lenka L.

    My friends and I were trying to figure out what show we wanted to see when celebrating our birthdays. Cirque de Soleil is great but we’ve seen so many of their shows and we were ready for something different. My friend suggested Thunder from Down Under. I was expecting lots of cheesiness. The thing is…. Vegas is cheesy – and that’s why we love it. We had a blast watching the gorgeous Australian men in their magic and glory showing off their six packs and flexing their shiny gluteal muscles. It was a feast of the feasts. The kind of eye candy that will most likely cure blindness one day. Our cheeks and abs got a major workout from the excessive laughter. When the show ended and the lights were turned on, we just looked at each other, completely speechless. After a while, we picked up our jaws from the floor and joined the line to have a picture taken with the entire Aussie entourage. We usually joke around and flirt but we were like four mesmerized human robots who just plopped themselves on their laps, smiled for the camera and got our butt slapped upon our departure. It was magical and we spent hours staring at the pictures; some of them got posted on Facebook with tons of “likes” and I turned one of them into a Christmas card. We’ll be back!

  7. joseph1k

    This was our very first time at a male revue and we had a blast! The crowd was enthusiastic, the dancers were on fire and the show was, overall, cheesy, good, clean fun!I thought I was going to die when I was pulled onstage! (especially since I was sober) The boys come down looking for victims…be warned, if you try to avoid eye contact and shrink away in an effort to not get picked (like I did) they will come and find you! My girls freaked out, in a good way, and I did my best not to die of embarrassment. But it was just all pretend, so there was no harm done, and my dancer was super-sweet, checked in with me to make sure I was ok (maybe he thought I was going to faint or something) and gave me a nice compliment before he walked me off the stage. :)We laughed the entire hour and you also have the option to take photographs with the guys after. Super hot! I wouldn’t turn a single one down. We didn’t have time, however, and took off. Honestly, if I come back to Vegas, I wouldn’t mind going for round 2…just as long as it’s not me onstage again…lol!

  8. JNadene A.

    The show was amazing, the guys were all gentlemen and the memories are endless! The only thing I would say that could use improvement is table service. Poor girl looked like she was the only one servicing the whole floor. Perhaps add more waiters or waitresses on the floor? Other than that, I had a great time.

  9. Peggy C.

    The boys are amazing!!! If you want to get down with these boys then you must attend!!I’m not really sure what type of experience are most women looking for when they go to a male strip club in Vegas, but if you want to get close and personal with these boys. Then you have to watch this show. I prefer this show waayyyy better than the Chippendale.1. The host Marcus Deegan is amazing! He has a great personality and knows how to have fun with the audience. He interacts with the girls and brings them on stage, it doesn’t have to be your birthday or your bachelorette party to get on stage! When I attended a show, Marcus grabbed a grandmother onstage and kissed her and allowed her to touch his crotch! That got all the girls excited and it was funny! (Lucky grandma!)2. The boys all have themes, they’ll come out in different uniforms and start to dance. They’ll run around and jump onto your table! If you get lucky, you can grab their ass by surprise!3. The boys always walk around the audience to find volunteers to get on stage with them! My friend and I got picked and we were soo shy! I went on stage and got T-bagged! =X4. The boys charge a $20 picture fee at the end of the show. Hey. its work it. Any strip club you go, they always have this offer, thats how the boys make their money. When I was getting my picture taken, Of course I sat on Marcus’s lap, and I got a kiss from him! That made my whole trip. He’s soo freakin hot for his age and body!! OMG I love his accent!!5. At the end of the show, when the boys leave ,they’ll come out and take pictures with the ladies and sign autographs! So have a pen and paper ready!!!Ladies, if you want to get up close and personal with these boys and be able to grope them by surprise, this is the place to be!! Best show with audience interaction!

  10. Marlena L.

    Loved it – what can I say, HOT guys!!!Went with my husband and had a blast. The place was crazy – everybody was screaming and having a great time. The guys were constantly off stage and in the audience. Really had much more audience involvement than any other show we have been to in Vegas. (I even got to touch one of the guys!!!)Each guy had a routine and while the others may have danced in the background, the song was just for that guy. There was a really cute blonde guy (David) – that was always going to the back of the theater which is where we were (more on that in a bit) – and our other favorite was a guy that ripped off his shirt on stage after bringing another girl up and dancing on top of her.But they had a little something for everybody – firemen, policemen, gangsters, etc. The best part, was when the MC for the night brought a lady celebrating her 80th birthday on stage and then stripped for her. He even put her hand down his pants! Loved it.The only drawbacks that we had was that the guys were always off the stage it seemed – it was always a blast when they were near our area, but other times it was like we couldn’t see and just wanted them to go back on stage.Now on to my husband – he had a blast too, but felt kinda sorry for him – he was one of only three guys in a crowd of like 200+ girls (after saying that not sure why I was sorry for him), but the announcers made clear that the night was for ladies. At the other Vegas shows couples are welcomed openly – didn’t seem so here. We also bought our tickets early and still were stuck in the back corner (along with the other guys in the audience). Would guess that was on purpose. So if you want a good seat, don’t go as a couple.Overall we had a really good time and recommend it.

  11. Joanna W.

    For my 25th birthday, I had all my girlfriends from TX come up and help me celebrate my.. quarter-life mark… (sigh). Anyway we all wanted to watch at least one show during my weekend of funtivities, so we thought it would be cheesy and hilarious if we went for Thunder From Down Under. We sat at our table ready for the cheesiness to begin and cracking jokes before it even started. But as the lights dimmed, the fog machine was turned on, and the strobe lights started…something came over all of us and before we knew it, we were off our seats hollering like little horny monkeys. LOL, I wish I was joking. The men are just so hot you can’t help but to swoon over them, especially when they’re doing their little dance sets and walking the floor looking for those lucky ladies to join them on stage. If you attend this show, I recommend you say a little prayer beforehand that you are the chosen one…because the moves they do to those girls.. I can’t even begin to describe while keeping this PG13. The room itself is not very big. Sitting in the front “VIP section” only gives you front row access to seeing every single little cut of their bodies, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bigger possibility to being their ‘volunteer’. They mainly grab girls with bachelorette sashes or crowns (definitely an accessory I will be bringing if I go again…heheh). I recommend you bring at least $20 in cash because after the show is over, you have a chance to take a picture with all of them, and you’ll definitely want a souvenir!

  12. XhXeXy

    Amazingly fun! energetic performers and all have impeccable bodies! Great crowd pleaser!

  13. marlonmoney12

    Yes yes yes yes Extreme fun for anyone 18 and over!!!went here for my bachelorette party every single one of us had a blast thank you guys soooo much

  14. GarryWas

    What a blast! Thunder from Down Under is the perfect start to a Girl’s Night Out! Seriously, don’t miss it. I wish I had gone sooner.I don’t want to give away too much detail about the show but I will say that it’s pure fun. They’re extremely interactive and engaging – lots of table dancing aka getting up close and personal with the dancers and crowd contests. Here are a couple noteworthy tidbits to know:- I’d suggest buying the cheapest tickets available because you’ll more than likely end up being moved to a better spot in the center of the crowd which is what happened to me and it was FABULOUS!- This is an 18+ year old show – yes, gotta corrupt them at their prime (jk!)- Wear heels, wear shorts, wear flip-flops, it doesn’t matter, just be sure to wear a smile and have fun!- Um, boyfriend, fiance, husband…who?

  15. Trisha Eve J.

    Visited: May 29th, 2011After Hofbrauhaus, we went back to our room to get ready for the Thunder from Down Under show. Our TFDU package for the night included limo service to the show and a club of our choice after the show. Our first driver, who’s name was Dave Thomas (no relation to the Wendy’s Dave Thomas), was about 30 minutes early. I can appreciate a limo driver who’s prompt and very courteous. He first stopped at the WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS sign and took our pictures. Isabel (the bride) wanted cider after the two bottles of champagne we had, so Dave took her to a liquor store. How nice of him. πŸ™‚ After that, he drove us around the strip until it was a little over an hour til the show. We arrived at around 730pm and sadly, Dave wasn’t going to be our driver after the show was done πŸ™ We parted ways with Dave and went to get the show tickets. I picked up the tickets, and luckily we were only second in line. We were let in about 30 minutes before the show and found out by reading the tickets that we were sitting at the table near the front staircase to the stage. Isabel sat in the seat closest to those stairs (I switched with her because that’s where I was originally sitting, but I didn’t mind because she was the bride). Isabel absolutely loves this show and sees this every year. I was down to see this show because it was my first time. The music finally started and a group of men started dancing after the host, Marcus came out. I have to say, that by looks alone, I thought that Dave Harris and Jesse were the best ones. Isabel definitely got a lot of attention from most of the performers, and was called up on stage by Matthew. Out of the 8 of us, I think Isabel and I were screaming the most. I was hoping that the rest of the girls were enjoying themselves, which I think that most of them did. Keep in mind 6/8 of us have men, and obviously we were there for Isabel and to also have some fun at her bachelorette party. We know that our men don’t look like that, but we obviously love them for different reasons. I have to admit, some of the music was a little dated, and some of the dance moves were a little cheesy, but I think that was the whole idea. Teasing from the performers were a part of the show, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The performers got the crowd going. πŸ™‚ I think that some of the women who go to this show have more fun looking at the bodies instead of the dancing. This is definitely a show that women go to for their bachelorette parties. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and screamed my ass off. It is most definitely a show I would have to see again, but not as frequently as my friend Isabel.

  16. Alexis F.

    Thunder from Down Under exceeded my expectations and was a ton of fun for myself and my girlfriends on our last night in Vegas. It wasn’t the most amazing spectacle I’ve ever seen, but what can you really expect from a strip show?Most of the men in the show are actually the ones you see on the billboards and advertisements, so it’s cool to see them in person. They may not be the best dancers and some of the group numbers were a little cheesy, but $30-$40 bucks for an hour and a half of entertainment is a great bargain, especially in Vegas. The show is very interactive and most of my friends and I got to touch the boys, even though we were in the very back row. The room is pretty small, so VIP tickets are not necessary by any means. There is a bar in the back but it’s only open prior to the show, so if you’re trying to get drunk during the show, I would suggest doing so before the show begins. The host has a great personality and makes everyone in the room feel special for being there. I would highly recommend this show to any female who has a sense of humor and an appreciation for attractive men. I would not, however, recommend bringing your boyfriend or male significant other if you are a female. The men in the room all looked horribly bored and embarrassed the entire time!

  17. Tao Tao W.

    a lot more entertaining than i thought and the guys are pretty decent. they interact quite well with the crowd and keep their material up to date it seems. Not sure if the group photo for $20 PER girl is worth it though honestly.

  18. Tara W.

    I can’t believe that some people have hated on the show so much. The dancing is not terrible, and the music is, perhaps cheesy, but it’s all fun music that everyone knows. And did you go to see a perfectly choreographed dance or to see hot aussies? exactly.I’ve been to the show a few times, and you have to get into the spirit of the event! I could see anyone not having a good time at anything if you’re just going to sit there bored. The men are the sweetest guys and give the audience a lot of attention (I’ll agree the back doesnt get as much attention) but if you buy in advance you can usually get good seats. I had the very front seat and within 2 minutes had one of the guys dancing on me. It’s all in good fun, and I doubt that they take themselves 100% seriously during the show anyway. I had a great time every time and got plenty of attention from the guys, who are all quite charming. They’ll totally come out and talk to you after the show. They have hot bodies, amazing accents, and are sooo good looking. And when you meet them they make you feel so good. In my opinion, the whole show is just really casual and friendly since there’s always either someone on the stage or they are in the audience. Go with your girlfriends to drool over the guys! It’s a great time. Scream. Get into it. Or, if the hot australian men don’t turn you on, buy yourself a drink and let your girlfriends have a good time! Tips on getting attention: well be a bachelorette….last time i went they were all that got on stage, since there were like thirty of them in the audience…when they come by, stand up, theyre not gonna ignore you. I hope people get a chance to see it because my mom, my girlfriend, and i fully enjoyed it.

  19. Winnie F.

    THEY ARE SO YUMMY.Though it’s true that they pay more attention to brides-to-be and birthday girls, you’ll still have fun going as a non-extra-special girl. You get what you signed up for, Australian men! They let you touch their bodies and are so nice to everyone.The MC is AWESOME. He is funny and sexy…and definately knows how to get the crowd going. Sit at the two sides, or dead center. Otherwise they won’t really come to your table. It’s a smaller room too, so if you are just there to watch, you can pay the lowest price and still see everything. Overall a good show!

  20. Jo D.

    Went here with a group of friends for my Bachelorette and had the greatest time. We’re not really into male strippers but somehow these men brought out the wild side! It was a great show. Very entertaining and most of all, FUN!

  21. Rebecca H.

    Watching a Thunder from Down Under show for the first time feels like an initiation. Like discovering a secret place where it’s socially acceptable for everyday women to completely lose their minds.I was planning on staying coherent enough to write an anthropological study on this phenomenon, but it was too powerful even for me. Before I knew it, I, too, was screaming giddily and spilling my vodka cranberry on the poor lady next to me.In my addled state of mind, I couldn’t tell you too many details about the show itself. It’s basically a mix of acts. Group dances, one-person dances, bits where the host calls people on stage. The dances usually end with a random audience member chosen and brought up on stage for some very classy second-base fondling. The music and costumes are gloriously cheesy (“Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” natch). The performers don’t stick to the stage, so don’t be surprised if a sweaty buff man in kneepads jumps up onto your table and gyrates his speedo in your face. I mean, maybe that doesn’t surprise you anyway, but just a heads-up.Though I didn’t find the show particularly titillating, the big emotional impact came from being surrounded by a vortex of screaming women and from being in close proximity to really hot, shirtless guys. There was also the mixture of abject horror and fascination that came with watching a grandmother who looked like Mrs. Doubtfire eagerly reaching into a guy’s leather pants and stroking him. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I get to see every day. If you go with a group of your spunkiest friends, the fun increases exponentially. I recommend that you get liquored up beforehand, as the drinks in the theater are overpriced and a bit slow in coming (like your mum). There’s no stuffing of cash into G-strings, but the performers take photos after the show for $20 (cash). You should do this, because you are creepy like me. The shirtless guy taking my money: What’s your name? Me: Rebecca.Shirtless guy: Oh. That’s Bicky. We’d call you Bicky in Australia.Me: Yes. Yes, sir.Shirtless guy: (leading me to the sofa) Everyone, this is Bicky.Then followed an odd moment when I realized just how incredibly sweaty these men get. They pulled me down on their laps (I swear) and they were soaked. I almost slid off. There were towels piled under the sofa. Luckily I know the butterfly stroke and was able to get out of there. P.S. The current performers are a lot better-looking than the ones on the posters and promotional materials, some of which look to be from 1998. Don’t worry, ladies. The new ones look nothing like the curly-haired guy from Color Me Badd.

  22. Mary C.

    I went to the show last Thursday night and it was fun! We went on a Thursday night and figured maybe not as much bachelorettes, yeah right. The dancing was hilarious, but we aren’t judging a dance show. The guys were hot and the host was hilarious! A very fun time, but way too many bachelorettes!! Their parties were super annoying, but decently priced drinks. Also the seat prices weren’t badly priced either. The show is only about an hour and 10 minutes maybe, good timing to go to a club afterward. I just wish there was dancing and more interaction with the audience. FYI, Excalibur is super under construction! We had to keep walking around because of the construction after the show.

  23. Jasmine B.

    love it!!! best time ever! my cousins took me and some friends there for my bday! it was the best show! MUST SEE!!! best show on the strip!(: go see it!

  24. Nancy H.

    Maybe I have been desensitized to strippers at my age. This show just didn’t do it for me. I guess being in a room full of drooling screaming women, mostly bachelorettes can either be annoying or crazy. Overall, this can be fun for almost a G-rated experience, but unless your bride get’s any attention, you might be sitting there bored out of your mind!!

  25. Discretio ..

    Hot, nearly nude Aussies enacting many female fantasies on stage… definitely not a bad night. However, I’ve seen it done better (Chippendales at the Rio). I went this past week and noticed a few things that could use some improvement: 1. One of the dancers does a beer bath on himself, while standing on the long “runner” like tables that members of the audience are seated at. Unfortunately, this means that everyone at that table is going to leave nearly soaked. Not great when you have an expensive new dress on, or didn’t know to apply waterproof mascara and you’ve got plans for the rest of the night. They do provide towels after but that bit of the routine is prolly better done on stage. 2. Another one of the guys, who didn’t do a solo, needs to up his game. His moves lag significantly behind his fellow performers and don’t have that “zest” that a professional dancer should be able to provide on stage. Maybe he was recently injured/sick, a recent addition, or just a temporary sub, but it was noticeable to many members of the audience. Thankfully he was ridiculously cute so I suppose all is forgiven? 3. One of the dancers has these visible bumps (large, flesh colored… sorta look like kernels of corn or…) on his lower abdomen and lower back… kind of creepy to see… maybe take care of that before getting next to naked under a spotlight? Overall, I have to admit, it was a great night. The ladies (about 80% of which were mostly older women) were so excited/enthusiastic that it really livened up the show. The fake orgasm contest was hilarious and of course, the closing number, done to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” was adorable. Don’t bother going to the lounge after; the night I went they sent 1 dancer who wasn’t particularly social and left shortly. But drinks were free so not a bad place to get keep the buzz going before you head out for the rest of the night. I’d definitely come back on my next trip to Vegas, but if given my choice, I’d go see Chippendales… more polished routines and leaner, nicer guys.

  26. Becca D.

    Had such a blast at this show that I went back for a second night in a row! Absolutely worth it! One of my friends knew the guys, so I was able to sit VIP with them for the second show – it was fun seeing it from a different perspective. Both shows, the excitement of the guys and the crowd were so energizing! The dance routines are awesome and it is so much more than stripping, which I really enjoyed. I also liked that during the second show, there were a few routines that weren’t in the night before so it was nice to have some variety. We hung out with some of the guys after the first show and they’re all really nice and sweet. Cocktail service during the show sucked, but I learned that real quick and just got my own drinks for the second show. I definitely recommend this show to any ladies traveling to Vegas!!

  27. P S.

    My best friend and I had a great time. The guys were hot and fun and put on a good show. They definitely raised the bar for my next boyfriend, ha ha.

  28. Shirley H.

    I came here for my besties bachelorette party and definitely was not expecting what we saw. I truly thought it was going to be a full on strip show and was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being more of a show. It was quite entertaining moreso because the guys would basically do dance numbers. I wouldn’t see the guys again…I would much rather spend my money on food and other entertainment like a cirque du soleil show.

  29. Susan L.

    This show was really really cheesy but entertaining in a cheesy dumb way… It seemed pretty short. Unless you’re bold, I would NOT volunteer for any of the stunts up on stage… especially when they have the “competition”. I came here with a group for a bachlorette party which I guess is a good show for the occassion. The show room was kinda dirty, it looked like a beer hall or something. You really gotta drink it up before going to this show, it’ll help you enjoy it more. I wouldn’t go back again.

  30. rogerrab2

    Let me say this. This show is for young women only. We were probably the oldest women in the crowd in our 50s early 60s. The dancers attempt to cater to older women, pulled a couple up on stage and that was good fun to see. But my friend thought that was staged too, with the older women intentionally placed in the crowd. The dancing feels very stiff – the pointing to the crowd, the winking. Not really natural choreography. I will say that us older women like to look at hot young guys too and the Thunder are beautiful. So if you don’t mind feeling really old, just go to stare at them.

  31. dannyboy7

    Absolute blast!!! The guys are sexy, funny and sweet. Have been twice and will go again!

  32. Lena B.

    according to the mc (mark? max? i can’t remember his name, but i certainly do remember his body), australian kiss is different from french kiss, and that’s why aussies are called “down under”…whatever that means, it got “OMGGGGGG…HAHAHA” from estrogen high women.forget disneyland. this is THE happiest place on earth!!!

  33. Janice S.

    come on ladies- do we really go for the choreography? It does look like “okay 5,6, 7, 8 and 1 and 2…” but who the hell cares! Nice tanned ripped bodies. I do admit some you don’t want to come to you and you do the turn away- look down and drink you drink, but it’s fun. This is coming from someone that is afraid of strippers…and clowns… and stripping clowns are my worst nightmare ever.I got good seats and went for one of my last nights as a bachelorette. There was a dozen of us and we loved it. I especially loved the hip hop-py one that looked like a thinner (but ripped) version of the Rock. It’s so cheesy but so fun and a bachelorette right of passage.

  34. Sarah R.

    I will say I enjoyed the show very much the guys are sexy and nice but the other employee’s customer service sucks! I was moved 4 times by the employees. By the third time I asked the employee to ask the manager to comp me a drink due to the inconvenience of moving me so much she said, “ok.” I never received my drink. The fourth time I was approached and moved I asked them to send the manager over, she was not sent over and as I turned around to look she was staring right at me but still did not come over. At the end of the show I made it a point to speak with Bree the manager and explain how irritating it was to be constantly moved seats as well letting her know I am a local and also work in customer service. She showed no sign of empathy at all. It was as if she didn’t even care. All she really said was how someone had purchased those seats and I had to be moved. I told her I have a ticket too, and I understand the confusion of the seating arrangement of maybe once or twice, but four times is uncalled for. She did not apologize to me at all and she said oh if you want signatures they’re over there they’re kind of in a hurry. In other words sending me away. It was offensive. I understand I am not at a 5 star property but I should still get 5 star customer service. I don’t think I will be returning to the Excalibur again.

  35. Emme A.

    This show did not meet my expectations. The guys were hotter than the average joe– but they were not as ripped as I was expecting them to be. A couple of the guys even looked doughy. And my goodness, that was some awful dancing and choreography– and I’ve taken dance, so I know what it is to give a good dance performance. Also, the costumes were quite corny, as was the narration during the show.Well, it’s Vegas, so schmaltz should not be a surprise. But I think my money would have been better spent in the casino. Skip this one unless you’re part of a drunken bachelorette party.

  36. Staci S.

    This show was so much fun! We took our friend for her batchellorette party. It was ver Magic Mike and kind of Cory dances but it didn’t matter because the guys were HOT! We loved it when they came and dances on our table! I would recommend this show.

  37. Judy L.

    A rite of passage for a bachelorette party. Certainly entertaining. Very camp. Nice eye candy although some of the men seemed jaded. I’ve seen better dance routines and moves.

  38. Erica P.

    The best show of this type you could see! I have seen Thunder twice (once here in Vegas and once at home in Phoenix) and Chippendales once. The men at Thunder are way more personable and seem to be genuinely enjoying their jobs. They are much raunchier (in terms of how they speak and interact with the crowd) and they play with the audience much more than Chippendales — but it’s really entertaining. Will see them again next time we are in Vegas or they come to Phoenix!

  39. Monica Y.

    A must do in Vegas! Show was very entertaining. Guys come out in different themes. My favorite was probably the firefighter and hip hop routines. Beware there is a part that they spit water into the crowd. Not my favorite part. Landed on a friend’s face. After the show you have a chance to take pics with all of them which we did! Fun activity for a bachelorette weekend!

  40. Brooklyn L.

    Girls, this is the only show on the strip you need to see. Be prepared, you may be pulled on stage for a lap dance, or to fake an orgasm. You never know. I always sit at the up front tables when I go, the men walk out on them as they strip. Whew. There is a not a bad seat in the house though, as the boys make use of every area of the room. Great for girls night out, birthdays, bachelorette parties I have seen guys in there with their girlfriends….The dances are pretty routine, but not so much as it’s portrayed in Magic Mike haha. Cheesy as the dancing may be, it sure does please the ladies. Don’t focus too much on a “good show,” – focus on the men. That’s what it is for. You think men go to strip clubs to judge their dancing? No. Watch those bodies ladies, whew. The way the guys look at you with just that desire in their eyes is all you need girls! The interaction they make with the audience is intense!The first time I went they pulled this like 70 year old lady on stage who could barely walk – she was ALL OVER those boys having the time of her life! It was hilarious! I’ve been pulled up twice, one time just got a lap dance, the other had to fake an orgasm which was SO fun (don’t judge me) they said I can pick a guy and touch all I want, just fake it the best I can. Marty, you are mine sir. Hot damn!

  41. Claire P.

    Boring! The music was so loud your brain vibrated. The guys couldn’t dance, amateurs and not good looking! The pranks were old and the show stale.

  42. Jennifer P.

    Went in with a group of 8, supposedly with VIP seating, but the venue is so small I really don’t think it was necessary. However, it was for a bachelorette party so fair enough. The show was not as raunchy as I was expecting. It was more like lots of muscly men dancing fully clothed, then dancing not fully clothed. Some of the girls brought up on stage upstaged the performers. πŸ™‚ But the show was pretty clean fun.

  43. Jenny R.

    I give Thunder from Down Under 5 stars because of the dudes are Australian and because they actually are a lot hotter than the guys at Chippendales. I got to shake one of the guys hands and as my friend put it, “He’s going around shaking people’s hands like he thinks he’s Jesus.” He wasn’t Jesus, but he was pretty much shaped like a god. You like that one? I want to say that they really are all Australian, but now that I think about it, I was too distracted by all of the skin and muscles to notice if they all had accents. I know that some of them did…There is a self serve bar in the back, lots of seating (try and book a table towards the front, we were on the second level and we didn’t get as much lovin’ from the Aussies), and it costs $20 per person to get your picture taken with them after the show. They’re pretty cute up close and totally yoked, so like I said, 5 stars.

  44. Paola A.

    the show was fun, good music and worth the entertainment but the seats we got did not really match the seat map they have on the website when I got the tickets. We were supposed to seat in front of the stage and instead we got a side table where it was hard to see the show at times. Nice size cocktails and great waitresses!

  45. Megan H.

    This was the only show we went to while in Vegas, and I have to say it was a lot of fun. Though some of the numbers could have used a little work, via the dancing, it was overall a lot of fun. Met a bunch of great ladies, the guys were hot. We were seated close, so we got some up close love, with them dancing on our tables and spraying us with water.Overall a great show. Not sure I need to see it again, but we definitely had a lot of fun.

  46. Vanessa P.

    It was a really good show!! Reminds me exactly of Magic Mike! ONLY COMPLAINT is DO NOT pay for VIP. I paid the extra to sit VIP and the men were going up to the girls who were sitting in the general paid seats. And the seating chart online is not accurate. It shows VIP being the front 5 tables but once we got there we were sat in the tables behind the front ones. I paid VIP because I thought I would sit in front. So I do recommend this show but DONT pay for VIPS , nothing VIP about it .

  47. Maria L.

    Can you call a man a dumb bimbo or is there a different word for it?These guys should be called Blunder from Down Under. The show was so completely disappointing. The guys were terrible performers, the sound system was too loud and distorted, the room wreaked of cigarette smoke even though smoking was not allowed, and the tables were sticky.And I mean… what is the freaking point of paying to see fully clothed men? They kept flashing us their chests and putting their shirts back on. We saw shirtless men walking down the strip and that didn’t cost us nothing. WTF? Seriously… WTF!Save your money girls. There has to be better places to bring your bachlorette for one last night of debauchery.

  48. Katie M.

    I must WARN the women going to this show, women are regularly brought on stage to be humiliated. The things that happened during my show:- Woman in the audience was suddenly bent over a table and violently dry humped.- Two women were pulled up stage and had their skirts lifted up, their boobs groped very hard, and the dancer even slammed his cane under their breasts (I cringed just watching) to the beat of the song. Neither woman looked pleased by this.- Same women were then forced to their knees and had their heads violently slammed towards the dancer’s crotch, to mimic a double blow job. Again, did not look pleasurable one bit.- Three women were invited on stage (perhaps hoping to do something with the dancers) but then pressured into faking an orgasm for prizes. One woman straight up refused once she learned and the host discarded her rudely.Several bachelorettes were pulled up to perform tumbling with the dancers, but were mild. The most heinous and rude of the dancers was “Super Steven” – his routine was violent and only served his ego, not our fantasies. The things that I would find erotic were very few and far between for the whole show.I came into the show open-minded, figuring, “hey! I’ll treat myself for once!” But instead I was shook out of it rather quickly when I started feeling really bad for the women on stage.

  49. Cherise A.

    This was a blast! My memory might be colored by the drinks I had before but it is best to show up loose and ready to have fun! I was picked to go on stage and had to fake moan, despite not winning I got prizes anyway! Totally recommend for a party.

  50. Courtney S.

    Totally not what we expected! Turned out to be a blast went for a bridal party and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time! Totally suggest this place for a good laugh!

  51. felixnada

    We had so much fun!!!! This show is perfect for a ladies night out. The guys are gorgeous!!! It’s tastefully down and not trashy. I believe that at least one guy made contact with every one of us. They pose for pics with you after the show and charge $20 but by that point you want the picture for the memory. Loved it!!!!!

  52. Stefanie F.

    I’m not sure what I expected, but woooooow was this show incredible. My friends and I have been joking about going to a Thunder From Down Under show for years. We finally turned that talk into reality for my bachelorette party this past weekend and now I don’t know what took us so long! I was there with about 15 other girls and every single one of us were absolutely thrilled with the show. A big part of our enjoyment came from the location of our seats. My sister (the bachelorette party planner extraordinaire) called ahead months in advance to make sure we got the best seats in the house. The extremely helpful ticket sales lady placed us at table 12, which turned out to be the best table in the room, hands down. It’s not right against the stage, which you might think would be the best position, but is right in the middle directly in front of the stairs coming down the stairs. It is the only table that every single one of the men walk across and dance on top of. Most of the other table got at least one guy at one point, but we honestly had every single guy on top of our table at one point. I’m sure it goes without saying that we were very excited about that. There were quite a few bachelorettes there that night, which seems typical for a weekend. Therefore, just wearing a veil or tiara isn’t always going to be enough to get you onstage. Luckily, I was with a group of adorable ladies who where super into the show, cheering and screaming the whole time. This really drew attention to us, and I was pulled up on stage TWICE, which I’m sure made some of the other bachelorettes hate us since they weren’t pulled up at all, but I’m certainly not complaining. So, if you want to get pulled up, make sure you cheer and really get into the show. It’s worth it, too! I’m still recovering from my sexy lap dance in a spinning office chair. DAMN. (Don’t tell my fiance! :D) The MC let us know when the show started that we could touch the guys as much as we wanted! I didn’t expect that! The guys were super playful fun about it. They touched right back! They didn’t allow pictures or video for most of the show, but there was one song (one LONG song!) where they told us we could take pictures and record as much as we wanted! That seems to be new since my friends who had gone before said they didn’t get that opportunity, plus a lot of these reviews seem to be complaining about lack of pictures. It was a great idea! It gave us plenty of pictures to remember the show by, even those of us who didn’t feel like paying $20 to take a picture with the guys after the show. All in all, I highly recommend this show for a girl’s night out. It’s fairly raunchy (some girls were there with their mothers and mother-in-laws! I don’t know why you would do that!), but there’s not full nudity. Just g-strings πŸ™‚ It’s cheesy and silly and completely amazing when you need to let loose and enjoy yourself. So glad we went!

  53. adamrod

    This was the best show ever! I was pretty intimidated at the thought of attending (coming from a WASP small town background), but I had a ton of fun!It was really more of a dance show than a strip show (though there was a wonderful amount of male nudity). The guys were obviously having a ton of fun and so was the crowd! That’s really the best word to describe it- fun! It wasn’t sleazy or uncomfortable at all. As odd as it sounds, they really celebrated female sexuality without making it weird or hypersexual. They brought women of all ages, races, and body types on stage (after making sure they wanted to) and made it fun! It was pretty hilarious, too!I’d highly recommend it to everyone!! In fact, I might go again tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  54. Shelly Ann C.

    Unfortunately for us we have already been to male revues, and being from Miami expect more than just dance routines and bare chests. We sat through several choreographed numbers of half naked gorgeous men and waited for the ahhh ummm you know punch line, the stark raucousness of how we know it can be done. But sadly was disappointed.This show is for your moms or aging aunt- i think for what we wanted we need to go off the strip.

  55. Emily Y.

    Fun show, great looking entertainers. πŸ™‚ I went on a Thursday night and it was fantastic.

  56. MakeUp M.

    Best (and for sure, the sexiest) birthday present ever. A friend and I went to vegas for my birthday, and she bought us tix to this show.Pretty much the rest of the reviews are correct. In a nutsack…nutshell…nutshell, I mean:*The guys are ridic-u-hot. Hot bodies and not a butterface in sight. My favorite was the youngin’, David ?., because he had a lean, muscled bod, was super sweet, and gave me a hug and kiss for my b-day, and was a great dancer. Marcus (the MC), was hilarious and the wildest of the bunch–with a killer bod to match. (Look out for his routine…he almost shows everything…and he totally makes the day of some lucky older woman who gets a big kiss and an up-close view of that amazing body). Donovan and Matt, of course, were amazing. When Matt poured that beer over himself, I couldn’t help but gasp, “Oh my GOD!” it was so f’in hot. *It’s not sleazy or tawdry. I could take my mom here, though I would fear for the dancers…she’s a pistol and would prob try to rip their clothes off. *Yeah, the dance routines are cheesy and the boys were out of step at times, but who cares…they are hot and shaking their well-chiseled bodies in your face. *$20 for a pic, but it’s fun, and the guys are nice. Major bonus points–I saw them be nice and attentive to everyone–regardless of that person’s looks, age, size, or sexual orientation. **Tip**Tell them it is your birthday or you are a bride. My friend told them it was my birthday (which was the truth, but how would they know that) and I got a lot of hugs and kisses (on the cheek–darn!) from the guys. A fun night out and the guys are perfect eye-candy.

  57. Stephanie A.

    This was my first time seeing Thunder from down under. I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But really what is there not to like. I enjoyed it. I thought the dance routines/skits were ridiculous and some of them are poor dancers. Some of the guys were super hot! I loved how they came out into the audience several times. I loved when the announcer did his spiel. It was hilarious–he picked an older lady. Very entertaining. I was definitely screaming….I would def come back for my bachelorette party…

  58. stripforme123

    Great spot for ladies and gents!!! Came here for my mothers birthday and boy did she have fun. This place is full of ladies of all ages yelling in excitement for every act to come. It’s so much fun to watch. The guys are so friendly. They make sure to walk/run/jump to all corners of the floor as to not leave anyone left out. So, really wherever you sit you’ll know that someone will be by to give you a kiss, hug, or maybe more. :)Pictures: Must be paid in cash. $20 per person wanting to take a picture. There is an atm next to the buffet if you forgot your cash but beware it’s a $7 service fee.

  59. Monee C.

    Holy ish! I was pulled on stage! The dance was amazing and I was given a kiss. I couldn’t control myself. Those men are sexy as hell! They were jumping on top of the table, pouring water all over their bodies, it was like being in heaven full of hot bodies floating around you. They also ripped off their shirts and threw them in the crowd. My bestie caught one and gave it to me! ( go bestie) we were screaming so loud we lost our voice the next morning! The louder you scream the more they take off ladies and gentlemen! Open them lungs up!

  60. Phillip S.

    So hot! There is nothing I love more than to watch a group of guys dance around taking off their clothes, teasing me with the thought that the underwear may come off, and they do, but they hide the goodies. I love the costumes, but they were better when they came off. Unlike female strip shows, these guys know how to tease. You have to wait for them to strip to the undies, the women usually already come out in them. The venue is a little cramped with the way they shove all the tables in, but we had a booth so it was comfortable. You will need a cold shower after this show.

  61. Jacqueline G.

    Fun show. The dances are cheesy and they’re not totally dancing in sync but who cares because these guys bodies are smoking hot! I think the crowd also made it a lot of fun with all the screaming.

  62. Angelica G.

    Amazing!!!!! These men work their butt off to perform well for their audience! Very nice clean fun, pure entertaining! Highly recommend for anyone who needs a pick me up of a time! Good seats anywhere you sit, drinks are expensive, but it’s Vegas baby! Enjoy! Only one small downfall; the new young “black outback” Maurice i think, is not ready for the strong solo performance they gave him, he definitely lacked the skills of the seasoned men. Men are the ones in the pictures, not like when you go to other shows and they put the cute photos of guys you’ll never actually see…

  63. Linda C.

    Just saw these guys at the House of Blues on L.A.’s iconic Sunset Strip. I was expecting to be underwhelmed and I braced myself to smugly spend an evening with a gaggle of inebriated women overflowing with estrogen. I got that–and more! The humor was clever, the dancing was lively and the men were–bar none–easy on the eyes. Note to anyone expecting the dancers to go “full Monty”: It doesn’t happen. But the way they tease and titillate is terrifically playful. A few men who professed to be gay (the venue is in West Hollywood, after all) were in the audience, too. They looked as if they were enjoying themselves as well. I’d seen New Kids on the Block a few days earlier with one of my companions from tonight. She said some of their synchronized dance moves were evocative of NKOTB. And the NKOTB guys did some pseudo-strip moves (waist up only) during their show too. But watching this group of Aussies was way more entertaining–and the only singing they did was lip-syncing to the soundtrack! Catch them on tour if you can’t make it to Vegas.

  64. billtheguy12

    This show was amazing! EVERY PERFORMER there is BORN AND BRED IN AUSTRALIA. These men are sculpted so perfectly and their accents are to die for!!!Every guy on the show interacted with the crowd and shaked their booties better than me. I liked how they had different themes for every act (tarzan, fire fighter, bed scene, etc.) I thought it was cool that they pick people from the crowd and brought them on stage for some sexy lap dances. The performers, the crowd, the energy was awesome! Everyone was having a great time! Especially all the old ladies LOLBAD PART:Giving it a 4/5 because at the end of the show, me and my friends waited outside the showroom to get an autograph with one of the dancers but then we forgot to take a picture with him. When we went up to him and ask for a picture, he arrogantly said, “I thought I was done with you guys??!!” and made us feel bad for asking.LIKE OK you have a nice body and probably make lots of money but you don’t have to be a D*CK about it. Maybe show some appreciation for your fans? like geez.Makes me wonder if all the performers have that conceited mentality….

  65. Eugi H.

    This show was fun, but i was expecting more from all the hype it gets. We picked this over Chippendales cuz the idea of Australian men with their accents is so much hotter than American dancers =P. When I called in to purchase tickets an hour before the show, they said that they didn’t have a table to fit 5 girls, and that we would have to separate into two tables, which was fine. But when we got there, there was 2 completely empty tables in the front of the stage! The sales people were really unorganized to not notice that was available! So we ditched our booth and went straight to the front table, which gave a much better view.The show was def entertaining, with finely sculpted men ripping off their shirts and dressing up in firemen/spartan outfits πŸ˜‰ The occasional view of g-strings was not as welcome, something about a man in a g-string is just wrong, you know? but nonetheless, it was very entertaining. The emcee’s accent was hot, and so was his bod. i think i found him the most attractive out of all the guys. They pulled a lot of the bachelorettes and birthday girls onstage to participate, and some of the older women too, which i thought was cool. They also ran around through the audience as well, so no matter where your seats were, I think you’d be able to get up close with one of the guys.Downside though, at the end of the show, you are welcome to go to the front of the stage and pay $20 PER PERSON to take a pic with the guys, only to receive one picture. no offense, but that is a total rip off. i’ve been to Fantasy, which is a female stripshow, and you can take pics with them for free, and they had much better attitudes and were a lot friendlier to talk to after the show. They were annoyed that we had stood in like and decided against taking the picture after the show, and even more annoyed when a girl behind us asked if they took credit card. wtf? These men seemed way too jaded and full of themselves. They may be good to look at, but off-stage they’re total jerks.Was this a good show? It was ok, it was entertaining and interactive, which i thought was nice. would i go again though? probably not. Next time, i’m trying chippendales. maybe their attitudes will be better.

  66. Jennifer M.

    This was so much fun for a bachelorette party. We had a fun time.

  67. Colbys

    It was an entertaining 90 minutes. If you’re into the real nasty stuff, obviously this show ain’t for you. They only let you photograph 1 act and it’s Uptown Funk. Which btw is the most PG rated act in the entire show so don’t get let down. I won’t give any more details but there were surprises, all in the name of fun. Highly recommend going drunk with bunch of horny girlfriends.

  68. Daphne O.

    This review has nothing to do with the show itself. More about the management. We had booked out tickets two months in advance and we reserved front row seating. We just picked up our tickets and they said we were in the back and that there was nothing we could do about it. We are here for a bachelorette party and they were really inconsiderate.

  69. Don A.

    Perfect for a bachelorette party!!! It is a bit on the pricey side but it is worth it for your friend. We were lucky because we sat near the front and they actually pulled our bride to be UP!Its located in one of the older casinos- Excalibur. We went to eat near by before and shuttled over. Make sure you get your bride to be DRUNK! It will make it all more fun.

  70. Kimberly M.

    Went to TFDU with my girlfriends, spent the entire time grinning, blushing, and staring appreciatively at all of the hotness. Aidan’s smile made me melt. That man… **fans self** I’m probably being biased saying it was a grade-A experience because I got picked to go onstage (it wasn’t my birthday, I’m not a bachelorette, I wasn’t wearing anything that would get me noticed, i.e. tiara, sash, boa, etc., so that was a shockingly wonderful surprise), but I will definitely be seeing the show again, TWICE, next time I’m in Vegas (March 2016).

  71. Melissa S.

    Obviously you’re coming here for a friends 21st or bachelorette party so half naked men surrounded by women is NEVER a bad idea. Although, if you’re expecting a GREATchoreographed show of men dancing and stripping…. Sorry to say it was a bit disappointing. The men had NO RYTHYM whatsoever :/ I actually felt bad at some points on how off course some guys were. Given the women are more concerned with the half naked men…. I was ALSO looking forward to the entertainment aspect of it. I figured, I’m paying $70 for a show it has to be a bit more than mediocre. But alas, I was let down :/ They did great with interaction with the crowd. Two of my girls got lap dances!’ (What are the chances!?) lolAll in all, not 100% what I expected, but definitely a one time show you should try!

  72. Vivian L.

    Oh my gosh! I thought Chippendale’s was good when I saw it last year but I knew I should have trusted my gut on Aussies!!!! This show was awesome for a bachelorette party. The venue was smaller and more intimate than Chip. You were seated in long tables together unlike Chip where it was just row after row of same level chairs. The stage was smaller here vs. the large, full size stage for Chip. The Thunder men seemed hotter cause they were foreign perhaps (they said they were all genuine Aussies) but they also didn’t wear stage make-up like the Chip guys did which I felt odd and a bit creepy. These guys seemed to love their jobs with all these crazed women in the audience screaming for them whereas the Chips guys seemed bored, like they were just doing it to get paid and would have rather been brushing their teeth or something. The Aussies also seemed more like they could have been more straight than some of the Chip men.There is more audience participation with this show vs. Chip, too. These guys might not be the best lip sync singers or group dancers, but they can jump from the stage onto a table and to another table, onto the floor, then back onto the stage with a backflip like no one’s business! Wow! They also showed some full butt shots which Chips didn’t. Each of the 6 or so dancers had their own talents and part of the show which ended with them running around the audience slapping hands, giving hugs, etc. which just riled up the audience more. If you had to pick a male review, you should go to this one, for sure!!! And take me!

  73. Kristin M.

    It is what it is. This is basically what Magic Mike was supposed to be… except a lot more money for the show, but a hell of a lot better.I’d actually been joking about going for a while now and when my friend said that she’d be interested in going, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. I will be honest, the idea of a man doing the whirly twirly in my face just sounds like a horrid time to me. However, a little strip tease is always fun. I got us VIP seats in the front and center and enjoyed the show. You don’t have to be right up in the front row to get close to the guys though. Every single one of them came out into the crowd… and actually made me a bit jealous considering the women in the back got a lot of action. However, I did like being in the front since you were closer to the routines (?) dance numbers(?). Don’t expect Usher moves or intense choreography. It’s more of a have a couple drinks, turn up the music and just have fun kind of feel to it. My only complaint is how every show tries to sell you something, and this show was no exception. If you want to take your picture on a couch with all the men, bring $20 with you. This way, you’ll have a chance to say a few words with them, CHEEEEESE, and then walk off on your merry way.

  74. Lisa E.

    I went with some friends for the first time, not expecting it to be wonderful but just something kind of fun and trashy to do in Vegas.First, book ahead of time if you can. We booked our seats about a week out and there weren’t many seats left to choose from. Second, while there isn’t really a bad seat in the house, if you are in the back or on the sides expect to be ignored. The guys came off the stage and danced and did stuff with girls but only in the middle section. We were in no-mans-land on the side. πŸ™ That felt kind of crappy. They should at least dance around the back too.Third, get a picture after but expect to pay a lot. The gift shop is WAY overpriced, too.The jello shots are fun and the guys are SUPER HOT. They do not disappoint. Overall it was a really fun show!

  75. Oneida H.

    I went through tons of reviews and couldn’t find anything helpful about where to sit, so let me focus on that for a minute. The very front row is tables 1 through 8 and they are more expensive and considered VIP for no other reason than because they are the first row. You won’t get any interaction with the guys AT ALL. I think all of us in the first row were disappointed that we had paid more and the guys always went to the tables behind us.My sister-in-law and I were at table 8, seats 1 and 2 (1 and 2 are the front seats at the table) and the only time a guy came to the front row was when he stood on table 7 and poured beer all over himself. This may have been exciting for everyone in the audience but not for those of us at tables 6, 7, and 8, who had to turn away to not get beer in our faces but it still got all over our hair and clothes. Thankfully a worker gave us towels. (The beer was planted. We saw a worker place it there beforehand, so don’t worry that your drink will be wasted!)The theater is tiny, about the size of two classrooms, so even if you are in the last row, you are still very close. Behind the VIP tables is the next row and this is where you SHOULD sit, tables 9-15. They guys were always going in that area. Behind this is the back row which wraps around to the sides of the theater. Sitting here is also better than VIP because they got lots of interaction too. The show itself was lots of fun. The guys certainly aren’t the best dancers but they are very nice to look at! They dressed in costumes and striped them off to only thongs. They never showed the naked front but always turned around and showed their naked butts. They pulled a grandma on stage which was hilarious and also, three ladies were chosen to participate in a fake orgasm contest. I read that if you want to be selected for these things to wear a sash or veil, but only one girl with a veil was chosen to go on stage.After the show a sofa was brought out on stage and ladies lined up for a picture with them for $20 each. Also, I don’t know if this happened to everyone who attended the show, but my sister-in-law and I were stamped on our wrists on our way into the show for free entrance to LAX night club and free drinks until 12. It’s easy to get to using the indoor walkway. We showed up after the show and pretty much had the dance floor to ourselves and they give you free vodka cranberries. After midnight it was so crowded you couldn’t even dance so we left.Anyway, it was a fun show and I’d recommend it for a girls night but just remember not to sit in VIP (first 8 tables) because there is NO interaction with the guys.

  76. mathewater12

    This is a totally obligatory thing to do on a girls’ weekend in Vegas, right? Thunder from Down Under truly hilarious and fun, but perhaps unintentionally some of the time. It’s really a gaggle of drunk bridesmaids and even drunker brides-to-be, ogling a bunch of greased up, quite possibly gay men. That being said, GO! It was super fun, the guys were very cute and very fit, the music was rockin’, and it is a great experience! We say in the inner ring of seats, off to the side, and it was a great view and the guts came by a lot.

  77. H H.

    Not worth spending extra for seats. The cheap seats got WAY more attention. Also we were there for a 30th birthday and the birthday girl got totally ignored. The guys were cute but they pick who they want to feel special. You either need to be a 90 lb hot girl or a freak show. There is no in between.

  78. Ulysses G.

    THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!! ALL THE GUYS WERE AMAZING AND WELL BUILT. The show was perfect, the guys really know how to get you excited and into the show. Make sure to arrive early and paying for closer seating is 100% worth it!

  79. Leslie P.

    We had so much fun for my bachelorette party, but I was dissapointed because we bought the VIP tickets to be involved with the guys but they only went to tables in the back of the room. Still had a ton of fun and can’t wait to go back!!

  80. Asenath N.

    Came here for a bachelorette party, oh my what a show! The venue was small but it allowed the guys to really interacted with the audience. The guys were not the best dancers but they are great entertainers. And they also look great! We had so much fun! Every bachelorette needs to go to a show like this. We also got the limo ride included with our package which was nice (highly recommended). Tip to a bachelorette: wear something that stands you out as the bride to be so you can get on stage.

  81. Lauren P.

    Took my sister here for her bachelorette party and I can safely say it was a hit all around!Tickets were about $80 but they do have deals so shop aroundAll the guys had amazing bodies and for the most part lovely dance moves which made the show that much more enticing.We got seats in the back because my sister didn’t really want attention from the boys. However, they do make their way around the room making no one COMPLETELY safe from a little bump and grind. OverallI highly recommend it for any girls trip. I think it’s a perfect beginning to any night.TipDon’t be afraid to scream and shout!

  82. Minette C.

    This is a fun girls night out activity. I came here recently for a bachelorette party, a party of nine and they sat us near the front of the stage. I’ve actually seen this show…too many times actually, it was my 3rd time. It’s decently priced at $70, as most Vegas shows ranges up to $200. The show is more entertainment of themed dance routines than stripping. Be prepared to have the dancers touch you with their sweaty bodies. They are very interactive with the audience and mostly prey on brides. I have also seen Chippendales and prefer this show, as it’s less cheesy. Like everything in Vegas, you have to pay for all merchandise. The group of Aussie dancers will take a photo with you at the end of the show for $20.

  83. Debby L.

    SHOWThe show is really fun and if you are going with a group of rowdy screaming women, even better. The dancing is … eh..but that’s kind of the fun of it. HOTNESSSuper !!!!! We all had our favorites. PULLING YOU UP ON STAGENot sure if they target certain people beforehand, but some of the brides got some extra treatment. They may have the most support from their crowd, so that might help get the guys’ attention. Bachelorettes, put your brides within easy access of the fellows [along the walking paths and up front] for more attention.

  84. Justina N.

    HELLO Aussies boys! I wish i was one of the people to get picked from the crowd, those freaking girls were so lucky!!! Personal lap dances…yes please! Its all about the show because they did not except tips. You can get a pic with all the guys at the end of the show which I highly recommend too. Its a must ladies…so YOLO!

  85. Ags P.

    Oh man… this whole show is really what you make of it. I’ve gone to see “The Thunder” for 2 bachelorette parties, and, well… it’s what you make of it. It’s fun if you’re with a bunch of fun girls, and all that. However, it takes just one girl who’s not into the whole thing, to make the experience boring and awkward. The men are… well, they’re men with 6-packs! No talking is necessary. Just watching and oogling, is pretty much all you need to do. The occasional scream is nice, as well. I think the only reason why this place remains open, is because of the bachelorette parties. I don’t think I’ve seen a group (or a couple?) of random girls (or guys) just coming to see The Thunder to just kick it. Drinks sold here are pretty weak, so you’re better off pre or post drinking. Excalibur itself is pretty weak sauce, but as long as you get passed that, and just go directly to wear they have the show, you’re good to go. If you’re staying at another hotel, I think you can get a courtesy limo to take you to The Thunder, and to other related places.

  86. Moon Diane K.

    Love this show! I watched this show at Excalibur during my vaca at Vegas. My friend is a local so I got 50% off the regular price. We got to sit in the front middle section and some of the performers were on top of the our table as they completed their routines. They do allow touching and you do not throw your dollars at them. Some men had their solo acts, but not all of them. I do admit that some of the men should retire as I can see their wrinkles, but overall, it was a great show. It is a must to see this show if you are in Vegas and if you are having a night out with the girls. After the show, you get to take pictures with them and it’s $20/person. I think it’s totally worth it. We sat at the bar right outside of the showroom and had a few drinks. Performers came out and signed autographs and even took pictures with the ladies. I have to say AIDEN is my favorite! He is so HOT!!!!! I already told my friends that I wannna go back to watch this show if I ever get married again! Enjoy watching these Australian men shaking their booties!

  87. Adam L.

    The guys have great bodies, and are pretty funny sometimes. Unfortunately, most of them are not very good dancers. Most of them also have a bad habit of lip syncing the words to the song they dance to, which is really tacky. The best part of the show was when they invited women on stage for a fake orgasm contest.There was a definite lack of frontal nudity that left me extremely disappointed… And I’m a guy. At the end of the show they charge $20 per person for a picture. That’s the most outrageous part of the show. If you ask for a group picture they might cut you a deal, but they’re not very good at haggling, so I only succeeded in pissing the guy I tried to haggle with off.

  88. richard95

    The 52$ I spent for the ticket to get in was well worth the price. The host and performers were top notch. They all had something to offer and worked the crowd well. Clint and Lee were amazing, break dancing and drum playing kudos to them. I wish they had interacted with more of the crowd, but I know that they want to make the bride to be’s and older ladies happy. Overall, the show was full of excitement and entertainment. Decent music selection and fairly good choreography. If you are a lady and enjoy seeing physically fit men strut their stuff, then this is the show for you. I most certainly felt the thunder from down under and hope to catch the show again some time.

  89. Kristen M.

    COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT. THE SHOW WAS AWFUL! SAVE YOUR MONEY! I went to the show with a group of girls for a bachelorette party over Labor Day weekend and we were all shocked at how awful it was.The dancers were terrible, half of them could be in better shape – they need to drop 10-15 lbs each (one of them had a beer belly… I’m not kidding!) One of the dancers was grinding on our bride and he had terrible body odor. And worst of all was the venue. The room is setup with cafeteria style tables and chairs and the cocktail waitress’s were completely MIA. I highly recommend staying clear of Thunder Down Under.

  90. Abby M.

    We went here for one of my girlfriends birthday celebration. The ladies had the time of their lives. The guys looked great, a lot of derriΓ¨re shown in this show with thongs or bare butt. A lot of tugging on their own junk. Fun strip tease show, I’m a butt kind of girl. You get to take a picture with the men after the show. Every women deserves a little strip tease from her fantasy guy. Why not. I have a just as sexy and more handsome husband at home so I was doing fine, couldn’t wait to come home to him. πŸ˜‰

  91. Anne L.

    Gorgeous, sexy guys who are very very friendly. I’ve seen Chippendales too, so I will be making multiple comments comparing TFDU to CnD. -The TFDU guys are cuter and friendlier than CnD. They actually make conversation with you and want (or pretend to) to chat with you. After the show, if you get a picture with them ($20/each person for a group pic), they even autograph it. -More audience involvement. The host grabbed girls from the audience multiple times to go on stage. After each guy’s dance, they come down to the floor and dance/flirt/hug members in the audience. -Less guys than CnD, so the costume changes/choreographed dances/sets/props aren’t as elaborate as CnD, but the guys’ were very talented. We saw breakdancing and flips on stage.-A little TOO MUCH audience involvement, to the point when I was almost getting bored at the end. -Very sexy host. I definitely recommend going, don’t wait for a bachelorette party, go on your next Vegas trip! Tables sit 6 people.

  92. Kiki M.

    Who hasn’t heard of this group of gyrating dudes? The name evokes overly tanned, greased up, muscular men in spandex with major (stuffed?) bulge staring you in the face. I never considered this to be fine entertainment yet when the opportunity arose to possibly embarrass my mom I took it. My mom got sucked in to one of those timeshare lectures but reaped some surprising benefits: a few free nights at Excalibur, buffet coupons, and tickets to shows. We looked at our choices which didn’t strike my fancy until I looked over the words, “Thunder From Down Under”. I wanted to see my mom blush so I urged, nay, begged that we get two tickets to see this show. The show takes place in a small dark room with long tables. There is a small stage and a bar towards the back. I expected an auditorium so was very surprised at this compact space. Aside from my mom and myself there was a group of about fifteen drunk chicks doing the bachelorette party thing celebrating their friend’s few last nights of freedom. The veil tipped me off. We are seated and then a screen comes down and a video collage of footage of the men from tv shows is shown. Yawn. After the optical assault the men I described in the first paragraph come strutting out doing the most simple dance moves known to man. These are guys with no rhythm whatsoever. Its almost painful to watch but I try to keep the mood light and clap alongside the rowdy drunk girls hooting and hollering. There are a few group dances and each dancer has an individual routine. The formula for all of them is the same: a somewhat serious attempt to dance well and then the clothes start coming off. I assumed this would be full frontal nudity but had to settle for spandex briefs. I fully understood what the long table was for. Many dancers used it as a catwalk and one even did pelvic thrusts in my mom’s face as she sat cross armed and very bored looking. I was yelling and clapping at that point. Embarrass my mom! Yeah! At one point one girl is taken up on stage and is given a lap dance. The MC decided to pick the most shitfaced girl out of the bunch and it was hard to watch at some moments. The poor girl could barely talk! I’m surprised her legs continued to support her. After all my less that stellar descriptions of this event, why three stars? Because its a silly yet slightly entertaining totally ridiculous show for calendar men to extend their career before their looks start to fail them. Unfortunately my mom wasn’t embarrassed like I’d hope she would be but at least I got to say I experienced the Thunder From Down Under, no matter how unimpressed I was.

  93. Katie S.

    If you have never been to a strip club it is nice. To much clothing for a strip show. Personally I love hollywood men so much better. The guys at Thunder from down under are nothing like the advertising. Gave it 4 stars because it is nice if you never seen a strip show before. I guess when you go to a real strip club the shows just aren’t the same. Hollywood Men is more personal and you get lap dances at the end. Just my preference.

  94. james1412

    Sooo good & a must watch show if your ever in town with a group of girls.. ^_^

  95. Maureen W.

    Fun fun fun!!!!!!!Ok, I admit…I’m a sucker for a hot dude with a ripping body dancing really badly to cheesy music. And if you are too (and I know that you are) you will find this show quite entertaining.

  96. XXXbeast

    So much fun!!! Especially with the attractive guys πŸ™‚ I wasn’t expecting the show to be so interactive even if you weren’t the one picked to go on stage. One of the guys came down and hugged my friend and I at the end and he felt so firm. Sad you couldn’t use your phone but I can live with that.We paid for general seating for $51 with a discount from Excalibur and we got to sit right next to the stage next to the vip section and not the back. We had pretty amazing seats. The guys are so charming and their smiles are πŸ™‚

  97. Jessica S.

    My best friend and I had front row VIP seats, and the show was awesome! Beautiful men and fun routines, including cowboys (my favorite). I also really appreciated the fact that the guys didn’t target any specific type of person to bring up on stage or give attention to. They all made their way around the whole theater to get to everyone there, and the people brought up on stage were of all body types, races, ages, and styles. The guys were also very nice and offered many hugs, as well as autos and pics at the bar outside the theater after the show. Loved it!

  98. Megan B.

    My girlfriends and I had such a blast here. The men do have their clothes on more then off but that’s ok they were amazing no matter what. The best part is how much they interact with the audience and how funny the show is. Definitely go with your girlfriends let loose and have fun.

  99. Ayesha N.

    Hmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this. At the end of the day, I suppose I was entertained, but mostly because we entertained ourselves. The show feels, how do I put this…stale? The guys went through the motions and did their jobs, but it felt like just that- work. Some were more charismatic than others, but the whole thing really lacked energy. It was also strange that they essentially ignored one side of the room and focused on the other side, to the extent that we felt kind of cheated. All in all, I wish we’d gone to Chippendales. At least the lead singer there is actually a good singer. None of the guys in this show are really good at anything. The ‘dancing’ is laughable at best (seriously, there were quite a few who were nowhere near the beat) and there was a lot of fog on stage to create atmosphere, I guess. It didn’t work.I’m pretty sure we won’t be back and I won’t recommend it. There are far better ways to lose money in Vegas.

  100. Jenna N.

    Went for a Bachelorette Party (group of 20 girls) and everyone absolutely loved it. It was very entertaining. If you’re hoping to get on stage, I would strongly suggest wearing something to stand out. Our bride to be wore a veil, a crown, a banner, ect. With an audience of 100+ women, you gotta wear something eye catching to stand out. The men were pretty damn handsome. (Obviously we all had our favorites.)The dances were pretty cheesy. Making the audience laugh. The women in the crowd yell and shout pretty much the entire time. It’s a great time. As for nudity, we saw some booty and obviously some ripped 8 packs but never their “down under thunder” (thank god) When you get chosen to go on stage: Be prepared. You will get wet. Girl A: lap dance and a pretty delicious kissGirl B: lap dance Girl C: on the floor, spin thingy, junk in face, junk in junk, bam. Girl D: (luckiest gal): lap dance, sweet dance, taken to the floor, kissed, held for like 2 minutes, completely seduced. Overall good time. Great way to start the night. A lot more fun with a large group of girls!

  101. Anita W.

    I’ve seen Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under each one time, two years apart, so obviously I’m an expert about this kind of entertainment πŸ™‚ Of the two, I found Thunder to be much more entertaining. The men are hunkier – more manly-looking, not so many ultra-pretty faces, but very impressive, muscular bodies. The guys also seemed much friendlier with the audience, and the audience was much smaller, which was fun. They were also pretty good dancers, unlike Chippendales, who I could see counting off the steps in their heads as they danced. Thunder even had some guys who could do impressive acrobatic stunts. There’s no full-frontal nudity, but there were plenty of cute tushes. Also, this show is on the stip. Chippendales isn’t. So I’d say this is the better choice if you are deciding between the two.

  102. La C.

    Ladies! This is a must see show when you are with your girls in Vegas!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! is the three letter word. Order you favorite drink and sit back, relax and enjoy the show! It’s Vegas baby!

  103. Nelly C.

    My friend and I decided to do this on our latest trip to Vegas. I was glad we did. We purchased seats in the VIP area and got to sit at table 2 seats 1&2. The guys are hot and they really know how to entertain the ladies! They had choreographed dances and I love the songs that they used in the show. They came off stage often but mostly showed love to people on the left side of the stage. We sat on the right side. My only complaint about it was that the girls that were sitting at our table were so boring!! They wouldn’t cheer or clap or scream or anything. Frankly I wondered what they were doing there. At least the guys could tell my friend and I weren’t boring because they showed my friend and I lots of love when they came to our side πŸ˜‰ at the end of the show, you can take pictures with the guys for $20. One tip I have is to take cash if you plan to take the picture. They do not accept credit card. Overall, great experience. Would do this again in a heartbeat. Would love to bring my grandmother, my aunt and mother to this!!

  104. Helen J.

    Awesome show!! Sexy male entertainers ranging from late 20’s to late 30’s. I love how the audience range from 21 year olds to the more mature ladies. And the mature women actually get a bit more attention so good for them! It’s best to get a front table near stage or somewhere near the various platforms to get a closer look. You will see so many nice butts and teasing crotch views. We got what we paid for with the front tables and had a blast! The show is very interactive and you get what you paid for! And the guys are super nice!!

  105. Kirsten S.

    Boring! They all have great bodies, but there aren’t enough actual good dancers and their clothes are on for too long in each act! None of the acts are even creative… Fireman scene etc. give me something new and exciting , girls like surprises! They even have 3 girls from the audience go on stage and make fake orgasm noises to win a prize… This is not what I came to hear or see! After Magic Mike 2 I think I expected more and better dancing! There were a couple good dancers but I was ready to leave when the show was over and get to the real dance party at the clubs!

  106. sasha s.

    I lost my voice!!! Its all in good fun here and the guys are hot…. Easy decision to come and come and come again! Drinks are heavily poured n tasty and we had jello shots that were great. I need to get married just so i can have my bachelorette here!

  107. Devil I.

    We went purely for the experience and I was very disappointed. If I want to see pretty gay men dancing and lip synching I will go to a drag show. The only difference between TFDU was these guys don’t wear false eyelashes and the boobs (pecs) are real. It took Forevah to get one drink and the drunk bride to be in front of us falling on her ass far more entertaining than anyone on stage. Also I do not take kindly to seeing women be objectified in such a rude manner. Placing a woman on her knees and shoving a g-strig covered d*ck in her face is just tacky. I can see a show being sexual but with no class.

  108. Jennifer B.

    Love it….the guys are hot…they are super nice during and after the show. You could tell they were up thier having fun! Some parts are a little cheesey but that is part of the fun.

  109. Colleen P.

    Let me start off with that these guys are way more than just eye candy. My sisters and I took my mom, who had s stroke several years ago, to the show this weekend. She was incredibly excited and I’m sure the gentlemen on stage noticed. Towards the end of the show, I believe his name is Matthew, came and hugged my mother and took a picture with her. So incredibly sweet. But it doesn’t end there. He escorted my mom up the stage and took a group photo of all of us. When we went to pay for it, Matthew took care of it. I tried to give him money, but he would not take it. Class act. In addition, they all signed my mom’s calendar and hugged her after the show. Thank you guys for a memory that will last a lifetime for not only my mom, but for my sisters and I as well.

  110. M N.

    This show was hilarious. The girls in my group were laughing so hard the whole time.We were all happy to have NOT been pulled up on stage. Personally, having my face shoved into a dancers crotch isn’t appealing, but I think they did a good job reading our group. We just wanted to enjoy the show without participating. Its pretty crude, but if you walk into the show knowing that, you’ll probably have a good time.Also, as everyone mentioned, the pictures afterwards are $20 PER PERSON!! And, they don’t do the courtesy of making sure that its at least a decent picture. One of the girls blinked in our picture so it wasn’t very good, but they still made $80 for one picture… makes me think I need to get into the business of taking crappy photographs of people with hot men as a side job πŸ™‚

  111. Stephanie V.

    Wow the show was awesome! At first when my friends said lets go to the show I was like o lord I bet it is going to be lame and I was totally wrong. We had great seats and they every now and then would dance on our table. The music was really good! After you can take a pic with the guys it was $20 bucks which was a little steep but well worth it… you can sit their lap or stand next to them by yourself or with your group. After the show they had an after party at a bar called the Cathouse which was at the Luxor hotel and we got free admission and two free drinks. Also one of the guys appeared at the bar as well. The guys were really nice and were talking to everyone.

  112. Alie C.

    As corny and cheesy as this show was, I totally enjoyed it. Yeah they can’t really dance but who the hell cares? They are hot, half naked men shaking their stuff for all the ladies. Who doesn’t love that? The host, Marcus, was not only extremely hot (I actually thought he was hotter than the rest of the guys in the show) but he was funny and entertaining. My favorite guy was a thick, sexy, bald man who could break dance like nobodies business. This is definitely a great place for a bachelorette or birthday party. If you wear a sash or a crown you have a better chance of getting up on stage and getting your own show. You have the opportunity to take a photo with the boys at the end for $20. Me and my girlfriend totally enjoyed it. We screamed and hooted and hollered the whole time and left with no voices. Its definitely a must see when you are in Vegas if you are a woman and are with your girlfriends.

  113. Kat D.

    Fine ass guys who can dance…and I mean really dance. Not just stripper dance with thunder thrusts, although they did do some of that, but real like hip-hop looking like JT and Tatum Channing. Ok, I’m not saying they should go and try out for “So you think you can dance” but whooowheee they are fine so I forgive the ones that kept forgetting the routines. Never seen Chippendales so I have nothing to compare them to, but I did go to OG’s after because I was seriously ready for some raunch after this teaser of a show.I say this show is a tease because once during each routine they pick a lucky girl to go on stage with them and dance for her. Oh how I wished I got pulled on stage with Craig. Maybe next time…My new motto “Save a horse, ride a cowboy, YEEHAW!”

  114. JoAnn V.

    Super fun male revue show. Lots of screaming drunk women in the audience! Lots of sweaty, men shaking their groove thangs to some cheesy ass music.Of the 8 or so dancers one seemed to be “my type” so I kept my eye on him the whole time.Yum. :)Went there as part of a bachelorette party – we all had a great time! Wish they picked people out of the audience farther back in the seating (where we were) – and why were all the people they picked cute, white and blonde?Give the Asian girls some love too, dammit! *lol*

  115. Allyson M.

    The first time I saw the show, it was on a whim. My friends and I were in Vegas and wanted something to do (we were there for my boyfriend’s birthday and wanted to give him and his friends time alone to celebrate). We saw the ads, called the number, and got seats near the stage on that same day. I’m not into dingdongs gyrating in front of my face, and Thunder doesn’t offer (too) much of that (unless you’re picked to be on stage… then that’s a slightly different story). Just a bunch of sexy, shirtless Australian guys ripping off their Velcro pants NOT dripping their sweat on me. That was a good thing. My friends and I paid $5 each (or something like that) to take photos with the guys. The bummer was that my fave (Matthew) was not in the pic. :(Anyway, because I had such a good time the first time, I went again for my birthday (3 months later). I got front and center seats, and none of the guys even got close enough for me on MY special day! Boo. Three stars. I don’t plan on going back.

  116. Ariana M.

    HAHAHA~! This show was great! Full of hot guys, laughs, and sexy bodies ;D We purchased tickets online and got seats close to the front stage. Purchasing online is great because you can pick your seats in advance! The show its self was very entertaining. I love seeing hot guys dance around and strip for me ;D They even go into the audience and pull people up on stage! Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those lucky girls to get pulled up on stage for that extra attention πŸ˜› lol.After the show, they encourage us ladies to line up and take pictures with the hot guys. But don’t be fooled! To take a picture with these hot Aussie’s it cost $20 πŸ˜›

  117. Amanda S.

    They are just ok dancers and really really rude . I paid for a premium seat and couldn’t see anything, so I sat on my heels. I quickly got reprimanded and spent the rest of the very expensive time upset and unable to see most of the action. It might have been nice if I could see anything but as it was, giant waste of money and very lame.

  118. Shell B.

    Hollywood Men in California was a MILLION times better. Would not waste my money to ever see show again. Dancing was mediocre, staff was rude….blah!!!!! =(

  119. Celine C.

    Wow! I don’t want to give too much details but this place is sooooooooooo awesome!! The show was entertaining and “interactive” if you know what I mean. It does cost a lot of money to take pictures with those guys at the end, but it’s worth ittttt!!! Go see it for yourself!

  120. Tori E.

    LOVED THIS SHOW WAYYYY better than chippendales. These are realistic guys and are straight. Way more entertaining for the girls!!

  121. Isabel K.

    I was also a little disappointed that they didn’t come near us as much as I would have liked. We had front row seats and nothing. I was pretty sad, but they do pull up random girls to go on stage. Really hot guys, but the picture at the end was ridiculous expensive. Per person. Crazy.

  122. fisherdex1

    Saw this show twice now but 6 years apart from each time. The acts have been up’ed their game and the performance is much more entertaining now. They keep their material “fresh”! not a bad seat in the house given how they set up the tables!!! This place does scream of bachelorettes- there must have been 30 of them there when we went so if you are trying to get on stage, know that you need to set yourself apart somehow- dress your best and if u are going with a bachelorette and want her to get on stage, shout, point and put a veil or something on her to stand out in the crowd.

  123. Irene C.

    Hot Australian men with great bods dancing for you. What more can you ask for!?This is the second male show that I’ve been too and this one was definitely A LOT better than the one I saw in Atlantic City. I felt the one in Atlantic City was too raunchy and this one was much more classier. The men were interactive with the audience going all over the room and even dancing on the tables. Great for bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations. Ladies, don’t be shy if they decide to pull you on stage. Enjoy the moment! Hope to be able to see the show again in the future!

  124. Andrea M.

    I have been to this show quite a few times. My friends and i love it. It isn’t too much, to the point it looks totally graphic, and disgusting. If you like the shows where the guys rub their backside all over your face and rams your head into his junk, this isn’t the show for you. It is enough to just wet your taste buds and leave you…..ah you know. Lets leave it to the imagination. : )The accents are sexy, the bodies are sexy, it is just yummy. Someone told me Chippendales is better, i haven’t went yet so i can’t really say or compare. All i can say is, i recommend this show…and while is Vegas – must have a few drinks in you to make it even more enjoyable. LoL

  125. Lacey A.

    I had a blast! Friends 30th bday and we had a few drinks at the show. I officially know what a guy feels like looking at strippers lol. The guys were interactive with the audience and very nice. Drinks like anywhere in Vegas are pricey. Id pre-game first, also… they are very serious about not photography other than one short 3 min dance that they said its ok to take pics, but then yell at you if they see your phone again. Which is why the 4 stars instead of 5. The guys are all 5 stars πŸ˜‰

  126. Katie B.

    Oh WOW! Words can’t completely describe this experience. I enjoyed pretty much every part of this show. The dancers definitely exceeded my expectations and my only complaint would be wishing the show was longer.Not only do they have this show completely together but the energy of the dancers definitely makes it even more exciting and not super rehearsed. The crowd also helped the show be even more fun!I would recommend that you come to this show with a bigger group but either way it’s still worth it and you won’t be disappointed! Just a tip: Don’t wait after the show to pay to take pictures with the dancers when they can be found in the late afternoon at the entrance of the hotel promoting their show and taking pictures for free!

  127. Brenda C.

    Went with a friend for ladies weekend out. She really wanted to go and I wasn’t overly found of the idea. This show changed my mind. This was entertaining as heck defiantly cheesy but hey it was super fun and the greatest was when they would bring girls up and embarrass them. Yes the guys were hot not sure that they were that hot but they definitely put on a great show.

  128. Raff

    Slipped into this show while my husband was off playing slot machines. Great music and dancing. All guys were studly and attractive and wore skimpy g strings. No disappointments. The doctor was my favorite…oh my…

  129. Vanessa G.

    Loved the show!!! Came here for a Vegas weekend with my cousins and it was a blast! The guys were ALL very handsome and well built. The initial dance routines were cheesy but, hey, it’s a Vegas show! Here are some tips:1. The best place to sit is right in the middle in front of the stairs as they will walk on your table! 2. if you want more action at your table, wear your bachelorette outfit!3. Stay for photos onstage! It’s worth it at only $20 per person. I ran to the end of the stage and was first in line. It’s good to get your pictures taken early before the whole crowd gets to them.HAVE FUN!!!

  130. Cari O.

    SO that was fun….lol- I touched a butt, but he was asking for it. That’s what happens when you parade around me in a thong after 5 jello shots. – Love that the old lady touched the guy’s dong through his pants.-Doesn’t matter where you sit, the view is glorious from all angles.-Takes a while to get drinks so drink up before you go!-More humping the audience than I thought which is a plus.-If you want to know what it’s like, watch “Magic Mike.” However, there’s no awesome Channing Tatum to dance for you at Thunder. You’ll have to settle for overused dance moves and cheesey music, but it’s GREAT!!! -They should wear less clothes, they were overdressed at times. Like, why do you need pants to put out a fire? Really guys, the clothes are just gunna get in the way.

  131. Johnny U.

    Effing hilarious. If you want to blow away cash like you do gambling, this is the way to go for woman and gays. I laughed so hard I wet ways that you don’t want to know. I loved this show. Those guys really know how to entertain. From their hot bodies to the dance moves…mmmhmm….get it girl. Go to this show!

  132. Rowena Y.

    HAHA! The name is clearly amusing on its own and so was the show itself. Perfect for a ladie’s night out. I’m personally not a fan of these type of shows but when you’re in Vegas, why not? Actually, it’s a lot ‘classier’ than the one I went to in NYC for a bachelorette party so if I were to choose, I would go back to this one. The show is held at a small theater in the Excalibur hotel and everyone is seated in rows of tables. The bar is in the back of the theater so make sure you bring enough cash to tip the bartender. Personal cameras are not allowed but you can take a Polaroid shot with your favorite Aussie boys at the end of the show by one of their own cameraman. For me, a once in a blue moon experience is enough.

  133. Cece T.

    Great fun experience for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party. We all enjoyed it very much but seriously what kind of woman wouldn’t like to look at hot men with hot bodies dancing around?! We volunteered our friend to go up to the stage and the boys did their job to make her feel extra “special”….Get a picture at the end with all the boys for $20 per person! Take that picture home and slap it into your bf, husband & gay’s friend face! They sure will love it! (please don’t take my last words seriously. It’s only meant for the brave souls)!

  134. maxxy1

    I went to see this show about a year and a half ago and ever since then I have become a fan. Now it’s become a must see on my list everytime I go to Las Vegas and I drag my friends to see it. Now I got them into it πŸ™‚ These guys are sweet, entertaining, and wonderful to watch on stage. Yes sometimes the moves are not always in sync, but if you are looking for dancers to be in sync then go see a show on Broadway!These guys are more than happy to get up close and personal with the ladies, but don’t be nervous about it. Just enjoy the attention and you’ll definitely remember it as one of your light Sin City memories. The guys have friendly and vibrant personalities. They even come out after the show to talk to the fans. If you want to have a ladies night out or see a male revue without feeling guilty or dirty afterwards, then go see Thunder. Also the routines change periodically so you never know what to expect. Besides who can complain about seeing some shapely bodies, handsome faces, and hearing smooth Australian accents!

  135. Jean K.

    If you’ve seen Magic Mike then you know what to expect at this show. Yes, it’s super cheesy. It’s more like a farce of sex/sexuality than anything else so don’t feel threatened husbands, boyfriends, etc. At least the dancers looked like they were having a good time.However, there were some surprises in store – the guys were very beefy, like weight lifters more than lean sportsmen – the guys were much older than expected, if there were any young 20-somethings they sure hid it well – the girls in the audience really get into it, just like the movies there’s lots of screaming, hooting and hollering – some parts are a bit slow and I got bored, probably my fault for not drinking more – at the end the MC does his dance (just like in Magic Mike) but it went much further than the other dancers, groping the woman’s boobs and having her put her hands down his pants to rub his penis (not kidding!), very gross, I hoped she poured Purell over herself afterwardsAs a classic bachelorette event it’s hard to beat but once is enough for me. BTW, at the end you can get your picture taken with the dancers but it’s $20 per person – yes, that’s right – $20 per person NOT per photo.Also the theater isn’t very big and they do pull audience members onto the stage from the back so I don’t think it’s worth it to pay extra to get front row tickets. Unless you want to be able to grope the dancers as they strut the tables (they only jump on the tables near the stage).

  136. Sandra F.

    Best birthday present and girls night out. Entertainment was fun, great energy and hot guys…. What more can you ask for?!!! Yeaaah gurrrrllll!

  137. Kelsey M.

    I love this show. I have gone twice now, once with friends and again with my sister and aunt and we had a great time! The show isnt awkward because it doesnt take itself too seriously and the guys are genuinely nice and personable (not to mention gorgeous). I sat a bit farther back the first time and could see fine but didnt get any action, so the next time we got tickets closer up and I personally was able to hug and enjoy the beautiful bodies of two of the guys! I swear they can make you do anything they want. lol I would reccomend this show to anyone that is looking to have a good time and see absolutely gorgeous men and get a few laughs. The drinks are a bit expensive but its Vegas so what do you expect? Must go!

  138. Chlo L.

    I might be bias… but I didn’t enjoy the show. I think that for $45 a ticket, we would have been better off taking our girl to a male strip club where she would have definitely gotten a few lap dances and some drinks. The show is rated PG13 – half the time they were wearing clothes and were uncoordinated in their performance. If you’re not front stage and center, your bachelorette will not be getting much action if any. If you’re towards the very back, the most you can expect is a hug from one of these gentleman. This was my first and last time coming to the show. I would only recommend it for someone who wants to do PG13 to celebrate a bachelorette.

  139. Rebecca R.

    I went based on the reviews and found the show to be boring. Some of the men are hot, most not so much. The guys cater to the audience. They interact with numerous ladies in the audience and make sure to include them, which is great. But the effort that the men put into the dances onstage was lacking. I felt that the costumes and dances were cheesy and the show was not worth the amount of money that we paid. The guys didn’t seem into it, and the overall creativity and organization of the show was terrible. Had a much better time watching Jabbawockeez. It was also a little too short time-wise. The drink service was terrible, with only two waitresses for the entire audience. No food available, the bar was disorganized. My friend saw “Fantasy” and said that it was much more creative and that the women showed way more effort and interest in the show that they were doing (surprise, surprise). TDU is a crowd-pleasing show for most of the women and definitely one of those “out with the ladies” type thing, but I wouldn’t pay to go again.

  140. Laura G.

    First of all, it’s not on Post Road it’s a show in the Excalibur Casino. They start off by saying it’s the best reviewed all male show in Las Vegas according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. I’ve seen Chippendales on tour and it was better than this show. The showroom was drab, dark and had tables set up in a strange way. My seat actually faced a wall, not the stage. After the show started I can see why they set them up like this, but it’s just cramped and tacky. There is a warning that they will be using lights and a smog machine however, there is no warning that you might get stripper water poured all over you. GROSS!!! Maybe I just had too high of hopes because I remember how great the Chippendale dancers were. This show can not compare. The dancers were not in sync, and a lot of the focus in the begining of the show was on some long haired heroine chic looking guy. They kept ripping their pants off only to find another pair of pants below. Fool me once okay that’s funny, do it over and over again all through the show, it’s just dissapointing. Some of the show was pretty funny, but mostly lame.

  141. Lisa H.

    Ah don’t waste your time or $$$$!!!Here is what I expect from a strip show:Hot bodiesLots of SkinSexy DancingHere is what I got a Thunder:CostumesHardly any skinCorny dance routines from what looked like a very sad boy bandLip syncing to the music (why is that sexy?!)It seemed to us that it was more of a musical then a strip show. The show was super short and all they did was dance like boys bands in costumes. I didn’t pay to see you in a pirate costume I paid to see your body. If I wanted to see costumes I can wait till Halloween when it’s free!! I was so excited for this show cause I had heard so many good things, but I was totally let down!!! They hype was not worth the $$$. Save it for drinks at a nightclub.

  142. Christina M.

    Fun show and good looking guys. It was kind of short and a little cheesy and lame though. For being the famous Thunder From Down Under they were not all synchronized very well at all. Pretty much any seat you have is a good seat since the showroom is kind of a small venue. Fun overall!

  143. Vinolie C.

    This isn’t my first time to the show and I am never disappointed. The show in my opinion has the best line of the most handsome guys. There is an opportunity to take pictures with all of them at the end and for those who want a take away its totally worth it. This is the 2nd bachelorette party I am planning and if you have more than 5 girls its best to call the show directly. The first few times I made the mistake of going through a 3rd party planning company and was so sad at the customer service. BRIE AND MELISSA (702-701-7778) are beyond wonderful. They really do want you to have the best time and 150% customer oriented. No hassle and best pricing and packages out there. A must see if you are with your girl friends or any kind of special occasion πŸ™‚

  144. Alison M.

    I enjoyed this show – my friend who had never been to Vegas decided we were going to squeeze this into an already jam-packed 4-day weekend so we managed to snag tickets same day for an 11pm show. It wasn’t fully sold out but by the time the show was about to start it was probably at 80% full. The performers are all adorable – muscled to perfection – and seem to enjoy being oogled and lusted after night after night by countless women. It’s reasonably priced at about $60 a person and was well-worth that price. At the end of the show you can line up and have your photo taken with the men from the show of your choice for about $20. We didn’t do it but we did sit and watch a bunch of other gals doing it – looked fun. All good clean fun gals – plus it’s fun to objectify men in Las Vegas after seeing all those boobies and escort cards.

  145. Susan L.

    I definitely did not expect how delicious TFDU would be!!!! I went for a girlfriend’s bachelorette and was anticipating going to the show all weekend.Try to get the front tables if you want a close up of the men and to liken your chances of getting picked to come up on stage. I seriously did not know what i was in store for. Australian-born men with amazing to-die-for bodies jumping and dancing around! I believe TFDU is a definite must for all women to do at least once in their lifetime.Doors open up half an hour before the show starts. So do try to get their early if you plan on drinking at the show because service at the bar was a bit slow. Plus if you get their early they have a little video of the men modeling for you. So you get a chance to see what kind of men will be in store for the night. ;)Lets just say I lost my voice from all the screaming and my hands were hurting the next day from all the clapping and banging on the table that night. Lol. Minus one star for not being one of the bitches that were picked to come up on stage. Boo! Lol. But it’s okay. Maybe next time πŸ˜‰

  146. Arielle E.

    I went for a bachelorette party and it was fun but felt kind of gross and slimey. The other girls really enjoyed it but the guys were barely average dancers and felt very forced. Each guy picks a girl to bring up on stage and it gets very dirty like sticking hands in pants so don’t go up if you’re not ok sticking your hand down a guys pants. Also one of the guys spit water everywhere which I assume they thought was sexy but was honestly so gross — having a stranger spit water on me isn’t really my idea of fun. It actually ruined one of my friends dresses because it was a silk dress. Honestly not worth it — go get drunk somewhere instead, Vegas is full of hot guys if you’re really craving some ab action.

  147. Dodanie D.

    My friends and I caught TFDU for the first time on Friday, 3.27/09, front row seats, very near the center of the stage and we sure had a most enjoyable, funny, wild, crazy time! The show is less than an hour and a half long and fast-paced. I think there was only one male in the entire audience! Just some thoughts for those planning to see TFDU: When you seen this show, forget your inhibitions, just go for it especially if you happen to be selected to go up the stage. This is not the time to be vanilla! You can be seated in the back rows and get chosen by one of the hunks! It’s nice that the TFDU men cover the back areas of the packed theater as well. On the night we watched, a couple of women in the back tables/rows were “requested” by the emcee to participate but they declined! The tables are just too close together, it was difficult to get in and out so come early! Another tip: don’t hesitate to have your photo taken with the guys after the show! And be prepared to lose your voice!

  148. Quisha H.

    This show is a hilariously good time for a girls night out if you’ve had a few drinks and don’t take it to seriously. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny but I definitely laughed my @$$ off at he so-called dancing. If it’s your birthday or you just want some attention from the guys wear a BDAY/wedding sash or tiara and they’ll come around to give you a hug at some point.My friends and I bought discount tickets off Goldstar which I have to say is your best bet, really no need to pay full price unless you’re super desperate for some man action and need to sit in the front row.Drink before you get here because the line for the bar is ridiculous. Also on the night we went admission also got you free wristbands for Cathouse where there was free Champagne until midnight. Not to shabby.

  149. DexterRexter

    Great interaction with the crowd. The host is fantastic and keeps a nice flow to the show. The guys are hot! Nice dance routines, and the entertainment value was fantastic. I saw the Chippendales, but if you had to pick; go THUNDER! December 2015.

  150. Kaitlyn D.

    I’ve seen the show twice. Once in Vegas and once on tour in ABQ, NM. Both times were so much fun. A great show for a fun girls night out! The guys are hot, the accents are sexy, and the music is rockin! The guys are great and get down in the crowd and involve as many guests as possible. The prices are great for the amount of fun you will have with your girls. Both times I have seen the show they had the classic firefighter, cop, cowboy, etc. But they also mixed it up a bit with other fun dance routines. At the end of the show you can take a photo with the guys for $20. All in all, it’s a fun show that you can go to with friends to have a memorable night staring at a bunch of hot guys.

  151. Crystal L.

    Great show for a girls night out! Definitely a Vegas must when you go to Vegas. The guys were not only super sexy but very nice. We took a photo with them after and the all happily signed it for us. Will be going back next year πŸ˜‰ haha

  152. Cathy H.

    * Giggle *Nick Lachey look-a-like.* Swoon *CPR certified “resuscitation from the mouth to South”* Hot *

  153. Kim H.

    We had a blast! Yeah, the dancing in the beginning wasn’t the greatest, but who cares! They were hot hot hot!!! I do have one complaint though… Too short! Definitely going to be a tradition for future Vegas trips!

  154. Ashley M.

    PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!This show is fun, sexy, and endlessly hilarious! The thing to remember is that this is not a strip club and that’s a good thing! Buy the tickets and show up- that’s all you have to do for a great time. A few of the guys seem to love what they’re doing too- maybe they really do love it, or maybe they are just good actors, but either way- it adds so much to the experience because you feel like you’re having fun WITH them. I bought tickets for this as part of bachelorette party plans. It was the best decision I made for the weekend but honestly, I’d recommend it for ANY girls’ night out.

  155. Stephanie U.

    I went to see Thunder Down Under on Friday night for a bachelorette party. Gotta love those Aussie accents! I give a personal thumbs up to Marcus, who gave us QUITE the show. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) I last saw this show three years ago, and it was just as fun.I’m really only giving three stars (would give three-and-a-half, if a half system were in place) because the audience participation skits tend to make me cringe; our evening, a grandmother went up on stage. I’m still a bit traumatized by the mental image, but hey, I’m glad she got to get her rocks off. Ha!

  156. moneyman2

    This show was borderline cheesy and raunchy = perfection for any bride to be. Some of the routines were a little out there (think tarzan) and some where straight out of Magic Mike. Be aware though the performers run/jump/grind on the tables so clear them! My phone almost got crushed by a couple of firefighters.

  157. Colleen T.

    Do it. DO IT!This is a great show for any occasion- and if you are the kind who wants to take their guy to it, you can. I have seen it.These guys are pretty cool, and do some really funny stunts. The best part, though, is when they take a girl up on stage! You really should get your friends to do it. Seating is hit and miss- with the best seats, obviously, being in the front, not the back part of the room. You might get someone in front of you who’s head takes up all the dang space, and you might have to lean to see. It gets cramped, so be aware of it.

  158. Christy C.

    Good fun! The thing that surprised me, though, was that some of the most entertaining parts featured some cool women that were picked from the crowd for the audience participation bits.My friends who have been to the Chippendales show preferred it over Thunder from Down Under because at Chippendales there’s no touching by the audience members and the dancing is better.

  159. Mireya V.

    Sadly disappointing. The men are horrible dancers and for the sub par performance you could at least give the poor girls what they came to see…more skin, sans the white running shoes.

  160. Monica J.

    I don’t really care for shows like this but I have been here twice; I went here for the first time in 2011 with my mom and my my aunt (my aunt was visiting from out of town so we thought this would be a fun thing for her to see); the show was okay….a little too raunchy and definitely more sexual innuendo with the audience; however, my girlfriend wanted to come again, for our Vegas trip last weekend since a lot of the other shows were dark; the performances were better and one of the men (Aidan) with the tattoos was absolutely gorgeous and could dance haha. I liked how the show had more dancing and less raunchy behavior. It seemed slightly more professional. My girlfriend said Chippendales’ is better, though, especially with the performances because they are actually all in sync. Whereas, for Thunder from Down Under, some guys definitely didn’t know what they were doing. NOTE: If you come to this show, you can get a free ticket through MyVegas on Facebook or the mobile app. My girlfriend and I did this and we booked our tickets online and checked the seating chart to make sure we were next to each other, but you can also call ahead to make sure you can get seats together, especially if you are a bigger group. Expect crazy ladies of all ages at this show with no shame lol.

  161. Meghan L.

    A funny thing happened when I went to go see the traveling Thunder from Down Under show at the Cache Creek Casino in Northern California. The more I drank, the more fun it was. And although I didn’t expect to, I had a good time. It played out like this…Scene: Four female, profession coworkers — a 20-something-faux-married lady, a 20-something-single lady, a 30-something-recently-divorced lady, and a 50-something-in-a-30-year-relationship lady – are at a dark, medium-sized club in a smokey casino on a Friday night after work seated close to the bar.One vodka soda in: This is going to be super cheesy. I hate dudes with better hair than me. And I especially hate dudes that grease up with saffola applied with a paint roller.Two vodka sodas in: They aren’t completely out of sync with eachother’s lame Jazzercise-like dance moves. And their outfits aren’t bad. Wow! Velcroed on pants. That’s clever. Three vodka sodas: Woooooohoooooo! Wooooooooooohooooo!!! Shake it!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, Thunder Down Under is cheesy. Yes, they have sort of silly dance routines done to sort of silly music wearing sort of silly costumes that they rip off to reveal thong underwear. Yes, there is an orgasm contest that unsuspecting women get cajoled into volunteering for. Yes, it is a good time. There is a long montage intro of all the Thunder’s TV appearances and although the Thunder dude playing Ryan Seacrest gets annoying with his intros and lame jokes, he does make up for it by getting mostly nekked later in the show.Would I go again? Probably not. Did I get my money’s worth? You bet.

  162. Carol N.

    I saw this show over NYE a couple years ago with a gal-pal. As far as male dance shows… and I’ve seen plenty in Vegas, I liked the other ones better. The music and dancing here didn’t seem as good as Chippendales. I did have a blast though! If you know you are in for some cheesy fun, then there is no problem… just don’t expect a high class production show. The guys have nice bodies. Singing was not bad and the dancing, well, hot guys shirtless… who cares how well they dance! LOL. This show is somewhat hands-on. The guys do come down from the stage running around to the different tables and interacting with various women. It was fun!After the show, you can get free entry into LAX, a nightclub at Luxor, which honestly isn’t worth the visit. You can also meet the guys after the show and take pictures with them in the bar area.

  163. harryharry

    Came here for a bachelorette party and this was an amazing fun time!!!! We were at table 24/25 and it was a pretty decent view. We were in the middle so that was totally fine!! These Australian men were HOT HOT HOT!! It is pretty funny because they seriously could not dance but you definitely could not keep your eyes off of them. They interacted with the audience a lot. They grabbed a few bachelorettes to get on the stage and definitely did their business by grinding on you and shaking their junk in your face!! The best part about it was my friend got picked and there was a competition between 3 girls. Ready to hear what they had to do??? They had to make the best “ORGASM” sound….in front of the entire audience!! My friend went last and of course, she had the best sound and “movements” as well!! The other girls won little gift bags and my friend also got a gift bag and 2 pictures with the hotties at the end of the show! (usually cost $$ to get pictures with them)They went in the audience alot and hugged girls! i poked one of the guys butt! my friend kept slapping another guys but and then he bent her over and slapped her butt!!! omg hilarious!!One of the best moments of the night was when the host did the routine in Magic Mike and pulled someone from the audience…..a GRANDMA! She was all game and pretty much had the guy get up all in her business. She even stuck her hand down there to grab ….well you know… πŸ™‚ Towards the end of the show with 5 minutes left, my friend went on stage and they showed the audience what kinds of pictures they can pose with the guys! She did two poses (one normal one) and a second pose if you were to send it to your ex boyfriend (everyone flipping off the camera)Overall, amazing time!!!!! I can now cross this off my bucket list!! NOTE:-to get on stage, where a tiara/boa/sash….etc.-throughout the show, the picked about 8 girls-75 minute show-definitely will laugh your ass off!-bar available to purchase drinks

  164. livinlikelarry

    Great show to see with you friends! The tickets are assigned for the section, not the seat. If you are planing to have the best seat, wait in line, so you can select the best one.They are great entertainers, and defiantly take a pictures and stay after the show.

  165. Queen B.

    Few times I’ve been to Vegas I would see billboards of the Thunder from down under guys and I thought to myself WOW these guys have really nice bod. Next Vegas trip w/ the girls we decided to go see the show. I am not tooo much into Australian guys and there accent. They have really nice bod and that was pretty much it. The crowd got really crazy everytime the guys would jump off stage. We got VIP soo everytime the guys would get off stage my cousin and I would slap and grab there butt. WOW I must say there booty is nice and firm. OHHH BTW the best thing bout the show is that there is NO RULES sooo u can do whatever you want to the Australian guys!!!!! 2 thumbs up for having no rules. The best moment was when a lady around her late 50 got picked to go up on stage and 1 of the guy took both of her hands and slide it into his pants. The reaction on her face was sooo funny. I cant imagine my mom doing that lol. The funniest part that I laugh my ass off is when 4 girls got choosen to go up on stage and fake an orgasm. 1 lady moan and @ the same time pretend she had a seizure LMAO, its something that you have to be there to know.

  166. brandonresh

    Amazing! Guys are sexy and hot!! They make all the ladies feel great! Best night in Vegas I’ve ever had!!

  167. Kerrie L.

    Completely and utterly RIDICULOUS.We came here for – surprise, surprise – a bachelorette party, but in stark contrast to the other partygoers, we were completely sober. Which ensured that I can reiterate with absolute confidence: completely and utterly RIDICULOUS.The show started with a very loud montage of shows that these guys have been on – the View, Oprah, Jennifer Love Hewitt talking *about* them on Jay Leno. It was essentially an extended commercial for something that we were already there for. Then the guys came out and did a group dance that looked more like an aerobics routine than the HAWTEST ALL-MALE REVUE IN THE WORLD. This is how it went:1. Group dance: aerobics, aerobics, aerobics…FLASH CHEST! (crowd screams)…aerobics, aerobics, aerobics…FLASH ABS! (crowd screams)…aerobics, aerobics, aerobics…FLASH CHEST AGAIN! (crowd screams). Guys go amongst the crowd (crowd screams).2. Individual dance: guy comes out, does aerobics, comes out into the crowd to find a cute veiled bachelorette to join him onstage. Said bachelorette accepts lapdance, fondles chest and ass, gets a hug, and goes back to her seat. Dancer does more aerobics then returns backstage.Repeat steps 1 and 2 ad nauseum, then end show with step 1 again.We were hoping for a lot of ass, maybe a glimpse of the package, but all we got was a lot of aerobics performed by men with too many clothes on. Seriously, when they took off a pair of pants, (SURPRISE!) there was ANOTHER pair of pants on underneath. When they took off the boxer briefs, (SURPRISE!) there was a g string on underneath. They would have lasted freaking forever in a game of strip poker. I’m giving them an extra star for the sheer amusement they gave me (I laughed A LOT during this show), and because one of the guys shook my hand at the end. Oh, and for all the Guns ‘N Roses and Bon Jovi. But really, why do women have to sit through all this crap when female strippers get right to the point and go straight for the pole? Hey Mick Dundee, dispose of the cheese and just show me your damn goods.

  168. Nickie G.

    Things I love: hot bodied guys minimally dressed. Add in a foreign accent and the panties are coming off. So why wouldn’t I want to go see Thunder from Down Under? I was asked to go by a coworker on our recent work trip and my immediate response: HELLS YEAH!Our tickets turned out to be in the very front row to the left of the stage. At first I was worried it would be like those traveling male reviews or the seedy male strip clubs where they walk around accosting you for dollar bills and the ones you don’t find attractive rub their sweaty asses all over you. Not sexy. But luckily this is a SHOW and all the guys are hot so any rubbing will be fine with you. Promise.All the guys are hot. Especially the guy with the long hair. I also kind of liked the dirty, smarmy little emcee. Hey, I have a thing for shorter guys with longer hair and all the tats and somewhat greasy look was right up my alley. I could envision this guy in the Magic Mike role played by Matthew McConaughey. Anyway, perhaps could have done without the knee braces on a couple of guys, but I guess they need to protect their knees so they can dance another day.A lot of the guys can dance. Not all of them are the greatest dancers but some of them are totally rocking out up there. Simulated sex moves on the floor or on top of some lucky girl from the audience were hot too!The guys will jump off the stage and walk across the tables right in front of you. We actually ended up getting sprayed with water (I think it was water from that beer bottle and not actual beer) as the guy poured it on himself on top of our table. Um yes. He also kissed me on the cheek so that was fun. They will bring up bachelorettes and other unsuspecting ladies for some fun on stage…including one grandma that was fucking hilarious. Speaking of patrons, there was excitement but none of that nasty, too drunk chasing and groping. So basically keeping it as classy as you can in Vegas anyway.Definitely less prancing in the G-string than I thought they would be. More costumes on and the G string came out at the end for just a few moments. Might have liked to see a BIT more G string but the costumes/fantasy is what makes it hot anyway, right?There was a guy on stage that appeared to be new and kept getting lost and we watched the other guys pointing which direction to go. The guy was hot so it was ADORABLE. He just kept smiling and plowed right on through it. Tip: get a buzz before you go. There wasn’t a lot of time for drinks to be ordered/served – she only came to our table once during the show. So liquor up beforehand.After the show you can have pictures made with them, etc. I’m not sure what it costs but it looked fun. I considered it for my Christmas card this year but then decided naaaaah. Maybe next time. Ladies (or gay men) – go check out the Aussie hotties!! Then go out afterwards when your hormones are raging and find some mere mortals to talk to!

  169. Vanity M.

    Let me tell you something this is waaaaay better than the Chippendales show and I am going again for my 21st birthday! I recommend watching them after the chippendales if you plan on going to both show. These Aussies are hella hot! get the VIP tickets you won’t regret it!!!

  170. nickstrip

    Great dancing! I was a little bummed really young dancers I mean they looked 20.. So wasn’t that hot.. Not like the poster! They should say what group will be dancing so you know πŸ˜‰ but was still fun!

  171. larry1

    Only one thing to say about Thunder From Down Under Show- BORING!!!! The dancers appeared tired and like they were just going through the motions..Marcus, the host, was the only dancer who’s routine was worth watching, and his time was for about 2-3minutes, prepare to be bored until his performance. Go see Chippendales at the Rio instead, for girl’s night out their show is much better!

  172. Lisa K.

    Holy cannoli. I was expecting the cheez, but they brought so much more.Not so easily bemused girls will be. Guys are hot, chiseled, and athletic. Not enough skin? Turn on a damn computer if you want to see dong. You get enough here. Come on ladies, it’s hotter during the leadup than the real thing sometime. If you watch this and don’t wish you were the audience member being laid down on a picnic table by a muscular guy with no shirt on listening to the crowd cheer her on, then you have no soul.The audience really makes it, though. Make sure the bride wears something like white, a veil, a sash, a bullseye, whatever – get her on stage. Nothing beats seeing one of your best friends have to fake an orgasm on stage alongside another bride with a giant inflatable penis named, “Sergeant Pecker.” Nothing. And the free Hypnotiq-flavored lip gloss from the grab bag you win for not having the best fake orgasm is not that bad either. Be prepared to lose your voice from screaming and your mind from visuals.

  173. Jim K.

    I don’t actually go here…I recommend the guys hang out front and wait for the show to end. Hoards of wedding shower ladies and strike teams of cougar MILFs roll out of this place ready to pounce the first male member of the species. It’s not even fair, like shooting fish in a barrel.Of course, I would never stoop to such lows. It’s just wrong. However, if you have been striking out, check the show schedule! πŸ˜€

  174. rodneyerm

    Sexy, hilarious, and fun. I wish my friends and I had paid more to get seats in the center of the room or in front of the stage because that’s where 95% of the interactions and table-top dances take place. We still enjoyed the show though! If you’re here for a bachelorette party and look like a bride-to-be (i.e. white dress, tiara, and sash), you will most likely be invited on stage by the performers. Buy tickets to this show! You will not be disappointed. The performers do not accept tips, but you can pay (cash) to take a picture with them at the end of the show.

  175. Nicole S.

    Bachelorette party MUST! The guys are fun and the servers are quick with the drinks. It’s $20 per person to take pictures with them after so bring cash. They’ll pick you up or let you sit on their lap or just stand there and smile. Super fun!

  176. Sandra F.

    At first I wondered if we were going to get any Cheetos to go along with the show. The venue is kind of disgusting, cramped and the Excalibur is a dirty place. The show had the worst video quality and lighting ever. Lighting was mostly back lit and blinding. Couldn’t get a drink to save your life. Show was half over by the time that happened. The boys were all cute as usual and the show typical of a male revue show. Same policeman, fireman, doctor…etc. Moved to an inner table to avoid being spit on with beer or slobbered on by one of the guys. No phones or pics allowed and no tipping. They charge 20.00 per person for a photo after the 1.5 hour show. It’s cheesy quality and you get a free e-mail pic. Price was advertised at 53.00 but we ended up paying 73.00 for no reason.

  177. Rebecca N.

    OMG! I went to see the show with my friend to celebrate my 21st and it was worth every penny! Even though they were all sexy, Alex is still my favorite! A little tip from me would be to use the coupons from those coupon books, and book the show at least a day in advance to get good seats! Will definitely be returning for another show! I regret not wearing a birthday girl sash but now I’ll know for next time. Believe me girls, whether you’re celebrating your birthday or having a bachelorette’s party, WEAR YOUR SASH! You’ll definitely get special treatment πŸ˜‰

  178. williamr

    Fun night ! The guys performances was fun & sexy. Can’t wait to go back with my girlfriends (:

  179. Jen R.

    Amazing show! These guys are so charming and entertaining. I always make it a point to watch this show whenever I’m in Las Vegas or even when they are on tour in my neck of the woods.

  180. Gina G.

    Oh bachelorette parties…Why do women flock to these places? The majority of the women who come here are over-weight, middle aged and horny. I felt extremely out of place. I really wanted to see gay men in the audience. NOT A ONE! This place reeked of disappointment.- The one decent looking guy had a “superman” tramp stamp on his lower back WITH flames. (shocker)- No nudity. not even close. This is Vegas, people! Not Lancaster, PA. – $54 for admission to be up front was a waste of money- $27 for ONE cocktail, which eventually got spilled all over the place everywhere.- $20 per person to take a photo with the guys at the end, no matter if you want a copy of the picture or not. – The show was like an hour long. – The music was terrible- The dancing made me feel like I was at an N’Sync concert…. especially as the guys were lip syncing to the words. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT waste your money, unless you have cash to burn. And if that is the case, then my email address is americangemzjewelry@yahoΒ… feel free to make a PayPal donation to my honor.

  181. Kari S.

    If you want to watch guys dance around to super cheesy in-synce numbers then you need to go to this show. Most of the songs were enwer but the rest were really old. No cameras are allowed inside so make sure you don’t bring one. I highly recommend throwing back a few drinks down below at Dick’s Last Resort prior to heading upstairs for the show. Drinks are expensive and very week.

  182. Rhia R.

    VIP is the way to go for this all male review. Our group of 6 snagged a spot near the front of the stage, which made for a very memorable girls night out. We started picking out our favorites as the show progressed. I made sure to stand next to mine when we took a group photo with them afterward. I’m gonna have to frame that sucker. *sigh* Oh, how I love men with Australian accents.

  183. anthony1

    !!!!!!!! More more more!!!!!!They need a longer show, our seats were the last row, but you can still see great because it’s a small room. They did not come back to the last row, mostly they moved around to the middle. My friend was visiting from Cali for divorce party!! Maybe if they had 5 more guys at each show, they could distribute the guys all around the room better!!!! Dress light because in there it’s hot hot hot !!

  184. Dani S.

    How can anyone give this less than 4 stars? HAWT naked men stuting their stuff, I’m seeing stars!This is a definitely a must stop for birthday or bachelorette party! Our bachelorette got pulled onto the stage for some one on one “action”! The details I cannot disclose as I do not want to be strangled by her fiancee.Apart from being super hot, the guys were pretty funny. The show is super cheesy, but hey that’s what you come to Vegas for! Us 14 girls really enjoyed it!

  185. Gigi R.

    I came in with such low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the show. Honestly, I was expecting a corny cheesy rendition of Magic Mike but I was blown away by how great the performance was. The show is hilarious and had me laughing so hard that I had stitches. Ladies watch your drinks if you’re sitting in the tables in front of the stage. Place your drinks underneath your chairs, since the dancers will jump from the stage onto your table. I was sitting in seat 1 and had two drinks on the table and the dancer expertly dived from the stage onto our table without any party fouls! Kudos to him!If you select Table 7 seat 2… you may possibly receive a lap dance from Tarzan ;). Also, if a staff member suddenly appears with a beer and places it on your table be prepared for beer bath/shower. The Tarzan dancer will do a special leap onto your table and douse himself and the table with beer. Uber/Lyft pickup is at Excalibur south entrance.

  186. Sabrina M.

    The show was completely amazing. Great view of the stage, and the guys were constantly coming into the audience and interacting, even Dylan the host. After the show you pay $20.00 to get a photo with the guys, and they do various poses. You can switch them around if you want to sit on a certain one’s lap. And after the show you can wait out by the bar to get the guys to sign the frame that your photo was put in. You get a 4×6 copy of your photo, but can email the actual photo to yourself and is big enough to be about a 5×7. I would definitely do this show again, it was well worth it, even if I didn’t get brougt on stage.

  187. Linz E.

    Let me start off with the drawbacks to Thunder From Down Under: it’s expensive. Yup, that’s the only one.But for the $70 or so that you’ll drop you get: ripped men dancing in choreographed routines while wearing themed costumes (firefighter, gangster, cowboy) that they rhythmically remove. And if you’re one of the chosen ones you just might get pulled onto the stage, and publicly molested/be made to molest one of the Aussies. It’s a total emersion into every gal and/or gay boy’s fantasy world. And unfortunately you’re not allowed to capture any of it on video/photo unless the emcee tells you to pull out your phone and snap a pic (which luckily he did while I was there).I came to the 7pm show on a Friday with four other people. Our group was a mix of gay gents, and ladies so we didn’t get too much one-on-one audience attention from the Thundering Ones, but that was preferable for me. Many other ladies were rubbed down, and rubbed up on, especially those who were there wearing a sash/veil/something symbolizing they were a bride-to-be, and I’m more of a looker than a toucher. These are very interactive shows so that’s something to be aware of going into it. And if you want any extras after (like a photo with the men) then it’ll cost you extra, $20 to be exact. And drinks aren’t inexpensive either. It’s an expensive night out, but a fun one.

  188. Katie W.

    Bought $80 per person tickets for 6 people to sit in front stage and be completely ignored by not only entertainment but also service. Lost buzz and interest in 30 minutes

  189. Rockne H.

    When enjoying a few brewskis at the Minus 5, we decided to run over to the Excalibur hotel for a locals buy one, get one free show for the Australian male review. I was excited!!We were late, but got our own table in the back. Definitely an intimate space, enough to have a lot of interaction with the dancers lol. I thought the show was ok. It wasn’t anything special and really didn’t WOW me. The dances were cheesy as I’m sure they have to be. Some of the dancers were really hot, but most were just alright. I think the host and all those Australian accents really make the show. C’mon, it’s an Australian accent! How could you not fall in love?!? LOL. Make sure you’re ready to pay a little. Even for the buy one, get one free, it came out to $35 each. Plus they wanted to charge $20 per person at the end for picture taking. I’m glad that it’s over and done. I checked it out. I’ve crossed it off my bucket list.

  190. Nicole W.

    Great girls night out. The show made me laugh and giggle so much my face hurt towards the end. They really make an effort to include as many women as they can in the show and through the acts. Only one act my friend and I didn’t care for, the rest (and the men) were great!

  191. Kat S.

    Surprisingly this male review entertained me more than I had expected. I was actually dreading this show but was forced to go due to a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. I was expecting men in thongs and banana hammocks shaking their junk around in circles that had me hesitant in going. Although they were what I was expecting (minus the junk shaking) I actually enjoyed the show. About 8 guys, featuring 3-4 out of the 8 who had solos, each theme was different, from sailors, to firemen to cowboys. It was funny to watch them all line dance, pelvic thrust across the stage, grind the air and have the older women totally groping their packages (they really looked like rectangular packages!). Overall, it was a show that was fun to watch, I loved how my girlfriends totally oogled over the guys with mediokre faces but had really hot bodies (for the most part).Another positive is their tasty jello shots, 3 for $5!I do feel bad for the bachelorettes they pulled onto the stage for the fake orgasm contest. Those poor future husbands of theirs are gonna hear their wives fake orgasms which sound like they are agonizing in pain. Arguhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  192. Alexis S.

    We celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday, the tickets came in our Night School for Girls package! We got a great group deal, so we all could afford it and I glad all my friends could be there. We weren’t sure about going to a male review because we are a little shy but after a few cocktails and a pole dancing class we were feeling more confident. We had great sits in the center, and the guys even came on our table! Who doesn’t love an ozzy accent

  193. Jordanp

    I never thought I would enjoy something like this show but I did! The performances were fun and the guys were talented. A group of nine of us went and they even took our birthday girl on stage! Lots of great music and variety. A girl in our group said she seen the show two weeks earlier and this show was completely different. She was very impressed with both shows. We really had a great time.

  194. rickywho2

    I started nodding off by the end of the show. :-/The men had nicely defined muscles and white teeth. Their dances weren’t that impressive. Only about five women got to interact with them on stage. There was no nudity (although lots of skin).I’d rather go to a strip club where:1) It’s cheaper.2) The men work harder for my money.3) You get more for your money.I mean, Thunder From Down Under is a rip off. Each woman paid at least $90 to be there and only about FIVE got lap dances. For that much money, I sure expect a whole lot more. Heck, there are prostitute cards handed out that advertise women for $35-$100 and you get to have full on gratification.

  195. Rina Khun K.

    Not! the best show I have attended but OKAY! The dancers really put an effort to there job and really look like they enjoy there performances.I purchased 8 tickets for my friends bridal shower and her guests. So the show can be a starter of the night and hoping it would be a night that she will always remember. I though that we would a least get good seating since I booked ahead NOPE! Besides, having the show be really cheesy and super played out we still had fun. The dancers were good looking and It kinda reminded me of that movie “Magic Mike”. Nothing to special or too crazy.Just a note: Pictures at the end will still cost you.

  196. Lysa T.

    Had the best time with our group of 11 ladies watching the show. Marcus does a great job playing to the crowd of ladies. If you have time stay after the show to get your picture the the fellas!!!!!

  197. Jenny L.

    10.17.10Conjure up every rumor you’ve heard about TFDU. They’re probably true. I was extremely hesitant to go to the show, but it was my best friend’s bachelorette party, and this was number one on her list, so go we must.The four of us piled in for the Sunday night show. They were showing video loopbacks of the photo shoots. I was trying to scope out if there were any lookers. So far, meh.The show started. It is every bit as cheesy as you can imagine. Most of these boys have no dance skills, but boy, their muscles show through, no matter how far back you sit.Ladies, if you want the experience of being on stage, choose the lower level seats. Buy tickets early. Scream and shout loudly when they ask for audience participation.Or, wait until the end of the show, shell out $20 per person, and have your way with the photos.Wait for them outside like groupies, so you can have your Polaroid signed. But remember, they’re off the clock, and some are willing to drink with you at the bar right outside the venue, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  198. Denisa R.

    Honestly, this is a bit of a cheesy show for my taste.If you want to go see guys performing to choreography, tease you without revealing ANYTHING, and see mother-in-laws get dragged on stage to grope the host… then this is the show for you.I will likely not be coming back here. Like another reviewer on here stated… I can see more at the beach for free.

  199. StripClub431

    Going by how sexy and macho yet approachable and down-to-earth Hugh Jackman or Alex O’Loughlin are, I thought Thunder From Down Under would be a good choice and a fun thing to do while in Vegas. And it was! The guys (some more than others, of course, based on one’s taste) are totally sexy and they know it, yet they remain sweet and friendly. After the show they came out to sign the photos, they were wearing their regular clothes and I was just baffled how casual and friendly they were, they all loved talking about their home country, they were not cocky or fake. They know women are there to have fun and they have fun with the women together, and you can really tell that they are enjoying themselves. Even though there were moments when my facial expression was like: omg, they didn’t…?! it still was all in good humor, everyone had fun, and it was not raunchy or sleazy. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

  200. Lily A.

    Forget the fireman.Forget the cop.Forget the business man.All I want all night every night is the MILK MAN!! No joke… the milk man was HOT! And it wasn’t the bangin’ body I was digging, it was his smile (*wink, wink*).I’ve been to a few male reviews in Vegas and I’d have to say this one is my favorite so far. The guys are super cute and pretty personal! Plus they’re all really from down under and have the cute accent! Highlights for me included:* The bar with really stiff drinks and drink specials! * The milk man* The Birthday Girl (my friend) going up on stage* The milk man* The group pictures where we made them do asian poses! and of course* The milk man!

  201. Abby R.

    BE CAREFUL OF THE GUYS GIVING OUT WRISTBANDS FOR LAX AT LUXOR BEFORE THE 11PM SHOW! They’re for free entry and drinks after the show but the drinks expire at 12.30am so you’d have to forgo sitting on the boys laps for a photo after the show to make it there. Otherwise the show is amazing! They’re not the best dancers but who cares? The atmosphere is awesome and it was the best show we saw in Vegas. Don’t be a chicken if you get dragged up on stage… be prepared for it and have fun or don’t go!

  202. Leilani M.

    If you’re like me, I’ve passed on this show the many times I’ve been to Vegas because I pictured cheesy Fabio-types, fit gay men and raunchy one-notch above street man-hos. I’ve also been to several parties where we hired male strippers for bachelorette entertainment, and pictured these cheesy guys that ended up being too short or giggled too much or humped too much. MEH, is what I thought when my bachelorette friend said we were going this time for her night out. The men. Are hot. Straight (or they pretend well). And have Aussie accents. And hot (did I already say that?). I kid you not. It is the equivalent of going to your butcher or meat section and seeing the best cuts of filets. There’s just enough open shirts, shirtlessness and bare ass peek-a-boos without being over the top. I’d like to be stuck on an island with these guys ;). As you read in other reviews, the men dance around and several of the guys perform a solo routine and run around the audience kissing women. Our show had 3 solos, so to “meet” all of them (I think there were like 9 total men) my girlfriends and I went up after the performance and took group photos on stage!

  203. Dana S.

    I’m gonna give a performance and production perspective on Thunder From Down Under. Yes, it does matter. I have been around artists of all types for a good portion of my life. The talent level was good. The hip hop solo dancer was the stand out for me. His level of skill was high. The other guys were fairly good dancers as well. I was impressed by the athleticism in general. It takes incredible dedication to get those bodies. The fact that they are gorgeous is a bonus. The venue was adequate for a male review. I understand the tables vertical to the stage are configured for the dancers to dance on. The back tables, however, made little sense. I am sure positioned to add revenue. I would put those tables horizontal. Viewing was limited. Pay extra for a booth. It was nice to see women of all ages and sizes being brought to the stage. The end result was a highly entertaining show with guys to fit every female taste. Great fun for girl’s night out. The male body indeed is a wonderful thing:)

  204. Lisa L.

    Really dissapointed with the management this time around overseeing the show. Obviously there are certain things allowed in showroom and I have been to show at least 5x ,its really fun but Last night I walked out and was furious! A manager talked really ugly to my friend inside the showroom basically scolding her and basically made her feel very very uncomfortable. He could of had a different demeanor and been more professional. I took him aside and gave him a peice of my mind and he wasn’t the least bit concerned that we were leaving. If water,clothing,and crotches can be rubbed on the audiences face, then when a girl touches the dancer, or plays along it shouldn’t be such a big deal……. I will not be going there for a while……

  205. Jigna S.

    Went to the show last night for a bachelorette party. It’s my second time and it was just as good as the first time I saw them! Some of the guys look kinda old but they ALL have hot bods and are great entertainers!! Great music, dancing and an overall interactive performance! It’s a male revue so no full stripping but it gets pretty close! I screamed so much I lost my voice πŸ™‚ Highly recommend it for a fun-filled and memorable ladies outing in Vegas!

  206. Veronika G.

    It wasn’t as crazy as I feared, which was good. The guys were all very good looking and ripped, so there’s that. There were a few parts that were just gross and silly i.e. the orgasm contest. We also never saw a waitress. Half way through the show one of my friends got up and got us all drinks. Overall it’s an ok show, inexpensive as shows go in Vegas, but not really memorable.

  207. Penny K.

    I read some of the other reviews and I don’t get it. I have seen the show twice and loved every minute of it. I went June 13th and November 1st. LOVED THE ROUTINES!!! LOVE THE GUYS!!!June 13th show had the pirate, fireman, gangster, swat, and save a horse ride a cowboy. LOVED IT!! I went with my sister and we loved it! Dave hugged me and Alex hugged my sister. Loved every minute!!! Marcus picked on a grandma of the bride. The grandma was laughing and having a good time. It was great!!November 1st show had new routines!!! Jungle aka Tarzan, gangster, milkman, spartacus and the awesome ending save a horse ride a cowboy. I went by myself!!!! Loved it!!!! I didn’t get a hug that time but I still loved it!!!! Matty was the host that evening and he had some fun picking on some of the women. AWESOME EVENING!!!The guys paid attention to lots of women, young old etc. The dancing was great and these guys bust their hump to put on a great show for us. I love all the routines, i can’t say I have a favorite because i loved all of them. I will say the Jungle routine was sexy and there was a funny part that cracked me up. There was a part when Alex aka Tarzan’s leg was humped by a gorilla. FUNNY!!! HILARIOUS!!! I hope they never stop doing Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. 2 things for me: Love country music and love a REAL COWBOY!!!! I would recommend these guys and the show! They are worth the price you pay. The room is nice and comfy. They have my FIREBALL WHISKEY!!! πŸ™‚ I didn’t take a picture with the guys at he end only because I hate my picture being taken. I would pay $20.00 to take a picture with them!!! I would pay to take a picture with one of them. Don’t pick on my guys! If I lived in Vegas (WISH) I would go see them every night. You need to see them!! Fun night with friends, family, hell by yourself!! πŸ™‚ GO!!! Forget the pansy chippendales, yuck. They tour the states too!! Different guys go on tour and I’m going March 18th here in Michigan!

  208. winston12

    Hmmmm well they just “moved” around and didn’t dance much. The waitresses were slow and the staff was rude. I’ve seen better for sure.

  209. Jennifer B.

    I love my Mom, she makes me smile every day even when she wants to see all the adult shows in Vegas in one trip.Our first trip to Vegas ever and she booked all the shows including this one. Yes, that’s right my Mom booked the Thunder From Down Under.I’ll start by saying Magic Mike is a fun movie for the ladies and Thunder From Down Under is fun for the ladies as well. A gorgeous selection of Australian’s finest looking men that dance for the ladies pleasure. The dancing was great at times and a little lack luster at some other times. Overall pretty good although some more practice is needed. There’s a guy for everyone, a good variety of eye candy.If your expecting to see the Full Monty this is not the show for you. You get to see the man, the chest, the legs, the dancing, and the hint of the package but never the package – a disappointment for most of the ladies but come on ladies you knew you weren’t going to see the package.Bringing ladies up on stage was nice and adds a lot of fun to the entire show. The orgasm competition between the ladies was hilarious. I was left wanting a bit more of a show since a lot of the time the stage was empty and the men were running around in the audience out of sight.Overall the show was pretty good, I think a onetime view is good for most. I wouldn’t pay to see this show more than once. I was happy to enjoy the show and have a great time. More good times to be had a different shows.

  210. Cherine A.

    If I could give these guys six stars, I would! I had SUCH a fun time at this show. I went with my mother (which had the potential to be extremely embarrassing, but it was actually a lot of fun), and we both had a blast.We went on a Tuesday night, so it was a little slow. The room wasn’t filled up, but it wasn’t completely dead either. The montage of TV clips at the beginning did drag on a bit too long, but that’s as close of a complaint as you’re going to get from me πŸ˜‰ Towards the beginning, the host asked for three adventurous ladies to come up on stage. I raised my hand, even though I’m hardly the adventurous type. Thank GOD he didn’t choose me, because (SPOILER ALERT) it ended up being a “fake orgasm” contest! I would’ve died of embarrassment. It ended up being rather funny, but only because it wasn’t me doing it.As for the show itself – okay, they’re not the best of dancers. Who cares? I didn’t come to see Riverdance, I came to see a bunch of hot guys! And on that front, they did NOT disappoint. Whew. And the host surprised me the most when he stripped – I had NO idea all those muscles were under those clothes! All of the guys were just drop-dead gorgeous. My favorites were the Hughes brothers, Adam and Dave (the blonde one). They look nothing alike, but they’re both sexy as hell. And the youngest one of the group, also named Dave (last name Harris), is quite the dancer. He’s adorable and has a slight resemblance to Justin Timberlake, only with way more muscles.At the end you could go up and pay $20 for a picture with them – and it was by far the best $20 I’ve ever spent πŸ˜‰ Seriously, if I’m having a bad day, I can just look at this picture and a goofy grin comes to my face. When I went up there, Dave (the blonde one) said, “oh, you’re really pretty, come sit on MY lap.” I just giggled and said okay… I wasn’t about to complain. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. (I’d like to point out here that I immediately reverted back to being a 13 year old girl.) After the picture was taken, Adam came around and gave me a big hug, and Dave Harris (the dancer) asked me where I was from. I told them Florida, and that I had studied abroad in Perth. They thought that was neat πŸ™‚ As I collected my picture, Donovan (the “wild child” as they called him) told me I was really pretty and gave me a hug. I know they’re paid to do it, but man, do they ever know how to make a girl feel good about herself! πŸ˜‰

  211. Aimee S.

    Amazing! We had tons of fun. My girls reserved the VIP table at the middle of the room at it was worth it. We received alot of attention from the dancers and it made it so much more fun.

  212. eddyL

    I didn’t go to this show with that many expectations of incredible choreography and stunts so I wasn’t disappointed by my hot Australian male-revenue experience. The choreography wasn’t was cheezy as expected, but fun to go with a group of girls……don’t bring your husbands and boyfriends (they will NOT enjoy it at all) The only other negative that I can say is that there truly isn’t enough nudity for this male-nude revenue….no frontal and minimal bootay. I guess I would expect more of that….however the men try very hard and are EXTREMELY nice.

  213. Mistercap12

    This is my second Thunder show, first in Las Vegas. I’d have to say this was a much better one than the traveling one I saw in Kansas City in December. The venue is intimate, and the guys are very attractive. My best friend chose this show for her bachelorette party and had a great time. Our package came with a limo ride, which was super fun. Drink prices are very reasonable here too.

  214. Jojo N.

    I’m a sucker for hot-bodied men! This show was highly entertaining! I came here with 2 of my best friends, girlfriends of course! We almost didnt make it on time because the show was at 9 pm and our flight was slighty delayed. We literally left our luggages in the service desk and didn’t even bother to powder our noses, we looked like hot messes for these hot-oiled men! It definitely made us blush and right after the show we called our significant others(back then) and told them how much we missed them, LOL! I don’t want to ruin the show for you, but it’s pretty much self-explanatory…Go with your girlfriends, ladies!

  215. fritter17

    The BEST male revue show in VEGAS!Let me explain the differences between (no names mentioned but it starts with a “c”).1) The set ups in the showroom are totally different. Thunder has long tables that allows the dancers to move from the stage and into the audience. The tables elevate the dancers above the crowd and allows FULL VIEW for the entire audience. EVERYONE has a front row seat during some portion of the show The cast works the entire roomThe other revue shows have stadium seating and aisles. The dancers ONLY work the aisles and the front areas and so you can’t see what is going on because other patrons are blocking your view.2) The entertainers are different. Thunder dancers can actually dance. The other revues have bigger bulkier guys, however the entire troupe cannot dance I only saw two of them that could actually move. Thunder men are buff and cut and look look real men, I thought the other ones were “hulked” out and freaky looking.3) If you are with a bridal party of celebrating a special occasion I noticed the Thunder Men took the time to spend a little bit of time with those to make their night extra special. They take several girls on stage for a moment of seduction which was tastefully done. Its NOT just for really young girls as they made a woman celebrating her 50th birthday feel like she rules the world. The opposite was what I experienced at the other venue. The dancers worked the aisle and were a little crude with some of the women, it was a turn off. The only real talent in this show is the singer that can actually sing and well as dance.4) Choreography: Thunder men can actually dance and are up on stage with energy and fun! The other show reminded me of a show at a gay club. Not much dancing and too much pelvic pulsating………NEWSFLASH………I didn’t go to the show for you……….I am here for me! 5) Photo Opportunity! Thunder has a couple of photo options at the end of the show. My favorite is the one that you are posed with the entire cast, laying on a chaise lounge across their laps with a hand gesture suitable for framing and gift giving to your ex! Hysterical fun!Anyways ladies………..this is a super fun and naughty show that suggests and delivers at the same time!

  216. Dianne R.

    Amazing Show!!! Very Sexy!! Took my mom for her 60th birthday we had a lot of fun!! The men were great and the entire atmosphere was so much fun!! I recommend it for any occasion!! I am sooo coming back because it was perfect!! And it’s really not that expensive for the quality of the show!! It’s worth the money and the guys defiantly know what they are doing!!

  217. Clare L.

    No. words. My friends and I went during a girls’ trip to Vegas and had a BLAST! I laughed harder than I had in months. The guys were hot, the dance moves more fun than anything else and the host was hilarious. Some of the best money I spent in Vegas. I’d definitely go back and see the Aussies again.

  218. Victoria C.

    I may not have ever been in the presence of male strippers before, but what knowledge I lack of how male strippers should perform, I make up in knowledge of other entertainment forms.PROS:1. Great host. He was hilarious and although much of what he said was clearly scripted and rehearsed, some of what he said obviously wasn’t. Very charming, funny, and cute.2. Great solo acts. These guys knew how to work it!3. Great distribution of, um, said male entertainment. They wandered the room so that everyone had good views. Not a bad seat in the house.CONS:1. Group acts sucked. The dancing was waaaay cheesy and dated, and they were terribly out of sync. They need to hire a new choreographer. And the lip syncing? Even worse. Get with the program. 2. Super spendy. $50 a head to get in. Pictures with the crew cost extra. What’s lame is that the bride-to-be who was in our party wanted a group shot with everyone. There were ten of us total and she wanted us in her pic. But, they wouldn’t let you even BE in the photo unless you paid to buy one. Really, really a ripoff. 3. No cameras or cell phones allowed. Fine. I get it. During the show, it’s not allowed. But after the show? Really? We got instantly attacked by one of the staff for supposedly taking a picture when it was really my cell phone turning on.Overall, a fun time, but def expensive. The Aussies need to upgrade their show.

  219. Ashley R.

    This show was great! The only thing is that they only really pay attention to bachelorettes/ birthday girls which is kind of disappointing because the majority of the crowd is not one of the two. However, me and my friend still had a blast & fell in love with the sexy dances! Recommended for a girls night out! Definitely pay extra for the VIP tables, that’s where they spend 95% of their time dancing!

  220. Casey C.

    Haven been to this twice, both times for a bachelorette party. Cheesy music and dancing, buff rock hard bods… very good looking guys with accents… lots of yelling screaming and music… maybe not something you’d do every time you come to vegas, but a good time if you’re with a bunch of your girlfriends and it helps to be a little more tispy and loose πŸ™‚ Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a crotch in the face :-p jk The decor of the theater was very minimal… all black, cheap chairs and tables, so don’t expect much. I think they could do with some better furniture and design. Bar in the back was so-so and watered down. Save your money with that and just drink up before the show. The Aussie men were also very nice and gentlemanly. When the show is over you are invited to order photos with them and when you’re up there interacting with them they are all very nice, no sense of arrogance or boredom. Well trained… why can’t all men be like that πŸ™‚

  221. Cassandra F.

    My girlfriends took me here for my bachelorette party. I wouldn’t recommend it to others. The guys were fairly good looking, but the dancing was comical. The only part of the show I really liked was the MC, he was funny and good looking. The girls and I joked later that the guys at Tournament of Kings were better looking, and the show was better.

  222. Sari G.

    My group came here for my bachelorette party this past weekend in Vegas. I thought it was a fun and interactive show. Lots of bachelorette parties! I was the first person called on stage and it got my party really into it. I had heard that with TDU, they are more interactive than Chippendales and that’s how I chose this place. It was a good time for sure! Be careful with the drinks on the tables because the men come and dance on top!! πŸ˜‰

  223. Kati H.

    At first I wasn’t going to review this show, but I think it deserves one because I had a great time! First, the men are hot. Very, very, very hot. I went with a group of 4 girls for our friends birthday party and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. But 10 minutes into the show I was shrieking like a little girl! The show is VERY interactive and you might want to pick seats away from the front area if you are shy! I’m pretty open, but some things at the show made me blush.The acts are pretty good. The guys actually do some impressive break dancing and other moves, not just take their clothes off. Actually, I was expecting more skin, but I am not complaining! I think the show had the perfect combination of skin and dance. Is it cheesy? Of course, what strip shows aren’t somewhat cheesy? Is it fun? HELL YEAH! It was definitely worth the money.

  224. Ann P.

    Okay, I’m not going to lie, the dancing was not the most elaborate or fancy. However, it didn’t stop us from having fun! The show is a fun girls night out kind of pit stop. We drank and watched a outrageous show of half naked men. And at some points of the show, fully naked men. My friend, who was celebrating her bachelorette party, was pulled up onto the stage. She later told me that the guy was very forceful with her. Yet she said she had a blast! It was so funny! After the show, we wanted to take a photo with the performers. So we stood in a long line. The line went all the way to the bar in the back of the theater. Once we got up to the front of the line we were told it was 20$ per a person even though we wanted to take one photo. So that’s 20$ per a person regardless of taking one huge group photo or individual photo shots. They only take cash for their photo booth. We only had $30 in cash so we told the bride to be to take a solo photo. We were pretty bummed. But the photo with the bride to be and the performers was pretty epic. She was engulfed with rows of sweaty hot men. It’s a great keepsake. Would I go back? Um, I think yes. Although, next time I know to stop by an atm machine to get cash. That way I can get a photo with all the performers.

  225. Jessie C.

    Went here over Memorial day weekend for my bachelorette and we had soooooo much fun!! it was awesome and and we all said we’d do it again in a heartbeat :)Those blokes are hott!!!!

  226. Angelina B.

    I went to this show with 4 other girls for my best friends bachelorette party of course. And it was freaking amazing!!! The guys are all sexyyyyy to the core! If you get pulled up on stage prepare to get UP CLOSE AND VERY PERSONAL!! In a way I’m pleased I wasn’t one to get picked because I prolly would have freaked out!! Hahaha But it was so much fun nonetheless!! I highly recommend going to this show for a good time with your girls! AND tickets aren’t that expensive! GOOOOO!!

  227. ryan123

    It was girls night out in Las Vegas. We snagged some tickets to the show. It can’t hurt to view a little eye candy before hitting the clubs later on that night. Some of the dancing was a little half assed (I’m a stickler for that kind of thing). But you can’t go wrong with six pack abs and naughty boy eyes case in point Marty a.k.a. Future Baby Daddy ( I’m a sucker for the eyes). It’s all in good fun, scream your head off then hit the town. Do some damage, watch out guys, the girls are on the prowl!

  228. Brittany P.

    Great time for a girls night out. I bought tickets the day of the show so I was in the back instead of the floor seats. If I remember correctly you pay more for closer seats. It is a small theater so any seats you’re in you have a good view. The floor seats see more up close and personal action and fan participation. If you’ve ever seen magic mike it is exactly like that in the best way possible. At first I thought it was a little ridiculous but by the end of the show I was “woo-ing” with the best of them. The guys are HOT to say the least haha! I don’t think I’d do it again unless dragged by someone who’d never gone before but I did enjoy the show. They charge at the end of the show if you want pictures with them, not worth it in my opinion but maybe if I was the bachlorette or something. Show is around an hour and fifteen minutes total so plan accordingly, because it is not an all night event.

  229. Alison L.

    Went here Friday night as part of a bachelorette weekend and it was GREAT! This show was so much fun, everyone in our group had a great time. If you’re a fan of the Magic Mike films, you won’t be disappointed. We opted for general admission seating instead of VIP and still had a great view of the stage (the theater itself is pretty small, so you’re never far from the action). I think some of the bachelorettes who were in VIP seats were interacted with/touched a bit more by the guys, but our bride still had a blast. Definitely recommend this for any kind of girls weekend trip in Vegas.

  230. Laura O.

    3 of us mom’s took our 3 daughters for their 21st birthday and we had a blast! We actually lucked out because I called just 2 weeks ahead and they had an empty booth that just fit 6 people…they said normally people book months in advance. Anyway it wasn’t too over the top that mom’s with their daughters couldn’t enjoy and was a once in a lifetime (my daughter only turns 21 once) opportunity for fun memories. A little expensive but worth it, fun time had by all!

  231. brattlebop18

    Had a good time seeing the show with two of my close friends during our girls trip to Vegas. The show speaks for itself, but I can tell you: think Magic Mike amplified. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing during the show because it is just so out there. I’d recommend the show especially to Bachelorette parties who seemed to have the most performer interaction. Can also take a picture with the guys for $20 extra after the show. This seems a bit over the top, but I guess it’s a nice memory to have of the night.

  232. Jamie L.

    The show is so cheesy but yet very entertaining! My girls brought me to this show for my bachy party. I sat at the non-VIP section because it was a sold-out. I still maintained to get 2 kisses from the guys running around, so not bad at all. I guess my huge bachelorette veil must have help. Overall I think it’s a great place to go for celebrating bachelorette party, but if you are looking for more ass and action, I suggest going to Olympic or other male strip clubs. Also, $20 per person for taking a picture with them is ridiculous.

  233. Fatima K.

    Is there something wrong with me? I enjoyed attending my friend’s bachelorette but this show was kind of whack.It’s more or less a bunch of grown ass men feeling themselves up while doing Backstreet Boys choreography to the best of the 90’s for about an hour. Yes, the guys are yummy and clearly work out but I couldn’t help but think they were all into the other persuasion if you get my drift. Nothing wrong with that but it didn’t do much for me downstairs. The drinks were crazy expensive and watered down. Souvenir pics with the guys were kind of pricey (not my idea but the bride gets what the bride wants) at $20 per person in the pic; cash only. At times it seemed like the men were having a better time wiggling their g-string laced buns and ding dongs in the face of unsuspecting women than I was having. I learned that women are crazy. Crazy for half naked men — they never get fully naked. Lame. Maybe it was the mob mentality, maybe it was the overpriced weak booze, but chicks were losing their damn minds. You would’ve thought it was a room full of virgins on Prom night. They were a giddy and horny bunch.They all had the sickness and they needed to get the poison out (Watch Black Snake Moan for the reference). Ladies, chill out! He probably has a boyfriend waiting for him back home (or on stage) and even if he didn’t he’s most likely not going home with you. I had never been to one of these so all in all it was kind of entertaining just for novelty sake but not really worth the money or the time, but I guess this is what these things are about. Proving to the boys that we can be just as naughty, if not naughtier than they, before the big day or something. Yawn … I would’ve given it 2 stars but I haven’t experienced better and I don’t think I will …

  234. Ai B.

    LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!Went mid May for my girlfriends bachlorette, had VIP seating (sat center right), and went along for the ride.Ok, the guys were good looking but that’s it..VIP is soooo not worth it. Especially if you’re not older, white, or have blond hair. You get no love.. not even eye contact.. My girls have never felt so discriminated. It wasn’t just our group, there was a group of Latina ladies next to us and the MC guy points in the direction of one of the ladies next to us (she happened to be the bachlorette), she stands up and heads towards him and he like gives her this weird look and tells her NOT YOU and pulls some blond lady towards the stage. Home girl looked pissed.. They need to update the cheesy montage in the beginning, lower the prices on their watered down drinks, revamp their venue and learn to be nice.Would not recommend to anyone. Just go to Chippendales!!!

  235. lyn m.

    Just go I had the best time ever at this show it was my first time and I world definitely go again

  236. Cara G.

    Wow, what can I say. Cheesy? Check.Hot bodies? Check (minus 1, but out of 7?)Loads of screaming women? Holy cow, check.Lip syncing + choreographed dances? Check.Props, like pirate wear + ladders? Check.Man, this could be a fun really long list. I thought it was seriously entertaining; about 10 of the other 13 girls I was with were falling asleep, but I think we’re all old + busted πŸ˜€ We were one of the front tables — imagine 8-10 tables, perpendicular to the stage, about 2 feet wide, seating 12 girls. Kinda stinks cuz our group had 14, and they tried to split us up with 12 at 1 table and 2 at another, but we just ganked those chairs and added them on. Guys danced on the tables, ran around the aisles to be touched. I’ll admit — I never thought I was a conservative Texan until I saw how close these men brought their bits to women, for kissing & touching & everything else. Also, I was a bit sad there were soooo many bachelorettes for my friend to compete with to get on stage — but some of those stunts, I’m kinda glad she didn’t have to suffer through πŸ˜€ And duh, what was I thinking anyway re: the show not being flooded with bachelorettes :D?This was part of a package deal for my friend’s bachelorette party, so I can say I thought it was worth it, but I think 1 time is enough for me πŸ˜€

  237. Celine F.

    When I was 18, I came to Vegas with my parents… in other words… I couldn’t do anything fun. I do remember however the one highlight… seeing a pair of gorgeous men on the strip promoting… CHIPPENDALES. bahaha. yes I know, wrong show… but I made a vow to myself that I would see a male strip show once I returned at the age of 21. So why did I choose to come here instead of chippendales? Well, mostly my guy friend wanted to see Aussies and I just wanted to see male strippers. So we compromised and came here. Tickets are slightly cheaper than chippendales but you do get free admission to the voodoo lounge with chippendales AND i’ve seen both these shows on TIX4TONIGHT for reduced prices. Before I start I’d like to say that there’s no… frontal nudity…. if you get what I’m saying. I am perfectly fine with that. The back is where’s it’s at anyways and they do show their… buns :DI can’t review the bar because I didn’t drink so this review is solely on the show itself. Yes the choreography is cheesy. Yes the males bums are cheeky. Yes the dances are corny. BUT THAT’S WHY IT’S FUN.The number one reason I loved this show was the MC. He was hilarious and knew how to work the crowd and throw out jokes and interact with everyone.Another big seller for me was that the guys are very respectful towards men. There’s was only about 4-5 guys in the venue and the aussies always shook their hands or clapped them on the back. I was with a guy and an aussie shook his hand and kissed me on the cheek.The men do dance a lot into the crowd, on the tables and with women. There’s a lot of interaction. If you’re lucky, you get picked and they do a … what’s the word?…. “SPECIAL” ;)dance with you on stage. Although I noticed most of these women were the ones celebrating a birthday or a marriage or an event of some kind. One woman was celebrating her divorce! Go figure. The only slight negative I have is that some of the men don’t know their choreography and would mess up. and…. for all we know… the guys could be american because your don’t actually hear them speak. Though the MC did say they were all “born and bred” in Australia.OH AND: If you stick around you can take a pic with the gorgeous hunks

  238. Ashley W.

    So it was mostly just dancing (with clothes on) and only 4 out of the 8 guys there actually did a strip tease. And one of them was the host of the show which was an 40+ aussie. They mostly focused on unattractive and older women. Not worth getting seats up front because they barely paid attention, let alone even dance for the front row. It was fun but definitely a let down at the end of things…

  239. Johnson12

    This show is basically Magic Mike without the nudity. You get to see a few butts a few times, but that is it. If you’re looking for more, don’t go to this show. The guys remain mostly clothed for most of the time. They come out in long sleeves and pants and dance for a few minutes before pulling off their shirt. Then they dance for a few more minutes before giving a glimpse of their butts (pull down their pants and shake it for a few seconds). Only a few of the guys took their pants off and only for a few seconds at the end of their part of the show. They dance to poorly choreographed numbers, some of which are pulled directly from Magic Mike. Only a few people get to go up on stage. They focus only on elderly women and a few of the bachelorettes (some were completely ignored) that are there. There were several grandmas who had several close up experiences with the dancers, while my niece and I and everyone near me, saw them only from about 20 feet away at the closest. A few guys jumped up on the tables at the center of the room, but they never came near the groups beyond the front few tables. From where we were sitting, there were times when we couldn’t get even a glimpse of the dancers because they were too far back on the stage. Those people who say this show is interactive must have sat at the center and front tables and were completely oblivious to what went on around them. Like I said, 20 feet was as close as they got to us during the show. There wasn’t even an attempt to get the crowd beyond the first few tables involved. There were no waitresses that came to our section. If you wanted a drink, you had to walk to the bar to get it. There was a lot of talking from the emcee, and not much dancing. At the end of the show, you can go up and have your picture taken with the guys as they sit with their shirts off (8 guys, I think, 4 sitting, 4 standing behind them). You get the choice of different poses. One picture = $20 cash only and you can also have the digital sent to your email.The guys were very sweet to my niece. She wanted a pic with them, so I paid the ridiculous fee. She’s young and tiny and cute and they treated her like a kid sister. We were promised that if we stuck around at the bar outside of the venue that they’d come out and autograph the pictures. However, only a few of the dancers came out. The workers at TFDU said “they’re coming” when asked if anyone else was coming, but we waited over an hour and no one else came out. Overall, we were both disappointed and I would heartily dissuade anyone else from wasting their money on this show.

  240. Kathryn D.

    I have never herd of this show until I attend to it when i was 21. first trip to Vegas, of course you want to do everything that may give you a thrill.I definitely had no idea what to expect at first…my first thoughts? OMG AUSSIE MALE STRIPPERS! hahaha. just a horny girl with a horny mind right?but there wasn’t such a thing as full nudity at this joint. but it was extremely entertaining!!!! haha. more so of a HUGE TEASE. uggh… if girls can have blue balls…. then this would be one of the reasons why. yes, it was quite cheesy. but these men definitely can move it and shake it very well…. some are very talented dancers!!! the group dances was the cheesiest part, but the solos were my favorite! and of course they are going to go up to the elderly women and women who are getting married or have a birthday… it’s a nice little surprise to be pulled on stage. i was lucky, being young, not married, and not a blonde and was pulled on stage for the first solo act. it was quite embarrassing but so much fun! so the guys do not discriminate! that’s pure bull, they may preferences..don’t we all?they all seem friendly, sweet & super charming! 20$ for a pic with the fellas was well worth it. especially when you attract the attention of one. the best part? they do a f_ck off picture for an ex-boyfriends haha. 4 stars because you don’t see the real down under part LOLmost were beautiful, others were butthisfaces… but they all get the women wild! it was both entertaining from the men & the crowd. so worth seeing if you looking for smiling dancing, athletic eye candy who likes to shake their treasures for a living

  241. Nida K.

    I’d totally be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy this. This show was AWESOME!! Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe these guys just know how to work a room full of ladies. Of course I was with a bachelorette party and we were here for some fun. I actually wasn’t even interested in going to this but it was in the itinerary and I’m not one to be a party pooper. We got there right when it was about to start so our seats were off to the side which ended up being a big bummer. WHY? Because the hot dudes only go in the middle. So, my advice… GET THERE EARLY. These guys fickle with all the typical women’s fantasies — dressing up as firemen, cowboys, etc., seducing girls in the audience, and dancing their booties off, and yes… I saw a LOT of BOOTY! My only wish was that our party was sitting the main crowd and that the show was longer. I was totally sad when it was over because it all happened so fast and I was having a good time… completely SOBER, I might add. If you’re on a girl’s trip, do it. It’s awesome. Chippendale’s is next on my list! Hahaha.

  242. Rekia K.

    This was apart of our girls getaway to Vegas. I am totally not into male strippers at all, but I had a really good time. My favorites are Aiden and the host (don’t remember his name). Good show for girls who want to have fun.

  243. Debbie W.

    Went there for a friend’s birthday celebration and left quite disappointed. What’s all the hype with this show?? We came to see the sexy Australian men dance and take their clothes off. They were uncoordinated in their dance moves and had a rookie that kept looking at the others while dancing to make sure he was keeping up. After doing the routine for so long don’t you think it would come easily and/or be second nature for you?! I get it, we’re in Vegas to just have fun, but they seemed blasΓ© and “unprofessional” if you will. The dancer who’s the “triathlete” actually pulled out his cell phone at the beginning of one dance to check a call or text! They only had 3 brides-to-be on the stage and even those dances were short and disappointing. The host was very entertaining and was more engaged with the crowd than the guys dancing. He pulled 3 random women from the crowd so we as an audience can vote on who had the best fake orgasm. WTF, I didn’t come here to see and hear women act and make climatic noises just to win a poster and calendar…. At the end, they announce that everyone is going to come up and take pictures with all the guys. It’s not until you get up to the front of the line that you realize it’s $20 per person. Well, when you’re in a large group, that’s a lot of money to dish out on top of what you already spent to see them. Also, no one ever saw a cocktail waiter or waitress going around to the tables. If you wanted to get a drink, you’d have to get it yourself at the bar.To tell you the truth, the guys seemed to just go through the motions while on stage. We came to see hot Australian men dance and admire their bodies; no one cared what their names were, where they were born, or how long they’ve been in the TFDU group- just being honest. As friends, we were still able to enjoy the time we had together while there. Turned lemons into lemonade if you will. We could’ve used the money spent on the show for drinks at the bar at our own hotel. Best part of the night was when it was over

  244. T.c. C.

    Fun show for the ladies and its always great to see some eye candy on a work night! The room has good seating and that’s always a good start. When you go as a group its a lot of fun time out with the ladies but some of the guys seemed to be new or maybe not the right type to be on stage because they seemed awkward. Most of the guys got really loud and crazy responses from all the ladies and others didn’t. A few of the guys also seemed too old to be doing this, hint its time to look for other type of work. In all we had fun because there’s a bunch of guys on stage and that itself is always fun. Hopefully they find some other guys and update the beginning video that was very old. We loved the guy who played a fireman and watered himself down. That part was hot.

  245. Amanda C.

    Thunder is sooooo much better than that other male review at the Rio. Their audience interaction is throughout the whole show. Basically you’re part of the act. Such a great time. Thanks guys!

  246. Katrina P.

    I went to the show as a part of my Holiday visit to Vegas. The show was great enough for time money and excitement. sexy bodied men with chiseled abs, firm booties, and sex appeal. the guys put on a nice show. a lot of dancing, booty shaking, funny/humorous tricks, and sexy lap dances. a lot of cheering and screaming from the audience. the Audience ages vary from early 20s to late 40s which is good. you will be entertained by audience’s atmosphere and activity as well. the dances aren’t that good, but that’s OK because I am here to ogle the chiseled abs and the bare booty! I am a butt type a girl.My only complaint is that time went fast, and I haven’t had enough personal with the guys. The audience is too large for everyone get their fair share. maybe next time I will have a male stripper coming to my house for my personal enjoyment. my birthday is approaching.

  247. kenston12

    Came here for a convention and had a number of things on my bucket list. Seeing these hotties were definitely one of them. I’m so happy I got to witness such hotness. Ladies bring you girls, bring your moms and granny. Fellas bring your ladies, so what if you gotta see another’s man ass. After your lady leaves this show her undies will be so wet she’ll wanna just give it to you!! Thanks guys for a great and fun night. Y’all were amazing. Pretty sure I lost my voice screaming at excitement. Aidan was my fave cuz he had that island boy touch. But all the men are gorgeous and super sweet.

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