Leave It To Beavers



226 Main Street, Sugarloaf, PA 18249


40.9633793, -76.1852555




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Leave It To Beavers

  1. roy

    nice laid back atmosphere.

  2. allen
  3. zim

    Is the gallery on the club website accurate? Photos of Divine look like she is sizzling. Does she actaully dance here? And still look like those pics?

  4. Joe
  5. To Suzanne

    You rock girl! I wish you were back at the dome!

  6. Fan

    this club is very relaxed and laid back, no idiots stumbling around and acting like assholes. The girls are ok, they have gotten a few hotties in lately like Crystal and Gianna, hopefully they stick around and bring some hot friends with them so they can rid of the ugly ones. All in all a fun place and very relaxing with no pressure from the girls for VIP’s and no pushy bitches just trying to get in your pockets

  7. james
  8. Jimbo

    Great to see you back Madison. Hopefully will be there this weekend.

  9. Maverick

    My name is Maverick I am a dancer at Leave It To Beavers and I am here to do some defending or updating I should say. As of right now we have Laura, Lacey, Nikki, Devine, Gia and another girl not sure on her name. Laura is a beautiful dancer with a background in gymnastics always friendly always fun, Dances to hip hop and some rock. Lacey is as sweet as she is hot and has as much personality as she has sex appeal, Dances to hip hop rap and just as much country. Nikki is our tanned up sexy booty bumping sweetheart who will seriously crack you up every 5 seconds if you get her talking.Mostly hip hop and reggaeton are her genres of choice.. Devine is beautiful, dances with a ton of energy with sweetest of dispositions. From what I remember she dances to hip hop mostly but I could be mistaken and I apologize if im wrong. Gia is our all the time lets have fun lets party. She is drop dead gorgeous and an excellent dancer. She dances to everything from reggaeton to michael jackson. Then there is meeeee. Im 5’8” 135 pounds I love pole work and dancing to ccr, sublime, mostly classic rock, alternative, latino stuff, I’m all over the place I like to add variety and dance to not so tradional club songs. I will not suck or fuck you. I always say please and thank you. I talk to everyone and will kick your ass in pool if you have the balls to show up and play me. So with all that being said I think every person here should stop down to beavers this weekend when ALL the above dancers are performing and I promise you will have a great time. Oh and all that shit about lenny, take it from a dancer. Ive been in a lot of clubs. Most times dancers are treated like drug addict scumbag pieces of shit that are nothing but a dollar sign in the owners eyes. Lenny is by far one of THE nicest respctful club owners I have worked for. I feel safe. I feel valued. Two things that are very hard to come by in this industry. Nice Chatting hope to see you all soon and look forward to meeting you. =)

  10. caseyjonezin

    NOTE: NOT A REVIEW! Can’t help but ask, but I noticed their website got a serious facelift! Is this place under new management. Is Candi the same girl that used to dance at the DC in Old Forge.

  11. Beaver Fan

    This place is the best!!! I love all the girls. My Favorite is Phoenix, I love how she can make her boobs move,not to mention the way she works the pole. She could work my pole anytime. 😉

  12. Frankie

    Not coming back

  13. Kevin

    The girls are the best, Alexis and Madison, you girls Rock!

  14. CandyMan69

    The Club Rocks. The Girls are FANTASTIC with GREAT PERSONALITIES. They have great bodies are great dancers. I will come back again and again. All of my friends LOVED the place. Great location and nobody hounds the shit out of you. KUDOS to the OWNER.

  15. Guy

    I am sorry to disspoint you but I own EXOTIC DANCE MASTERS and I have been to over 80 clubs, have worked with over 300 dancers and 4 adult film stars, and have years of experience in the industry. I made an unbiased independent critique of the club based upon my experiences there that evening. It is obvious from your reply that you have malice towards Greg, whomever he is, and definitely Ivy as well. Perhaps you are a female whom this Greg person turned down for a date or perhaps you’re a man whom Ivy wouldn’t speak with. Regardless of your malice towards them and the club and those whom are supporting their families by working there as dancers, your personal attack on me was unwarranted. It is aparent that you have personal issues with two individuals at the club unrelated to it as a whole. It is dissapointing that you chose this venue to reveal your “self”; you should be embarassed and ashamed of yourself. My review of the club was based upon my observations and expereinces there that evening.

  16. naughtay

    i really enjoy seeing boobies

  17. Jim

    Very disappointed

  18. Suzanne

    Go Beavers!!!!!!!

  19. happy

    the girls there are great Phoenix is the best its a no pressure club had a great time thanx ladies

  20. brian
  21. Jack

    Was there for amatuer night. Awesome. Thanks for a great time Madison.

  22. Stevie

    Wasn’t bad its worth going back

  23. New customer

    Had great time

  24. johnny

    beavers is sad….. we just go there cuz it is close.. women are very suspect.. 1 or 2 are attractive.. …gilrs do not come around and dance for you at all

  25. EDM


    (1) The dancers were professional, crisp, personable, and demonstrated good stage skills.


    (1) The on duty manager was gruff with customers and some dancers for no reason.

    (2) Carpet needed vacuuming.

    (3) Some tables needed washed.

    (4) Too many potholes in parking lot.

    (5) Cloth skirting around stage falling down in areas.

    (6) The stage pole was too large for professional dancers to perform quality pole tricks. It should be replaced with an industry standard 2″ pole.


    If it weren’t for the ladies, I wouldn’t go back to the club again. That one manager’s performance was enough to make me rather drive extra miles to any competing club just for a more professional and positive experience.


    (1) We will go back sometime from tomorrow though the next 6 weeks to review the club once more.

    (2) We are very dissapointed that the entry that we posted yesterday about our review of the club was deleted by someon from the club. That shows that someone from the club can not take constructive criticism. We provided that criticism so that the club can learn from its mistakes and improove, so that it atracts more customers rather than chases them away.

  26. Anthony

    I came here because they were lucky enough to get JAZZ !!! I have seen her at some other clubs and I will follow her to whatever club she dances at !!!

    I was here before and saw Carmen and I liked what I saw. Where’d she go? I hope she comes back.

  27. Clyde St J

    I am definitely not going back to this slime hole. The dancers do extras which is disgusting… they obviously have no self respect. The parking lot is, well lets just say the dirt roads near Baghram air base are a lot better. I went here 6 times, each time was just as disgusting as the last. Never again.

  28. mark

    this club is great, i had a great time. alot of great dancers there ecspecially angel and alexis. will be back to see you girls soon

  29. anon
  30. big t
  31. TinMan

    Wow, took my girlfriend there and she got worked over by the girls. I loved it!!!!!

  32. Tim Taylor

    I love big butts and i can not lie you other brothers cant deny.

  33. To Guy

    Sorry, but what you own means nothing to anyone. It does not matter how many clubs you have been to or how many strippers you have worked with. Going to a club once does not make you an expert on that particular club. Doubt you even went there considering you don’t even know that Greg is the manager, and just so you know, Ivy does not turn down any guy and Greg pays the girls for sex because it’s the only way he can get it. Nice try though wanting to make this club sound like it’s worth the trip because it isn’t. Never was, never will be.

  34. Beaver

    Sorry Johnny, you got it all wrong. Beavers is going thru growing pains. Cant get girls that want to work. So if there are only 3 girls doing the stage and vips where do you think they have time to go around?

  35. AL

    Had a fantastic time at club… Suzanne is excellent,as well as the other ladies.. I will return soon…..

  36. pleased customer

    the girls there are great, never seen so much girl on girl, and when cpls come in and the girl is willing she will be pulled on stage. did i mention you can get your friend put up on stage and get a polaroid of him(blackmail)

    angel is great, she knows how to have fun with women in front of men

  37. girl

    great club!

  38. GMAN

    The girls are very friendly. Actually get to relax when you come in the door. You dont have a dozen girls trying to get you in the VIP room.

  39. Tim
  40. Timothy

    Love the barmaid.

  41. Bob

    Madison Rocks!!!!!!

  42. Steve

    Glad to see you are getting new talent.

  43. Bill

    Great Club. Love Phoenix.

  44. Booger

    You guys are nuts. Last time there (two weeks ago) Inever laughed so hard in my life. Candi you were great!!!

  45. passing through

    nice place. stopped by the club last weekend and had a great time. madison and mary jane rock!

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