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3355 South Procyon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102


36.1293641, -115.1885172




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “House Topless ShowClub

  1. Troy W

    Had an excellent time. Girls were beautiful. Impeccable service.

  2. jon

    great club

  3. TJ

    Great time and well worth it.

  4. Alex

    The best club in Vegas

  5. Jerry Joe

    Fine women, nice ribbon show, but ridiculous prices. Try OGs. Twice the fun at half the price.

  6. friend

    Best club in town

  7. John

    This is the best club I’ve ever been too!

  8. Julia

    This place is just perfect.I had a great time and loved the very upscale feeling and look of it.

  9. Bobby

    Why does everybody hate this club?

  10. jk
  11. Mark

    One of the most cumfortible club I’ve been to.

  12. Mike

    Very Upscale. Definitely not for the five and dimer. But everyone in our party of 8 people had a great time. The waitress’s do not take their time—if you have an empty glass, they are on you at the snap of a finger which is great. I noticed that the dancers are not that pushy as well which I also liked. There was one gal who jumped on me as soon as we arrived and I told her to come back a little bit later after we got situated. She smiled, said ok and moved on. About 30 minutes later she kept her word and came back. I ended up spending around 3 hours with her and it was well worth it as she provided great company, conversation and also was a little humorous. Overall Rating of this club: Excellent

  13. Eric

    We asked for a place to go for a great place to party and were not disappointed. First off, the club is gorgeous and classy. You are definitely sold from the get go. Be prepared to spend money. My business partner and I were led to the piano bar and introduced to two lovely ladies, we were then shown a champagne list. After a lap dance I was asked if there was a specific girl I would like to spend time with. I asked for a tall shapely brunette and was not disappointed. I spent the remainder of the early morning with 3 beautiful women and was treated like royalty. I was not hustled or pressured into anything. It was made clear what it would cost to enjoy these ladies’ company and was not disappointed. I actually had engaging intelligent conversation with these women and enjoyed having them dance for me for hours. I felt like Julius Caesar. I cannot wait to go back.

  14. employee

    I work here, and these comments are so untrue!!!

    It is not 100 dollars for a table dance, it is 20 like everywhere else

    The VIP upstairs is 3 for 100, and that is very private. A half hour is 300 and an hour is 500, which includes a bottle of champagne and a private room with just you and your dancer. They don’t need to put anymore money into this club, because its fucking gorgeous!!! Yeah you will probably spend alot of money here, but only if you want to!

    The girls are extremely hot and all wear classy dresses. Most of the girls here are from all around the world so you definitly have your pick. Asian, dominican, puerto rican, white, black, italian etc… I have noticed there is not alot of hustle here. Most guys usually ask me if I want to go dance. This club is always packed and the shows are amazing. Judge it for yourself! See ya soon lol


  15. Weedman420

    Dream Angels: This is a fabulous show! The ladies are talented (obvious dance training) and beautiful! The choreography was wonderful. I loved the costumes and the venue was very nice. I would recommend this topless review to anyone who enjoys watching beautiful and talented dancers. Enjoy!!!

  16. kris

    this club rocks best in town

  17. J

    I agree with James to an extent. We don’t care who runs the club and all the gossip associated within it. We care about the dancers. However, hot women mean nothing if they can’t give a great lap dance.

  18. Joey
  19. Glenn

    I was told to go here by my host at Mandalay. Since I read this webpage, I too called for their Limo to pick us up. I was not disappointed. We started off on the main floor and ended up in the lounge, I think it called the Piano Lounge. Great experience and overall great service—the girls with us were amazing. One took me on a tour of the place and I was amazed. The one thing I would change and its not that big of a deal would be upstairs–I think it was an hour room—I would add couches instead of the high back seats they have. Again, overall, probably the best experience Ive ever had at a gentlemans club.

  20. Martin

    Best club in Vegas!

  21. Me
  22. pimp
  23. Jim

    Best club ever!

  24. Dr. Evil
  25. Oscar
  26. Brett

    This club is amazing and huge. I can’t believe how many hot entertainers are around. You tell the guys what kind of girl you want and they go find them from all over the club. I went there for my buddy’s bachelor party. I would definitely recommend this club to anyone in or going to Vegas! Right on Scores…

  27. notorious
  28. sabrina

    im new to the club as a topless dancer and im sooo impressed i love how friendly everyone is makes my job enjoyable and talk about high class…its amazeing…weather its techno or hip hop/rb this club has 3 rooms with music for any ones taste…

    be prepaired to spend money******* its worth it 100 percent…a deff. recomend:)

  29. SD Badass

    Have to say hands down the best club in Vegas! This is what a true club is all about it has style and class. For those of you that are out for a BJ true its not your kind of club but for those that have some social skills and can enjoy a night with amazing women this is the place.

  30. Carlin
  31. OWEN
  32. Jeff
  33. customer and dancer

    this is the best club in town

  34. trent
  35. Breyman

    Very easy going. Got right in and started having a good time. Drinks were a little pricey but they make them stiff. Girls were amazing. Probably some of the hottest I’ve seen in a strip club. Grade A+!

  36. John Harmon

    This is simply amazing

  37. Bounce

    Brought a party of 15 guys.. they picked us up and even made room for us upstairs in their sky bar.. it was a blast… 24 hours a day in Vegas.. that is AWESOME!!!

  38. Jessica D

    Scores maybe gorgeous but its d.e.a.d. The owner still has to pay cabbies; otherwise no business and they fire everyone for no reason (PAULA).

  39. Rocco

    Best club I have been to in 15 years.

  40. tg
  41. Shai Cohen

    This club is amazing. Definitely the best place in Vegas if you want to have a memorable time. Bring your best friends or your significant other. Don’t miss it!

  42. CMJ

    Easily best in vegas not even close

  43. Jack

    I agree, bottom feeders.

  44. To Jerry

    Don’t know where your getting your info from, but OG is going downhill. They aren’t any “cheaper”. They the only club that charges locals. Besides their layout is horrible now.

  45. tb
  46. Sam

    This club is awesome, great girls, great music, always super busy. Ricks is back, just like the old Scores…..bring your wallet and get ready to party!

  47. unknown

    This is a great club

  48. James

    Bottom line men come to see hottt women, dont really care who runs the place or if they have a good steak,hot, in shape sexy women is what we come to see,is that a hard picture to get?

  49. David

    I love this place, the girls are beautiful!!

  50. scores vetran
  51. rebelgrad01
  52. Kevin

    I was here for my bachelor party April 2010. First off, the name made me think it was sketch. We met a promoter on the strip (also seemed sketch) but I was wrong. Everything is totally classy. The promoter gave us a coupon for FREE transportation (sick party bus), FREE admission and a FREE round of drinks, for all 8 of us. We tipped the driver a lot and he told them to take care of us. We walked in the back to and they sat us down in the middle of the floor, each in our own seats. Before all of our asses had hit the cushions, we all had a girl on our lap.

    Most of the girls were great. One guy got an annoying girl so he paid her to give me a lap dance just so he didn’t have to listen to her anymore.

    The drinks are pretty expensive, even for Vegas, in my opinion. They girls were friendly enough that my friend who doesn’t like strip clubs (there’s one in every pack) in 20 minutes had his own belt around his neck being brought up to the VIP room.

    I met a girl on stage named Adrianna, beautiful blond with a British accent. I got a $20 lap dance from her, then a second, then was drunk enough to pay $100 to go the VIP room. It was a great time, but I probably couldn’t afford it in retrospect. I was a student paying for his own wedding. Adrianna was great, really cool, really friendly. She had her blackberry on her, and literally, she friended me on facebook and gave me her number during the dance. It was really, I checked it during the dance and the facebook page was linked to hundreds of friends and her kids writing on her wall. It may be because I convinced her I was a Kennedy. But she wasn’t really from Wales, so whatever, it’s Vegas. One thing that kinda pissed me off was that she got a bottle of water during the dance and they charged me for it. What place of business doesn’t give their employees free water?? The funniest part was afterwords I had to go to the ATM to get cash and my cards had been locked (forgot to tell the bank i was going out of town and would be spending frivolously), but after at least 30 minutes of feeling like a scrub, the bartender was able to charge it and I felt like a Kennedy again. The VIP room took a bit longer than it should normal, probably at least an hour (most my friends left me) and I paid a couple hundred bucks, but probably less than the published rates. I would definitely go there again and plan on it when I’m there for a friends wedding Spring 2011.

  53. Eddie

    Had a great time!

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