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953 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Green Door

  1. Weedman420

    People here are too eager to *just watch*. Not a lot of swingers here. Just exhibitionists.

  2. Cheri A.

    I went the the Green Door and all I got was a bottle cap remover.I went to dinner at Lotus of Siam and I noticed in infamous Green Door in the same parking lot. I have no idea how I knew what it was…maybe a movie or something but my curiosity got the best of me.Well it was still daylight so there was only one lady there….with a towel wrapped around her and a male employee.The gal gave a tour of the place and told stories of men lining up and gang banging her and how she had sex on the bar the night before.There were a few other stories too….it made the visit unforgettable.I am giving it 3 stars for their hospitality.___________________________________________That’s my story and I am sticking to it….I need to go wash my hands now.

  3. Mohamed A.

    To be honest with you all, It was my first time goin to Vegas and I was referd to this place by a freind and he said ” Just try it out ” and I,m like Ok .. I went there friday night and the Cover charge was 100$ for singels .the General Atmospher was good in General and it was like 10 PM then ppl start arriving after 11. you will see people just taking a look and woundering a round and just curious to see what `s this place is all about.. and there is alot of rooms for swingers and you gonna have the apportunity to have a close look on those coupels. if you were singel your chances might be little to win someting but.. you may be taking a look and there is to coupels are having fun and they just gonna wave to you to join the party and that`a what happen with me. you will get bored evantually woundering from room to room without knowing what more to do after you explored everything .. that`s all what I have to say and I think my rating is fare enough.

  4. curtis17

    I only give this place 2 stars because I gave their neighbour Fantasy Swingers Club 1 star. I suppose they should get an extra star because there were actually people at this club unlike their neighbour.While this place looks much nicer than the next door swingers club Fantasy I didn’t bother wasting my money on this place either. There were creepy guys hanging out front. Just what a girl wants at the swingers club (rolls eyes) The guy at the door was extremely rude and after being put off by Fantasy I was in no mood for bullshit. You’d think for a place as dead as it was all but the creepy guys they’d be more friendly and inviting to get an attractive female through the doors.Not impressed with the Sins of Sin City!!

  5. ryan123

    Great place to let it all hang out and have people watch youwould be awesome it it was crowded oftenget the weekend pass its worth it

  6. Jen K.

    Yeah, a swinger’s club prolly sounds pretty glamorous in theory, but … Think about it. Its pretty much for people that lech for sex. We (couple) had to pay a $40 total cover, I think. Singles ladies are a little more expensive, and singles guys are close to $100. It was like, over a year ago, my bad. Its just as shady as it sounds. People just troll around, looking in all of the dim crannies of the two-level club for people banging. We saw a couple of scenes. It was surreal, just to watch strangers do it for the free world to see. There were themed rooms, like golden shower rooms and bondage rooms. And there were stripper poles and boxes of Kleenex everywhere. We just went to check it out. I have no intention of ever going again. Its just one of those Vegas things that you have to experience first hand. And then go home and shower in bleach. One of the pros, though, is that because of some kind of weird legal loophole, you can’t sell liquor in a place that commercializes sex (or something??) so they just give the liquor away for free. I didn’t however take advantage of this phenomena, as I didn’t want anything from that place to touch my mouth. * off the strip, non-casino

  7. Faye U.

    I was hoping to finally get laid for 2012 while in Vegas. Didn’t happen. Yep, I went to a swinger club and left empty. Okay, I didn’t actually get to go in. But I drove there and parked. It was hard to find and in a very seedy shopping center. Nothing there for me since there were all these Korean restaurants and I hate Korean food, and a gay bar/gym/bath house and I’m not a gay male.I went in and had to pump the young woman up front for info, as well as the young bouncer who came over soon after. I’ve been to a few of these types of places before in California, and I didn’t have to prompt them to give info. They gave me all the info I needed without me having to ask. Come on, I’m painfully shy, this is too hard to do. But I got a feeling that they weren’t all that eager to have me over there. Not welcoming like other swinger clubs. They wanted $20 if I was to come in, but they told me that there was hardly anyone there right then and that more people would show up after midnight. I had no urge to drink that night, but I also found it incredibly lame that they don’t allow BYOB like other swinger clubs. So how to break the ice first? No fun if everyone’s stone cold sober there. Does everyone swig some booze in the parking lot, go into a gay male bar for booze first, or into a Korean bar as a white lady and get stared at like a fish out of water while trying to get some soju before going into a very DRY swinger club?!Also, rubbers aren’t free here. But this is Vegas, where they nickel and dime you for everything.I really wasn’t sure what to expect for the Vegas swing club scene. I mean, it was early in the week and about 9 pm, but when I drove down the strip to get there, it was packed with all these hot young men out there walking around, no matter how early in the week it was and no matter if it was “only” 9 pm. So I expected that since the strip was jumping that it wouldn’t be dead here either. Anyway, I left after they unenthusiastically answered my questions. On my way to the car, this yucky 45+ creepy ass creep came from out of nowhere and asked me, “Are you going to the Green Door?” I shouted “NO!” I know he was just angling for couples’ admission vs. what he’d have to pay to go in by himself, but I wouldn’t even pretend to know this weirdo. Besides, what the hell would be in it for ME?!YMMV. Try it later in the week, and know that the party gets started really LATE at this place, unlike those in CA where 9 pm is just fine to get some action. I should’ve tried the Power Exchange. Oh well, the long dry spell continues…

  8. AssnTits5

    Only two reasons to go there (none of which are to be turned on): to have a laugh and/or to be terrified. At least you’ll walk away with a good story.

  9. Jay B.

    After 5 years of living in Vegas and talking to my girlfriend about going – we finally went!The dude Jonathan M was probably there the same night although I don’t remember him.We got there about 11:30 and took the tour. NOTHING was happening until we got to the dungeon room some dude has his woman chained up and was doing something to her chest. So this led us to go down the way to get a drink.Very fitting – the bar we wondered into was a gay bar – lol – not that there’s anything wrong with that :)I had a few drinks and we went back. This time there was a few more people – a dude was going down on a girl in a ‘swing’ and back to the dungeon room a fairly unattractive couple was doing oral.Finally we found a couple rounding home plate and we sat a few couches away. Shortly after another couple sat on the side of their bed and started with oral. Then another couple did the same. Finally we had some excitement.Down the way their was a cuckold with his wife who was massaging another man and the cuckold husband was holding his wife’s hair while she gave the guy oral.All at once the room cleared except for a few voyeurs. My amazing girlfriend starting rubbing my upper leg and found my excitement. She proceeded to give me oral while half a dozen people watched.I guess it wasn’t too bad for our first time:)We will go back for sure, but will likely try Couples Oasis or Red Rooster first.2 complaints/comments1. Creepy stinking single guys – I really don’t see why they are allowed to be there – they are DEFINITELY not getting any – and add a weird vibe – I GUARANTEE they are only allowed to be there because it’s over $100 for them to get in – so it’s an easy way for the place to make an extra $1500+ each night.2. Like Vegas, The Green Door was pretty anti-social, they could have had people where different colored bracelets so we knew what other people wanted out of the night, they also could have introduced couples to each other, but for someone who is new to all this – there was no coaching for how to meet new people – You are pretty much on your own – and I doubt that people almost EVER hook up with someone they met there – it’s pretty much a place to go an screw around in public.

  10. Maritess Z.

    SWINGERS CLUB?!?!? In the skanky Commercial Center? Well, if you are going to have a secret club, you might as well have it in the last place the tourists will look I suppose.Needless to say, I would never hook up in any of these places. Ewwwwwwww! I passed A woman with sores all over her face and body at the door. She reassured me that this was a fine place. OMG!!! I want to go home!!!! But it was too mysterious, in this warehouse sized space, I had to look.Ok, my friends, who are conneseurs (sp) at this kind of stuff took me here. My cute female friend X told me, “Look, just hold my hand, and no one will touch you, I promise, we can just look it will be fun!”She said last time she’s been there, she saw some CRAZY things–more on that when I update this review.Yuck, and ewww, and people with spray bottles of bleach and paper towels wiping down surfaces. It was not cute people night, old, and creepy people in singles, couples, a really cute stripper, but there is a creepy story behind her, I might update a little later if I ever decided to write for Penthouse, I’ll let you know. One redeeming thing about evening, really cute girl topless on a pole, apparently these are not employees, just extroverts.It was like a nightmare really, like a haunted house, super dark lots of corners to hide in with different torture themes, lockers, a grimy spa half filled with water, people having sex, feeling each other up, I held my friend’s hand tight as lots of people were looking at us like we were dinner.We were disappointed because my firend said when she was last here, there were gorgeous beautiful people doing very watchable things, and some very disturbing things that you will have horrible nightmares about, but still, very performance art watchable. We went on a Sunday, so maybe that’s why we got the dregs.Good concept, but really seedy, and height of 90’s interior design, think of your friend’s basement of their parent’s suburban house decor, but add a hospital scene, s and m room, etc.She and I thought of opening the high end version of this place, with really nice handcarved wood and curtains, rugs, modern spa, when we walked next door and found someone already did it! A review of that high-end swingers club is next.

  11. yanard12

    3 stars and here’s why.. this place is rated highest above Fantasy (just next door) and Red Rooster. 60 for out of towners! It can improve, as you walk in you see a lounge with a stripper pole (naked area from this point on). There was a tv playing couples porn and I enjoyed this although get a 40″ or bigger and add them throughout the place, it helped heat things up.The whole place is lit by little if none blue light, your eyes are constantly adjusting. 3 areas below, sextagon (hot tub) and a quant area in back for some sex (both viewing and open) then some private rooms, orgy bed and sex swing area, lockers.Upstairs opens at 10pm (also when most people show up) dungeon, semi Private rooms, dominatrix area, steam room and another lounge all dark lit. Overall experience, we arrived at 830ish for discount. Their was 1 couple and 1 single lady. We talked to both (couple left as we arrived) later 2 other couples showed but never seen them much. The lady was a repeat from The night before and was having fun in the hot tub area with 2 guys. (bar next door and gay bar, although they welcomed us for drinks) green door is alcohol free. As we arrived back cuz you can leave and come back, we played In the dungeon and had fun, to many single guys and annoying young kids looking for viewing pleasure than actually joining or having fun side by side. Hardly any couples and to many creepy men constantly peaking in as your making love. We will be back again and hope to have a better turn out. This all was on a Wednesday and we did enjoy some of it but got creepd out by the lack of couples and overage of single dudes. Please add more discounts for single ladies and couples. Hardly any couples and to many creepy men constantly peaking in as your making love. Advertisement is lacking for couples deals and need more tv’s to heighten the pleasure mood, also a bit more lights. Great places for lots of steamy sexy fun, can walk nude any place inside and enjoy your creativity, just lacking in more couples. Maybe it was an off night

  12. tonycluber

    most fun exploring myself sexually that I’ve ever had. definitely helps to have the right partner though. loved itthere are tons of rooms, I went on a Sunday at 1230. there weren’t a ton of people, but I made the best out of the situation. bring your own water. theirs costs $4.00if you’re not interested in being watched or watching others, then stay the hell at home.

  13. tx ken

    rip off joint – suggest you will not be disappointed if you buy expensive drinks for the girls but just talk they get yopur money and its goodbye

  14. eddyL

    Only gave it 2 stars because they charged me an extra $15 for being out of towner. I liked the people there and enjoyed the swinging , but the out of town charge was not right. I have been to several swing clubs and never seen anyone charged extra. There are other clubs in Vegas that don’t have this discriminary practice

  15. Ellen H.

    OK I have no idea why I’m writing about Adult Entertainment b/c it was so 10 years ago for me and considering my idea of adult entertainment these days is Grey’s Anatomy on TV. But, I guess I had to write about this because I thought I was hallucinating when I noticed that no one had written about this little swingers club (sex club) in Vegas. Probably named for the infamous Marilyn Chambers movie, this place is very Vegas in style – old school, smoking room atmosphere, and the patrons are very Vegasy (if not from Vegas)…a demographic that’s probably early 40s to middle-age, and the younger couples that come here seem similar – guys with moustaches and print short sleeve shirts, and women with feathered-hair, mini-skirts and beige lipstick. The tone of the place is very hetero/straight. And yes, stuff happens behind the Green Door. But overall, this place feels a bit more “respectable” and conservative in spirit than Power Exchange in San Francisco…if that’s what you’re after.Of course, I was just observing (really!) – that’s what happens when you’re the only girl invited to a bachelor party – you just tag along and see what happens.

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