All Stars



47th St, Lyons, IL


41.8060157, -87.8202181



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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75 reviews for “All Stars

  1. Rob G

    Not a bad spot but sometimes can be a hit or miss type of spot. If it’s a miss try another week on a different day. If it’s a miss on a weekend, then give it a couple months and the rotation should be better

  2. me

    nice club needs new menagment.

  3. -
  4. tim

    I would rather eat a speeding bullet

  5. KK
  6. He who knows

    It may not be an official strip club, but two way touching

    is allowed, you only need to buy 1 drink, and this place

    sits in a safe neighborhood. Truthfully, in terms of

    safety, touching, friendliness, cost, and what not, All Star

    is the absolute best you will get strip club wise within 75

    miles of Downtown Chicago.

  7. Pimp

    save you time

  8. WE WE
  9. penegra boy

    damn i went there last night and had lap dances from ruby and baby, man they can make your dick hard as steel way better than viagra. haha!

  10. George

    Good place to go after work to enjoy some dances and a cold one.

  11. Phil

    If you don’t have anything nice to say say nothing.

  12. REEF
  13. FFF
  14. We All Know Its You Honey

    We all know it’s you writing about the girls Honey. You can’t spell and you write just as bad as your english. You write exactly like you talk. It’s Paul Wall not Pow Wow. You called Amaya a junkie now that you hate her and you called him the same word.

  15. Mr. Lap Dance

    Went to All Stars for the first time Thursday evening and here are my thoughts:


    Many girls to choose from, some hot some NOT.

    Set up of the place is pretty nice with plenty of chairs and pool tables, and large LCD TV’s. Dances are only $5 bucks…


    ALL girls have major attitudes. They do not make any friendly conversation like the girls in OSB and Carls….

    The dances are not on par with the other bars mentioned. The grinding is very elementary compared to other bars…

    Even if you give the girls $10 they will give you a longer dance but not a better dance.

    If girls improved their attitudes and gave better dances this place has A LOT of Potential… –MR. Lap Dance

  16. marko

    girls looked good. dances at first seemed like not into it but later girls either got high/drunk or just seemed to open up more and get into it. that made experience much better.

  17. JAKE
  18. PHIL
  19. jay

    get what you pay for

  20. WENER
  21. BOSS


  22. B razor
  23. Larry Love

    Its Cool, check it out!

  24. jay

    This club is lame as hell , but i loved two dancers tal exotic blond and other two latinas >They were beautyful ,but seemed like on cocaine , too bad >I offer one of them 500 to out out 4 private shows but she got pissed and said she wasnt a ho lol

  25. girl lover

    A very cool out of the way place to hang out, have a drink , and get dances from lovely curvy ladies

  26. flash dancer

    chanel needs to stop doing cocaine with amaya and baby.Beside she dates biggest crackhead POW WOW, HE THINKS HE IS BLACK BUT HE IS WHITE TRAILER TRASH JUST LIKE HER. Chanel please find u self nicer b f , not a junkie.

  27. GGG
  28. Steve
  29. Ricardo

    Fun and a great girls show u lots of attention and time if ur not Black

  30. truthteller

    Fun place

  31. PETE


  32. blah


  33. CHICO
  34. BCul

    Its a dive. Its small and there were only 2-3 dancers when I was there and they don’t get nude. There is no privacy either. They give you a private dance right in your chair infront of everyone. Its pretty lame.

  35. not brenda

    ever since brenda left its downhill.

  36. jon j
  37. PO PO ZAO


  38. FF
  39. prices

    prices are up again quality way down again

  40. Chi_Sam

    Great place to go if you like seeing sexy young Mexican girls. If you want their attention, however, it appears you have to be a young Mexican yourself.

    I may give it another chance on a slower night. But most, if not all the girls were chewing gum which seems indicative of a lower class group.

    Also, the laps I watched, the girls were smacking their gum and either staring off into space with that, ‘I don’t know if I hate myself more than I hate this asshole I’m grinding on’ look on their vacant mugs or chatting with the other girls around them.

    Class it up a bit girls… Looks = 8-9 / Charm = ?

  41. Jason From Indy

    As with all clubs, it depends on the girls. Jade and (her sister) Sapphire were fantastic (especially together). I would very much recommend them if you go.

  42. AAA
  43. VIP
  44. LL
  45. Danny

    I love this place. The girls are friendly and beautiful. I

    used to go to bars in Melrose. I’ve changed to other bars

    that have better and more vivacious women.

  46. smitty
  47. Titan

    The second best adult entertainment venue within 75 miles

    of Downtown Chicago (#1 is Blackjacks), great dancers,

    another great place to relieve your fantasies without the


  48. Robert

    So my personal rating is actually higher than what will be generated simply because of the value you get here. Weekends has a small cover charge of $10 in the evenings. That’s it. Every other day has no cover at any hour. There’s a decent variety of girls here. The dances have gotten much better within the last year. It actually makes the trip much more worthwhile. If you get a chance I would recommend. And don’t be discouraged if your first visit isn’t the best. This place has always been kind of hit or miss but I’ve had way more hits than misses

  49. toose

    A good place to go now and then to relax and unwind. Ladies are friendly and will give you a good dance if you show a little respect. The know a jerk when they see one and you will be treated as such if you are. Like the afternoon ladies the best.

  50. WEE WEE
  51. QWEEF
  52. guesr

    didnt like it a bit

  53. Jeff

    Good bar; dancers were friendly and available but not real attractive; girls wore too much clothes; see better looking girls, with better T’s and A’s in a regular bar.

  54. D
  55. George

    Good place to go for a beer and a dance.

  56. ron

    u suck

  57. Cubsfam

    Really great place to unwind after work or on your lunch break if you happen to be in the area.

  58. Depends on taste

    This place can be great or bad. It depends on what you’re looking for. If your looking for top of the line strippers who look like top tier porn stars, then you’re in the wrong place. Now there are a couple lookers here and there but it’s usually 1 or 2 a night. Average girls are about 5-7/10. Also, don’t expect a VIP area or very private dances. All dances take place in same room with other patrons but everybody minds their business. Value here goes very long way and with the right girl you can have a great time. Definitely worth a look

  59. 000xxx

    Went in this place last week ..and its true..the girls have major attitude issues..come on now its a lingerie club..your not in Vegas girls..anyway,I go down to the cellar in joliet..girls are very cool..hang out, have a drink ..nice conversation.Dances are 20.00 dollars but worth it.

  60. Tommy

    The place is nice, has some great ladies, but that horrible rap/hip hop music needs to disappear immediately! Rap/hip hop music belongs in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip! It has no place in America. Country music would be much better.

  61. Mooley

    Club sucked save ur time

  62. Dan

    Oasis sports bar is now open on sundays from 5pm to 12am.real nice is on south of 25th and lake street.

  63. KKK
  64. OSCAR
  65. Mr. Lyons
  66. Advisory

    State ID cards and drivers licenses are no longer acceptable forms of identification for entry here; only advanced RFID type technology is acceptable. And this is very new. If you try to enter with a common State ID card or driver’s license, it will not scan and they will never let you in.

  67. NA
  68. JOE
  69. Michael

    It’s a great place to stop for a drink on your way to a real strip club!

  70. # 1

    best bar on the block

  71. There

    are some nasty things going on.

  72. x-ray

    good value. definitely not a high class joint that sells $500 bottles of champagne, but good enough for average joe.

  73. pat

    I live right by there and don’t go there. They don’t treat customer with respect. You have to pay extra to get a tolerable table. You get a private dance and the bouncer has to check in and stare at you several times during a dance. Not fun. I’ll go way out of my way to go elsewhere and not be treated that way.

  74. Barry

    It’s true you get what you pay for but sometimes you get more than what you expect. The place can have 2-3 legit hotties at one time then other times you’re just drinking the night away hoping a hot one walks in. However, don’t so shallow and go for an average girl. You’ll get good mileage and they sometimes perform better than hot chicks.

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