Bare Assets



4020 West New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32904


28.0792438, -80.6913692




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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37 reviews for “Bare Assets

  1. RED🔥

    Hello, not so hot as I’m employed and need addressed rightfully so and properly, individuals guilty of this exact crap: to stop doing this to me: bullying me, lying about me and attacking me, as I enjoy my, job, deserve to have my job, will have my job, and need my job. Number one. The facts are Luna is most definitely the most praised which is an outrage for actual reasons and realtime events as well as several others that work there. The bottom line is “Woa to those who rob the innocent of their rights.” And for the love of God, because you guys have employed me, I happen to have time sensitive and sensitive in nature in whole, recorded documentation and information to share with the management and owners but no one has answered the phone so may you please answer your establishments listing for contact phone calls, being as emergency events have unfolded you should be made aware of.

  2. HH
  3. john

    this club sucks… girls are gross and strung out.. theres like 2 good looking ones, but still natys..

    anyway any one ever herd of Younes, in palm bay?? i didnt see it listen i was j/w how it was or if it too is a whore house..

  4. XhXeXy

    This is a decent place. We went here because it was close to our hotel. Drinks are pricey but they do offer drink/dance specials every hour. My husband and I went on a Sunday and 90% of the girls were pretty, in shape, and good dancers/pole tricks. A couple girls were way too skinny, looked high, and had no rhythm at all. They aren’t pushy about dances, and servers are very attentive for drinks. My husband bought a lap dance for me, then we got 2 more as a couple from the same girl. She was hot and a great dancer, especially for couples. You get 2 songs for a private dance and a free drink for the hourly drink/dance special.Definitely worth checking out. We will probably visit again when we return to the Melbourne area

  5. joe

    The girls are friendly but bodies not hot. Prices are reasonable. Atmosphere is friendly. I’ll stop by once a month.

  6. dave

    What a Dump…

    Scanky girls who sit around and do nothing..

    Most of them are strung out or totally drunk..

    Dirty scurvy place.. ..

    The waitresses look better then the dancers..

    Employees and bouncers are all nasty..

    Even women have to pay to get in..

    I could get a better lap dance from a dog in heat…

  7. roy
  8. jdog

    the place is great except for the extremely rude bartenders if you dont load the bartenders with a tab theyre gonne treat you like shit so dont buy too many drinks and concentrate on the dancers,drink before you arrive ,gods honest truth,jarrod f. represent m town baby>late…..

  9. bobinvero

    BA is the only club in Brevard so forget the compares. Overall I give it a FAIR rating. Still, you can have fun here with the right girls, and it is friendly, unlike snotty Rachels that has always been overrated. $15 is too much for a private dance in this economy and I think it hurts the girls. They should be able to set their own prices to some extent, with $5 as a minumum when it is slow as hell. I have been here several times in the past few years and will return.

  10. R.

    Bare Asset’s two-dance special (with a free drink pass) made the club easy on my wallet. I spent time with Amber. She caught my eye with her cute hat, smile, and personality. Amber is a stare-worthy lady, smart, and good company. To keep it post-appropriate, I will simply say WOW.. I do not know when I will drive through Melbourne again. I hope Amber is working when I do.



  12. Brad

    Small and service sucked.

  13. adam

    Very smokie and drink prices are very expensive overall the girls are beautiful and i will be back

  14. ryan123

    Going to give 3 stars because of the manager & door girl who were accommodating & polite. There was one girl who was an amazing dancer, although she looked very sad because there was no $$ to be made. Music was good, mix of rock, the waitresses as well as dancers avoided our(me n my girl) table, afraid to approach. In general though, staff as a whole was hospitable, & the bartender was cute too. The club offers a very sullen setting, maybe it was an off night? But being part of the industry myself, Saturday cannot be one of your off nights. I may try a daytime visit for comparison.

  15. Melbourne Man
  16. #1 customer
  17. reviewer

    Best Damn club in Brevard County !!!!

  18. observer

    Well i guess some people can’t handle change !! Well to damn bad! Bare Assets needed a change it’s about damn time someone realized it and is doing something about it. They have always set the standard in brevard now we will see if the other clubs can catch up.This county needs a leader in Adult Entertainment.I think BA’s will come out on top. Classy is better than trashy anytime !!!!

  19. $$$$$$
  20. Hank

    Whats up with all the hood rats in this bar. Should I wear a bullet proof vest when I come in?

  21. Sunny

    Hot girls, hot dances, friendly atmosphere, large comfortable club, large parking lot. 6 blocks off of Duval on U.S. 1 or Truman Ave. This place is everyone’s favorite and a hotspot for the locals. Couple friendly. Full nudity, they show it all. You can caress your favorite naked lady as long as you don’t get too frisky. Everyone has a great time. Very nice, hot, fun, friendly girls. Club is open at 4 in the afternoon till 4 in the morning.

    This place has really improved in the past few years. Its better than ever, stop by!

  22. Club Hopper

    Wow! The hot classy women are finally back in here!I’ll be spending all my free time in this club.

  23. brandonresh

    This place charges $7 to get in and when you get in there is only one stage. There was only one girl on stage at a time and there was ZERO ENERGY from the only girl on stage. They charge $8 for a drink that is 95% mixer. Avoid this place.

  24. james

    I dont know why there are so many negative comments on this website must be asshol*s that got kicked out of there the club is great i go in a lot if you get a chance check it out the ratings are totally wrong they have a lot of hot girls and the dances are contact but not a lot but what do you expect them to do for 20 dollars I mean come on?? Go see sky she rocks not only is she not bad to look at she has a great personality a lot of fun to talk to

  25. Weedman420

    I had a great time here. The later it got the better it got. Our waitress Miranda was awesome and all the girls were awesome!!!

  26. one time

    This club is great. I’ve been to several clubs throughout Florida this has to be the best bag for the buck of all!

    I’ll be back several more times over the next few months.

  27. Ashley aka Kelly

    Speaking from a dancer in Brevard County and dancing at many clubs……I really liked BAs and the people that come there (most you see at least twice a week if not more)are wonderful.

  28. Devilsturnip

    Don’t work here as a dancer! I just had a DJ pocket my house money and tell the club I didn’t pay house!!! Don’t work here it’s sketchy!!!!

  29. Mike D.

    Have you ever wondered what instant regret feels like? Then this is the place for you! How sad do you have to be to walk into this place solo? They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Well, iv only been great at making sour punch.Bar service was fast, the drinks were strong. But isn’t that the gag? Get you drunk fast and cheap so you waste all your cash, then run to the ATM and drop so much cash that when you wake up. You find yourself in a panic becuase your rent is due in 3 days.Now everyone wants to know about the girls. Well most of them can climb a pole like an acrobat. For real, I think I saw the same moves on the poster for Cirque du Soleil. Lighting in here needs some work. They have bright white lights that keep shining in your face. Maybe it was becuase I was sitting in the corner. Not 100%

  30. Secret Romances

    This is the first strip club I’ve ever been to in my life. I’m from Long Island, NY and my boyfriend and I were on vaca and came to this place. The girls were fantastic. They truly worked for their money. We got a lap dance from Holly and she was super nice! After we came back to NY we went to 4 different clubs and every time we walked out after a half hour. WTF is wrong with NY? You’d think crazier shit would go down. Up here the girls are too prude, you don’t get your money’s worth, and girls have to pay to get in! Anyway, Bare Assets is the way to go. I can’t wait to go back in January 2009.

  31. we
  32. Jim

    Not a very good club just ok. Not many nice looking dancers.

  33. luce

    Where is all the pretty white girls?

  34. TIPPS
  35. BobbyV

    This is by far the best around like a CHEERS bar with dancers,the day shift barmaid is the best I have met since

    I moved down here a year ago.

  36. jesse

    this sucks… i agree with dave, the girls are all way nasty looking ugly and skanky … i wonder if places like this could make any money if there was alcohol. Brandys a dirty little slut.. shell take you to the holiday inn and fuck u for like 100 bucks… and its noo good… blah.. brevards best huh? maked me wonder about the rest

  37. me

    best girl in brevard everyone gets along there its like one big family

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