Club 1245



1245 East Tallmadge Avenue, Akron, OH 44310


41.1021745, -81.4697178




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club 1245

  1. jen


  2. tyler

    Came in met this hottie jozelyn she was gorgeous little

    short dancer nice boobs big butt long dark blonde hair

    pretty blue eyes she gave some damn good dances, ill be

    back in this week to see her, she was a lot of fun def

    suggest asking for jozelynn

  3. Garry

    Shorty makes my dick hard

  4. By by

    They should have left dead clubs lay

  5. ex

    This place is closed

  6. J

    Best club i’ve been to outside of the ones in niagara falls. sometimes miss the hottest girls, but worth a visit

  7. sexy

    the club has a very relaxed atmosphere and theres always a good variety of hot girls. on wednesday they have $3.00 bombs.

  8. Frus

    At least a 9 ut the program won’t let me slide the slider

  9. roach

    the she-male bouncer there, is also the manger who banged the owner for a job. name is JEN i believe.

  10. mark

    i think the club is good but drink prices are too high i also like linda

  11. just a guy

    went to the club and seen a old face the pretty jackie was back i always injoy her dances she has long sexy legs and nice tits and the ass great check her out

  12. Dog

    What a worthless piece of shit bar

  13. syd

    This site won’t let my Mac rate the club with a score. If it did it would be a 9.6. I love this place.

  14. hova

    some real people here no phonies

  15. k

    my favorite place. my faorie ladies.

  16. Happy

    Great place , lots of fun ! ! !

  17. Bo

    Place is still a dump

  18. Great Place

    Was in the other night, had a great time!!!!!!!!!

  19. Informed

    Club is temporarily closed but will re-open in the spring.

  20. Toby J

    This place sucks and I’m not talking about what the girls do in the backroom. What happened to $2Tuesdays. And speaking of gone where is Rylie and Shell? They were your two biggest money makers during the day. Now it’s not worth even coming in here anymore it’s getting to ghetto with all the hoodrats running around I’m affraid to pull out my wallet in front of them for fear they will steal it. I won’t be back till this place cleans up it’s act. Trashy aint Classy. Try getting rid of the roaches as a first step.

  21. Phillip

    So when do the HOT dancers work?

  22. Beautiful
  23. g-reg

    met some of the sweetest girls in town.

  24. jim
  25. To Duh

    Hey Duh….The place STILL should be closed. Never has been worth a fuck and probably never will be.

  26. playa

    love those ladies at the Club!!!

  27. george
  28. The man

    Hey does anyone know where crystal is working at now? blonde girl hot body, nice abs.

  29. Mike

    I find it annoying that the club is closed on Sunday and Monday, but otherwise I’ve always had fun there. Starla is very sexy.

  30. Bob
  31. cleveguy65

    love it here

  32. Patrick

    Went to the club 1245 last night, skeptical at first but sure am glad that i

    stopped in. Good atmosphere. Great girls.. Kailynn and Nina are absolutely

    gorgeous… will return soon

  33. Shawn

    Go in the back room! You will not be disappointed.

  34. CC


  35. satisfied
  36. Jimmy

    Jade does some hot VIP’s

  37. Jorge

    Bartender was cute

  38. Me!

    as a dancer here, i love this club. ive been at alot of other clubs and in this club most the guys are kool. in other ones i cant even describe the guys. the bartenders are awesome and i just love the club atmosphere 🙂

  39. Boring

    waste of time

  40. 4.701
  41. ddd
  42. harryharry

    This place is the sister club to jen’s den. Drink are expensive and the parking lot is a horrible design. The club does not open until 8pm and closes at 2:30am. I arrived at 8:30pm and the place was empty so I turned around and walked away. Also I believe this club is not open on sunday or monday.

  43. Steve

    Jersey is amazing.

  44. SuzyQ
  45. HEY OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  46. New rating

    Old and used up is the new HOT at this club.

  47. Dave

    Went out last night. Had a good time. Club was filled around 1PM.

  48. just john

    The girls at this club are the BEST

  49. David

    Club always is dirty. It is what it is a strip club, or a bar with dancers NOT a gentlemen’s club.

  50. EC

    would be nice if the music was pumped into the VIP

  51. 4.765

    Another bar that’s too hot with the cops

  52. phil

    1st time in and will be back over and over again. no more platinum horse for me

  53. Charles

    It was a little slow when I first got there, but it picked up. Got a great dance from Portia in the back.

  54. Brien

    Nice mixture of white and black girls. Friendly environment with good sound and intimate vibe. Drinks are strong, if a bit pricey, but they have bomb specials on Wednesday that are really good. Dancers Emily, Portia, Starla, and Seven are VERY hot and place is filled with people having a good time. The place is fun, that’s what I like most about it. It’s not really creepy, it’s more just about having fun.

  55. gross

    girls bad mouthing everyone like watching soaps

  56. Chris

    I stopped by last Wednesday and it was the only club hopping in the Talmadge area. What I like about this club is that it has a less creepy vibe than most of the clubs in the Talmadge area. The place is more like a big party. The guys who run the place are friendly, the girls are hot and there’s an interesting variety of women there. Anyhow it was a good time. I’ll be back.

  57. Jon

    The Club reopens on Thursday!

    The funnest club in the Talmadge area is going to reopen! All the other clubs are creepy, but at least Club 1245 is fun!

  58. Hunny

    Why do people post on a club that’s closed?

  59. Scott


  60. Genius

    The last four reviews were obviously written by the same person

  61. To XXX and other idiots

    This club is open. DUH!!!!

  62. GetReal

    Linda’s bull dyke girl friend needs to keep her comments off this sie. It is meant for men looking for stripper ladies not Lesbos looking for Lesbos. Linda is disgusting as is her black haired bull.

  63. rob

    the club just reopened. its closed sunday and monday and doesnt open til 8pm. they gt a few more girls and alt of the ld club girls are there

  64. Buged_out

    Dont wast your time on this place I was there 15 minutes last night and the place is ROACH INFESTED I seen 6 ROACHS Crawlimg on the bar a 3 Behind the Bar Also The Dancer All where nasty

  65. Sick of you bashers

    Hey you guys ought to know. You’re the dumb f***ks that spend your money in there!!! Try spending tje same amount of money on your wife and maybe she’ll give you a lil’ something!

  66. hard
  67. looks

    this is the best club i have been to in years…hopeing the owner changes his mind on the hours and get the place open as much as its legal to be

  68. TED


  69. a regular
  70. Fred

    I haven’t been to this club for a while. It used to be hopping back in the day, but it went through something of a down spell. Well, I checked in last night and it seems like things have changed for the better.

    Clean, cool environment, friendly, fun, party-type environment, hot girls and people having a good time. Me and my friends had a really good time. Nothing creepy about the place, just good music and all. I recommend a dance from Seven.

  71. Nice

    Nice club, nice dancers, great vips!!

  72. Vic

    Maybe this place should have full contact womens shoe boxing. Strap them heels to their hands and let them beat hell out of each other. Who’s up for that?

  73. Ed

    What ever happened to Sierra (from 1245) and Tara (from OGD). Both are favorites from a long while ago.

  74. U No

    Shorty has this magical power to make my member hard then harder then harder the all of a sudden explode into softness. She’s special.

  75. never again

    the girls from bottoms up are bad running their mouth about the old girls bad place

  76. reg

    no place better. may be equal but none better. slider won’t slide. at least a 9.

  77. mister man
  78. XXX

    Another closed club.

  79. Whores adores

    There’s something good to say about this place? I think not!

  80. ?????

    tuesdays are the best day of the work week now, $2.00 drinks rule, girls get drunk and give great dances.

  81. frank

    Poor Jade is taking a beating in the postings

  82. Tom

    I got really drunk there, but it was a good time. Ashley is hot. Very hot.

  83. Clint

    Love the extras in the VIP

  84. Honest Abe

    Lindugly you save me money by being so disgusting I no longer go into this bar. Way to drive customers away.

  85. d

    linda you are the best .

  86. 4.757

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