End Zone



100 Lion Lane, Port Matilda, PA 16870


40.8241515, -77.8725161




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “End Zone

  1. Frank

    This place is heaven on earth!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Muscle

    This club fucking sucks. I mean BAD. Don’t waster your money. The girls are disgusting and all their pussies smell. Even though there isn’t any touching, these girls look like complete whores. I managed to get one of their numbers and meet her after and she sucked my dick for $30!!!! I don’t remember her stage name, I think it started with a T. Her name is Lindsay tho, and boy she can deep throat! her number is 814-695-0532. I wouldn ‘t recommend fucking her though, she might have some diseases.

  3. Travis

    If you haven’t checked out this club you are definately missing out!!! Best Club I have ever been too!!! Thanks Ladies for the best time of my life.

  4. Tony

    All the girls where hot and friendly, staff was awesome, and the club is amazing. I would have to say it’s one of the best clubs i’ve ever been too. Evidently the pereson who posted that last comment must have been somewhere else or just confused.

  5. Christina

    im from the Philly area,LOVE THIS PLACE,Traveled far many times!!(: ndd will be back!!

  6. mm

    music is usually a bit too loud for my tastes. girls are great.

  7. Alex

    the free beer isn’t even worth walking into this dump. They could give the girls away, and its still a cockaroach infested HIV prevelent shithole. The only reason it does any business is because THERE’S NOTHING ELSE AROUND! Stay away!

  8. Ron

    This Place is AWESOME!!! FREE BEER, HOT ASS WOMEN, AND CRAZY after Penn State games. WOW!!! I had the time of my life.

  9. Sammy

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs and this one is one of my favorites. The girls are hot, sound system rocks, and ther all classy.

  10. Tom

    Best Stripclub I have ever been too. Carmen, Jasmine, Kendra, Alex, Monroe, Fallon,etc. Best line up I’ve ever seen at a club. I’ll definately be back next time i’m in town. Thanks ladies for a great time.

  11. beenthereseenthat

    very disappointed with the quality of girls…being near a college town, one would expect to some highly attractive girls…but this is not the case. you’re more likely to find a hot girl going to the grocerie store…I would say the majority of girls are of less-than-average to average in terms of attractiveness. pussy doesn’t look to good here either…nearly all look like they’ve been riden hard way to many times…not diggin the “blow-out” pussy look. i have heard however that it’s not hard to pick-up a stripper there, known a couple people who have had the girls (mercedes and chanel) meet-up with them later for sex…overall, a disappointing place to go…been there a good number of times and always let down by the lack of attractive girls…definately not top quality.

  12. Steve

    I’ve been to clubs all over the country and haven’t seen so many beautiful girls in one place. Hell even the female customers get on stage with the girls and get naked at times. The club is very beautiful and well kept and the staff is very freindly. Haven’t been to to to many clubs that could top this one. Also you have to check out Carmen she is soooo… HOT!

  13. SC Bound
  14. JJ

    Taylor has the nastiest beat up smelly stanky pussy I’ve ever seen in my life!! They named her Taylor cuz she’s really a DUDE!! This place has completely gone downhill, and all their girls look like circus freaks and crackwhores. STAY AT HOME…. EVEN THE BEER ISN’T WORTH IT!

  15. jimmy


  16. Chad

    best club i’ve been to in PA.

  17. Ryan

    i was there on Saturday after the PSU game and i was kind of shocked at the $20 cover but they said free beer and said ok because i was not sure what was in store since i knew nothing about the club except for the websight and some times the sight is good but the club stinks. so me and my friend went in and said DAM not even 2 minutes is there is hot dancers all over the place. i got to say me and my friend will be comming back afer every PSU game we attend. the club looks great and the girl are awsome and friendly they are not money hungry.

  18. Terry

    We had a great time and the girls were lovely & hot

  19. Robert

    I visited the club on the 22nd of December, 2006. The girls were hot, and I was really impressed by the friendliness of the dancers and staff. The private dance was a bit pricy, but with the right girl the price was right…not to mention any names! If in the State College area, definately check it out. “There’s no feeling in the world like being in the End Zone!”

  20. mj

    busier on weekends and packed after football games… free beer regarless of cover!! Most dancer give good private dances. Hear something about amateur night on the radio… anyone know more about that?

  21. Mike

    the club was ok free beer but….. you have to drink it in another area OUTSIDE who wants to drink outside in the cold with a bunch of other guys away from the pussie…but than again the pussie wasnt all that great.

  22. PSU Alum

    You gotta remember, this ain’t Vegas or Tampa or Atlanta or even Philly, so keep expectations in line! With that being said, was in here on a mid summer Saturday when there is nothing going on in State College and was pleased with the quality. No 10s or 9s, but some cute girls. Cover is steep (20) but includes free beer. Just can’t drink beer in the stage area.

    Spent time with Fallon, cute natural blonde. Gives a decent lamp dance (for State College PA), not much of a conversationalist. Certainly had worse. Kendra was BRAND NEW (or so she says) and may have just turned of age. God forbid she ever F*** up her body like some of the other girls as she does not need any stinking tatoos or enhancing. She is a cute blonde who with time could be good. Not a very good lap dance (yet), no eye contact, no conversation and no real grinding – but she’ll learn how to do that in time and when she does, she’ll be a star to go along with that perfect a$$. Heck, she even walked away to her next lap dance before I could tip her so you know shes new! Then there was Jasmine. She may be the best girl in here. Dances down in Philly as well (at Delilah’s I think) and knows what she is doing both on stage and during the lap dances. Didn’t get a chance to spend any time with Layla or Victoria but they were nice looking women as well. Penelope just seemed like a cool crazy chic and was next on my list but we left..

    Must admit, I’ve never seen more NON-stripper women dragged onto stage and end up in some state of undress… 1 or 2 of whom were just HOT! (although i don’t think it was there first time on a stage…)

    Overall, good time, average to above average girls… If you like brunettes, you better like tatoos too, because they were all tat’d up… not my thing.

  23. Don

    Went to this club after the Purdue game. The place was packed and had like 20-25 girls on. All i can say is this place rocked

  24. Jeff

    a 10 a f’in 10

  25. Nice Place

    Went there for a night of fun and I wasn’t disappointed. I really like the raffle for dances I have to say I had good luck. Defintly go there again! Most dancers seem to enjoy themselves. Hot seat dances look fun! Check it out Good clean club!

  26. bored
  27. Heather

    Me and my husband go the “Endzone” every chance we get without the children. The atmospher is great and the girls are georgous and not fake looking…just beautiful normal looking girls. They do not have a bar but, out back they have a free beer patio or you can take your own. You can not have alchohol inside the club. The girls are friendly and make plenty of conversation. They are very talented and great dancer and plenty of skin to skin contact with customers. They especailly love the girlfriends and wives that come along and have lots of fun with them on stage! The lap dances are great depending on who you get. Some of our favortie dancers and private dance ladies are….Valentine, Kitty, Carmen, and our all time favorite “Jasmine”. There are plenty of girls to go around and different types for every persons liking! If your going to have a birthday or wedding make sure to mention it because you’ll be on stage getting a dance from all the girls and it will be well worth it. Look out for the “see-saw” provided by Carmen and Monroe!

  28. joe

    it smelled like shit inside, but nothing compared to the rotting old pussies on stage. nasty!

  29. summer


  30. nagler

    this club sucks…nasty smelly pussy probley because the owner fucks all the girls with his nasty dick….

  31. RabbitFighter
  32. Jen

    I love the endzone

  33. Local
  34. chris

    this is the best place on earth baby

  35. willy p rice

    never have seen so much sh$t in one place at such a high price

  36. Artie

    That fat fucking pregnant bitch Taylor doesn’t even know who the daddy is. No wonder her pussy has been smelling like rotten cheeseburger for the past 8 months! Good job hiring these nasty hoes Nagle!

  37. Zach
  38. ronaldus magnus

    only reason this place will thrive is it has no nearby competition. would get beat down if anything esle was around.

  39. traveller

    Liked the club and the girls, but they don’t mingle with the customers, you have to request a girl from the counter. Private dances are a grind session, no touching…boring! Had a nice talk with one of the girls…that was fun.

  40. Sarah

    Me and a bunch of my friends from Penn State went here on tuesday for the student discount not knowing what to expect and was supprised to find that this place is AWESOME!!! the girls were hot, music selection was great, club was beautiful and they even give away free beer. They even pulled me and two of my girls up on stage and let us play on the pole. We will definately be back.

  41. Dustin

    Theres no feeling in the world like being in the endzone

  42. Mike Mixer

    Nice place! 20 to get in, 20 for a 4 min lap dance.

  43. PSU Fan

    i loved everything about this place. It was a dream come true.

  44. EZ customer

    The girls are HOT and friendly, clubs very classy, staff is very friendly, and can’t beat the free beer patio. Loita, Jersy, and Chanel are back and this place is better than ever.

  45. Charlie


  46. OneWordGross

    I love strip clubs but the overweight (can you say cottage cheese ass) and ugly crator faces got to go. Not to mention the beaver chewed pussies, gross. By the way channel and taylor thanks for threesome you two are nasty it was worht every penny.

  47. Jersey Fan
  48. Marsh

    A good time every time!

  49. pennstate
  50. borat

    this was by far the best club i have ever been to. the girls reminded me of my hot sister.. she is number 4 prostitute in Kazakstan. i had quite a SEXY TIME!!

  51. passing thru

    been to a lot of clubs all across the country and have to say this was one of my absolute favorites. Girls are hot, clubs very clean and comfortable, and everyone is extreemly friendly. Would recomend this club to anyone that loves a quality strip club.

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