Mile High



7911 Lewis Spring Avenue, Clinton, MD 20735


38.780631, -76.894566




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mile High

  1. L8Tr

    I really enjoyed myself here!!

  2. KING


  3. Big Daddy

    I went to a dance contest on a Sunday. That thing was poppin. Drinks got me a little twisted good price for them. Nice variety of girls. Going back on the next one of 25th.

  4. Rockin

    Great time!!!Guy can hang with sexy ladies and just chill

  5. Ldy Admyr

    Visited the club on a Wednesday night. The club has one main stage in the middle of the main room. It has a bar, tables and chairs or large lounge chairs to sit at. It also has a room with pool tables too. The music was great and the ladies were entertaining. Most of the ladies were in great shape and the ones who were just a bit off had great faces and personalities to make up for it. The drinks were 6 bucks a piece served in small plastic cups. The place doesn’t exude class, but it’s a great time for all.

  6. the godfather

    overall a nice club, but the private dances are a rip off. if you so much as even rest your hand on the dancer’s leg the curtain opens and in come security. all this for $30. NOT! save your money fellas or find out if the girl you like works for any other clubs, then go see her there. the only thing high about the mile high club is the owner, if he thinks we’re going to pay $30 for a private dance to be harassed by security.

  7. Skeetor

    Not enough “chunky junkys” or cute faces. A lot of pushy and extremely desperate broads that work there. They also charge more than they advertise on some nights (crudd). Only one night out of ten that I went there and my jaw dropped cause of two super bad girls but never saw them again!

  8. Steven

    I’ve visited the club on three occasions. The entertainment was fantastic. The girls were personable and vibrant. I recommend that you check it out for yourself. Fridays are the best!

  9. Ronnie

    I went to this club for the 1st time on Saturday 6 December and was impressed!! Chocolate city with some sprinkles makes it the hit as for female talent. It is hard to find for someone who is from out of town but it is worth it once you find it. You will not want to miss it.

  10. Tasha

    The strippers are to sexy especially Peaches she is the best.

  11. Gene

    MUSIC was way to LOUD.

  12. Mike Costas

    I went to this club the a few months ago and thouroughly enjoyed myself. They had a dancer there that blew my mind for a white girl I was blown away at her assets if you know what I mean natural breast beauty she had a marilyn monroe/showgirl look to her with her georgeous blonde hair and big blue eyes, that woman put on a show like no other I’ve ever seen.

  13. mojo

    could be best club in pg. dancer are avg .after a few drinks they all look better a closeing time.dancers promise you something personal in VIP room but never deliver.The best looking women is behind the bar on day shift.girls are 99 percent african could use a better mix after all viritely makes the world go round

  14. m.proc

    the girls at the club is ok ,but i see what there job is but i hope next time they show me more love next time

  15. Dave

    The best place to see true entertainment

  16. Bandit

    Not a very good gentlemen’s club. Very low class.

  17. george23

    this place is the best for excitement entertainment and comfortability

  18. Rafael

    I had a GREAT TIME.. If you are looking for that “High End” club were the girls only attentive to the guys pulling up in Benz’s and Hummers this ain’t it. The girls are cool no matter what time you go or who you are. I’ve been on 4 occasions. Twice with the homies, twice alone. And every time the girls were cool. Only 5 bucks for a beer or 6 for a drink is awesome. If you don’t think so go to a DC club. Like I said if your looking for that “Upidy Type Club go to Camelots, but if you are looking for that laid back environment were you can chill with the homies, have some laughs with the ladies or look at the game, then THE MILE HIGH CLUB is the place for you.

  19. Eazy
  20. Bob

    Music was too loud. Only Bad comment I could think of.

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