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100 Ansin Boulevard, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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42 reviews for “Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Joe

    Footage seized from Cheetah strip club in Hallandale captures sex acts

    A now-closed Hallandale Beach strip club taped customers getting lap dances — and sometimes more — in private back rooms.

    The Sun Sentinel has obtained five months’ worth of footage seized from the Cheetah Hallandale Beach in March following a lengthy criminal investigation into possible prostitution and drug dealing at the club.

    In a sample of the nearly 19,000 video clips taken from inside the club, sex acts involving patrons and the dancers in the VIP rooms were captured on tape. Other cameras recorded the dancers’ dressing room, the men’s and women’s bathrooms and other areas throughout the club.

    The Sun Sentinel received the footage as part of a Freedom of Information Act request with the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (ABT). The video clips became public after the state closed its criminal investigation into the Cheetah, which shuttered in March shortly after the raid by ABT and the Hallandale Beach Police Department.

    No criminal charges were filed as a result of the acts caught on camera.

    Cheetah owner Joe Rodriguez, who owns three other South Florida strip clubs, previously denied to the Sun Sentinel that there were cameras in the Hallandale Beach club’s VIP rooms — also known as champagne rooms.

    Attorneys for the Cheetah have filed an emergency restraining order in Tallahassee against the state, arguing that the tapes never should have been made public. The Cheetah’s attorneys argue that the footage was obtained with a flawed search warrant and that the club’s owner wasn’t afforded the opportunity to stop the state from disseminating the footage.

    “We don’t know who has [the footage],” said Luke Lirot, a Clearwater-based attorney for the Cheetah. “We don’t know what they have. We know none of it should have been seized.”

    The state will fight the Cheetah’s legal motion, said Jennifer Meale, a spokeswoman with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

    “We believe that these are public records and we are prepared to defend this position,” Meale said.

    In addition to the video footage, the Sun Sentinel obtained the daily logs kept by Cheetah management, which include the names of high-profile clients. Many of them are professional sports figures. It was unclear Thursday night if any of them had been filmed in the club’s VIP rooms.

    In an undercover investigation that spanned 19 months, Hallandale Beach police and ABT agents went into the club at least 18 times, with dancers offering them sex and/or drugs, according to state records. Women with stage names such as “Fantasia” and “Jewels” asked for as much as $470 to perform sex acts, using sales pitches like “the VIP room would be like our honeymoon,” according to state records.

    Authorities raided the club on March 7, arresting 16 dancers and two managers on misdemeanor prostitution-related charges and/or felony cocaine possession charges. In addition, the club’s liquor license was suspended.

    Prosecutors have since dismissed the criminal case against one of the managers because they had no witnesses who could say he had direct knowledge that the strippers were having sex. Rodriguez was not criminally charged at any point during the investigation.

    A second search warrant was executed on March 12 for four digital video recorders from the club with an ABT investigator telling a judge that customers in the strip club’s private VIP rooms and restrooms were being recorded without their knowledge.

    The Cheetah’s attorneys have argued that the second search warrant was flawed because authorities obtained it without probable cause that a felony crime was committed. The crime alleged in the search warrant is video voyeurism — a misdemeanor. The search warrant is the only one executed in Broward County this year based solely on misdemeanor allegations.

    In May, Rodriguez cut a deal with the state, agreeing to pay a $15,000 fine and sell his liquor license. In a separate agreement, the Hallandale Beach Police Department kept $40,000 of the nearly $61,000 seized during the raid.

    Rodriguez has since filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Hallandale Beach, arguing that the strip club’s business licenses were improperly revoked.

    Lirot said Thursday night that if anyone has violated the video voyeurism law it’s the state, by releasing the Cheetah tapes into the public domain. The Cheetah’s management never intended for the tapes to be used for anything but security measures.

    “This business, inside and outside, had scores of notices that the premises were under videotape surveillance and the sole purpose of that was so people would be feel safe, and obviously there have been situations where people have made allegations of things that may or may not be true,” he said.

    Lirot is seeking to block the state from further releasing any of the materials obtained in the Cheetah search warrants. He said he hopes to have an emergency court hearing as early as Friday.

  2. Johnnyboy123

    Free lunch and cute girls. What’s better than that?? I’m not a strip club guy, but I actually had a client who wanted to meet here. It’s was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. The place is pretty busy, and I can see why nobody would check in here.

  3. jenny

    the bouncers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Weedman420

    Not at all like the place in Pompano. Harsh strippers with a hard sell, costs for dance were at first said to be “Whatever you feel like, darlin'” then “TWENTY FIVE BUCKS, ARE YOU A GENTLEMAN?!” I give it two because there’s a place in Key West where sports on TV are more interesting than the dancers (saving that one-star rating for them! A real sleaze hole and I mean that NOT in a good way…

  5. Tom

    This club is piece of shit, most girls are nothing but a cheap whores, ugly loose tits, or no tits at all. Bar is a disaster, waitresses don’t serve you right. Looks like this club has poor managment. Bouncers in this shithole think they can do anything they want.

  6. GREG


  7. x
  8. Robb0122
  9. harvy
  10. DB

    Best Club in South Florida, bar none.

  11. madman

    been to strip clubs all over the world and this one tops the list.

  12. Strip Club Veteran

    This club is fantastic!!

  13. stephy

    Awesome place! Since they opened last September Cheetah

    Hallandale has become the best place to party, check out

    girls, get a full friction lap dance, free lunch, bachelor

    party or anything! The girls are super hot! Great Job Cheetah!

  14. jordan

    its got banging dancers all up in there

  15. rob

    all the girls are hot and they put on a great show!

  16. sara

    i will not be back however they did have a great dj that played straight music! girls were gross

  17. lee

    best club in florida best girls and there are the pimps allow like in other clubs

  18. oscar

    this is a very well ran strip club the pimps are allowed no ugly girls very nice place to relax

  19. john brunke

    Claudia is better than most dancers on display

  20. mike

    nice club keep up the good work

  21. customer

    This club sucks

  22. kathy
  23. john
  24. mania lover

    Beautifal girl and freindly enviroment

  25. 2prcntr
  26. Harrison69

    Had a blast here. Went with a couple other couples and the gals had more fun than is guys. Favorite part was my wife down giving money to a cute red head stripper while holding the bills in her mouth. It was quite the sight and guys were throwing money at both of them. The best part was that her girl friend was sandwiched between my wife and the stripper and getting a face full of cleavage. Staff was very attentive, most of the girls were ok, but there were a few lazy ones who really need to take some dance lessons. Drinks were fantastic.

  27. steve
  28. Mark H.

    One of my good buddies had his bachelor party here. The employees were real friendly and went out of their way to make sure he was enjoying one of his last nights as a free man and that all of his guests were having fun as well. Everything here is basic standard industry practice as far as rules, procedures, and entertainment go. They key feature that I still remember to this day is the buffet bar they provide. At a certain time of the night a big buffet of food came out and oh man was it tasty as heck. There were all kinds of delectable dishes, but the chicken parmesan in particular was some of the best I’ve ever had. I can’t remember if this is complimentary or if I paid for it, but well worth it in either case. I’d come here for a bite to eat every once in a while if my wife wouldn’t strangle me. I got a chance to talk to the chef when he was refilling the buffet; the reason the food is so good is that the chef is really passionate about cooking and was really proud when I told him how much I like it. He said he works really hard to make the food as good as possible and you could just hear in his voice how serious he takes it and how much he likes cooking.

  29. asia

    i love the manegment

  30. charly
  31. Stikman
  32. fred
  33. oneglove
  34. bill

    good club to be at very clean and pretty girls there is this one hot blonde dancer named lacey she is so hot and gives great dances

  35. larry1

    This place sucks. Overpriced drinks. They charge $5 for water. It’s an old run-down club, if that’s what you’re into. This place is nothing like any of the clubs in ft lauderdale. Cheetah pompano is wayyy better.

  37. cheetah regular

    best club in south florida period.

  38. lacey

    good club to make money at

  39. Mike V.

    Hahaha, wow..Horrible and grimey. The girls look drugged up or something. I’m not a professional on strip clubs but i do like the finer things in life and this place is a hole. The girls aren’t even hot at all.

  40. ew

    im from out of town and it was fucking gross ive never been so turned off by a club like i was here. if i ever come back im going to scarletts it was way better.

  41. Out of Town'er

    Good Club, well managed. Girls very friendly.

    Don’t bother with the rest.

  42. Is T.

    Dancers offer to go to Champagne rooms for sex only $200 some charge a bit more, the place is extremely dirty, half if not all the dancers are drugged up. The place should be definitely closed down or at least investigated. I hear they also some dancers run their own prostitution thing on the side.

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