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0 reviews for “Fritz That’s It

  1. red

    always have a good time the are great.

  2. Big Steve

    Not many stuck up dancers here!

  3. desire


  4. richard95

    Don’t be fooled by the old sign and the dated building, the interior is nice. Humorously dated framed paintings as you enter, but the stage is large and fun the space is comfortable.They have an interesting concept. Girls can show up and dance at will. ON this particular night, dancers out numbered men 3 to 1, creating an FAA nightmare of strippers in holding patterns waiting to hustle lap dances from us guys.And the girls varied from Compton style hustler booty jackhammer flabalancers to tight 19 year old languid lovelies relaxing on the pole in a sensual love shimmy. I enjoyed the incredible array of women in their 40’s just rockin’ the free world with their picture perfect bodies. Amazing really. Beers are fairly priced and only a $10 cover on a slow weeknight. Fun place.

  5. Peter

    The club is great but where is Lilo and Channel!!!!!!!!

  6. fisherdex1

    Place is nice, drinks and girls are pretty good but who ever that old dude is at the front charging is a freaking asshole, he should be happy he gets to work with half naked girls yet he acts like he has a stick up his butt. But besides that I enjoyed my time there

  7. dopeboy19

    This place sucks. No one dancing, no even ugly chicks and they charged a $10 cover. What a fu$$ing joke. No wonder we all go to LA

  8. curtis17

    Great place..pool table..girls are incredible and the bar tender shannon is nothing short of awesome. Went last night and I’m thinking maybe tonight!

  9. danielson

    Best strip club in OC!!! Lately Fritz has really stepped their game up with the amount of beautiful girls!!! You name your type of girl and they will be there… The customer service with the bartenders and cocktails is amazing!!!! I would highly recommend coming here if you want an amazing experience!

  10. Vanessa H.

    The last time I genuinely had a blast at a strip joint was in Vegas. And Fritz’s is no Vegas, so if you set your expectations accordingly, it’s not a bad time.A $10 cover, at 8:30, for a girl, is more of a donation than anything else. You aren’t getting jack for it, especially at that hour. Alcohol seemed to be moderately priced (and came with good service), but the real appeal of this place is that it was just a cool spot to hang out like you would at any other bar – notwithstanding the occasional interruption by a hard-working stripper.We were here during the home opening series for the Angels, so it got busy around 10.

  11. AssnTits5

    As good as can be expected from a freeway offramp-adjacent boob shop. The talent ranged from tasty to acceptable to flat out sub-par as Girls danced freely, many of then had after-market add-ons in their chesticle regions. My waitress reminded me of skeletor and the evening ended with a girl lighting her junk on fire.What can I say? Not bad for an impromptu hockey game road trip!

  12. Bryce C.

    Fritz’s is NEVER a bad time. One of our friends was in town from North Carolina, and this place was always a staple of our old shenanigans. So we decided to stop by for a bit. It’s been years since I’d stepped inside, but it was like riding a bike. Most of the girls are friendly. But the blondes with poofy hair are the worst, gravitating to the dbags who exude money(protip: If they’re trying to look ballin, they probably aren’t). We were in a pretty big group, so a lot of the girls stopped by and chatted. Some would catch attitude when we politely decline a dance, others would be friendly and move on. Even the security; Mike and Joe were way cool. The drinks are more expensive than I remember, but that’s life. Cliff notes: Great looking women, great drinks, and a positive atmosphere. If you’ve never been; stop by and have a good time.

  13. Johnnyboy123

    Oh, how I miss the Bellflower location. Came here about 3 months ago with one of my girlfriends, and we both fell in love with Ava, man was she hot, but a the same time down to earth. We were back here again this past Saturday night, and we brought another friend along, we were bored and wanted to have some cheap beer and watch the local wildlife.So I get there and grab a nice booth, my friends show up, and off we start drinking. Pitchers of Coors light is only $9.50! I have to admit there were a few hotties roaming around but there were some fugly looking ones too, I even saw a really old lady on the pole? REALLY? On the pole? You look 60, you could break a hip, please retire, I dont want nightmares at night.Anyway, Ava was working that night and looking hot as ever, that’s the only reason we came down, so she sat with us and had some small talk before she took all three of us upstairs for her magic show!Needless to say, she did not let me down…… I will be back….

  14. igor34

    Came here for a bachelors party. This was the 2nd time in my life I ever went to a strip club, and from a previous experience elsewhere, I could honestly say I wasn’t looking forward to it.However I was wrong because the women were here were respectful wouldn’t force you to get a dance unlike other places. Friendly staff who checked up on our group to see if we needed any more drinks. Atmosphere is nice and music selection is great. 3,25 stars.

  15. Wild bill

    Really poor quality. Run down. Dirty. Poor service. Overall you can do

    much better, this place should be a last resort.

  16. brandonresh

    My boyfriend and I went To Fritz recently watch a Dodgers game, drink a few beers, and enjoy the sexy ladies. We did not have loads of cash to “make it rain”, but we did get a couple’s dance from a really sweet hottie. Good Times! 😉

  17. Cass M.

    Last night was my first time at Fritz. My Bf said that it’s the best strip club by far… Unfortunately once I got there I thought differently. The bouncer(s) were rude, the waitress took for ever, and the dancers were mediocre. Either they were too old or under experienced. Honestly I was highly disappointed, which is why I gave this 2 stars….

  18. fritter17

    This was my first time to a strip club and I was not impressed. This place didn’t offer a discount at the door for couples or women, which I thought was lame. Thank goodness for dim lighting because NONE of the girls we saw were actually pretty. Only a few were entertaining up on stage, and the lap dances were very….short and tame. The drinks were incredibly watered down as well. Vodka cranberry that doesn’t even taste like cranberry and is a very light pink??? There were a few girls with a great look and body, but for the most part bad teeth, skin and cheap wigs were the norm. I won’t be going back.

  19. harryharry

    Love it love it love it. Fun atmosphere and sexy ladies. Nice to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

  20. Harrison69

    Lame! Sunday ok, but no girls on stage. Not one approached me yet and it’s been 30 minutes! I’m not gross!What kind of joint is this? Yawnsville.

  21. mathewater12

    Great place! I am visiting from Oregon and loved this place I highly recommend. Girls all have big boobies and tight bodies. There were a ton of girls on a Wednesday night, easily spent 300 dollars for great enjoyment. Although at the end of the night while we waited for our uber car to pick us up a stripper had asked us for change for 100, didn’t really think twice cause I had a pocket full of cash gave her five 20’s for change. Later while buying drunchies realized it was a fake hundred. Would have given 5 stars but based on that event I knocked it down, probably should have knocked it down further because it left a bad taste. So if a stripper asks you for change in the parking lot, don’t do it!! I learned my lesson trying to be nice.

  22. billtheguy12

    Worse strip club ever…..wake ass stripers…… And there races…. Don’t go there you will regret it….. The strippers insult you and they play you for your money. They will rob you run

  23. paladin_lv

    Setup: Topless bar with 1 large stage, 2 poles with seating all around. Two sides with booths for 6, several tables for 5, one long bar with seating for 12. Couch dance areas along two sides, VIP area upstairs; Prices: $10 cover, no drink specials, $20 couch dances, and 3 topless VIP dances for $100. Atmosphere: Working class, neighborhood feel with many regulars. Dancers: Mostly white, but every ethnicity is represented. Mostly pretty in all shapes and sizes, lots of tattoos, lots of silicone. My Experience: VERY GOOD. I spent most of my time sippin’ Silver Bullets and tippin’ dollars at the stage. I got a very nice 2 song couch dance from Peyton early in the evening and I got a 5 song couch dance from Tatiana just before closing that left me spent. I don’t live in LA. So, I can’t compare it to other clubs in the Anaheim area. But Fritz’s is good time. Enjoy.

  24. kyle

    great place mellow and beutiful women

  25. Chad

    The girls were nice to look at, but I wished they’d have a more varity.To make this place a total ten I’d like some sexy black girl or some juicy ass cuban. As being a white boy in the surburbs i would like to see some flavor in this place, I’m tried of seeing the same old thing, if that’s the case I would just stay home with the wife.

  26. maxxy1

    I’m going to preface this by saying I always come here with a good buzz, thus I thoroughly enjoy myself. The last time I came here, evidently I also fell in love. I’m not sure what her name was but I was quoted as saying “I think she really actually likes me”…that to me is at least a clear sign that the strippers are doing their job and that I am good and drunk. From what I remember I enjoyed myself…Got a lap dance, got my drink on and made $5 rain on the dance floor (hey, it’s a recession…that means you gotta make it rain with whatever you got).My only issue with Fritz is its name. What does the That’s too refer to?I once asked the bouncer and he had no idea. Maybe next time I’ll offer a stripper $5 for the answer.

  27. J J.

    Great place lots of fun. Only bad things is the girls don’t do topless lap dances. My girl and I love this place and the people. Outside looks like a shit hole but its very nice inside just don’t use the bathroom

  28. Tania J.

    I don’t frequent strip clubs often…ok…I don’t at all…but it was my birthday on the 3rd and I needed to do something different. So after the rare win that my beloved Halos gave me that night I headed out to Fritz with my prima & my favorite white guy. $10 cover that they refused to waive even on my birthday…boo… Once inside after my eyes adjusted & focused I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings for the night. The drink minimum seemed loosely enforced but I was still sipping on my beers…The girls looked good and they seemed to have a girl for whatever you were in the mood for…my fave was this goodness and I didn’t have enough to make it rain since I was low on cash but I did provide a scattered shower…I’ll go back…just for my goddess….

  29. moneyman2

    I would’ve gave this club a 5 star rating, cuz the dancers and servers are amazingggg.. but I gave it a 3 star due to ADAM. He’s anti-couple.. I am warning everyone, don’t go when he is there.. the security with the glasses.. He is ridiculous and needs to work at a church rather than a strip club where couples, friends and family go to have fun. I think I should be able to kiss my wife without anyone saying anything in public !!!!!!!

  30. joseph1k

    In town for a couple days, and decided to go to Fritz on friday night, what a GREAT decision! although I have been to clubs with better talent the fritz was a great place to just hang out and chill almost like a regular bar but with BOOBIES! girls weren’t all over you asking for dances every second. I recommend this place.

  31. GarryWas

    I don’t consider myself a strip club expert, but I had fun at Fritz. Reasons why I loved it and would return:1. Drink specials are off the hook! Seriously, check them out in my tip below. I ordered three drinks that came out to $13. Unheard of in OC. 2. Stay late and see the stage open up to four dancers. It’s a lot to take in – I definitely felt over stimulated! But it was amazing to watch everyone work. There’s some real talent up there. 3. The dancers I talked to were friendly, fun, and beautiful. They’re a very diverse bunch, too, so my friends and I were able to pick our flavor with no difficulty. I enjoyed the pole-pro Candice, while my boyfriend swooned over dark-haired Quinn. My friends also liked Avery (another pole star!), Miami, Blair, and this bootylicious blonde whose name slips my mind. 4. It’s worth paying more to go upstairs. The downstairs dances were chaste, but upstairs is where the real fun happens. Don’t cheat yourself! It’s worth the extra $5-$10 for the privacy.

  32. Jaime A.

    I go up and down with this place…YES! The girls keep getting hotter and hotter!NO! I forgot about that $10 cover charge…YES! Pitchers of beer for $9.50!NO! They charge your credit card for $50 regardless of what you buy…YES! The cocktail servers actually check up on you in a reasonable amount of time.NO! My boyfriend always seems to get in altercations with creepers who should be staring at the strippers but think they can pick up on my friends and I……and so my LOVE/HATE relationship continues with Fritz. DISCLAIMER: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT over-indulge at Fritz. Or else you may end up like my dog’s friend’s sister and have to puke in the ladies bathroom which is shared with dirty stripper ass!

  33. Wes Beitz

    The club was run better when it was in Bellflower & had less girls working. The mgmt at that time took pride in their job as did the dancers & waitresses. Not like now where the dancers do drugs out in the open & offer prostitution while working & on the side. Fritz’s has gone down hill ever since Chris became part owner & if they are making any money at all it’s a miracle.

  34. million dollar club
  35. Raul N.

    Its my 2nd time going here and I think This place is good. I just want to say Thanks to Ava. She is great company and a hot hot HOT dancer. I had a one on one and OMG. Look for her she is average hieght and has black long hair with light skin i think she is a asain / latina, about 23 YO. They also have good music and prices.

  36. Mrs C.

    Exceeded my expectations… Girls aren’t that bad actually. But I do have to say my hubby & I feel in love with a gorgeous sexy Cuban goddess Erika!! She is hot !! We got a couples lap dance, she was very sexy yet respectful. Didn’t make us feel uncomfortable at all. Cover charge $10, coktails $7-$9, pitchers $12. Very reasonable to me. The ambiance is really cool. Nice place to chill with friends. The girls are doing their job without bugging you. Waitresses are friendly and don’t take an eternity to bring your drinks. Overall, highly recommended place to have a drink and enjoy topless dancers =)

  37. james1412

    Being a gentleman of gentlemen; I can’t resist a weekend of fun at a gentlemen’s club. Scantily clad women, drinks, and sports tends quench my thirst for debauchery. I am new to the area, and happen to currently reside across the street from this establishment. A first of firsts has happened my friends. I left the gentleman’s club before even entering the front door. The story continues as follows: I show the gentleman at the front door my identification. This confirms that I am in fact old enough to exchange money for bare breasts. In my opinion, there is not a more honest exchange of goods and services available. I admit to be a bit inebriated before entering, but nonetheless endure in pursuit of a fun night. I walk straight ahead, thinking of jubilation this establishment is going to bring me. There are two doors. One to the left, and one to the right. I am six foot two and these signs sit at my waist. These signs are red. Typically red signs are indicative of an exit door. These signs are pointing towards the door to my right. So, I proceed towards the door to my left. Before proceeding with this story, I would like to admit fault in this situation. I was not paying attention. The red signs to my right were signs towards the entrance of the club, and I proceeded to the left without really thinking. Keep in mind these doors are approximately two feet apart. Guess what? It’s the weekend. I am about to stare at some beautiful bare chested women, and my attention was in other places. I hear a voice behind me as I begin to proceed to enter through the wrong door: “can’t you read? Didn’t you see the the three red signs pointing towards the entrance?” This is the voice of the ‘man’ who checked my identification at the door (grown men don’t make a living staring at State ID’s outside of a gentlemen’s club). I immediately apologize to the gentleman and proceed towards the correct entrance. An honest mistake. Then I as I take steps towards the correct entrance, the professional state ID validate chimes in: “Really? Three signs and you can’t figure out the right entrance?” I walked away immediately. I have been in the area roughly two months, and spent an average of a thousand dollars a month at this establishment. My profession is sales. High level sales. The nameless corporation I work for had issued me an American Express black card. This card is used to entertain customers, and close sales in establishments such as Frtiz’s. My presence there was not only for personal enjoyment, but also as a feeler to identify a local are to close big deals. For those who aren’t math majors out there. I personally spend two thousand dollars a month at this establishment. This is 24 thousand dollars a year. If I chose to host potential clientele at this establishment I would probably spend an average of 70 thousand dollars a month at this establishment. Again, for those who are not math majors that’s 840, 000 dollars. In total I was willing to entertain the idea of spending nearly a million dollars a year at this establishment. I am trying to drive a point home here. This is the service industry. I will never spend another cent at an establishment in which I am greeted with such disrespect. One frontline worker cost this business almost one million dollars in revenue by displaying an unwarranted malicious attitude. I an owner, a manager, or a person of influence is viewing this message. My first message is fire this person. My second message is that I would be willing to be a consultant for this establishment once a week in order to put it in the most profitable position. Lastly, I will personally buy a lap dance for any man who responds to this review. Not to this establishment, but to any establishment near by. If you are unaware of equivalent establishments nearby, then I will direct you.

  38. rafael

    very nice. lots of beautiful girls. more quality girls than other places. very happy.

  39. kevin t.

    This place…… declines daily… once upon a time this establishment had standards but now they will charge you for a full platter of Poo.. drinks are over priced. . Cover is waaayyyy overpriced given the lack of girls…. I mean seriously.. SAD FOLKS. THIS PLACE USE TO BE FUN FOR EVERYONE

  40. Jenn S.

    The first time I came here I must have been in a really innocent and naive place. Right when we walked in, there was a huge table of guys, all wearing Angels gear and each with a girl by their side. And I remember thinking, “how cute, those dudes brought their chicks with them to the strip club.” I swear, I was like a pitcher in before I realized none of the girls were wearing any pants.This place actually has some decent looking chicks. The beers are cold and the boobies are plentiful, which, to me, is the happiest place on earth. Fuck Disneyland. But my most favorite part is coming here with my girlfriends. As the strippers lead the dudes up to the upper level lap dance arena, they pass our table full of girls with sheepish looks upon their faces and I do a little happy dance on the inside. It’s the little things in life. In conclusion, kudos must be given to the owner of this place for coming up with what may well be the most awesomely retarded company name in the history of mankind. I mean seriously, what the fuck?!?!

  41. nickstrip

    Girls are super hot, alcohol prices are decent, $10 cover. Very friendly staff. Would spend my paycheck here again.

  42. Mark M.

    Man I just had to put a review in here for this place. Whenever I hang out with my buddies for after hours inebriated fun we always seem to end up here!!Now my friends are alot younger then me…. single…. and make way more money….Also as a married guy with a mortgage and mucho bills laps are way too much for me.Still…. this a pretty cool place to chill with the fellas! Drinks are reasonable, service is pretty good, they’ve a got alot of tvs so you can check out the games playing…………… this place has more plastic running around than a recycling center!!The only negative that I’ve experienced is one stripper going off on us as we were deep in coversation and we pretty much ignored her. She called us all f*cking gay! LOL!Hilarious!

  43. XhXeXy

    oh really? Matsui likes this place. haha. That’s too ALL I HAVE TO SAY… * accidentally made a pit stop here after moderately drinking at ESPN. 😉

  44. Sy D.

    They almost had 4 stars..dark, good seats, decent looking girls, full bar, good service, no one mad dogged my wife. Had a decent pool table with good felt, and plenty of screens positioned so you could watch the girls and the football game at the same time.. However, as we sat at a table, a bit from the rail, with my wad of cash, as I always tip..most of the time..let me say, just because you get on the stage does not mean you deserve a tip. I am not a $1 chump, I give a minimum of $5 each, if you look like you have some rhythm, you actually know what the inside of a gym looks like, and don’t have a beer gut, I will tip you. If you are a slob, fat, don’t dance, look like a space monkey, forget it. One slovenly, out of shape, no moves bum actually got off the stage, walked directly to our table and said, I quote “do you have anything for me”. Ummmm No I don’ go away. This cost the other girls money, and the establishment itself money..we left after this..

  45. larry1

    Used to come here after work because the bar is opened later than 11PM. And every time we came here we had such a blast.The staff here is really friendly and laid back. I got a little tipsy once but they were chill once they realized that I was completely harmless. Also a dancer bought me and my girlfriend a drink after we chatted it up for a while. And this place does take care of their girls…they don’t allow guys to take pictures of them spread eagle or hassle them unnecessarily. It’s nice to see that they actually care about their girls.I like this place. A lot.

  46. implantlover

    some girls drove me crazy

  47. TOM

    Great Place to hangout and watch sports, with a view.

  48. Hampton

    Private dances were less than anticipated, I felt like the lap dance police ruined it all. Small minded guy kept watching every lap dance I PURCHASED, and eventually made the dancer CRY, QUIT, and EMBARASSED her. I paid her the entire amount + tip b/c she handled it well. I won’t be giving the “Shit’z” any money again… Hampton

  49. tonycluber

    Seriously the best place to be at…great food…awesome dancers and just an all around fun place to be at…went to check it out as my first strip club with my husband and the girls made me feel just as important as they would a man…alyssa is amazing super sweet and down to earth..Dallas is great and gives good neck messages…Everly is like your typical girl next door and has a great bubbly personality…there was a new girl from Australia there named Natalie who can work a pole…all in all great place awesome people…we always come back when we are in town…

  50. DexterRexter

    The funnest strip club in OC. Fritz thats ittttt 😉

  51. John L.

    Went here for my friend’s bachelor party a while back. My friend got married at the Little Wedding Chapel across the street from the Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Without being sarcastic I can say Fritz was classier or at least cleaner than the Little Wedding Chapel. At the Little Wedding Chapel you walk in the front door and then are pushed out the back door. At Fritz, people walk in and exit through the front door. You’d think that’d be the other way around.If you want to see hot Orange County chicks in a non sleazy environment, go to Fritz. If you’re a baseball fan you can do what my friends and I did for the bachelor party. Go to the Angels game first and then to Fritz afterward (Fritz is a couple of miles from the Big A). That way we didn’t end up going into a strip club while the sun was still up.

  52. adamrod

    What a fun place! People can find reasons to complain for just about anything, but this is a class act establishment. The girls are nice, and the environment is super laid back. Not at all like a dingy seedy strip club. This is a fun bar that happens to have topless girls which is a thumbs up! Great to bring the wife or girlfriend, and don’t forget to have fun!

  53. David F.

    I swore off strip clubs a while ago… so it’s bizarre to me that I’m even writing about this place. But it happens like this: My friends decided we should hit up a dive bar after the Yankees were disappointingly crushed at Angel Stadium. Of course I’m the last to get there. And imagine my surprise when as soon as I arrive, one by one, I see my friends taken away by the hand by a beautiful statuesque and scantily clad vixen. It’s just a matter of time before a gorgeous girl chats me up:Dancer: How’re you doing?Me: Peachy… What’s your name?Dancer: Egypt.Me: You’re name is NOT Egypt. Dancer: Why not?Me: No parent can be that cruel to name their kid after a country. Do you see anybody name their kid France or United Kingdom?Dancer: You ever see that America chick from Ugly Betty?Me: Point taken.Dancer: Ok – well, what’s your stage name? Me: Isn’t there a formula for that? Your pet’s name and your mother’s maiden name?Dancer: Sure. What is it?Me: Rudy YamamotoDancer: That’s your stage name? I guess you’ll have to work harder to overcome that stereotype.Me: I don’t want to work that hard. I’m changing my stage name to Rudy Mandingo.If you enjoy strip clubs, Fritz is a quality spot. Good talent. The alcohol is not outrageously priced. (About $6 for a beer.) They have about a dozen TVs. Good talent. It gets busy after Angel games.

  54. Randy T.

    Ok, place Nothing special Only topless I saw a 6 ft lady thereThe soda seems watered down

  55. Steve V.

    $10 cover. Decent girls. There’s a hot dog cart out front on Friday and Saturday nights that serves bomb ass hot dogs. Get the spicy dog with bacon….damn. Sunday Funday has a buffet and 25 cent drinks from 6pm to 9pm. Definitely a fun place to hang out and get your drink on.

  56. Natalie A.

    Note: We are a young couple who enjoys drinks and a good show. No creepers here. The quality here, as is with many strip clubs, depends entirely on the time and day you go. We’ve been to Fritz’s multiple times and had generally the same experience regarding drink service and general atmosphere. Cocktail service is always friendly and relatively prompt. However the quality of the dancers varies GREATLY based on the time of night you go. Our last visit occurred WAY too early in the evening (8:30 pm) and we should have known better. There was an enormous monster on stage. She was terrifying, and she looked… well… SAD. I think that regardless of the time of day, these club managers should not let just anyone on stage. The Good News: I have been to many strip clubs, from Vegas to LA and at the right time of day, (namely: late) the girls at Fritz’s can be incredibly talented and beautiful. Don’t be stupid like us. Wait until at least 10pm to show up at Fritz’s.

  57. eddyL

    Went last night with some guy friends and it was amature night, Some girls were pretty, good bodies…but good god who taught these chicks how to dance!!!!! Ok, yes, it was amature night, but there were some regular dancers there. Don’t get me wrong, some were sexy, my only complaint is these girls were not dancing to the music AT ALL kinda just doing moves they thought would pull money….my oh my, girlies….get with it!!!! Gotta feel the music and feel your audience. Must admit though, one blk chick who was doin’ her thing to Jay-z!! Hahahaha.;….she was my favorite lol. Came on stage, took the top off…got right down to business. That’s wassup! Overall….it was “ahhright” we did get bored and ended up at a club….maybe it’s better on nights that aren’t “amature night”

  58. P n K

    Went there today w/ my g/f. We had a great time. Lap dances for two with Honey were great! She loved my girls boobs. We wanted to take her home with us…yum. Very cool place, good atmosphere. We will be back

  59. Franklyn

    $9 dollar pitchers can’t beat that. My gf and I have always had a blast when we come …. I’m giving this 4 stars because we got a great couples lap dance from Dior …

  60. williamr

    Zirra was Amazing. Private Dance was so great Bouncer almost kicked us both out. Lol. Fritz Iz IT! Dancers have great personalities as well as Asetts to match!! Awesome atmosphere for buisness type travelling or locals coming to enjoy Beautiful woman dancing! Fritz has something for everyone. She stays fresh in the mix as well.

  61. XXXbeast

    This place is cool, it’s always packed ! Cute girls . If you sit around the stage the girls won’t bug you which is cool if you just want to watch the show. Awesome atmosphere! DJ is killing it ! Dances are kind of expensive but girls are cute for sure. Take a group here. , not the best club in the city but it’s working !

  62. Hugo V.

    I come frequently come to this establishment and find the dayshift service prompt and engaging. The staff is so friendly and they know what my drink of choice is as soon as I sit down at the bar. This place is easy to find and the a great fun time to pass time during rush hour traffic. There’s plenty of cool girls to talk too. Definitely will be part of my midday regimen. Big props to the bartender!

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