Lakeside Inn



608 North Chestnut Street, Derry, PA 15627


40.3376729, -79.3058941




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lakeside Inn

  1. upAtree

    Lodge-like atmosphere. Club is in the boonies, so they get a lot of no-shows; they try to schedule 4 dancers on weekends, but occasionally only one or two appear. One will be on the stage, one or two available for dances, and the others will be topless behind the bar… they’ll come to you and dance for ones.

    Lap dances are cheap – for $30, you get 15 minutes and a small bottle of champagne. “private” rooms have mini-cams. Different dancers have different rules – some will let you use hands during the lap dances, some won’t. $4.50 for a small beer. Not an outstanding place, but convenient if you’re out that way, and private dances can be a good value if the right girls are there.

  2. Ron

    Not a bad place, very very clean. One dancer that knocked my socks off, this 4ft 7in little blond honey named Lily not only is she smart but the lap dance I had was unforgetable. She has the most perfect set of boobs I have ever seen. I will definately be back to see her.

  3. Luke

    Hit this place up Friday the 10th. The girls were hot as hell Miss Lily is one hell of a woman the other girls Tiffany and Sunshine are sweethearts. Great place no pressure just goos ole’ sexy down home girls. Had best lap dance with Lily I have had in a long long time. Will be back.

  4. Rodney

    In town on business found this little club not sure what to expect but girls are cute as hell Lily is one hell of a woman, great personality, fantastic lap dance, the best tits and ass in the place. All the girls were nice, but Lily stands out.

  5. Sad

    Just like every small town no money to be made all locals, unless you a white trash or teethless ex junkie only way you will make money, no pretty girls. Welcome to the leftovers.

  6. Mike

    I took a few of my buddies in this place definately not what you would expect from a hole in the wall town like Derry. One dancer blew me away (Lily) she is a sweetheart not only is she f-ing hot as hell but she has great eyes and smile. I could take her home with me. Will be back when little Lily is working.

  7. Jimmy

    Love this place. Lily “OMG” she has enough personality in her little finger for all the other so called girls. Not only can you talk to her but she has the best body in that joint. Those luscious tits and that booty, I cant help myself. I want to take that little spitfire home and eat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. MMMMMMMMMMM

  8. Tri-axel driver

    Its been about a year since I have been in here. I must say it is definately Top Notch. One little lady walked in an Yvonne said” thats Lily she is one of my dancers ” I was hooked right then and there, she gave me one of the biggest smiles and said hello. I not only has one private with her but I bought three more, she gives one hell of a lap dance,she has the nicest set of tits and her ass is so damn juicy. I will be back on a regular basis to see the little lady Lily.

  9. The Wild Bunch

    The guys and I stopped in here last night. We havent been here for about two years. Lily came right on over started up a conversation and that was all it took. All four of us were hooked on that little lady we all did three or four privates with her. Not only is she hot but she has a way of making you feel like its a good ole boy bar not just a strip club. I even slow danced with her beside the jukebox. We just want to say Lily you are the complete package baby, stay just the way are. XOXOXOXO

  10. Jerry

    Great little place, clean, girls are very nice not pushy.

    Lily is one hell of a woman she has the best set of tits I have ever seen and a ass I could squeeze for hours. Will stop back in next time I am in town.

  11. Mickey

    Stopped in this place Friday night 4/13. Everything you guys said on here is 100% accurate LILY wow, not only does she have a killer body and beautiful cat eyes,but that fucking tattoo on her back if the finest I have seen on any woman. She can sing me Rose Garden any time she wants.

    Now the lap dance, mmmmmmmm I will let you guys find that one out for yourselves. I would definately take her home and enjoy that sweet ass for awhile and suck those big ass tits. Love you Miss Lily.

  12. Tommy

    Just stopped in for a quick drink didnt even realize this was a stip club. The girls are very nice. Only three I had the pleasure of talking with were Chance, Lily and Tiffany. Like I said all three very nice, sweet and great girls. Will be back another time for some private dances.

  13. Randy

    All I can say is one little lady in this place carries all the other dancers. Not only can you carry on a conversation with her, she has the best body in the place. The best set of tits I have laid eyes on in a long while and a nice juicy ass just waiting to get squeezed. Lily the name just rolls off your tongue, just wish I could roll her off my tongue. A note to anyone who reads this, if you hit this place up be sure to get a private with Lily she is a doll.

  14. Nick

    Four of my friends and I hit this place up Friday night. Holy Shit first thing I saw was this little blond honey in black leather thigh high boots, leather and chains with a collar around her neck with a O-ring in the center all I could think of was this is my kind of lady. I find out her name is Lily, so this is the Lily everyone talks about. The reviews are not bullshit she gave me the best lapdance I have ever had, and I even got to spank that sweet ass. Oh we will be back and Lily you are all mine.

  15. driver
  16. Bill Clinton

    Could be a great club, however there is one dancer who is a total bitch. A skinny brunette with long hair and flat chest. She is constantly bitching about the owner and how cold it is in the club. I dont think she has ever worked a real job. There is no cover so they charge out the ass for beer and drinks. I would rather spend less on beer and get a little buzz and tip more to the dancers.

  17. BAB

    Don’t recommend

  18. Alex

    I stopped in this place Friday night had a private from a girl named Mary, she was a bit how shall I say this: “stoned” Once in the back she let me lick her pussy and I fingered her. Woke up Sunday with blisters on my lips, now I have to go see the doctor. Just a word of warning stay away from the slut called Mary.

  19. joe

    lap dances are $20 dollers not $10 as listed,but girls are hot as hell,would go back again, wow them gils are hot !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Party Time

    Nice club, drinks over priced. Bartender – UGLY as shit and pimps out Whisper. Lily, Tiffany, Charlie by far the best in the area.

  21. Mark

    Havent been in the place for a few months went in last night and a cute hot little blond named Lily was dancing I bought two privates with her, she knows how to give one hell of a lap dance I wanted to blow it right there on the couch. Told bartender will be back often now that I know that little hottie is there.

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