Jaguars Gold Club



11377 Gateway Boulevard West, El Paso, TX 79936


31.7378657, -106.3218384




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jaguars Gold Club

  1. Darell

    I’ll Be coming back

  2. Red

    No, no, and no, is about all I can say. I decided on my trip into El Paso, I would try a few clubs and see what I thought. Now, granted, there are others rated higher and I should have listened to the other reviews, but I saw it kind of border line and it was $5 dances for being the first Tuesday of the month. Didn’t matter, should have stayed away.

    Now granted, being the sucker I am, the $5 dances sucked, so I opted for private, which is $30. However, I timed the songs, and on Tuesdays they play songs under 3 minutes long, imagine that. No wonder all I heard was junk for music.

    More than this though, the first thing I noticed walking into the place was that I thought I was in the wrong club. I had visited their website, ha! What a joke and false advertising. Not sure where that club from the site is, but it is NOT here.

    The second thing I noticed was a lack of quality girls. Then I noticed that there really WERE good looking girls there, they were all sitting at the “bar” by themselves. This is evidence of really poor management. If the girls don’t want to work (which is fine) then don’t show up. Now don’t get me wrong, the clientele would make me not want to work either, but I would say half the girls were doing nothing.

    Unfortunately I still dropped a few bills, but thought I should at least give it a try. I did get a really cute little Filipino, but either way, with short songs and pricey dances, $90 later I’m leaving.

  3. Heck

    It was better with the old owners. Really dont know why the new one changed it.

  4. riec

    By far the best, you do not need to spend big money at Las Vegas, this is THE place..keep pushing in the girls quality

    I have been visiting the place in 2 years and they hven’t let me down.

  5. louis

    i love it by far the best club in el paso open your website again.

  6. eddyL

    They will rob you. Watch yourself and never go into the VIP room. That where they stick it to ya. They also put the ATM out of order so they can charge 25 dollars on a mandatory? 100 dollar withdraw. Not worth the head ach!

  7. Manuel R.

    Im a military man, who loves getting out to gentlemen clubs and iv beenTo many around the USA! This is the worst club, i have ever been to. I went on a slow night and the dancer draged me to the privite dance area and then over charged me for the dances…not only that..she was on her PERIOD and got BLOOD all over my shorts….i didnt know till i got back to the hotel…because it was too dark…this place isTHE WORST ive ever been to! Do not go there! And th girls do not look very good at all…very TRASHY place!

  8. d nuts
  9. Russell

    I’m in love with a stripper…

  10. Weedman420

    Again I like hole in the wall strip clubs. This is def one of them. It was on some side street and only one way. The first thing I noticed was a huge sign outside that read 18 n over B.Y.O.B. I’ve never been to a strip club where you have to bring your own alcohol, I immediately took a picture. That shit is so 3rd world country . We walk in Nd the lady collecting the money asks us for a tip. Forreal you want me to tip you for taking my money? After we walk in I notice around 5 strippers. One was a fat Hispanic chick with tiger marks on her belly, I swear she must’ve just given birth yesterday. I then noticed two hot black chicks, now here we go. Let’s sit down and upset them by not tipping.

  11. chris

    i had my first taste this past saturday…i must say i was very pleased.

  12. KB
  13. LongDuckDong

    no fun or hot stuff there, I go home, have better time yanky my wankie. Booonnnggg

  14. jh24

    Lots of girls but many were raunchy and had a rough crowd.

  15. billtheguy12

    Went here a a couple of times a few months back, and both times, it was ok, there are some good looking girls and some that are not that good looking. Both times I went there was like 5 other people in the strip club, and about 20 strippers hustling for your money. Kinda felt bad for the strippers, cause they weren’t making money, I was probably the only guy that kept tipping all the girls on stage while the others just sat in there chairs not tipping lol. Overall, my experience was ok, but I recommend it might be better to go on a friday or saturday when all the talent is there and its busy with customers, cause if its dead every stripper will come up to you asking if you want a dance, the other thing I found funny but could be alienating and discourage customers from coming back is the DJ making fun of the customers that dont go up to the stage to tip. Bottom line, its ok, but if you want to get your money’s worth, the best strip club in town to go to is Dreams, its consistent and majority of the girls are smoke show.Update: 2/2/16Since I was last their, the place has improved, a lot more good looking girls, the management have really turned it around with remodeling the VIP room and also with the added social media presence, which is key in this day in age to run a successful business, FB, Insta, Snapchat, they got it all covered. Bottom line More business will be coming to Jags.

  16. ep

    club ain’t what it use to be when old management ran that place. it’s ok now but not something to brag about, like the old days. they have this retarded korean gorilla looking like idiot that is a complete moron. idiot thinks everyone is smoking and thinks he some kind of street brawler. nothing but a stupid piece of sh*t bouncer who thinks he’s someone special in the world, but he’s not. probably got his ass beat everyday when he was little and now thinks he’s high and mighty. but club is still ok, better than others. now red parrot is the place to go. great staff, dancers, music, drinks etc. if u wanna have a good time go to da parrot !!!

  17. EddieO

    total rip-off, $25 cover charge and mandatory $15 charge for a small bowl of ice that is not enough ice to keep your beverages cold. Their business model is similar to a tourist trap, get as much as you can from the customer because after this experience they won’t be back. Do yourself a favor and avoidance this place, getting covid-19 will be more enjoyable.

  18. dr mike
  19. joe

    i was their Friday afternoon and could not belive how many girls their were, over 20 and had a great time worth every penny

  20. Big Boy

    Best club in El Paso, and number 4 in the US! BYOB, take liquor, the girls will come around.

  21. Iggy9000

    Well, I just moved to EP from SoCal, and so I’ve been checking out the clubs around here. Jag’s is the best, hands down. The girls are hot, fun, talkative, and you don’t feel like you’re being scammed out of you cash.

    At night, there are plenty of girls, some good variety, and the place gets full, even on weeknights.

    If you are in town, definately check Jag’s out. Pricey for EP, although cheaper than SoCal…but you do get what you pay for.

  22. derick
  23. larry1

    I’m not sure how to review this place. It’s been 12 years since I’ve been here and can’t believe there’s not that many reviews. Or may be men don’t want to get caught reviewing a strip club on their account. Anyways, if I compare this club to say a club in Nevada, Arizona or California, it definitely wouldn’t be 4 stars. May be like 2. But this is El Paso and we can’t expect much. When I was here, girls were of all shapes and sizes, after reading reviews, it still looks like they allow anyone to dance. I see still it’s still BYOB. I wonder if they still serve food for lunch? They used to serve a killer steak lunch special. It wasn’t good but it was cheap. That is good for broke soldiers. Anyways I used to visit the VIP section and it’s cool that it’s separate from everyone else so you don’t have someone else staring at you. Anyways, those were the days.

  24. 4LUVOFjAGS

    LOTS & LOTS of very HOT girls!!!!

  25. mario

    i love this club

  26. T-Train

    Over all this club is the best in town. “Jamaica” is by far the best dancer – she is incredible! This girl is classy, sexy and smart. Her privet dances topped the list. If you are passing through El Paso, stop by this club. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

  27. to bad

    club sucks now new managment ruineda great place

  28. ryan123

    Saw this is a byob establishment so i was bumbed they serve soda n juice only . Walked through the doors and got a nice pat down by security and paid 20 dollar cover charge, walked in and noticed it was pretty large, nice vip area and good stage n sound stage now being that it was a thur night at midnight I counted bout 15 girls on shift good mix of white, black n latina girls u had some regular to cute chicks here. Its pretty dark in the club so watchout for the girls that look like the cookie monster lurking in the shadows only wished I came here on a weekend to see all the action

  29. Georgie-boy

    Does Brichelle still dance here? She’s a hot latina, one of the best around. Pretty face, nice legs and firm butt. Where is she?

  30. David

    The atmosphere as well as the ladies made this club worth the somewhat pricy entrance fee. The variety of dancers, and the general hospitality and good nature that they displayed made the whole experience worth while.

  31. John

    I fucked one of the girls and now i have crabs!

  32. richard95

    So me and my coworkers come out from arizona (Phx) Where’s jaguars is really good.. so we figure we would hit jaguar’s here in el paso and we heard it’s BYOB so maybe we’ll save some money and pay the girls more..great plan.. wrong…We get there and the cover charge is $20 each…Ok no big deal.. You walk in and sit at a booth and they tried to charge us $120.. Ok let’s get a table instead.. we sit down and they charge us $20 for some ice and a container for our drinks which apparently was mandatory… Ok… then because we brought OJ to mix with our drinks they charge us another $20 because they sell OJ themselves… then if you want to get a dance with one of the very few beautiful women there.. You gotta pay $20 just to walk into the VIP area to get a dance and another $30 per song.. ( which the songs were all shortened by the DJ.. during the 2 for 1 special they had they give you 2 dances for the price of one they raise the price to $40 a dance!! There was a girl there that was especially rude because we didn’t wanna get a dance.. I forgot her name but she’s a chunky white girl with half her head shaved and a beat up face (you’ll know when you see her).. I’m sorry but I’m not gonna get a dance from someone who looks disgusting like that.. So if your thinking the jaguars in el paso is the same as the other ones think again.. expect to pay about $80 before you even sit down.. and $50 for the first dance.. horrible me and my coworkers will never go back.

  33. Gonfire76

    best in city…. be friendly to the girls 😉

  34. JT

    Someone please tell me how I get a message to one of the girls….I visited from out of town and had a great night.

    Just wanted to tell her again.

  35. kb_svt
  36. bear
  37. thomas

    this club is the best i have ever been to

  38. AssnTits5

    The females were avearge. I took my boyfriend and he thought it was jus okay. It was BYOB and they didn’t serve any drinks but energy. The prices were 30 VIP & 20 for lap dance…

  39. Jermaine G.

    Everything my friend said it would be. Can bargain your way in, music is poppin, some girls have a bit of a belly but the things you can get with a dollar! If in El Paso, looking for a good time with the boys and even girlfriend, go here.

  40. justanotherguy

    just too good…best i have ever been to…

  41. Spidey

    Dancers were latex, contact was terrible and quality of dancers has gotten worse. Good place to watch a fight, and watch stage show just don’t waste money on dances.

  42. CHEESE

    I’ve been in a lot of places, bus Jaguars is THE BEST i have ever been, the reasons:



  43. mike b
  44. Dan

    just when you thought you see that all

  45. VPutinovich

    If you want to spend your money on nothing, go there. Terrible staff, low quality girls, just bad. You are just stupid if you go after reading this review. This is the worst strip club in El Paso and bottom 10% in North America.

  46. ricksters

    worst club.

  47. Pat

    Took the wife there a few weeks ago on ladies night and we had a fantastic time…..I think the wife is bi….many thanks !

  48. Han Solo

    Went last weekend, Had a great time overall. Things have changed a bit in the VIP is better lit and more open :(. Most of the ladies are very friendly. Beware of Candice??? blond, fake, pushy and the dance sucked (1st lame dance at jags for me.) The evening got better though, a sweet Latina in a nurse outfit, didn’t catch her name but WOW great dance! Then Presley found me, some California sunshine with a great body and an even better attitude. She was amazing.

  49. juan71

    never going back!

  50. Jack

    Same owner, different management and they are poor. It used to be a nice place to go but now it’s pretty low class. Weekends are full of young gang bangers and the bouncers are the same. Very insulting. Treat customers bad and dancers bad. Unless something changes, won’t be going back.

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