Inner Room Cabaret



74 North Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


28.3197361, -80.6103397




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Inner Room Cabaret

  1. x


  2. Boston

    NOBODY posts here but the ANNOYING LITTLE MAN…

  3. fjofippt


  4. Kyle J.

    $3.50 beers and a whole room full of Trollops 10/10 would visit again Side note: Interesting scent of weed, fried chicken, cocoa butter, Hennessy and tuna salad.

  5. No one

    TALM killer strikes again!

  6. XhXeXy

    Best strip club in the area.According to The Ultimate Strip Club List…it’s ranked #1 in value in the US and #3 Overall in the US.Dances years ago used to be $8. They’ve since increased prices to $10 / song.

  7. william

    living in vegas and surrounded by some very famous clubs out here just makes me realize how much i miss the inner room

  8. Haywood

    Really – don’t tell too many people about this club. Perhaps one of the best clubs I’ve ever been too for the value. $10 dances from very friendly girls. Girls may not be the most attractive, but the lights are low and they make up for that in sooooo many ways.

  9. Bassmaster

    TALM killer strikes again!

  10. j

    joyclin- missed ya after- thanks for the fun night.

  11. IM HIP

    TALM killer strikes again!

  12. Barry
  13. Rocketman34

    First time at IR. Usually head to Cheaters or Lido’s, as they’re closer to where I stay in the area. Most of the dancers in IR were 7-8. Not very pushy for dances. Girl to guy ratio was very good, especially for a Monday night. Dances were full songs and lots of contact! YMMV depending on dancer and number of times waitstaff comes by for drinks.

  14. Eric the Great

    TALM killer strikes again!

  15. SCL_Admin

    TALM killer strikes again!

  16. O

    Great Club

  17. Wasteland

    9 out of 10 posts by THE ANNOYING LITTLE MAN…

  18. Glenn

    Great Club. Upscale Atmosphere without the attitude. Went there on a Tuesday night and had a GREAT time. More Girls than Guys..BIG PLUS. Girls were all sweet, sexy, sensual and Super Friendly. It was truly a GFE Experience. Drinks and Dances were absolutely Cheap. One of the best times I have ever had at any Strip Club for sure. The girls were amazingly sensual,warm,affectionate and INTO IT.WOW ! A special Shout Out to ” Taylor “( so sweet and an amazing Turn On),Heidi( a.k.a.=La La, and Anna ( She Bangs ). Thanks Girls !!! You made a grown man Happy which isn’t easy. I really hope to get back soon …can’t wait !

  19. Steffan

    OMG! I stopped by here on my way back to Orlando, which hardly has a single club left worth going into thanks to the county commission. I was in heaven! I LOVED this place. OMG I think I would be there every night if I lived in Cocoa, and it is soooo worth the drive from Orlando, about an hour. The girls only charge either $10 or $15 per lap dance! You pay $20 – $30 per dance in Orlando and they stand three feet away!!! Hell, the girl that I ended up sticking with for a good part of the night made ME feel sexy! $100 will never get you so much full contact by such pretty girls! I was just … wow … omg. I think I hid the wet spot well. lmao

    I think I’m in love, with the club, and my cute little dancer K****. I’m getting some serious mileage out of that memory. I’m so fucking bummed that I have to go to CA for a couple months. I will soooo be back.

  20. mr phil

    Girls are lame. Music sucks. Girls just sit on their fat asses

  21. .
  22. Roger

    While it does get thuggy after 11 PM, I usually go earlier.

    My waitress was this sexy thing with super short shorts and

    boy can she dance! I liked watching dancers Lacy, Valentina,

    Alexandra and Davina. Special Mention to Sunshine!

  23. m
  24. Unknown Atlanta

    TALM killer strikes again!

  25. skibum609

    This place has been my overall favorite club in America for a few years now. I travel a lot so I get to similar places all over Florida, New York, New England, Vegas, etc. and overall this place is the best. Why? Total experience and value. This is the lowest pressure strip club, to the point where if you wait for a dancer you want, you won’t get her. Here you have to approach many of the dancers as opposed to other clubs where they harrass you for dances every single minute. The women are generally pretty, with very few enhanced boobs. There is no dance privacy, but if you don’t mind these are very full contact, interactive dances. At $10 a pop, for a full song (other clubs cut them)it seems free compared to other clubs charging $15-$40 for dances. I have never been hassled by anyone including the sstaff and other customers. In short, its really just a neighborhood bar with good tunes, except you can feel up the girls. Usually a few new girls each time I go, yet I did recall some of the dancers from the last few times I was there in October, May and March of 06. Well worth a trip, except be careful of speeding. I have more tickets leaving the IR, than in the rest of my driving over the past 30+ years.

  26. passion

    just sayin hi to george,lamar and , ya.

  27. knatster
  28. Franklyn

    The bartenders are super hot and so are their entertainers. Would go here twice a week with my friends and we would have a blast.

  29. tonycluber

    Love this place. Been visiting Cocoa Bch for 15 yrs. Always go to Ir. Drink r well priced and $10 dances r a draw. Also visit cheater s and lido”s . IR is the best. Best time to go is weekdays. Late afternoon is best. Stay away late fri and sat notes.

  30. dancer

    this place is a dump !george and joey are pervs.if you dont let them feel you up they will fire you.every girl that works there know it.sad thing is there all too high to give a shit.the dance area always has used condoms laying around its gross.

  31. Heywood Jablome

    While this club has gone downhill, there is still enough quality and value to make it enjoyable. Bartenders are all fantastic girls – DJ needs to play more mix of songs – and yes, there needs to be more management control of some activities in the club.

  32. Drew Black

    Very friendly girls who are quite friendly. Great private dances.

  33. jbl911

    not a bad place – kind of crowded. good value for 10 bucks for a dance – can’t beat that – great contact – but you have to run down the girl you want a dance from .

  34. Xman

    TALM killer strikes again!

  35. ryan123

    This place was filled with pastie wearing crackheads. Exit stage right. Tetanis shot needed stat.

  36. LILrara
  37. Elvis

    TALM killer strikes again!

  38. Get Real

    TALM killer strikes again!

  39. Mac

    I liked this club before tonight. I had a bad experience with a South Dakota hoe in there with black hair. The hoe pretty much robbed me by saying she was going to give me another dance and she didn’t. Her friend tried to show class and I respect her for that (she gave me a dance in her place). Honesty, as a businessman I think even prostitutes should have good business practices. The chick makes me not like this club anymore. It was my number one on Cocoa Beach, but I’m so pissed off I would rather deal with Cheaters and Lido’s. In business, you don’t do customers wrong because you never know what that customer would have spent in the future. But again I must catch myself, we talking about dumb ass strippers, but in a sense they messing up the club’s revenue in the long run.

  40. Trey

    When the Sun shines the club has cute white, Latina, and 1 black chick for the confederate flag waving redneck hypocrites to get off on some dark meat. If Anthony the manager shows up, he does on a Harley. But as the sun sets, all the pretty latinas and non-tattoo’d white babes do what’s best for their safety and leave. After 8 the Inner Room brings in 10 more bouncers because 98% of the dancers come in from Orlando won’t hire them (why not?black, fat, ugly and nasty come to mind), but the Inner Room welcomes them with open arms! Why? Because the patrons at IR change from white pasty old mooks tooverweight black gangbangin thug wannabes. Even Anthony sneaks his Harley back home and shows up with his hat turned sideways in an all black Merc (like nobody noticed, right). The black patrons show up in droves like someone preannounced reparations! DON’T GO AT NIGHT IF YOU ARE WHITE! The patrons willingly pay $10 each to see dark fat, jiggle-and I’m not talking about T/A either! They are not your brothers. Their women ate your sisters.

  41. Its ME ME ME- ALL ME

    Annoying Little Man Lives Here.

  42. Pat

    I own SoftTails in Deland so I know what I’m doing. I enjoy the girls at IR as most are respectable & nice. Yes, there are some huslers who will steal you blind if you don’t keep track & know what’s going on. You get the best dances for the money. A good mix of nationalities & beautiful women overall. I usually go during the day & have checked almost all of the other area clubs. IR is definitely on top & would have to consider it one of my 3 favorites.

  43. Pinhead

    TALM killer strikes again!


    Nobody posts here but THE ANNOYING LITTLE MAN…

  45. ian

    Nice club with beautiful gals

  46. stacey

    This club sucks.

  47. Passin thru

    Great dances…good mileage. Prolly my favorite club around for the value and quality

  48. Scott Fleming

    I have been going to this club for sometime now and i really enjoy sitting at the bar and watching the stage,

    in addition,the one barmaid myra is very kind and hospitible.

  49. Ken

    Ghetto. lots of low class girls and their black thug boyfriends. bartenders are slow. girls whine about the customers. gone downhill since 9/11. good luck. try other clubs for a bettter nite out

  50. chino

    awsome club, this is my new hang out.

  51. Ashley Jefferson

    I just wanted to say hey to everyone….i miss you guys! Im in Virginia right now. As far as the ones that dont know me my name is Ashley…..most of you know me with the Red Fairy on my back. I have worked at the Inner-room one and two for almost four years! I promise I will be back soon. If anyone sees Sassy let her know im looking for her….LOVE YOU GUYS!

  52. Menny

    Without question the #1 Gents club in Cocoa Beach. Nice clean club, friendly dancers (most of the hot ones come in after 4pm) two poles. downside= no private vip rooms

  53. XXXbeast

    Girls nice sexy phat ass but they Dnt sell them self all they do is walk around looking at…

  54. JD

    NOBODY posts here but the ANNOYING LITTLE MAN…

  55. Heavy Duty

    TALM killer strikes again!

  56. sweetpea
  57. All ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annoying Little Man posts here…

  58. AnGel
  59. Java

    I had a great time here

  60. fish

    ver hot ladys dances are 10 dollars where can you go wrong

  61. Jay

    Went to the Inner Room on Sunday and I enjoyed every minute

    of it. Got MANY dances from a girl named Athena. My God is

    this girl a hottie! She gives such a sensual, very sexy lap

    dance. She knows how to move her body all over yours, unlike

    some of the other girls there that just want to shake their

    ass super fast on your lap. I couldn’t help but get one

    dance after another. I’m definitely going b

  62. TALM KILLER strikes again!!

    NOBODY posts here but the ANNOYING LITTLE MAN…

  63. China

    TALM killer strikes again!

  64. tom

    club is full of thugs and drug dealers.did not feel comfortable there. I got asked twice by other customers if i needed any drugs. I saw a hot girl but didn’t stick around long enough to meet her. Not my scene1

  65. larry1

    Me and my friends had a best night ever, go in for fun and fun only, try to be approachable and friendly . the strippers are really good , and the crowd is as you are, so be good and better it gets.some words of advice, carry in cash so that you never run short of it,because once started you never want to let it end.a haven of angels

  66. ME

    TALM killer strikes again!

  67. Harrison69

    Not my favorite club on the beach, the entertainers are mehhhh and the drinks are so strong you cannot enjoy them. Very dark. Not for me.

  68. ASUS

    TALM killer strikes again!

  69. YS $4 man

    Annoying Little Man posts here

  70. jack

    dances were 20-25 not 10 on club stat.

  71. DayTripper

    Go there during the day – girls there are actually looking to give private dances insead of just chat with their boyfriends (like at night). Plus, normally the townies and old guys are the only ones there during the day – so the girls are happy to actually get some money. and they’ll earn it.

  72. Truckin Man

    NOBODY posts here but UNKNOWN ATLANTA-annoying little man…

  73. Mark

    The night I attended all the girls were flat chested…. that may be what some guys are looking for. I like big breasts so I was dissappointed…. But I did find vanessa .. and she was sweet

  74. Bendover Bob

    $10 dances are great with so many latina and black hotties! Daytime Lido,

    Bare Assets, Cheaters, Wiggles, Tootsy’s are all dead but Inner Room is

    hopping! Always interested females willing to make me feel special!

  75. Big G

    The club looked nice on the outside but once i went in I realized that i was the wrong color to be there. The place was full of thugs and hood rats. Did not stay long, not my style.

  76. L,M


  77. BucFan

    I’ve always enjoyed this club over the years. Been there a couple of times lately and the day shift has been excellent!

    As the day turns into night the young punk hood rats and wannabees come out and the whole atmosphere changes. My advice is to get there early and enjoy like I plan to do this afternoon!

  78. Johnson12

    Great place been coming here for 25 years. Never found better. The girls are friendly and good looking. Bartenders are also friendly and good looking.A free shot with your first drink order until 5. Also I have never seen any trouble in the club.

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