HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club



552 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018


40.7578724, -73.9996702




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Brian

    The dancers were all attractive and were really friendly without being overbearing. The rest of the staff made me feel welcome, too. Overall, I had a great time there and will definitely be back again.

  2. Marty Klug

    love this joint! yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  3. John
  4. Joe from KC

    your party was one of wildest Ive ever seen…and Ive seen a lot

  5. Fred
  6. Chris B.

    Headquarters is really coming along. We’re all really happy for Big John & Company…this place is world-class.

  7. Rab
  8. Carol

    Was here with my boyfriend.Felt like leaving him for some of the girls lol i love this place.

  9. Lori

    HQ should host another nude photo shoot of Krista Ayne!!!

  10. Tony

    When is the reality show going to air? Show some clip’s on the site or keep us posted on it. btw great idea for the show.

  11. Calvin

    Really great looking dancers. OMG we had a great time there. Easy parking right across the street

  12. party.f'n.animal

    the high times party was amazing. the place was full of high profile writers, models, and scenesters from both NYC and Cali……….cant wait for the next one!

  13. Steward

    Big John is the best and so is his club.

  14. Tony&Sheena

    Came by with my wife after we heard about the place….So we decided to check it we loved it everything how the place look’s to the service and dancer’s : ),,Never had a better time in a gentleman’s club me and my wife.

  15. ivan
  16. rawls
  17. *

    GREAT party the other night for the Penthouse covergirl. I was blown away – full house/ girls everywhere. Plus hot waitresses in teddys n’ stockings

  18. Alton

    was here last night with some business partner’s we enjoyed it…….. Will be back more often. It has a young hip vibe to it that’s what make’s this place great.

  19. Philly Jim

    The girls at HQ take the cake. ost of the NYC girls at all the clubs are great but, if you like girls that look like girls, go to HQ. The other clubs hire a lot of over-built athletic types. The headquarters dancers are simply great looking hot young women.

  20. Lonnie

    What a night what a night….This place is the greatest finally people who no how to run a club and know how it should be.. I love Ny I love Hq <3

  21. Dov

    Enjoyed my time at Hq Sedo was a great host,The female’s best looking dancer’s in any club in nyc.



  23. Jim

    This is THE best club in NYC and I’ve been to all of them.

  24. White Boy
  25. Anton

    High end class establishment this place is keep up the good work i knew John was going to succed.

  26. Drew

    HQ is the best club out in nyc right now second to none.from the exotic looking dancer’s the sexy set up great host’s and bartender’s that arent pushy, this place is zen type club.

  27. Barry

    Thanks again for taking care of my peeps when we were at your club. The ladies kept us VERY entertained as always!

  28. fgfh
  29. FRANK


  30. Dale from Boston

    Want to commend you people at hq for the great time and also how great you run this place…Me and my business partner’s enjoyed our time here, And also worked out the multi million dollar deal upstair’s eating the great food at your place.

  31. Rich

    This place is a zen type place….Heaven on earth.

  32. Rick

    The one year party was unreal, When is the reality show going to air? Great idea should be a huge hit.

  33. Chad

    We threw our corporate holiday bash here. The place is definitely a hit with my office people

  34. Oren

    It was definatly a really hot place

  35. Gio

    thanks girls for the great weekend

  36. Jon

    weve done a lot of t.v. and film shoots here. the interior is really cool

  37. Charlie

    world class dancers. good dj. Food was pretty good for a titty bar!

  38. inveterate dancer

    ive worked all over the world. tokyo, uk, private jets, every coast. this place is among the best in good treatment of thier employees, and keeps a high morale and respect of the community……..btw, the High Times party was off the HOOK!!!!!!

  39. S SMITH
  40. Vlad

    Theres a lot of goddesses working here. This place is a “must see” when youre in the city

  41. Danny

    We always have a good time here. Thanks for the mammaries

  42. David

    Hey was here last night cool place the female’s were nice not a bad place.

  43. Mike

    Top drawer strip club. Convenient parking directly across the street too. These people are pros, you just sit back and the HQ take care of you

  44. William

    This place is zen like. Great upstair’s to handle business deal’s also.

  45. Bella

    I did a guest spot with these guys and they were great to work with

  46. Joey

    The hospitality at headquarters is really good. We were all very pleased with our party there

  47. Christian

    I appreciate the great staff from the host’s and bartender’s.The two shaved host’s were behind great, My friend’s enjoyed our time also cant wait till i visit hq again, Cheer’s untill then to Alex and i believe the host’s name was Nick anywho cheer’s untill we meet again.

  48. timmykilla

    I really only came here to see Christy Mack and I honestly more than likely wouldn’t come back without a similar incentive. The dancers were average in appearance, which I expect more than average from a strip club in Manhattan and they weren’t as friendly as I’d like to see in this kind of venue. Also, the set up here doesn’t work. There’s no stage?! What kind of strip club doesn’t have a stage? It seems like they’re missing out on a valuable asset but that’s just my opinion. The best part of the night was getting free drinks from promotors. It’s a decent place to kill some time at if you’re in the area but not worth going out of your way to.

  49. TJ
  50. Michel B.

    HeadQuarters is consistently friendly and the staff and girls very cool. The place is clean and the food is good. You can take my word for it, or you can read about HQ in ZAGATS too.

  51. Myles

    easy concierge parking. We took a dinner reservation and didnt have to pay a cover we had a great time

  52. Sammy

    Hot place!!!!

  53. Hq rock's

    Nick was a great host the girl’s are ok but enjoyed my time.

  54. Logan

    Best adult club i have ever been to.

  55. AssnTits5

    Big John (AKA SEYMOUR) & Alex Rock! Hands down the best gentlemen’s club in NYC!

  56. Scott

    When is the reality show going to air? I cant wait to see it!

  57. Ronald Privil

    Hq is in a class of it’s self the upstair’s is so relaxing great for business deal’s………

  58. Ronnie / TX

    The location was great, when we came for the boat show it was

    right next door, but far enough away from the tourist traps.

  59. james anderson

    i love this place and always had a great time here thats why i am keep going there. dancers are absolutely mind blowing. little too pricee.

  60. Buster

    a real class A+++ joint. keep up the good stuff

  61. kenny

    The one year party was awesome. Girls, food and drinks were great. the place was packed and we had a great time. I am happy we heard about the party on 92.3 fm. we will definitley be back again.

  62. Tim
  63. anon

    had to see for myself after reading all the drama. the place is sparkling clean, good vibes, and great staff

  64. dempsey
  65. Jessa


  66. Chip

    Cant wait to see the reality show it’s going to be crazy Big John making some huge move’s

  67. Natisha

    I loved working with you guys- see you again soon

  68. Bart

    Best strippers in the city

  69. Bibby
  70. I LOVE HQ

    Alex is a great host Big John is a ball everything about the place is perfect.

  71. Coy Floydd

    I brought a handful of pals from the recording studio here. We got fed, entertained, and slathered with attention from hot tarts, and still could afford a cab back home. WE WILL BE BACK

  72. CC
  73. ted
  74. ACE OF ASS

    i keep coming here. these girls keep blowing my mind. oh the humanity when will it end!? i hope never

  75. gene

    Wild time. Good club. Great asses

  76. big daddy do-right

    you know it

  77. Brad

    Hq is the greatest place in the world it’s Heaven on earth!!!!!!! If you havent been here yet run there get on a plane and fly there well worth it!

  78. joseph1k

    You can rent the rooms and literally do anything you want with the strippers. My ex-fiance spent over $2k in just a month. He admitted to sexual intercourse with one of the strippers. I’m sure if it were up to him he’d give this place 5 stars since he continued to go back.

  79. Dean

    Club is great! I come here at least once a week. The women are very beautiful, music is good.

  80. Matt
  81. Mistercap12

    Shit place. No dancers, just girls sitting at the bar. First one offered full service 500hr. One girl had me buy her a drink. Left after about 10 mins. Dont go there

  82. a
  83. Gerry T

    Hottest women in New York City

  84. Larry the legend

    Big John is hilarious very funny individual once people see him on tv forget about it….his show no doubt about it will be a smash hit…It’s a wise move by him give’s the club huge publicity…im eager to see a clip of some of it also..im URGING mangement to post atleast one minute of footage from the show on there website.. For the love of God!!!

  85. J.T.

    Great service at Headquarters. The steaks arent bad either

  86. Parks

    we booked my brothers bachellor party here it was amazing…the staff was great. The rooms were really comfortable and the food was good.

  87. Teagan fan
  88. Adam

    Party went amazing…extremely accomodating…girls were great and we all have been recomending HQ to everyone we know. Definitely a great time and you will be seeing us again very soon. Thanks!

  89. Truth
  90. The Rev

    best in the east!

  91. kevin

    i dropped cash and had a blast. goddamn those girls were hot. i hope someone creates a swanky place like this in oakland soon

  92. Cristiano

    Loved the place loved the girl’s : ) The hottest spot in nyc!!!!!!

  93. ryan123

    I took my girlfriend here on a Saturday night expecting the best that this club had to offer. What we got was an endless parade of out-of-shape strippers who couldn’t care less about looking and acting sexy. As my girlfriend put it, you see hotter dancing at a night club. While I got a professional vibe from the staff, what I came here for was the girls and the dancing. Too bad you see more pep at the senior center during nap time.

  94. More
  95. joey c
  96. Mike P.

    The food was suprising good for a strip club. I and my wife really had a superb time here.


    Cant wait to see the reality show!

  98. Nate

    HQ is a no hassles place, and a good solid club. Even beyond most NYC standards. I can spend hours here.

  99. Ken
  100. Leon

    Theres really no finer club in manhattan

  101. sal

    f*cken hot club

  102. Dr Lerner

    Was a score’s regular but was tired of getting ripped off,So checked out Hq and havent been anywhere since but hq this place is the mecca of adult club’s.

  103. Ridem
  104. jer

    A lot of fun people having a wild rompus. its what you should expect from a world-class club in the heart of Manhattan. No disappointments here!

  105. Tyrone

    best T &A …tip well and you’ll get what you paid for.

  106. StripClub431

    Like many ppl said the place is well kept a bit pricey on drinks the bill will rack up quick so watch the charges and like they said if someone comes in with a money to throw u left there hanging like ur money ain’t worth it and the most of the time the girls either act like u don’t exist or wanna get ur credit card and there’s no real stage so the dancing part isn’t any entertainment but staff is cool if ur cool they have a restaurant on the second floor a plus and its a place u can kinda lay back I would have gave it a 4 star but no traditional stage or poll to really enjoy the action and a couple drinks especially if u sitting far back and upfront seats are open.

  107. David C.

    Been to HQ many tines and I have to say that I like the intimate feeling the club gives. the girls are not sharks like at other strip clubs. the vibe is relaxing yet energetic at the same time. since I’m only a few blocks away, this is a good spot to end up at during the week.

  108. joset
  109. Jarred The Man

    Top Class Establishment,Would also love to thank the very exotic and sexy dancer’s at hq helping me spend more then 20k lol with in two hour’s. Well it was worth it..Thank’s guy’s ill be here again when i visit NY.

  110. Freddy

    Hands-down . the hottest bunch of strippers in the tristate area. Very posh yet unpretentious place

  111. mitch

    excellant club

  113. Kelvin

    saw your club on fuse tv. whats the average price for party of 10?

  114. .
  115. Jay

    Hq is good time’s holler,,,

  116. Carly

    Headquarters promotions assisted in helping us set up a great party for our client. They were willing to compete with all other nyc clubs for vip specials and several comp admissions for our event. We had media and even a few celebrities showed up… Thanks guys and GIRLS!!!

  117. Vinny
  118. Jared/Philly

    had a great time. thanks guys

  119. Lead Ed
  120. Glen

    Love this place the business partner’s and i loved the other night.

  121. Hiram

    Everything was really very good. Will bring more friends with me next time. great job on the club interiors

  122. Harry
  123. Regina

    We threw my boyfriends birthday party here last month. Everything was top notch- champagne list, service, girls, djs

  124. Free Bird

    A big thanks going out to the HeadQuarters babes for the great party

  125. Josephine

    Good, friendly place to work. great party atmosphere

  126. Johnson

    All these clubs have thier ups n downs, but I find Headquarters is the most

    consistent when it comes to good customer service. These guys have been in

    the industry a long time and have the know-how.

  127. Blake

    Great time last night thank’s Hq

  128. Kat

    I loved this place, the girls were very cool

  129. clynt
  130. james c.
  131. Erick

    When is the reality show going to air? Great idea btw

  132. teng

    HQ definitely knows what theyre doing, which is why they get rave reviews in maxim and the village voice, and are on page 6 of the new york post for celebrity events. hats off!

  133. JJ


  134. Ger

    Even a 20 dollar lapdance in this place still lets you feel like a king

  135. Cherie

    hot party last night guys. whens the next one?

  136. Philip
  137. Richard
  138. Dana

    came from out of town (Kansas City) and visited Headquarters during a conference…I was a little “iffy” about going to a strip club but the hosts made me feel quite at home and showed us what NYC hospitality is all about…wow!…next time Im going to go for a “table dance”

  139. fritter17

    This place is crap. My ex girlfriend Jessie worked there and she swore she was a cocktail waitress. We all knew she was a stripper. She used to always talk about the nasty things that went on there. I went once and it was super ghetto.

  140. Dave

    Loved the set up first floor a bit small but overall this is one of the top place’s in New York!! Alot better looking girl’s then score’s and hustler if you ask me.

  141. CASPAR

    Its a club thats definitely on its way up. the specials are very good and the parties are great.

  142. Gabe
  143. Steve

    Great place one of my favorite’s when i visit New York!

  144. Tadd

    Top class club…The best in Ny with out a doubt!!!

  145. Alex

    Great place had a great time,Location isnt the best though!

  146. Paul T.

    Nothing beats this place

  147. Scuter
  148. Franklyn

    Either these guys are owned by the same people who own Rick’s Cabaret, or there is some clearing-house where all the newer strip clubs get their little red velvet armchairs on casters. Either way, I wish we’d just gone to Rick’s. A group of us (all girls) rolled in a bit past midnight on a Saturday night. There were people there, but it still felt kinda dead – I think they maybe had six girls working. The ladies do three songs each on stage – there’s no pole or platform, just a mirror in the back and a set of stairs toward the front with dual railings they can hang off of to do squats and stuff. It doesn’t give them a lot to work with, and some of them are not the most talented dancers, but it’s not like I came expecting to see Cirque du Soleil. (There is a pole in the back toward the bar, but it just sat there looking lonely the entire time we were there.)The DJ was playing what I believe was Korn when we arrived, which seems like an odd choice for a strip club, but eventually switched to booty hip-hop, which made a lot more sense. Drinks were standard NYC-strip-club a$$pensive ($15 for a vodka soda), but made with Grey Goose and very strong. The place was immaculately clean. My main beef with this place is that after we’d been there for maybe half an hour, a table of high-roller types came in, took one of the tables on the stage, and started ordering bottle service – and once this happened, we may as well have been twelve empty chairs. All the girls flocked to them, and after the one lady who had been giving our group lap dances (her name is China, and she is LOVELY) was called up on stage, we were just sitting there with our money moldering in our pockets and our laps all empty and sad. It’s such a shame – if the girls had deigned to spend a little time with our crew instead of Douchepants McBottleService and Friends, we would have made it worth their while. Instead we ended up leaving – and next time I need a decent strip club (cause, y’know…sometimes you do), I’ll probably go back to Rick’s.

  149. Owen

    Was here last night this place rock’s great dj unreal entertainer’s, Very nice looking place this place rock’s!!!!

  150. SETH
  151. the gent

    My new “home away from home”!

  152. Guaraldi

    Been reading a lot about HQ in the Post, Page Six and Zagats. i was not disappointed- we had a the best time at headQuarters

  153. us-harley-1

    stopped in during a business convention. sweet girls very friendly and the place blew my mind…hq new york is THE place to be

  154. stripper
  155. Dr. Patel

    My wife and I came here on recommendation from a friend. The girls were very beautiful and the shrimp quite tastey. Im hoping my wife will want us to go back very soon.

  156. new jack

    good lord. well worth the effort. we had a killer time

  157. cb
  158. Stan

    As a recent transplant, have been checking out the various NYC strip clubs this past month. This is by far the best club. It is high end and the dancers are just a notch below the Scores level in terms of looks; however, the dances are great. They grind on you and let you touch them. In fact my girl was actually putting my arm on her tits…the guard eventually saw this and told me to stop. The staff is very friendly and service is fast. The only drawbacks are that the DJ plays lame tunes and its a little off the beaten path in Hell’s Kitchen.

  159. Darcy

    Good place. Very posh very comfortable

  160. Richie Rich

    This place rock’s sara is a great host.

  161. Dylan

    This place is the cream of the crop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. lakisha

    Miss you ladies!

  163. Max
  164. Big Time

    Im willing to fly on my private jet once a week to hq that’s how much i enjoyed myself and love this place.

  165. Coreinne

    This is a good place to work. The foods not bad either

  166. Trump Exec

    Been everywhere none can compare to HQ!

  167. Vinci

    Great for even a younger crowd this place is hot.

  168. SIMPSON
  169. Gunter

    hot things going on here. this one is highlight of my vacation. foxy babes !

  170. MonicaandFabio

    We loved this place this is the place couple’s can come and enjoy themselve’s with no pushy host’s bothering you.

  171. Boxer
  172. Al C
  173. Al

    This place there’s nothing like it…Big John is a pisser i love that guy and his place.

  174. Sal Cucaj

    The best gentleman’s club period.

  175. Barron

    stoped by last thursday had the time of my life here, will be here more often that’s for sure.

  176. Chas

    once again, a great time at HQ. the girls are of course HOT as all get out, but also well-spoken…in other words I bring my business clients here because I know they’ll be well cared for

  177. eric
  178. Orit

    Girls are friendly and good dances. We did my cousins bachelor party here last weekend and they waited on us like kings. It was great.

  179. tits ahoy

    I had too much fun and had to go to confession. The chicken is good here too.

  180. Pete

    Great place love how it is set up very sexy will be a regular!

  181. Colbys

    Went here late night. 8 people in the place (2 tables of 4). I was here with a guy who wanted to go and see what it was about. 2 drinks, $15. – very reasonable. But, the point of being at the place was to see girls and have some fun. NOT ONE dancer approached us in the hour we were there. 1:30-2:30

  182. raj

    HQ is the place to be for great vibes and high quality. My top pick for nYc strippers

  183. Big Jim

    Had another great night at HQ – you guys rock

  184. Shannon

    Definitely one of the better clubs to work at in Manhattan

  185. Craig A.

    I was there earlier this morning on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. Sunday 10/11/15. From 2:15 A. M. – 3:30 A. M. . The bouncers are friendly. There is a coat check. But there is no charge for it. The waittress is friendly. But I gotta say for a bottle of water the price is $7.00. That’s highway robbery. But it’s alright. I don’t go to these places that often. I guess that’s how these establishments make their money. All the ladies are very beautiful. Very friendly. They smell nice. They look nice. And they feel nice. I asked the woman I was with if I can touch her. She said just a little bit. Just on her legs, back, buttocks, and hair. I just want to say she made me feel good all over my body. I loved every second of the three lap dances. Lap dances are twenty dollars each. I had three lap dances. So That was sixty dollars. And all three of them were worth it. I’m sure a dance in a private room is a lot more expensive. I guess about three hundred dollars. That’s more than I can afford. Maybe some other time when I can afford it. I don’t know. But all I know is that I had the nicest time there. Best of all it’s a aloud to wear shorts there in the sumner there. I know. I asked the bouncer. Because I saw somebody wear shorts there. It’s too cold now for shorts now. Well I guess he’s not cold. Well that’s That’s it.Signed, Craig Apelbaum .

  186. Commack Paul

    The staff here were extrmely friendly and easy to deal with. thanks for making my brothers bachelor party an amazing memory for all of us!

  187. Sony

    Finally checked out HQ after hearing how this is the greatest club in nyc, All the review’s and rave’s were on point this place is the best, So many exotic girl’s forget pec and hustler i think i have found a new home.

  188. Kenan

    had a great time. We’re really looking forward to the upcoming parties. See you again for sure

  189. A Regular

    Wouldn’t go to any other club! Used to go to Scores, but no more.

  190. scotti
  191. Trevor

    Nice club. Girls were hit or miss. Most very beautiful but the lapdances were so so unless you get the right girl. Some girls won’t even come up to you unless you’re wearing a suit. I guess my money’s no good. The bartenders and service staff awesome.

  192. Coca Cola Stock

    The best GC club in new york!

  193. Joe
  194. larry

    hot girls hot rooms hot music the best

  195. BK Old Skool

    Fine ass bitches. Good tracks & strong drinks. No whack shit.

  196. gino

    hot place. food is good too

  197. Panty prone

    I left this place reaching for my pacemaker. These Headquarters chicks are hotter than napalm

  198. Niles

    Good music and private rooms were a lot of fun

  199. jngjgj
  200. tonycluber

    There’s a time and place for everything. And after 30 years trading arms and military supplies around the world one thing I know. When you need to close a deal in Abu or Saudi head to a Gentlemen’s club and pretend it’s your first time. It always closes the deal. And oh yeah, HQ is my go to. Like Bagram!!!

  201. Garret Mc P.

    The dancers here are addicting. Its also the kind of joint you can stay all night. Its bi-level, lots of vip areas to check out. Four star bistro upstairs to

  202. Wall Street Exec!!!

    Great place the best in nyc with out a doubt me and some business partner’s loved it!!

  203. hello

    i love it

  204. nyc socialite

    I took my husband here for our a pre-anniversary gift! we had a great time- ultra professional, cool staff, best champagnes.

  205. Natalia
  206. Evan

    Reality show real good idea should be a big hit.

  207. Sam
  208. Philly Jo

    Cant wait to see the club on Maury Povich..You guys are getting the great exposure you deserve

  209. Musa

    The nicest club in NYC

  210. jimmy

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